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Dates for Application: 2 20 April 2012

You can find 2012 IUYOS Manual in this link

Fill in the Application Form and upload your digital photograph into the necessary part. Remember to save it. Your applicant number will be sent to your e-mail.

Pay the exam fee to IU account providing Applicant No. within application dates.

Log in the system and add the bank receipt number and date.

Dating from 23 April 2012, take a print of Examination Entrance Document. Your exam place is on the Examination Entrance Document.

APPLICATION CALENDAR Application Period 02 April 20 April 2012 IUYOS Examination Date and Hour 12 May 2012 15.00 Examination Results 11 June 2012 Examination Fee $100 (One Hundred American Dollars) Bank Ziraat Bankasi A.S. SWIFT Code TCZBTR2A Account No. 606-34522887-5047 IBAN No. TR320001000606345228875047 Account Name (Beneficiary) Uzaktan Egitim ve Arastirma Merkezi Contact Information Tel: +90 212 440 00 00 (ext. 10046) Fax: +90 212 440 00 48 E-mail: Web: Address Istanbul University Rectorate Student Affairs Office Central Building 34119 Beyazit-Istanbul/TURKEY


1.1. IUYOS is an examination for foreign or overseas students who want to get education in our University and the results of which can be used to apply for IU foreign or overseas students quotas. IUYOS is going to be held on 12 May 2012.

1.2. This exam guide covers the requirements of the applicants abroad or foreign citizens who want to apply for 2012-2013 academic year at Istanbul University.


The IUYOS document is valid for 1 (one) academic year following the exam date.

1.4. English and Turkish are used in the correspondence between stanbul University and applicants. 1.5. The applications for the exam will be between 02 April and 20 April 2012 and will be made online. After the application form has been filled, the system will send your Applicant Number to your e-mail automatically. Applicants must pay the exam fee to IU account during the application dates with your Applicant Number written on the receipt. Log in the system and add the bank receipt number and date. The applicants who have been accepted to enter the examination must print the Exam Entrance Document with the help of the given Applicant Number and must bring their passports with them on the exam day. 1.6. The applicants who lose their Examination Entrance Document can reprint their documents by re-entering the system with their Applicant Number. 1.7. The IUYOS result can only be used to apply for the quotas of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programs. It cannot be used in the transfer transactions of the ones who have been studying at an institution of higher education (undergraduate transfer) and in

the selection and placement transactions of the ones who want to receive post-graduate education. 1.8. The applicants who travel to enter IUYOS meet their own needs such as residence permit, accommodation, sustenance, etc. 1.9. The application fee paid by applicants cannot be conveyed to the following years. The fees are not refundable to the applicants who quit to apply in spite of having paid their application fees, those whose applications are considered invalid, those who do not enter the exam or cannot enter the exam, or not accepted to the exam or dismissed from the exam, the ones who fail or whose exams are considered invalid and the ones who paid fee for a transaction that does not require any fees. The application of an applicant who has not paid the exam application fee is not accepted.

1.10. After the publishing date of this exam guide, the rules in this exam guide can be changed as long as the decisions of legislative, executive and judicial branches, the Higher Education Council and the Assessment Council, IU Administration Council and Senate necessitate. In this circumstance, the path to be followed will be determined by IU. Actions will be taken for the situations that are not mentioned in this guide by IU Senate.

1.11. The IUYOS exam guide will not be published and distributed.

National and international applications will be made by using the address: The applications which are not made during the application period will not be accepted. 2.1. The applications of the applicants who are studying at the final year of high school or who have graduated will be accepted. 2.2. a) The applications of the applicants who 1) are of foreign nationality, 2) are Turkish citizen from birth and received the permission to be out of citizenship from the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs and those who are able to certify that their children who are recorded in their parents document of permission to be out of citizenship and have not reached at a lawful age having the document concerning the law no. 5203 the exercise of the given rights.

