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Department of Education Cordillera Administrative Region CORDILLERA REGIONAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Wangal, La Trinidad Benguet Tel. Fax.

(074 ) 422- 5662

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__________________________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________________________________ Provincial Address ___________________________________________ __ Male __Female Date of Birth Age __________________________________________________________________________________________ Current School __________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone Cell Phone

FATHER___________________________________ __________________________________________ Last name First M.I. _________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ Provincial Address __________________________________________ Current Work Address __________________________________________ Home Phone Cell Phone

MOTHER__________________________________ __________________________________________ Last name First M.I. __________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ Provincial Address __________________________________________ Current Work Address __________________________________________ Home Phone Cell Phone

I(we) certify that all the information on this application is accurate and complete. ____________________________________ __________________________________ Signature of Student Signature of Parent/Guardian ____________________________________________________________________________________ Acknowledgment Receipt Attach ID here 1.5 x 1.5 Date_____________________

Received from ______________________________________________________ the sum of two hundred pesos only (P200.00) as payment for examination fee.

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We are very pleased that you are considering Cordillera Regional Science High School for your child and look forward to working with you throughout the application process. Cordillera Regional Science High School offers a challenging, college preparatory curriculum in a caring, Christian environment. We strive to live out our mission everyday to nurture well-rounded individuals who are exploratory and inventive coupled with integrity and balance. CRSHS has much to offer in all areas of academics as well as athletics and the arts. We actively educate our students using the most sophisticated technology available. We strive to develop leaders for life as we encourage students to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities that are made available to them through our technologyrich and safe learning environment. You are welcome to contact the Admission Office at 422-5662 for further information.

students will be posted on the bulletin board a week before the test. Students bring 2 pieces of #2 Mongol pencils. Results will be posted on the bulletin board a week later. Step 3__________________________ Second Screening Stage Qualified applicants for this stage should have grades of 80% and above in all grading period to be able to take the test. The second stage is the proficiency test in English, Science and Mathematics which will be administered by representatives from the DepEd Regional Office. Simultaneously with this is the third screening stage - an interview with parents and students to be conducted by the CRSHS Admission Committee at the library. Students interview will follow after their test. The Interview shall be rated in accordance to a prepared rubric and shall be an integral part of the score obtained by the student. Student applicants shall go to their designated classrooms. List of examinees with their respective classrooms will be posted a week before the test. Bring 2 pieces of #2 Mongol pencils and snacks. The final score of the students will be composed of 90% proficiency test and 10% from the parent/child interview for a total of 100%. Applicants will be notified through text messages and letters addressed to their respective schools if they are qualified or not. The final list of qualified incoming first year students will be posted on our bulletin board. Qualified incoming Grade 7 applicants should have grades of 80% and above in all grading period to be able to enroll. QUALIFIED incoming Grade 7 students are required to join a two-day encampment during the month of May. This encampment was conceptualized to let the students have a grasp of some of the activities in store for them in the different subject areas and for the students to bond with each other. It will also provide a hands on, minds-on experience in all subject areas where the students can develop their social learning capabilities by exposing them to varied fun activities and to enhance experiential learning among students.

Submit application form Photocopy of Form 138E with 1st and 2nd grading grades
(with no line of 7 in any grading period )

Application fee (non-refundable )

Step 1__________________________ Requirements are submitted with a non-refundable application fee. Deadline for application will be a day before the first screening test. Step2___________________________ First Screening Test The first stage is the administration of a standardized mental ability and aptitude test to be administered by a licensed psychologist. The student applicant should get at least 45% of the total score in order to advance to the second stage. Student applicants will take the test in the school hall by batches. Names of