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AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN CONFERENCE First staged in 2009, Auto is the largest automotive design conference in Europe and second

largest in the world. Auto is a wordplay in Slavic, automobile + author. Event programme is made up of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions staged by dozen of automotive design experts every year. Weekend event is organised in Zagreb, Croatia. There are three main goals: popularization of automotive design and automotive culture in general, presentation of designers as authors and raising awareness that automotive design is part of product design. Number of visitors is constantly growing and event itself became a regional automotive think-tank. It offer unique networking opportunity and is proved as place where new ideas are born. The Conference attracts substantial press coverage in over 200 various media from 26 countries.

SPEAKERS 2009-2012 Sinia Brigljevi, Magna Steyr, Designer Maarten de Bruijn, Spyker, Co-Founder Andrea di Buduo, Lincoln, Exterior Design Manager Francesco Carbini, Scuola Politecnica Di Design Milano, lecturer Kemal Curi, Ford North America, Lead Designer Miroslav Dimitrov, Jaguar Land Rover, Designer Dario Dropui, Custom Creations, Designer Domagoj ukec, BMW, Team Leader Enrico Fagone, automotive design theoretician Carlo Gaino, Synthesis Design, Owner Georg Gedl, freelance designer Omer Halilhodi, koda David Hilton, Bentley, Head of Exterior Design Igor Juri, Doking, Designer Vasiliy Kurkov, I.DE.A., Designer Saa Laki, Sacha Lakic Designs, Owner Nemanja Lalii, freelance designer Chris Longmore, Drive, Owner Marko Lukovi, University of Art Belgrade, Assistant Professor Paolo Martin, freelance designer Alessio Minchella, Istituto Europeo di Design, Professor Adriano Mudri, Magna Steyr, Designer Uro Pavasovi, Andrew Winch Designs, Designer Giancarlo Perini, automotive design journalist Goran Popovi, Pininfarina, Chief Designer Mate Rimac, Rimac automobili, Owner Elena Ristanevska, koda, Interior Designer Ivan anti, freelance motion director Sbastien Stassin, Kiska, Partner Peter Stevens, freelance designer Yovan Vujai, GM, Exterior Designer Ana Zadnik, Renault, Designer Dragan egarac, koda, Design Project Manager

AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN CHALLENGE As part of the project, Auto Design Challenge is organised. 2013 task is to design interior for Dok-ing XD concept EV. Design will be executed and implemented in next Dok-ing concept EV. 2012 Design Challenge attracted 119 projects, even professional car designers competed. Majority of projects are 3D top presentations. Winner is chosen by Auto conference speakers and event host exhibition of 20 best projects.

THE BEST DESIGNED CAR AWARD Latest addition to Auto is design award, started in 2012. It is unique in automotive design world because winners are chosen by the most and the largest jury ever conceived. 39 world top automotive designers and theoreticians voted for the first election. To keep things simple, top three cars are chosen in two categories only - production and concept car. General public also choose their winners through on-line voting so in total there are twelve awarded cars.