3) are of foreign nationality from birth and later of double nationalities (that receive the permission of becoming a Turkish citizen), 4) are Turkish citizens and completed their last three years of high school education in a foreign country except Northern Cyprus, 5) have Northern Cyprus citizenship and reside in Northern Cyprus and those who have completed their secondary education in Northern Cyprus and have GCE AL exam results, are accepted. b) The applications of the applicants who; 1) are Turkish citizens (except those who have completed their last three years of high school education in a country out of Northern Cyprus), 2) are Northern Cyprus citizens (except those who have completed their whole secondary education in Northern Cyprus and have GCE AL results), 3) have double nationalities and one of which is Turkish citizenship (except those who have completed their final three years of high school education in a country out of Northern Cyprus), 4) have double nationalities and one of which is Northern Cyprus citizenship (except those who have completed their whole secondary education in the high schools of Northern Cyprus and have GCE AL results) 5) are Turkish citizens and completed their high school education in Northern Cyprus, are not accepted.

IMPORTANT EXPLANATIONS: 1. As required by the condition that those who are the citizen of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) or one of their citizenship is TRNC have to complete their whole secondary education in TRNC High Schools and have a GCE AL result, they must submit/send GCE AL result paper with the other application documents when applying. On the contrary, their applications of quotas are not accepted. 2. The exams of the applicants who are in the condition which is mentioned in paragraph (b) of article 2 under the title of Application Requirements in the exam guide are considered invalid even though they have entered the exam.



Applicants must get 40 standard points from the Basic Learning Skills Test. The Turkish Language Ability of the applicants are determined according to: a) The level of the Turkish Test they have received from IUYOS,

b) The document that is received from Istanbul University Language Center or from Turkish teaching centers which are accepted by YOK and certifies that the applicant has been successful. c) The grade the applicant get from The Turkish Proficiency Test given by Istanbul University Foreign Languages Department at the beginning of the academic year.

The Turkish Language Proficiency levels of the applicants: 1. (A) Level: Applicants Turkish level is adequate. S/he can be placed into the program s/he got the right. 2. (B) Level: Applicants Turkish level is not adequate, but it can be improved. S/he can be placed into the program s/he got the right on the condition that s/he attends a Turkish language course. Student must certify that s/he has improved his or her Turkish level to (A) level at the beginning of the 3rd academic year at the latest. At the end of this period those who have still (B) level Turkish cannot continue their education unless they raise their Turkish to (A) level. 3. (C) Level: Applicants Turkish level is not adequate and must take a Turkish course. Those who are in this state must certify that s/he has increased his or her Turkish proficiency level to (A) or (B) level until the beginning of the 3rd academic year at the latest. The first subsection of this paragraph is implemented to the ones who have increased their level to (A), the second subsection of this paragraph is implemented to the ones who have increased their level to (B).



Filling the Application Form and getting Application Number 4.1. Applicants must fill in carefully the Application Form online during the application dates at to get their Application Number. 4.2. The whole responsibility of consequences of misinformation in filling in the information required on the application form belongs to applicants. While filling in the sections related to identity information no changes must be done with the identity information of the applicants passport and no contractions must be done. 4.3. The e-mail address required in the application form must belong to applicant and every applicant must give only one e-mail address. Correspondence /transaction for the name of the other applicants must not be done with the given e-mail address.

4.4. Virtually transferred photograph of the applicant must be attached to the related space on the application form. Since this photograph will be placed on the Exam Entrance Document and Exam Result Document, it must be taken on the front so that applicant will be able to be recognized easily and must be taken in the last three months. On the exam day, there must not be a change (different from the photograph) in the appearance that takes place a significant role in recognizing the applicant. If the Head of the Room finds difficulty in recognizing the identity of the applicant, it should be considered that s/he may not let the applicant to enter the exam. 4.5. The applicant who fills in the application form and completes his or her transaction will be given an Applicant Number by the system.

4.6. Applicant number can be acquired only once. Since the applicant Number, will be necessary both in this exam and in the whole transactions done virtually with IU, it should be kept with great care.

4.7. After given an applicant number, it is obligatory to indicate the Applicant Number in every kind of correspondence done with IU. The petitions not including the Applicant Number are not taken into action Paying the Examination Fee 4.8. The applicants who will apply for IUYOS, will pay the examination fee in the application period with the information mentioned below:

a) Cost: 100 USD (One hundred US dollars) b) Bank: Ziraat Bankasi A.S. c) Account No: 606-34522887-5047 d) IBAN No: TR320001000606345228875047 e) SWIFT Code: TCZBTR2A f) Account Name: Uzaktan Egitim ve Arastirma Merkezi g) Explanation: Applicant Number Please do not forget to get this information written as explanation during the paying process!

