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and Releasing Our Fears of Ascension Our ascension is spoken of through a variety of paradigms. We hear anything from the extreme scenario that the earth will soon be imploding and turning into a 5th dimensional star, to the earth changes being more gradual and long term. With either scenario, our basal fears are being activated. When we perceive the ascension as an event that we are actually in the midst of NOW, then we can benefit from the opportunity of releasing our fears as they come up. Those of us who chose to incarnate here at this time and awaken in the darkest hour of earths darkest cycle, chose to do so for the opportunity to stretch our souls capacity by actively freeing ourselves from the lies of fear, and by aligning our minds with our hearts and the integrity of love. By actively addressing our fears now, we are healing ourselves and participating in the ascension in the present, rather than waiting for an outside event to take them from us. Hence the definition and current opportunity of true sovereignty: self- sourcing your power from Gods Love. The joy in this process is that with each fear that we release, we have more freedom to be in love with life, creativity, and to be emotionally connected with our Creator and our loved ones. And fortunately it only requires the simple process of: addressing our fears with sober self-honesty, while fully feeling them (which is the release), identify the lies that hold those fears in place, and replace them with the opposite truth. The following is a list of some of the major fears that arise around the subject of the ascension. The first one on the list is the most damaging fear of all.

Fear of God If we are not afraid of God, we have nothing to fear at all. The ascension is designed to connect us directly to our loving Creator. The dark forces that have been in control of humanity intentionally injected our religions with subtle lies to ensure that we would stay divorced from our connection to our loving Source. They did this to keep us from our innate creative power so they could dominate us and create an incessant state of subservience and suffering, which feeds their insatiable appetites. Whether we have separated ourselves from having a personal relationship with God from the contaminating messages within religion or from the atheistic tones of the sciences, this is the hour to repair our relationship with our Creator. I ask you, When, if ever, was the last time you felt the profound love of your Creator? How deeply do you feel and return this love through reverence and trust? God patiently awaits you to reach out and cultivate together a personal, intimate relationship. God has never left you. God has never judged you. God would never think of kicking you out of the Garden. It gave us life and the permission to stray afar, for as long as we chose. And now it waits patiently for you to reach out so it can embrace you and guide you through your return to Love and your journey home. Fear of Death and Fear of Not Surviving Our DNA has a built in mechanism called the fight-or-flight response. This response is an instinctual tool that helps us keep our bodies safe when in the face of danger, but it serves no purpose in these times of the ascension. We do not need to fear letting go of our bodies. Our souls are all profoundly benefiting from the dimensional shift that is occurring. Practice non-attachment to how your body experiences the shift and

you will soar through your journey. Immortality is innate within the soul. We do not need to seek or stretch it here. Fear of Annihilation / The Void The root of our fear of annihilation is actually caused by our deep-seated appreciation of existence. But not even the darkies are going to experience annihilation. Souls are eternal and infinite beings. Non-existence is the pregnant point of Creation; therefore it is always a choice to visit the void. Soul will always remain intact even there. Fear of Loss of Self Identity Self-identity thus far has been defined as our 3D body and the personalities that we thought we cultivated here. In truth, the bodies and personalities that we have now were cultivated by our souls before we incarnated. That which is you, is soul, therefore you dont leave anything behind, excepting that which actually isnt you, when you depart this reality. Fear of Pain The moment of the physical pain that we experience when the soul chooses to leave the body is a millisecond compared to the rapturous return to infinite soul sovereignty. Fear of Panic that May Get In the Way of Making it Home Focusing on the Being that is present within presence hones you as the eye of the storm. Prepare and rehearse that experience of panic, and anchor in the Loving Presence that awaits you with Loving arms. Lack of Capacity Dont let me fuck it up! The design of all ascensions are created by God and Self. All of

us that chose to be here at this time already have the innate capacity to take that leap. Therefore, the self-trust is inside of us if we choose to remember it. Fear of Emergence We have been thoroughly entrained and indoctrinated to be afraid of our power and speaking our truth. So let me tell you what emergence feels like. Imagine the most exuberant freedom of creative expression that you can possibly imagine. Then imagine everyone as your witness supporting you and celebrating your self discovery and expression, while you writhe in fascination, satiation and love. Then know that the truth of soul sovereignty is that experience multiplied by infinity. Fear of Missing the Moment of the Ascension The ascension is often talked about as an exclusive event through which only the special or trained ones get to have access. In reality, this is a nonexclusive event. There is no escape for anyone, because everyone deserves the right to meet God face-to-face. We will all go through the eye of the needle. We will experience our transition in different phases of the time frame that we are currently in, so its not as if we could die sooner than the moment or that we could miss the opportunity. All souls here that are incarnate in this time frame have already chosen this opportunity. No One will be lost. Fear of Losing Loved Ones The true realization of Family is that we are One Being. Our souls take turns playing roles for each other, whether they be the gifts of loving or challenging experiences. They are all playing supportive roles for us to know the flowing grace of our hearts of power. Therefore, we will by our own hearts inclination, find all of our family members, perhaps with

different faces, and we will have the joyous experience of thanking each other joyously for providing the traction that gave us our impetus to expand.

The Opposite of Our Fears

Surrender to Source The ascension is a rhythmic pulse that is created by us for us. It lives within us as the fractal fabric of our souls. Love is the beginning, the end, and the solution in the middle. We know it has been the missing piece for so long, and now is the moment when we can release all that keeps us away from that Love which lives within Us.