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This is my fantasy about my sexy bhabhi Kumud and nanad Nandita.

Oh sorry I didnt told u that they took me to a hotel and that hotel was a five star hotel in Delhi. So now they came to my room they were just living in another room in same hotel which was next to my room. Now, there come two sexy girls dressed like strippers with their black bra, pink mini-skirts and stockings. They were looking so delicious. They had arranged the bed room so well that anybody would feel like having sex. Perfect place, perfect mood, perfect girls and perfect me. Nandita came straight to me, while I was sitting on the couch. Oh! She came to me walking like an angel while I was totally mesmerized by her and Kumud came at the back of me and tied my eyes with black clothes.

I first hesitated but Nandita who was in front of me, sat on my lap and started pinching my nipples. I had to keep quiet. Then I was ordered to put my hands back, and I did. Kumud tied my hands. Nandita and Kumud took my hand, one each, and led me inside the room. The aroma of the perfume inside the room was enough to turn on anyone. I was then pushed on the bed and I fell on my stomach. Quickly one of them caught my legs and the other tied my legs too. I lied on the bed helpless before tying my legs, they took of my pant. They tore of my t-shirt since my hands were already tied. I was now in my underwear lying with my ass facing the top. I was shouting throughout, what the fuck are you gals doing? For which I never got an answer. They were giggling at each other but never spoke. One of them moved my underwear a bit and slapped on my ass ouch! It was a hard hit and I screamed and the next thing they had to do was to stop me scream.

They pushed a cloth inside my mouth despite my hesitation and thats it! I could not speak also now! They both sat on either side of me and started making out. They both kissed and moaned. I could hear the noises but could not see or do anything. Then they started to tease me by saying things like Nandita, suck my hard nipples, Nandita, put one more finger in, Kittu, kiss me, ummm yeahhh Kittu darling, use my ass and stuff. They were moaning and all these turned me on. I was simply listening and stopped shouting. They spilt their saliva on my back. It made me curious because I didnt know whether it was their saliva or love juices. Then my dick was struggling inside my undies and was being

squeezed on to the bed. I slightly lifted my ass so that my dick can be a little free. They both noticed that and knew the reason why I did that. They slapped on my ass again and I had to go down.

Then they started scratching my back, they tore off my underwear and hit against my ass. They were so wild. Then they turned me upside down. Oh, it was such a huge relief for me, especially to my poor cock. One of them put their mouth on my dick and started to bite it gently. My balls were bubbled in their mouth. One of them was biting my chest and belly area. I was in pain but cant express. They grew wilder and started almost eating every part of my body. It was more painful. Result of it- my dick went down. They seemed to be disappointed. So they removed the cloth which was tied on my eyes. So now I could see who is doing what. They were still in that stripper dress. All those words that I mentioned earlier like Nandita, suck my hard nipples, Nandita, put one more finger in Kittu, kiss me, ummm yeahhh Kittu darling, use my ass were all bluff. They just told that to turn me on. They were still dressed and fresh. They stood on the bed right on my face and started stripping.

They threw their clothes on my face and their pussies were right on my face, clean and shaved. Now they started to make out and finger each other as the pleasure increased they couldnt stand anymore. Nandita sat on my dick and Kumud sat on my stomach facing her boobs towards me. Nandita was squeezing her handful tits from behind. Her wet pussy was rubbing my stomach and Nanditas ass was on my dick. Next they started moving and caressing their ass on my chest up and down. My pre-cum started to flow down my dick. They both started to fight to savor it. Nandita lifted my tied legs up and Kumud put her face on my ass and started licking my asshole. She was spitting on it and sucking like a whore. Nandita was looking at me and smiling. I left some moans out of my tied mouth. She was jerking my dick with her left hand to pull out my pre-cum. She licked it with her left hand sexily. Nandita always had soft corner to me and she told Kumud to take off the cloth from my mouth but they knew that I would start shouting at them as soon as they remove it. So they whispered something in ears and they both came near my face. I was scared this time thinking what they might do next. Thankfully Nandita removed the cloth out of my mouth while I took a deep breath to start scolding them, immediately Kumud jumped and pushed her pussy on my mouth.

This is what they whispered in their ears. They both gave a hi-5 as they succeeded in stopping me scream. Kittu ordered me, suck me now! And she started pushing her pussy furthermore. I was almost unable to breathe. I tongue wrestled with her love hole and she exploded on my face. Nandita came to me and sucked the cum on my face and started kissing me wildly. Next I exploded my cumshot was so strong that my cum touched Kumuds back who was still sitting near my face on my chest. She quickly went to suck them. Nandita licked off the cum on Kumuds back. Remember Im still tied on my hands and legs. Nandita told me if you want us to free your hands and legs, you should follow our orders. I said yes. They both lifted me up to sit on my knees on the bed. They both slept next to each other very close. They ordered me to suck their breasts. I crawled on them and started sucking those four round, tasty and sexy white melons.

They wanted me to do it hard and bite their nipples. I sucked and licked it as hard as possible. Their boobs were all wet with my saliva. Meanwhile they were fingering and kissing each other. Then after sometime I guess they were satisfied. They lifted my head and said continue this over there and pointed to their pussies. I again crawled down and started to suck their clit. Nandita came on my face this time since she held it from long time. I washed my face by rubbing my face on Kumuds pussy. They were thrilled by that and now they wanted my dick in their vagina. I was on my knees again. They both sat in doggy style in front of me. I fucked them in doggy style only for sometime because I could not hold anything for balance since my hands were tied. I was inserting in their pussy and asshole alternatively. Their moans reached the top of their voices. Now they untied my legs. My hands were paining like hell.

I pleaded them to untie me. Nandita wanted to release but Kumud avoided. I was so angry on Kumud. Then I was asked to sleep and Nandita started riding my cock. To watch those lovely balls jumping and wobbling in front of your face is the most enjoyable thing that can happen. Kumud was rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbed Nanditas clit with the other. Kumud rode my cock next and Nandita was kissing me vigorously. My back was paining since my hands were tied at the back and these gals jumping on my dick. Then Nandita freed my arms I was so angry on Kumud that I was feeling like raping and killing her. I kissed Nandita for freeing me and chased Kumud all over the house. She ran away from me and I could catch her in the same room. I pushed her onto the bed, held her hands from behind and fucked her holes with greater speed.

I was in punishing mood rather than fucking mood. That fucking whore Kumud was still enjoying this. That made me still angry and I came inside her pussy. I was touching her G-spot with every thrust. I was totally tired after that rough hardcore sex and also my body was in pain. Kumud was tired after running around the house and also, she was the one played the most throughout the session. We both slept on the bed watching the roof. She wanted me to fuck her too and but she understood that I was too tired to fuck her. She came near me and slept on my arms with a sweet kiss on my lips. I knew she was not satisfied. I told her Im so tired and she again planted a longer kiss, kept her hand on my dick, looked at it and said I know baby. I understand and caressed my dick. Awww how sweet of her, I thought I should satisfy her no matter what. I got up and fucked Nandita in missionary position. Although I was not in my full rhythm, I could fuck and satisfy Nandita. At last I came again inside her too. Then they both apologized to me for all those things and said it wasone of their fantasies. Then we took bath together. We had a steamy shower and rested again naked