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The official newsletter of ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd

September / October 2008

ABB Malaysia is the new base for South Asia region ABB switchgears used for technical training by TNB NorNed underwater power link

Country Managers message

ABB Malaysia is the new South Asia region HQ Driving the local automotive industry Growing the service sector Paradigm shift pursuing people excellence TnB uses ABB switchgears at distribution simulator Automation Products growth meeting BU PPHV budgeting and PPHV service budget meetings Launch of ACSM1 servo drive Joe Hogan: new CeO of ABB Group ABB delivers longest underwater power link ABB and TreeS celebrate six years of successful collaboration Road safety tips FeS accreditation for ABB employees Positioning ABB certainly SAS Communications meeting and brand day Automation Products distributor list 3 4 5 6 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 In this issue, its timely that we announce the relocation of ABBs South Asia regional head office to Malaysia effective Oct. 1, 2008. This is a major milestone for ABBs operations in the country and a proud moment for every employee. Deeply rooted in the nations journey, our story in Malaysia began in 1904 when MFO Oerlikon installed the first power generator. Today, after more than a century later, we are proud to be making our presence stronger in Malaysia. The regional head office for Automation Products is already based in Malaysia, together with other regional functions such as the Power Products Medium Voltage (PPMV) marketing, Oil and Gas marketing and the Robotics regional sales. In this regard, the regional office relocation underpins Malaysias potential and growing market importance to the ABB Group. This move also marks the beginning of an exciting period for me personally as I step into the role of Country Manager for ABB Malaysia, in addition to my current position as the South Asia region manager. ABB Malaysia has been built on solid fundamentals, leveraging on the strength of an outstanding workforce. Im extremely proud to be leading the organization and working alongside people who make this a distinct organization. Finally, I look forward to the continued support and collaboration of our customers, business partners as well as colleagues as we strive towards delivering excellent performance in every aspect of our business. It gives me great pleasure to present our first issue of In-Touch, ABB Malaysias quarterly newsletter which has been republished after a long gap. The newsletter comprises news and initiatives undertaken by ABB Malaysia as well as the ABB Group worldwide. With a global presence in around 100 countries, theres always an interesting story to share as ABB touches the lives of people through a broad spectrum of innovative products, system and solutions. I hope that youll find the newsletter interesting and insightful.

In-Touch editorial team

Editor: nirmala Devi Contributors: esmen Yee Fred Steeghs Gan Boon Hean Lee Ming enn Lee Yuk Suat Soo Wen Yau Tricia Lim Wong Siew Li

Publication Information: In-Touch is the corporate newsletter of ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd published by Corporate Communications. Opinions and views expressed or implied in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of the Company. Please address all correspondence to: editor In-Touch Corporate Communications ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd Lot 608, Jalan SS 13/1K 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor Darul ehsan Tel : 603 5628 4888 Fax : 603 5632 7889

BK Sim Country Manager

Feature story

ABB Malaysia is the new South Asia region HQ

technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact, ABB operates through three companies namely:ABB Holdings Sdn Bhd ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd ABB Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Most of its operations are today consolidated under ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd which was established in 1973. With a consistent growth and strong economic fundamentals, Malaysia has emerged as an important market for ABB in the region. In recognising its potential and the increasing role of Kuala Lumpur as a regional hub for various business units, the ABB Group recently announced the relocation of its South Asia regional headquarters from Singapore to Malaysia effective Oct. 1, 2008.
View of people at work within the ABB Malaysia factory in Subang Jaya.

As a key player in the industry, ABB Malaysia integrates the global R&D, knowledge, quality products and experience of the ABB Group with local customer interface, production, engineering and cost level. Currently, the regional head office for Automation Products as well as other regional functions such as PPMV marketing, O&G marketing and the Robotics regional sales, ABB is poised to solidify its position as a market leader in Malaysia.

