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Am I ready for the next big wave?

SGT6-8000H: The next wave of gas turbine technology

Answers for energy.

With Siemens industry-leading SGT6-8000H gas turbine, you can be ready for what the future brings.
You have to make tough decisions, many of which can affect the future of your operations for generations. By incorporating the most advanced gas turbine technology into your fleet, you can be prepared for the next wave of clean energy demand with more flexible, more reliable and more efficient gas-fired generation.

274 MW

Output in simple cycle operation

The design of the SGT6-8000H was driven by the need to reduce emissions and preserve the environment for future generations. This innovative gas turbine boasts: n 40 percent efficiency in simple cycle operation n Low life cycle costs n High reliability and availability n Operational flexibility n Low emissions.

410 MW

Output in combined cycle operation with an efficiency of over 60 percent

Main efficiency features include: Advanced compressor design n Advanced coating for higher efficiency n Enhanced sealing system to minimize cooling air loss n High combined cycle efficiency. Operating flexibility features include: n Internally air-cooled engine for simplified combined cycle integration n Fast start-up and cycling capability to support intermediate to continuous duty operation n Improved turndown capability that achieves high efficiency and low emissions.

Preserving the environment

Siemens is committed to providing innovative technology that not only improves your plant efficiency, but also helps the environment. Performance that speaks for itself. The SGT-8000H gas turbine series and the SCC-8000H combined cycle power plant series are environmental stewards with an annual 40,000-ton reduction in CO2 emissions compared with todays conventional combined cycle plants. This latest series of advanced gas turbines is commercially available for both 50-Hz and 60-Hz applications. Siemens Gas Turbine*
Gross power output [MW] Gross efficiency [%] Pressure ratio Exhaust temperature [C/F] Exhaust mass flow [kg/s] Exhaust mass flow [lb/s]

274 40 20.0 620/1,148 600 1,330

Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant*

Net power output [MW] Net efficiency [%] Net heat rate [kJ/kWh] Net heat rate [Btu/kWh] Start-up time [minutes after overnight shutdown]

410 >60 6,000 5,687 40

Gas Turbine Emissions NO [ppm] CO [ppm] 25 10

Gas Turbine Physical Dimensions Weight [t] Length [m] Height [m] Width [m] 280 11 4.2 4.2

*ISO ambient temperature

Advanced technology
The SGT6-8000H gas turbine and the SCC6-8000H combined cycle power plant feature best-in-class technology derived from our long line of Siemens 50-Hz and 60-Hz heavy-duty gas turbines and power plants. The internally air-cooled SGT68000H gas turbine continues our long-standing tradition of satisfying the needs of our customers all around the world. We take an evolutionary design approach by incorporating proven features based on decades of reliable operating experience. The SGT6-8000H validation in the Siemens Test Facility ensures the following critical design criteria are met:

n n

Mechanical integrity and performance throughout the full load range Start-up, shut-down and load following Low emissions throughout the load range Assembly and disassembly.

The first 60-Hz gas turbine ships for testing in 2010.

The SGT5-8000H, a 50-Hz version, has been fully validated in simple cycle operation at Irsching IV, in Germany, where it has demonstrated capabilities under real operating conditions. It currently is being converted into a single-shaft combined cycle power plant scheduled for completion in 2011.

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