2012 JURY MEMBERS Michael Ani, Makkina, Founder Jeevak Badve, American Specialty Cars, Director Gabriella Belli, Fondazione Musei Civici in Venice, Director Luigi Colani, design legend Taras Czornyj, Bajaj, General Manager Design Paul Deutschman, freelance designer Miroslav Dimitrov, freelance designer Marek Djordjevic, Marek Djordjevic Inc., Principal Fan Zhang, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Design Director Pontus Fontaeus, peefdee, Founder and Creative Design Director Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi, Museo Nazionale dellAutomobile Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, Director Haishan Deng, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Director of Transportation Design Omer Halilhodi, freelance designer Karl Haug, Carls Cars, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alikhan Kuljanov, Opel, Assistant Chief Designer Sacha Laki, Lakic Design, Principal Radek Laube, AutoDesign&Styling magazine, Editor-in-Chief Patrick le Qument, design legend Bart Lenaerts, freelance motoring journalist Michael Leonello, freelance designer Sam Livingstone, Car Design Research Ltd., Director Roy Lonberger, MagnaDesign and LightSpeed Dynamics, CEO Marc Ma, Zhongyu Automotive Research Institute, Executive Director and Design Chief Tsutonu Tom Matano, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, School of Industrial Design, Executive Director Artur Mausbach, Consultant for car industry on aesthetic and sustainability Alessio Minchella, Istituto Europeo di Design, Professor Philip Nemeth, Ecole suprieure de Design Industriel, Strate Collge Designers, Head of Transportation Design Peter Naumann, Hochschule fr angewandte Wissenschaften Mnchen, Dean Graham Pepall, freelance automotive designer Ari Rocha, pioneer of Brazilian industrial and automotive design Satoshi Wada, SWdesign TOKYO, Principal Jzsef Scherer, Moholy-Nagy Mvszeti Egyetem - Budapest, Head of Transportation Design Daniel Simon, vehicle concept designer Achim Storz, Design Storz, CEO Nick Talbot, Tata Elxsi, Global Design Head Marco Traverso, Car Body Design website, Founder and Editor-In-Chief Lowie Vermeersch, Granstudio, Founder & Creative Director Yovan Vujacic, freelance designer


1st Peugeot HX1, After awkward years of Peugeot design, this well done experiment is a treat. Naively seductive 1st Cadillac Ciel, Uniquely Cadillac in concept and detail, a bold statement from a company fighting to regain its 80ies stance, clear lines and the unique French love to detail. Inspired me most in 2011., Daniel Simon prominence. Definitely not Eurocentric or like all of the competitors. Actually would prefer to see it as a sedan. Not the car I would care to drive or own, but would be fun to sit in the back seat, imagine all of the feelings of self-impor2nd Renault Captur, Exposed Skelton looks fresh. Matches well with Interior theme., Tom Matano tance, wave to the crowd, sip a glass of Opus One, and let the driver do the work., Roy Lonberger 3rd Audi Urban Concept, Where technology wins, the highest level of security is reached. Style is complex but not 2nd Citron Tubik, Courageously more risk, more fun! Hopefully we will see it on the streets soon thats the decisive., Gabriella Belli way how transportation design makes fun: JUST DO IT!, Achim Storz 3rd Jaguar B99 Bertone, Always a tough quest to do a concept car in the 3 box limousine class this was sleek, sexy and contemporary wish that the production cars from Jag looked like thisBertones best in a long time!, Pontus Fontaeus



1st Porsche 911, Possibly the hardest job in car design fulfilled; the design classic that is the 911 made to look 1st Porsche 911, A pure piece of design, instantly recognisable as the successor to its historic forbears, yet with very twenty-tens as well as very 911 and very desirable., Sam Livingstone new proportions of wheel to body and glass, giving the 991 even more stance, purpose and appeal., Michael Ani 2nd Citron DS5, With this quirky and busy design Citron liberates itself from a) the competition b) its current 2nd Citron DS5, Citron finally managed to cope with its own, massive heritage. First Citron in decades that line-up b) its glorious but difficult-to-remake past. The DS5 is not a masterpiece of simplicity, it is more like a wild sets new standards, yet without any references to retrodesign whatsoever., Bart Lenaerts concept that has made it into production. Like it or not it creates the attention the brand need in a old and new international markets. But why is it good? Because Audi could never have designed it., Karl Haug 3rd Opel Astra GTC, Well designed sport Opel., Omer Halilhodi 3rd Volkswagen up!, With the up!, Volkswagen Group has presented a modern and versatile platform that will serve as a basis for mass produced models as well as for special versions. The design is refined and with a distinctive inspiration from the product design world., Marco Traverso


Promotion of automotive culture

Photo: Daniele Madia and Laurent Nivalle