The move also marks changes at the helm of ABB Malaysia as BK Sim takes over as Country Manager whilst Han Yu assumes the position of Country HR Manager. This is in addition to their current roles as region manager and region HR manager for the South Asia region. ABBs history in Malaysia began more than a century ago when MFO Oerlikon installed the first power generator in 1904. Today, as part of the ABB Group, a leader in power and automation

Feature story

Driving the local automotive industry

Robots are generally used in a wide range of industrial applications such as metal, food and beverage as well as the plastics and foundry industries. Performing multiple tasks such as materials handling, spot welding, spray painting, sealant, palletising and arc welding, robots have become an indispensable part of these industries. In Malaysia, the use of robots has become increasing popular. They can be found in various applications such as military, medical and factories. Designed to increase speed and improve accuracy, robots can replace human functions for jobs that are hazardous and dangerous. Robots also enable the manufacturing sector to achieve economy of scale and reduction of human errors that can affect the bottom line of an organisation. Perodua, Malaysias second automobile manufacturer, specialises in producing smallcompact cars. Since the launch of its first car, the Perodua Kancil in 1994, Perodua has grown to be a dominant force in the Malaysian automotive industry. In 2006 and 2007, Perodua emerged as the best selling car company in Malaysia.

Spray painting in progress.

One of the main reasons that customers choose ABB robots is the long term benefit it offers. Our robots are versatile, efficient and reliable, said Denver ng, vice president of ABB Malaysias Robotics division.

For Perodua, ABB robots offer consistency for spray painting The repeatability motion of ABB robots have helped produced near perfect quality while at the same time reducing wastage. Additionally, the robots unmatched competence and speed in welding have increased efficiency on the assembly line, therefore enabling Perodua to meet tight production deadlines.

Apart from Perodua, ABB robots are also widely used by other automotive manufacturers and assemblers, namely Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Perusahaan Otomobil nasional (PROTOn) Sdn Bhd and as well as Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd who assembles the nISSAn marque, added ng.

Denver Ng

Another industry which sees robots playing an integral role in its production process is the automotive manufacturing and assembling industry. In Malaysia, one of ABBs key clients, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad (Perodua) has relied on ABB robots for the production of its popular models since 1997. The robots are mainly used for painting, spot welding, press automation and waterjet cutting operations.

A model showing how robots are used in the automotive industry.

Feature story

Growing the service sector

Since its inception, ABB Malaysias substation business has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry. To further tap the potential of this business, the company took the initiative to start the Substation Service unit in 1997. However, the unit faced a multitude of challenges as most customers were not willing to pay for service charges which were deemed only necessary during a breakdown or equipment failure. Undaunted, Gan Boon Hean, vice president and head of Front-end-Sales, spurred the staff by encouraging them to understand the customers expectation. Most customers wanted reliability and solutions at the lowest cost. Following that, the Substation Service unit started offering customised solutions by providing strategic spares, preventive maintenance, repairs and spare parts. Another challenge was the high fees charged for the services which were attributed to the reliance on service engineers from europe. To reduce the fees, the unit looked at options to localise the service and leveraged on the expertise of various ABB factories in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Through many engagements and dialogues, the unit finally signed a service agreement with these factories.

engineers, it would have to expand its business to other emerging markets. By identifying the customers needs and capitalising on our trained service engineers, we have managed to expand our business to new territories such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, said Gan. He added that this strategy fitted seamlessly into ABBs global strategy.

As a result, the service sector has become a strong contributor to the companys bottom line here in Malaysia. The success of the Substation Service unit has led ABB Malaysia to implement a comprehensive service strategy in tandem with the Group to fully realise the potential of the service business and the existing market opportunities it brings.

Gan Boon Hean

However, due to the limited market opportunities in Malaysia, the unit realised that to fully capitalise the trained service

Feature story

Paradigm shift pursuing people excellence

Achieving excellence in human capital is one of the most important components in businesses today. At ABB Malaysias Low Voltage System (LVS) unit, investment has been made to raise the bar of its products and services by implementing the People excellence Programme. The programme addresses four main critical areas that are vital to the LVS units business - Creating customer intimacy; Achieving product excellence; Operational excellence; as well as Cultivating team work and an excellent work culture amongst its staff. He also said that achieving product excellence is important to make ABB the best in the industry. To achieve this target, the programme endeavours to help the staff focus on presenting the best features of the systems and solutions provided by ABB. If this objective is reached, customers will form a positive association between ABB-MnS and the best switchgear available in the industry. The third area of the programme Operational excellence - involves creating an environment of quality thinking and precise execution. This is important especially in project-driven businesses that involve complex processes such as engineering and logistics. Failure to achieve operational excellence may bring about unfavourable results that will affect not only the bottom line of the business, but more importantly, our reputation, Steeghs added. Fred Steeghs, vice president of LVS, explained, Creating customer intimacy involves getting to know the customers and their clients. It also includes gaining insights into their business drivers and requirements. By doing so, we are able to build highly professional and good relationships which will lead to building strong partnerships with our customers. All of the three main areas can only be achieved with the support of ABB staff. Hence, a culture of excellence needs to be cultivated and nurtured through people development. We hope that with the implementation of this programme, the LVS unit will emerge as the regional or even global hub for LV switchgear, and be the best in its class. To top it off, we hope that ABB Malaysias LVS unit will realise its goal to become the customers natural partner of choice in the industry, Steeghs remarked.

