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Departure from local wisdom buried deep in the middle of ruins the triumph of the central Islamic government

of Banten Sultanate, has

inherited the ancient objects that have a very unique decoration can sell superior works as a stock in carving works on the land our children and grandchildren Banten.

Involvement in various studies use distinctive decoration Banten areas that have been designed into ditransformasin and medium cotton and silk cloth called batik Banten.

To realize the dream of batik and banten as Banten community identity, has made many breakthroughs through industry and training in batik factory in the promotion are also national and international level through socialization and cooperation with various organizations, government, academia and private sector organizations in the batik include: Indonesian batik foundation, community, and lovers of Indonesian batik fabric charm Indonesia to exchange opinions and experiences in order to earn the trust of Banten batik and honorable recognition.

Batik and talents into an infinite pride to socialize perjuangannyalah for Banten as batik batik traditional history only in Indonesia and has received recognition from various groups of organizations.

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At this point, the efforts of tourism stakeholders in Jakarta last weekend tour package testing should be appreciated. Potential culinary, crafts, pilgrimage tours, and try to enjoy the beach exotica in two days one night.

The first goal is Banten batik centers managed Uke Kurniawan Bhayangkara Street, District CIPOCOK, Serang City. In this place where visitors can see the process of making batik Banten with a variety of motives from the beginning to kelar. Batik Banten, These Clothes Tell Stories, as written in the brochure distributed to visitors. The naming of Banten various batik motif represents one side of the jargon. Virtually motives listed on a piece of batik cloth contribute to the glory of the instrument heritage conservationists Islamic empire in the Sultanate of Banten Lama. Call it, for example, the motive surosowan (formation of sura-pa-sowan) associated with the place before the king. There is also a motive datulaya (Datu = prince, laya = place) which is closely related to residence of the princes, the motives which refers pancaniti ward king watched the soldiers used to practice, and the motifs associated with pajantren residence of the weavers. The function of the batik industry Jakarta as a center of industry, training batik, and as a place of tourism. Usually if there is an important guests who had promised to come on.

Banten batik gallery will welcome him with the original art of Banten. Dance Rampak Bedug example, Debus, Wayang Garing and other arts. And also the novelty wore penyambutnya from Banten Batik created by the industry itself.

Location from the tourist batik banten

*From Jakarta to the freeway entry and exit Serang on the toll booth east of Serang. *Go ahead to the East. *Turn right at Jenderal Sudirman St. *Go ahead to Jenderal Ahmad Yani St. *Turn left on Kyai Haji Sohari St.

*Turn left at Raya Ciwaru St. *Turn left on Highway Cipetir.

For example of unique items :

Each batik motifs were also given specific names derived from place names, buildings, and spaces of the Old Banten site and also the name of the title in the Sultanate of Banten. The motive is to take a place among others: Pamaranggen (kris-makers residence), Pancaniti (Ward where the king watched soldiers training), Pasepen (The King of meditation), Pajantren (The home of the weaver), Pasulaman (embroidery artisans dwellings), Datulaya (prince's residence), Srimanganti (where the king

face to face with the people), Surosowan (capital of the Sultanate of Banten). Motives that took the name of the title include: Sabakingking (the title of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin), Kawangsan (associated with the Prince House), Kapurban (associated with the title of Prince of the Ancient), Mandalikan (associated with the Prince Mandalika). Which is very interesting, batik banten color display which has a very lively, a combination of pastel colors are cheerful but also impressive soft. Which according to Mr. Ambhary (Alm), is suitable in describing the character banten people who have a high spirit, high ideals, yet expressive characters remain humble. And based on further clarification from Mr. Uke, the color combination was highly influenced by soil water, which in the dyeing process, reduce the color becomes bright pastel colors for the existing content in it.

Mandalika motif ..

In the start of the name of a prince named Arya Mandalika. This motif shaped like gravestones in a prince because of Mandalika Arya is a businessman who frequently and like to visit the tomb of his parents. Batik has been on the launching of seven professors and one minister.

Kapurban Motif

Starting from an early Prince of areas containing lime and used as the kingdom's as handsome. land business. flowers. What happened to the prince loved the flowers, so this batik motifs such And also believed that wearing batik will look more beautiful and