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Tell me about ur self. How many databases do u have. How many databases do u maintained in it. What is the size of ur database. What is ur team size. How can u find total size of ur database. How can u find filled size of ur database. How can u find how much space is free in ur database. How do u monitoring ur index usage what is the statement and its view. How do u rebuild index online and what happens internally when u create index online and what steps do u follow for creation of index and how do u convince the client that using index we can improve performance. What is difference between bitmap index and b-tree index. How do u add datafile to a tablespace. How do u change a password for a user. How do u assign a password for a role. How do u create a role and how u grant a role to a user. And that should able to grant that role to other user. Ur role is password protected and when u grant to user it should nt ask for password when he utilizes it. How do u change a password for a role. How do u know whether table is fragmented or not, what steps do u follows to eliminate fragmentation. Other than exp/expdp or imp/impdp. I lost two archive log files at os while I was backing with rman what happens to rman, how can we overcome this issue. Init.ora parameters of 10g and 11g. What is database link and what are its types. And what is a materialized view. What is its use. Is it necessary to have streams_pool_size parameter for expdp What is difference between datapump and normal export. How can u improve performance of expdp. How do u generate a awr report and what is it location and what are wait events and explain and what is db_time in awr report. What we see in awr report. How do u generate recommendations for awr report. My query is taking long time to complete, how do u overcome what are u steps. What are u backup strategies and when u take full backup on saturaday what u do on Sunday. I have two databases named t1 and t2 and is of different standard block size t1 and t2 and I want to transport a tablespace from t1 to t2 what steps do u follow without using transportable tablespace. What is relation between dbwr and lgwr. My sga size is 100g and I allocated 5g to shared_pool and ASSm is enable what is relation between them.

33. How many lgwr process we can have, what is the parameter. 34. What do u see when we file v$logfile for loggroups and for log members (status column). 35. In my log group one member is corrupted what happens to database and what steps do u follow for clearing the logfile member, should not be dropped. 36. How do u clear a unarchived redo log member if it is corrupted. 37. How do u recover a corrupted block what are it views. 38. Tell me steps of rman cloning and what is the use of parameter db_file_name_convert and log_file_name_convert. How can perform cloning without using these parameters as ur cloning to another destination having different file system. 39. I kept a tablespace in no logging mode and dml operations are going on the table which on that tablespace. And sometime happen can I recover table with transactions as it is no logging mode. 40. In rman cloning can I have db_name to be same or different on target database and what is use of parameter named NOFILENAME CHECK and how can u revoke a database to past point in time. 41. Can I configure physical standby database if my source database is in no archivelog mode what is the reason if we can. 42. What are steps for configuring physical standby database. Do we need have standby redo log file on both sides of the databases. 43. What is the use of fal_Server and fal_client , what is the abbreviation of FAL. 44. How primary database know where to transfer redo data and what is meant by location parameter on both databases. 45. What are different modes in dataguard, and in which protection mode do u use standby redo log files and what is default mode and how can u switch between modes. 46. What are background processes in dataguard and rac. 47. Which background process is responsible for receiving transferred of redo data. What is meant by mandatory and optional attributes. 48. What happens if I specify reopen attributes and what is effect on reopen attribute if u configured with mandatory option. And on which side do u specify mandatory and reopen attributes. 49. What are log_archive_dest_State_1 options. 50. How u take ocr backup manually and at what time intervals ocr backups are performed. 51. What is voting disk. And what background process is used to register their heart beat information. 52. How a node is evicted and what is vip. 53. What is private interconnect, what is its importance. 54. Hardware architecture of RAC 55. Importance of ssh what are its uses. 56. What is meant lmon ,lckn, lmd. 57. What happens if crs daemon dies. 58. How can u know whether listener is up and running in rac environment. 59. If I add a node in rac where do I need to register. 60. How do u check the contents of oracle cluster registry.

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What happens if my voting disk is corrupted and where do u find log location. What are crsctl commands. What is TAF and FAN events. How do u apply patch and what are its pre-reqs. I have no readme.txt file in a patch that which I downloaded from metalink how do u know what pre-reqs are to be followed. By what query do u know that these patches have been installed. My inventory got corrupted how do u can create a new inventory what happens to database. What is difference between global inventory and local inventory. What is the background process database instance communicates with asm instances. When u add datafile does it reflect in alert.log. There are no permissions on alert.log file where u can find that datafile is added to tablespace. What happens to database when u drop a temp tablespace. How do u rename a listener and tns.

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