LVS staff at work.

This is how its done Fred Steeghs trying his hand at making thosai.

The programme aims to make ABB Malaysias LVS unit the best in all aspects within the companys global LVS network and also be recognised as the benchmark by other business units. More importantly, the programme allows ABBs LVS unit to respond, react and grow with the global market dynamics.

Scaling new heights another teambuilding session. Piecing the puzzles a teambuilding session in progress at the LVS Teambuilding/ Leadership weekend in July.

Stop that energy thief!

Cut electricity costs by measuring consumption where it takes place

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ABB Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Low Voltage Products Contact Person: Ling Teik Seng Tel: 03-56284888 Fax: 03-56358200

KL highlights

TnB uses ABB switchgears at distribution simulator

ABBs ZX2 gas insulated switchgear is being used by Tenaga nasional Berhad (TnB) at its 33kV PPU Distributor Simulator to support the training for TnBs technical personnel before they undertake any field assignment. The official opening of the Distribution Simulator, which was held at the TnB Training Institute in Bangi on Aug. 19, 2008, was attended by about 40 guests from the industry including TnBs YBhg Datuk Wira Sidek, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technical; YBhg Dato Ir Aishah bt Dato Haji Abdul Rauf, Vice President of Distribution; and YBhg Dato Kamaruzzaman Jusoh, Vice President of Human Resources. ABB Malaysia was represented by Karel endlicher, vice president and head of business unit - Medium Voltage Products; and Gan Boon Hean, vice president and head of Front-end-Sales. It is a privilege for us to be associated with TnB in its efforts to advance the skills and potential of its workforce. As the national electricity utility company in Malaysia, TnB has played a pivotal role in human capital development. ABB is pleased to be supporting the efforts undertaken by TnB to equip its employees with job related hands-on experience in their efforts to serve millions of customers throughout Malaysia, said endlicher. The 33kV simulator is located at TnBs training centre, Institut Latihan Sultan Ahmad Shah (ILSAS) in Bangi, Selangor. ILSAS, which aims to be the centre of excellence in power utility competencybased training, provides knowledge, skills, and attitudinal requisites for operational excellence within the power utility and its related industries.

Automation Products growth meeting

The Automation Products South Asia Region Growth Meeting brought together a total of 186 participants from the region as well as ABB factories for AP products worldwide. The three-day event was held from Sept. 16-18, 2008, at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel.

KL highlights

Bu PPHv budgeting and PPHv service budget meetings

The Power Products High Voltage (PPHV) business unit budget meeting and service budget meeting were held from Sept. 16-18, 2008, at The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur. The meetings brought together the principals of the product sales centres from europe, the United States, China, India and Australia together with the local product sales centre representatives from the north Asia (nAS) as well as South Asia (SAS) regions to deliberate on the strategies and business plans for 2009. The event was indeed a success, with active participation from both the principal and the local nAS/SAS teams. The close collaboration between both parties also helped increase the overall sales volume for SAS in 2008, said Gan Boon Hean, vice president and head of Front-end-Sales, ABB Malaysia.

Launch of ACSM1 servo drive

The soft launch for the high performance machinery drive, the ACSM1 Servo Drive, was held on Aug. 1, 2008, at the Sunway Resort & Spa for ABBs channel partners, consultants, OeMs and system integrators. The event kicked off with an opening speech by Sam Weng Choon, sales engineer; followed by a brief introduction on ABB drives by Tan Son nie, department manager. Participants to the seminar were also briefed on the characteristics, control interface, advantages and applications of the drive by ere Jaaskelainen from Finland.

