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LOVE ENLARGES YOUR LIFE The only thing that I call a real fortune is not hitting the jackpot

but the ple asure that comes from loving others and being loved. I love my husband, my child ren, my family, my friends, my dog and even my neighbors without expecting much in return. Scientists have long been keen to prove that love makes us healthier. Many studi es have proven that women who have healthy loving relationships tend to live lon ger. I personally have a great relationship with my husband, after a stressful day th ere is nothing better for me than seeing him coming home. It produces in me the greatest sensation of comfort. I feel relief and happiness when I see him, at th e same time I feel like my blood pressure has changed dramatically. I also notic ed that when I hold my partner s hand I feel a tremendous sense of calmness. I feel safe all of my pent up anxieties and fears quickly melt away. I am fascinated by a recent study from the University of Carolina that shows hug ging others daily and other physical expressions of caring not only improves a p erson s mental health it also provides significant health benefits and extends you r life span. Experts point that sex is just one of many ways to express your love. The sense of being physically united to another human is only one aspect of the sexual con nection. When you are connected to others not only physically but also spiritua lly it can help you overcome many of the bad times in your life. My favorite ti me of the day is coming from work and being able to communicate with my partner and sit together to exchange our experiences of the day It is even more important to be able to maintain a steady, long lasting and stro ng bond between two partners than it is to just have great sex. A relationship b ased on sex only can never be durable in the long run. Experts are quick to point out that sex is only one aspect of a physical connect ion and not nearly as powerful as the real magic in a relationship: the bonding of two people. That sense of being united, even during bad times, is a trait tha t Brian Baker, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto, calls cohesion. And his research has found that it's more important to both a person s health and happin ess than a good sex life. They point that sex is only one form of expression of love. Sex is only one aspect of this important connection between two partners. The sense of being united and being able to depend on your partner during the ba d times of our life is what really counts. Longevity is definitely associated with having a supportive and healthy relation ship. If you are in a healthy relationship, the supportive part is crucial and a lters the brain in a very significant way. A happy marriage relieves stress and has a positive effect on other neural functions. To love someone is a great feeling, but to love someone and feel loved in return is an even greater feeling. To love someone unconditionally without expecting m uch in return is the best of the feelings. Copyright by: Yilva Kalm anson