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Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B and C or A, B, C and D. Then on your answer sheet, blacken the answer that you have chosen. SECTION A - VOCABULARY Questions 1 4 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 1 My cat has five cute ____. A cubs B puppies C D kittens kids


Miss Silvia uses a _____ to water her beds of roses. A kettle B watering cans C rake

We go to ___________ when we are sick. A banks C clinics B schools The _____ his whistle when the games was over. A. doctor C. teacher B referee D. player



Questions 5 7 Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. Questions 5 7 Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. Samad wanted to ____ (5) but it was not ____ (6) . C D 7 6 A B a rainy day a cloudy day A B C a sunny day a windy day in the playground across the road around the field .

So, he got on his bicycle and rode ____ (7) 5 A B C make a kite fly his kite play with his kite

Questions 8 10 Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer.

8. A The boys are fighting. B Jin and Ben are racing. C They are making a lot of noise.

A Mother and father are in the garden. B Mother is watering the plants. C Father is sleeping on the chair.

10. A The fisherman is pulling his net. B Encik Rahman is rowing his boat. C The man is fishing in the river.

SECTION B - SOCIAL EXPRESSIONS Questions 11 - 15 Choose the most suitable answer to fit the situation in the picture. A These mangoes are cheap. . 11. B Two kilos for seven ringgit. C Sorry, madam, the mangoes are not for sale. Asking for the price How much are the mangoes? 12. May I speak to the manager, please? A B C D He does not to see you. I am sorry, hes at a meeting. I would like to leave a message. Would you like to leave a message? Asking permission


Who is he?


Tony, the new boy. Hes going home. Hes holding a file. Hes not feeling well. Getting information

14. Thank you. A Well done! B Is this yours? C Do you deserve this? Congratulating.

15. A B C D Do you have a watch? What's the time now? I lost my watch. When will the bus arrived? Asking for time SECTION C - GRAMMAR Questions 16 - 21 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. 16. Philip likes to sit ____ a big shady tree in the park. A in B at PREPOSITIONS C under 19. She ________ to the market with her mother yesterday. A go B goes TENSES C gone D went Lorenzo, Hilmi and Huda are good hockey players. _____ play for their school. AI B We PRONOUNS C Our D They Nana sang and danced ________in the competition. A loudly B slowly ADVERBS C quickly D gracefully Ani : Sim : A B C ____ did you come? I cycled my old bicycle. What Who WH-QUESTIONS Why




D 21.


She has gone to the hospital ____ she wants to visit her sick friend.


so and but because


Questions 22 - 23 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation 22. A. B. C. D. my sister lives in petra jaya. My sister lives in Petra Jaya. My Sister lives in Petra, Jaya. My sister lives in petra, Jaya. 23.

STRIKE OFF THE WRONG OPTIONS FIRST A "Do you need any help Mum?" asked Kamal. B "Do you need any help, Mum?" asked Kamal. C "Do you need any help, Mum," asked Kamal. D "Do you need any help, Mum!" asked Kamal. YOU MUST MEMORISE SPELLINGS!

Questions 24 25 Choose the correct spelling for the given options. 24. My ____ and I like to play badminton. A. friends B. freinds C. friedns The boys are playing _____ in the field. A scrabble B scable C scrabbel D skable



COMPLETION Questions 26 - 30 Look at the picture carefully. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank. THEME: AT A MARKET TENSES: SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE

There is a market not far from Nisha's house. Nisha likes to go to ________(26) market with her mother. There _______(27) many types of fruit ______(29) vegetables sold there. Nisha always _______(29) her mother choose fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, ____________(30) even bargains and gets to buy fruit and vegetables at a lower price. 26 . A an B the C a A B C D are is were was 29. ARTICLES A helping B helps C helped A B C D I we he she


27 .



28 .


or but and so


SECTION E COMPREHENSION Questions 31 - 35 Read the letter below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. READ THE QUESTIONS FIRST, THEN THE CONTENT Long ago, there lived a sad king. He was very unhappy because he could not keep his feet warm on cold winter nights. Therefore he was kept awake all night. Everyone in his kingdom tried to solve his problem. Every possible cure was tested but his feet remained cold! Then one day, the frustrated king exclaimed, I will give a reward to the person who can keep my feet warm! Hundreds of people came to the palace with suggestions. However, each and every one of them came out a failure. Just then, a small boy came up to the king. Please let me try, Your Majesty, begged the boy. The king thought the boy was too young, but he decided to let him try. The boy went with the king into his room. They did not come out from the room the next morning. The Queen and all the ministers crept into the room and saw the boy curled up around the kings feet!

31 When did the kings feet turn cold? [paragraph 1] A Day time B Every night C Winter nights 32 Who were the people in the kings kingdom? [paragraph 4 inference]


The Queen The visitors The citizens

33 A person will get a reward if [paragraph 3] A he can warm the kings feet.


he sleeps with the king he encourage people to find him a cure

they were failures in the first place

35 Why did the boy curl up round the Kings feet? [ last paragraph 4 inference] A B C D. to thank the king for giving him a shelter. to sleep in the kings room. to warm the kings feet. to sleep.

34 The phrase each and every one of them came out a failure means [paragraph 4 meaning of phrase] A

everyone who tried, failed to keep the kings feet warm B everyone failed to get the reward offered by the king Questions 36 40 Read the notice below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.

COMPUTER COURSE FOR YEARS 5 AND 6 (Title of notice) Date: Every Saturday, beginning 5 July Only RM30 per month

Time: 9 a.m. 11 a.m.[ When?] [cost - How much?] Place: Computer room [where?] Course includes: Windows 2000, Photoshop, Internet package For details, contact: Jumuli Silang (Year 6K) [person-in-charge - who?] President Computer Club Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Jeffri 36. What is the notice mainly about? [title of notice] A Computer for sale B The schools Computer Club C Windows 2000 and the Internet D A computer course for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils The computer course is [every Saturday] 2 hours a week B C D 38. Register early. Limited places (why?)

2 hours a month 4 hours a week 4 hours a month If Encik Ali wants to send his two children and a nephew for the computer course, he will have to pay A RM30 per month

37. A


Pupils have to register early because [Limited places]

A B C D B C D Return

they will get a discount it will only cost them RM30 many computer courses are being offered there is places for a small number of pupils only RM60 per month RM90 per month RM120 per month


If you want to find out more about the computer course, you will have to contact A B C The president the computer club the pupils of Year 6