ABB Group highlights

Joe Hogan: Ceo of ABB Group

Joseph M. Hogan has been appointed as Chief executive Officer of the ABB Group with effect from Sept. 1, 2008. Prior to joining ABB Group, Hogan was the CeO of Ge Healthcare, the global leader in medical diagnostic technology and biosciences, and is a member of the Ge Senior executive Council. Michel Demar, ABBs Chief Financial Officer, who has held the CeO position on an ad-interim basis since Feb. 13, 2008, will continue to serve as ABBs Chief Financial Officer. I am honored to become ABBs CeO, Hogan said. I am deeply committed to ABBs drive to increase energy efficiency and industrial productivity for its customers. I look forward to leading the Company to the next stage of its development and success together with the team at ABB. Hogan has a long and distinguished career at Ge, spanning 23 years and a wide range of challenging positions. He led Ge Medical Systems and then Ge Healthcare from november 2000, during which time he grew the business by $11 billion. Prior to this, he served as President and CeO of Ge Fanuc Automation north America, Inc., a global supplier of industrial controls systems and a joint venture between Ge and FAnUC of Japan. Previously, he held a number of key positions in sales, marketing and product development at Ge Plastics. Hogan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Geneva College and an MBA from Robert Morris University, both in the U.S.

ABB delivers longest underwater power link

ABB recently supplied the key technologies for norned, the 580-kilometer power link between the netherlands and norway. TenneT and Statnett, the Dutch and norwegian transmission system operators, are the joint owners of the transmission link. The project brings the goal of a common power network and a reliable, efficient electricity supply for europe a step closer to reality. norned is the longest submarine cable link in the world and the most powerful, with a transmission capacity of 700 megawatts. It was inaugurated in the presence of executives from TenneT and Statnett and ABB, as well as the norwegian minister of petroleum and energy, Terje Riis-Johansen, and the Dutch economics minister, Maria van der Hoeven. norned is a landmark feat of engineering that brings europe even closer to the goal of creating a reliable, continent-wide electrical network with low environmental impact, said Peter Leupp, head of ABBs Power Systems division. It is a significant contribution to the quality and reliability of europes power supply. norned is the first direct power link between norway and the netherlands, and is part of the european Unions plan to improve cross-border power infrastructure, reduce blackouts and help create more efficient power markets within europe.
Loading the worlds longest oil-impregnated paperinsulated cable - the NorNed cable (580 km) - on board the laying vessel.

The ABB-built link using high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology allows TenneT in the netherlands and Statnett in norway to trade power and increase the reliability of electrical supply in each country. The Dutch grid can use norwegian hydropower to manage peak power loads during the day and, by offering an alternative to fossil fuel-based generation, grid operators expect to reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.7 million tons per year.

Map of the NorNed HVDC project


MYABB cares

ABB and TreeS celebrate six years of successful collaboration

Caring for the environment has always been the cornerstone of ABBs operations. To further enhance the companys effort to play a part to conserve the environment, ABB has been collaborating with a local nonprofit environment organisation, Treat every environment Special Sdn Bhd or TreeS, to establish an in-house paper recycling programme at the ABB office. TreeS has more than 13 years experience in engaging diverse sectors of the Malaysian society to work together in conserving the environment. Many of the projects initiated by the organisation are still running successfully and have been improved and replicated over the years by the Government as well as other organisations. The ABB-TreeS recycling initiative, which started in 2001, enters its sixth year of operation and efforts are being made to further strengthen the programme. One of the key factors for the programmes success is the commitment of ABB personnel. This attributed to the awareness raised at the early stage of the programme through a comprehensive educational series conducted by TreeS. Over the past six years, the programme saw the collection of over 100 tonnes of paper from ABB. Based on the fact that 17 trees are saved from every tonne of paper recycled, the ABBTreeS recycling programme has successfully saved over 1,700 trees!

Volunteers at a recycling centre.

TreeS has also benefited from its collaboration with ABB. By demonstrating the success of the ABB-TreeS recycling programme, TreeS has been able to convince other corporations to initiate their own in-house recycling programmes to contribute further towards protecting our environment, Leela Panikkar, Director of TreeS said.

We are proud to be associated with ABB through this programme. Its a simple and straight forward initiative that goes a long way towards protecting the environment for future generations, she added. With the continued commitment of every ABB personnel, the ABBTreeS recycling programme will continue to become an essential component of the companys environmental protection initiative.

