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Summary Quality Framework.

Gravin David. A. proposed his Quality frame work, 8 dimension of quality based on various characteristic of a product. He has listed out 8 dimensions which he feels is important for a quality of a product, based on various research and study. They are: 1. Performance: This is based on measurable attributes like for example A Set up Box When you purchase a X,Y or Z company set up box how do you rate their performance, according to Gravin this is one of the most primary and important aspect of a product, which can be measured based on their speed, clarity and single strength. However, if an X customer wants to add or upgrade few other channels of his liking, he is welcomed to do so provided he pays for it. Very important thing what we have to remember here is extra paid channels doesnt add or give you an indication about a companys quality, thats just an extra feature which he can opt for, for extra bucks. This is the very important point Gravin has to mention in his theory.

2. Features : This particular aspect is very important and plays a vital part in differentiating both Quality and Feature of a product. Feature is a part of quality, but never can be a whole aspect which defines Quality of a product, Gravin rightly points out feature of a product to be bells and whistles of a product and services and not the heart beat of the product. When you bring my example set up Box- There is always a option given to a customer to upgrade his set up box by toping up to view extra channels, which otherwise cannot be viewed by other customers who have not opted to pay. Its a simple marketing gimmick buy a company in order to sell their product and it doesnt at all talk about Quality. There is always a very thin line which separates performance and feature of a product which is misunderstood by number of people to be part of

performance and always seen and measured to decide upon the quality of a particular product, which is not right. 3. Reliability: This is quite a straight forward aspect has the word says Reliability, It is measured on the basics of aspects like what will be the time that a product can continue working without any breakdown or failure after the purchase has been made. When you again look back to the example Set Up Box- Being a electrical and non- durable product it is expected to run without any trouble at least for a period of 12 months, the aspects of reliability comes into to play here what if the set up box breakdown because of low voltage, high voltage or what so ever the reason which are not under human control, that shows how good the quality of a product is. The probability of failure or breakdown within the specified time period (In this case 12 months). This is one of the vital aspects in order to define quality of a product. 4. Conformance: This aspect can be measured by two important aspects according to Gravin in his Quality Framework the defect rate at the factory and when it reaches the customer hands, based on the number of calls the service teams receive. When you look into our very own example Set Up Box Company X or Y cannot launch or advertise their product till they have successfully completed their conformance testing. X company set up box product design is uneven which sometimes stops the smooth flow of electricity between set up box and electrical unit , which when tested had 2 failures out of 100 set up boxs and eventually when it reached the customer 30 out of 150 customer faced burst out if their set up box and had to replace into a new set up box. Whereas company y had a very straight forward and simple design which was accepted by the standard authority, which eventually had no problems in the hands of customer.

5. Durability: Product durability is very important aspect of Quality framework; every product has its own durability period it varies from product to product. According to Gravin durability has both economical and technical aspects and dimensions. Technically durability can be defined as the amount of use one gets from a product before it deteriorates. Example- Set Up BoxNormally all the set up box are long lasting products as long as they are maintained well. When we talk about maintains, when a box is placed outside the house and on the roof top of your house the probity of getting repaired is very much likely because of climatic conditions, human mis behavior or animal involvement. Right, when we talk about durability every electronic product has to be repaired once after its used for a long time, thats true fact that everyone is aware, the question of repair is secondary factor the primary and most important factor is how frequently does it get repaired and how many times does it get repaired for the same reason or problem, based on which the durability of product can be examined or estimated. 6. Serviceability: Ultimately goal of every manufacture is to produce and satisfy the end consumer. For which his service team should be on their and should give a very valuable, economical and friendly service to the customer. This can be achieved only by appointing dedicated customer service team. Gravin, very interesting mentions this particular dimension to be the key for ultimate product evaluation. True! Example- Set up Box breaks down in my house every now and then, reason monkeys jump and show their monkey tricks , which eventually tops the function of my set up box for which I need to ring up my customer service team, if they attend my call and fix the problem with in the stipulated time frame, I will definitely be pleased with their quality of service and would always recommend my fellow friends to buy

t Consumers do not always have complete information about a product's or h service's attributes; indirect measures may be their only basis for comparing e brands. A product's durability for example can seldom be observed directly; it must usually be inferred from various tangible and intangible aspects of the s product. In such circumstances, images, advertising, and brand names a mset up box of mine. Thus, Customer service is always an important aspect of a particular product.

7. Aesthetics: Aesthetics dimension is one very tricky part of quality framework of a product. This might be applicable only on selected products like chocolates, perfumes, slippers and so on. According to Garvin Aesthetics is a subjective dimension of quality. How a product looks, feels, sounds, tastes, or smells is a matter of personal judgment and a reflection of individual preference. On this dimension of quality it may be difficult to please everyone, which is difficult to implement on my example which I have chosen for this 8 dimension framework. Personal Judgment on how a product looks, feels, tastes or smells. 8. Perceived Quality Consumer is the ultimate king and the manufacture can gain his profit only buy selling and satisfying the customer, this can only be achieved only buy the way of branding, advertising and creating awareness. Good quality of advertisement which catches peoples mind should be every originations aim. inferences about quality rather than the reality itself - can be critical.