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Middle School Ministry Family Meeting

Sunday, October 30th, 2012

A Spiritual Thought: The Marks of A Growing Servant Goals for Middle-School Ministry Activities Alignment with Goals Blueprint for the year
o New items in the blueprint: Little Flock & Rewards Points

CoptsphereJR Servants Page

A Spiritual Thought
Youll find many teachers in a church [servants who give lessons], but few are the ones who take the hearts and lift them up to heaven ~Origen Our service is not only lessons, activities, and good Christian education but lifting up hearts to heaven The overarching goal of our ministry is to prepare the youths to live a heavenly life.. Every time we pray, read, sing, we lift up our heart to heaven How to keep growing, and Keep inflaming the fire of divine love in our and their hearts?
Feeding continuously on the bible (eating the bible). Biblical view on contemporary issues. Communal love. Spiritual friendship. Build one another up (1 Thes 5:11)

Servants Page on CoptsphereJR

Roster, Curriculum,

Sunday Schedule
Teaching rotation Unavailability

Attendance & Rewards Points Service sign up sheet Servants Events

Servants meetings, spiritual days,

Goals For Middle-School Ministry

This is the age to establish habits (good or bad) Religious sense and foundation is built during the middle-school age

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 1

Agpeya & Praise Habits

Bible Reading Habits

Confe- ssion

Goal 4

Team Work, Love & Respect

Activities Alignment with Goals

Agpeya & Praise Personal Agpeya book Psalms memorization Daily Psalies Morning printout Bible Reading Habits Decode the Message Spiritual Competitions (Quarterly) Confession 1-on-1 follow up & visitations Publish dates for Abounas time Team Work LiUle Flock magazine Ongoing focus..

Do you still think we have too many servants?

Sunday School

Blueprint For the Year

LiUle Flock Magazine

Sports Day

Twice a Year
Retreats for the Youth

Light of Life

Spiritual Day & AUractive Bible Series

Spiritual Competitions

Parents Meeting

Servants Prayer Meeting Kids Visitations & Follow Ups

Community Service Day

Memorization curriculum

Servants Spiritual Day and Retreat

Servants Meeting

Few Notes
Sunday School
o Use the Sunday Schedule google doc on CoptsphereJR to confirm teaching or unavailability o Each class to come up with systematic Attendance logging for the Rewards points on the other google doc o Sunday is the core of the service. The main younger servants, please be on time in the basement before 12pm

Little Flock
o Mina to work with all servants to have the kids contribute materials to the magazine o Monthly prizes coordination is needed

Spiritual Day - Apple picking 10/13 or 10/20?