Teaching our children to recycle.

ABB and TrEES recycling programme has successfully saved 1,700 trees.

Starting them young - creating awareness amongst children is essential. Students in an educational programme organised by TrEES.


Roads safety tips

In this two-part series, the In-Touch magazine features some road safety tips to help you and your family reach your destination safely.
Belt up Belt up in the front and back, even on short trips. Babies must be in a correctly: - fitted baby seat and young children must be in a correctly fitted child seat. - Seats must be right for your childs size and weight, and right for your vehicle. - Always try before you buy and follow the manufacturers instructions. never use a rear facing child seat in a seat with an airbag. - never use a second hand seat. It may have been damaged in a crash. - never let a passenger just hold a child. In a crash, the child would be thrown forward or crushed by the person holding them. Check to ensure that everyone is restrained before setting off. Move up Check the position of your head restraint to avoid a whiplash or broken neck. The top of your head restraint should be no lower than the top of your ears. Straighten your seat so that the head restraint is just behind your head. Check passengers head restraints too. Buck up Deaths are caused by drivers failing to concentrate because they are stressed, switch off for a second or are thinking about other things. Driving requires full concentration. Focus on your driving and the hazards ahead. Tell passengers to shhh if necessary. Drive calmly, and try not to get worked up by other drivers. Stress is an illness and can damage your health. If you feel distracted, or need to reach for something in the vehicle, you probably need a break. If a medical condition, for example, pregnancy, a neurological condition, or flu, affects your concentration, dont drive. Shut up never use a mobile phone or pager while driving. no conversation is more important than a life. Put your phone or pager on to message service. Stop for messages and a break at least every two hours on long journeys. Dont be tempted to use a hands-free set while driving. It can be just as distracting as a hand-held. Wake up Tired drivers are lethal. Never drive if you feel shattered. Get enough sleep before a long drive. Take a break every two hours. Account for these breaks when planning your journey time. Stop sooner if you feel tired. Winding down the window or turning up music may help in the short term while finding a safe place to pull up. Sharpen up Your eyesight can deteriorate without you knowing it. Get your eyes checked at least once every two years, even if you think you have perfect eyesight. This applies to all ages, but is particularly important if you are over 50. If you wear glasses or lenses, never drive without them. Keep a spare pair in your vehicle if youre forgetful. Back up Give yourself braking space when you are driving. You need it in a crisis. Count the seconds between you and the vehicle in front. Watch when the vehicle in front passes a static object (eg. tree) and see how long it takes for you to drive past it. If youre any closer than two seconds, drop back. Dropping back helps you to spot hazards and drive more smoothly. When other drivers cut in front, drop back again. The rule works at all speeds, not just on highways. Check up Defects such as worn tyres and blown light bulbs are common and can kill. Carry out essential, regular and easy checks yourself. To check your tyre tread, look for tread wear indicator bars on your tyres. These are small bumps set into the main grooves which indicate the minimum legal tread. Change your tyres before your tread gets this low. Also regularly check that your lights are clean and bulbs arent blown, your oil and water levels are adequate, and your wiper blades arent worn. A pair of worn wiper blades could be fatal on a rainy day. It is essential to have your vehicle serviced at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. Ask your mechanic about the state of safety-critical components on your vehicle when it is being serviced. Check tyres for cracks, worn patches and bulges. If you find any, consult your mechanic immediately. Buy a hand-held tyre pressure gauge and check your tyres pressure regularly. The correct pressure will be written in your vehicles hand book and sometimes on the inside of your vehicles door.

-contributed by Lee Ming Enn Safety guides are also available at:


Employee news

FeS accreditation for ABB employees

In its efforts to capture the opportunities for more profitable and sustainable growth, the Power Products and Power Systems divisions have initiated a common Front-end-Sales (FeS) accreditation programme. The on-going programme, which began Group-wide end 2006, aims to map, train and develop the competencies of the FeS team in areas of Commercial Skills, Technical Sales and Sales Personality Skills. A total of 2,500 FeS employees worldwide from the Power Products and Power Systems divisions will be participating this programme in stages, which will take approximately 16 -18 months to complete. The local ABB office will then be accredited after the training of the employees is completed. In Malaysia, a total of 18 ABB employees will be undergoing this programme. With this programme, we hope to define a competence profile and design a competence mapping process in a way that is simple, transparent and easy to implement, said Lee Yuk Suat, senior manager - HR. Ultimately, the programme will result in the certification of the individual sales person with proposals for development. This would include the required level of training based on the mapping of the individuals actual competence levels, she added.