4.9. After paying the exam fee, remember to log in the system to add your bank receipt number and date.

4.10. The applicants who will apply from abroad will be able to pay the examination fee through a correspondent bank or through the banks which work internationally. 4.11. Below are the points to be paid attention by the applicants who will pay the examination fee inside and outside Turkey: a) The money sent by applicants is considered as paid after the transfer of the money to the given account. Private check, money in an envelope, postal check and so forth must certainly not send for the exam application fee. b) The money that the bank will charge must be considered separately from the exam application fee. c) The applicants who have paid their application fee should check the bank receipt before they leave the bank and if there is a mistake regarding their information they should certainly correct it before they leave the bank

5. INVITATION TO EXAM 5.1. Applicants applications are examined by IU. In this examination, information is checked for whether it is complete or not. Applicants whose applications are accepted and who have right to enter the exam must print the applicant number and the Examination Entrance Document which will have been given to them from the date 23 April 2012 and carry these documents with them when they are coming to the exam. The building and the hall where the applicant will enter the exam is stated in the Examination Entrance Document. 5.2. Applicants must complete the procedures of IUYOS entrance and departure from their countries according to the rules of their countries. IU does not take responsibility on the issues of applicants allowance for the exam or taking out a passport to them and does not help applicants maintaining them.

6.1. 6.2. IUYOS will be held on Saturday 12 May 2012 at 15.00. Applicants must bring 2012 IUYOS Examination Entrance Document and Passports when they are entering the exam.

6.3. Applicants must bring soft pointed lead pencil(s), eraser, and pencil-sharpener to the exam. Applicants are definitely not allowed to bring cell phones and calculators to the exam. 6.4. On the exam day, at 14:00, applicants will be taken into the examination halls following checking of the ID Cards. The exam starts at 15:00 and is held in one session. It is highly important that the applicants be ready in front of the examination building so that they can be taken into the examination halls in time. 6.5. Two tests are applied in IUYOS. One of the tests is General Study Skills, the other is Turkish Test. General Study Skills Test is composed of 80 questions which aim to evaluate applicants abstract thinking skills and include math questions. This test, is barely based on language, in addition to this explanations of the questions are available in Turkish and English. Turkish Test is composed of 60 questions and aims evaluate applicants understanding of Turkish written statements. The applicants will be given first Basic Learning Skills Test and then Turkish Test. Basic Learning Skills Test lasts 90 minutes.

Turkish Test lasts 60 minutes.

6.6. Questions in the two tests applied in IUYOS will be given to the applicants as separate booklets in the exam. 6.7. All questions in the test booklet are multiple choice questions. Five different answers are given for each question and only one of them is the correct answer of the question. 6.8. Answers must be marked on the Answer Paper. Answers marked on the Test Booklet will be considered invalid. 6.9. For the applicants, speaking and cheating during the exam are against the exam rules. Exams of applicants who are in any way identified as behaving so will be considered invalid. 6.10. At the end of the exam, each applicant will submit their test booklet and answer paper to the exam officials.

Answer papers of applicants whose exams are considered invalid for the reason that they do not abide by the exam rules or do not submit the necessary documents at the end of the exam will not be evaluated and Examination Result Document will not be prepared for these applicants.



Applicants correct and incorrect answers for the questions in both tests in IUYOS will be counted separately. For each test independently, one fourth of incorrect answers will be subtracted from the correct answers and raw scores will be attained. Raw scores will be turned into standard scores whose average is 50 and standard deviation is 10.



8.1. The exam results will be published on the web site 8.2. Applicants will be able to learn their exam results online with their applicant number. 8.3. Each applicant who enters the exam and whose exam is considered valid will print their Examination Result Document. 8.4. Since it will be asked during the exact registration to IU foreign or overseas students quotas, Examination Result Document must be kept.

9. IU PROGRAMME QUOTAS Quotas stated in the table are given as preliminary information. Exact quotas will be announced after the approval of Council of Higher Education (YOK).