ABB Malaysia will be taking part in the POWER-GEN Asia Conference and Exhibition
Date : October 21 - 23, 2008 Venue : KLCC Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur The ABB booth will be located at Hall 2, Stand K14 We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.


New brand campaign

Positioning ABB certainly

ABB Groups new global corporate advertising campaign entitled Certainly seeks to spearhead the refreshed ABB brand proposition and visual identity. of choice with the target customer group, the messages will also have resonance with the broader stakeholder group, reassuring society as a whole of ABBs commitment to environmental protection in all our operations. Clarissa Haller, head of corporate communications said, The structural changes in the markets where we operate and the re-focusing of ABBs strategy with our 2011 programme made it clear we had to review how we tell the ABB story to our stakeholders. The advertising campaign is a major step in strengthening how we position ABB. wanted to create a campaign that could be understood across geographies and cultures. Before any creative development, we conducted extensive customer and internal research to ensure that our messages resonated with our audience. During the creative process, we tested the campaign to ensure that it would be credible for our target groups. Trust is particularly important for branding and especially in our business.

Motive OOH

Confidential ABB Group Corporate Communications | Branding June 05, 2008 | Slide 3

Launched on Sept. 1, 2008 the campaign aims to position ABB as a global leader in energy efficiency, enabling societies to maximise the productivity of natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful waste. More importantly, it will also have the clear aim of differentiating ABB from key competitors. The campaign creative features four subject areas, each highlighting one of ABBs core areas of expertise and strength: reduction in energy consumption, wind power, fuel efficient ships and more efficient refineries. As well as positioning ABB as the supplier

Confidential ABB Group Corporate Communications | Branding June 05, 2008 | Slide 1

Confidential ABB Group Corporate Communications | Branding June 05, 2008 | Slide 2

Gary Steel, head of HR added, This campaign should also give our employees a major opportunity to go out and tell the new ABB story to customers, suppliers and all the other organisations we deal with in our daily lives. Maria Jobin, head of branding said, We

The campaign has been translated in to several languages and will run in over 30 international airports, including Shanghai, Tokyo, new York and Zurich. It will also run in some of the worlds top business publications, including Time, Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times.

SAS Communications meeting and brand day

The SAS Communications team comprising representatives from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and new Zealand attended a two-day meeting held from Sept. 27-28, 2008, at JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The meeting saw an enthusiastic sharing of ideas amongst key Communications personnel in the region as they presented their 2008 plans and implementation status as well as 2009 priorities. Following the Communications meeting, the SAS Brand Day was held at the same venue on Sept. 29, 2008. Thirty personnel in various marketing and communications roles from the region attended the event which included an overview of ABBs Global Brand Campaign by Maria Jobin, head of branding, as well as workshops on the new brand rules and imagery concept.

Maria Jobin stressing a point during the brand day workshop

The SAS Communications team in a group photograph with the PETRONAS Twin Towers in the background. In the photo are also Peter Stierli (second row, from left), Harmeet Bawa (head-SAS Region Communications) and Maria (fourth from left)


Automation Products distributor list

To serve you better, our distributor list

AE Eltromatic (M) Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-90769811 Fax : 03-90767866 Contact Person : Woo Wen Yang (Drives) KVC Electric (M) Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-89252828 Fax : 03-89266828 Contact Person : Jason Wong Softstarters & Drives) Interlec Electrical Supplies Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-79817668 Fax : 03-79812720 Contact Person : Yap Chee Keong (Contactors, TOR, MMS, MCBs, RCCBs) Fuseline Electric & Engineering Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-55695766 Fax : 03-55690058 email : Contact Person : Wu nge Peng, Joey Teoh (Contactors, TOR, MMS, MCBs, RCCBs, ACB, MCCBs, Surge Protection Devices, Isolator & Switch Fuse) LV Control Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-56364610 Fax : 03-56364780 email : Contact Person : Joy Si (AutoResetRCCB, Surge Protection Devices) KME Components Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-55693204 Fax : 03-55695504 Contact Person : Carrie ng (Domestic Switch & Sockets) Thung Guan Electrical Machinery Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-92211811 Fax : 03-92229014 Contact Person : Hoo Sai Hoong (Domestic Switch & Sockets) dp Thermo Control Electric Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-79806336 Fax : 03-79838822 Contact Person : S K Lim Mobile : 012-3346423 (electronic Products & Relays) Stantric Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-92810688 Fax : 03-92810689 Contact Person : Liew Y. K (ACBs, MCCBs, Isolator & Switch Fuse) Perniagaan Elektrik Sin Len Hup (Sel) Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-78042323 Fax : 03-78040386 Contact Person : Yap A. H (L.V Capacitors, Power Factor Controller) Sun Power Automations Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-61577555 Fax : 03-61577666 Contact Person : Terence Tan, Justin Lim (Surge Protection Devices) Kuasa Jati Sdn Bhd, Selangor Tel : 03-51228859 Fax : 03-51218859 email : Contact Person : Jimmy Chung Mobile : 012-3050068 (Contactors, TOR) United Pacific Control (M) Sdn Bhd, Johor Tel : 07-3575953 Fax : 07-3575954 email : Contact Person : Teoh Chan Wei (Contactors, TOR, MMS) Sykt. Elektrik Combi (J.B) Sdn. Bhd, Johor Tel : 07-3560208 / 3529208 Fax : 07-3560209 Contact Person : Lee, Chang (Domestic Switch & Sockets, MCB, RCCBs) Kosun Industrial Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd Tel : 07-3519288 Fax : 07-3529288 Contact Person : Y S Kong, S S Gan (Contactors, TOR, MMS)

EIB System Integrator, designer switch & sockets

IA SYS Technology Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-21165709 Fax : 03-21165999 Contact Person : Chris Lim Mobile : 012-399 6471 Seikou Systec Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-90577793 Fax : 03-90577795 Contact Person : P W Siew Mobile : 016-202 5503

SAS Integrated Solutions Sdn Bhd, Penang Tel : 04-8900929 Fax : 04-8900929 email : Contact Person : Michael Chew Mobile : 012-438 4260

East Malaysia
Exporise Electric Sdn Bhd, Sarawak Tel : 082-343636 Fax : 082-343939 Contact Person : Spencer Wee (MCBs, RCCBs, Domestic Switch & Sockets) Furse Electric (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, Sabah Tel : 088-425000 Fax : 088-421133 email : Contact Person : C S Wong (MCBs, RCCBs, Domestic Switch & Sockets) Powerco Trading (K.K) Sdn Bhd, Sabah Tel : 088-716222 Fax : 088-715985 Contact Person : Ho S. Y (MCCBs, ACBs, Isolator & Switch Fuse)

Northern Region
Henshen Electrical Sdn. Bhd, Seberang Perai Tengah Tel : 04-3909345, 3996345 Fax : 04- 3996672 Contact Person : Lai Chin Tsing (Domestic Switch & Sockets, MCB, RCCBs) Chunley Electrical Trading, Kedah Tel : 04-7308808 Fax : 04-7328808 Contact Person : Lai Chin Choong (Domestic Switch & Sockets, MCBs, RCCBs, ACBs, MCCBs) TEC Total Electric & Control (Penang) Sdn Bhd Tel : 04-3976633 Fax : 04-3997823 (Contactor, TOR, MMS)

East Malaysia
Ching Electrical Engineering Services, Sawarak Tel : 085-658822 Fax : 085-656658 email : Contact Person : Peter Yong Mobile : 016-870 9855, 019-884 1255 Panmax Sdn Bhd, Sarawak Tel : 082-574790 Fax : 082-453690 email : Contact Person : Allen Lee Mobile : 016 - 860 6363 Maritime & Industrial Engineers Sdn Bhd, Sabah Tel : 088-438998 Fax : 088-438008 email : Contact Person : Peter Wong Mobile : 012-8021898 Future Intelligent Systems Sdn Bhd, Melaka Tel : 06 - 233 1284 Fax : 06 - 232 6437 email : Contact Person : Max Yeng Mobile : 012 - 639 8600

Southern Region
Mutiara Transmission & Distribution Sdn Bhd, Johor Tel : 07-3515766 Fax : 07-3515768 email : Contact Person : Tan Hock Huat (MCBs, RCCBs, Contactors, TOR, MMS, Softstarter, ACB, MCCB)