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NRS Dosage Calculations Worksheet C Complete the following conversions: 1.

7,500mcg = _____________ mg
2. 40 mg = gr _______________

3. 50 Kg = _______________lb 4. 3 oz = _______________Tbsp

Determine the amount necessary to fulfill the order. 5. The doctors order reads glyburide 4.5 mg P.O. daily. Your supply is 1.5 mg tablets. How many tablets should you give?

6. The physician orders 425 mg p.o. b.i.d. of Depakene. Your supply is Depakene

250mg/5mL. What would you give?

7. The order is Demerol syrup 75mg p.o. every 4 hours prn for pain. The supply on hand

is Demerol syrup 50mg per 5 mL. What will you give?

8. The order is Heparin 7,000 units sc stat. The supply on hand is Heparin 10,000 units

per 1 mL. What would you give?

9. The order is Lanoxin 0.125 mg IV stat. The supply on hand is Lanoxin 500 mcg/2 mL.

What will you give?

10. The order is Ceftazidime 260mg IM four times a day. The label says after dilution the

total volume will be 1.8 mL and the concentration will be 280mg/mL. How much will you give for a single does?

11. The order is for a 10 mg dose. The solution available is 5mg/1.5mL. What do you


12.The order is 600 mcg of a drug every day. The pharmacy sends 0.4mg scored tablets. What would you give for a single dose?

13. The doctor orders 30 mEq potassium chloride liquid q a.m. for 3 days. The solution on

hand contains 20 mEq per 15 mL. What would you give?

14. A patient needs 50 mg of Benadryl elixir P.O. STAT and the bottle label says Benadryl

12.5mg/5mL. What would you give?

15. The order is 500 mg of Ampicillin. The vial is a 1 g vial and when reconstituted the

label reads equivalent to 1 g/5mL. What would you give?

16. The order is 25 mg of Gentamicin I.M. The supply on hand has a concentration of

50mg/ 1.5 mL. What would you give?

17. The order is Cortisone Acetate 62.5mg. The label says 25 mg in 1 mL.. What would

you give?

18. The order is Panadol 470mg. p.o. q4-6h p.r.n. for temperature > 101.6F. The childs

weight is 27 Kg. The recommended child dosage of Panadol (acetaminophen) is 10-15 mg/kg/dose p.o. q.4-6h p.r.n. for fever. a. Recommended minimum single dose for this child:

b. Recommended maximum single does for this child:

c. Is the dosage safe?

19. A child weighs 20 pounds. Ampicillin 400 mg IV every 12 hours is ordered. The safe

dose range is 50-100mg/Kg/24 hours. Is the ordered dose safe to give?

20. Use the following sliding scale and medication order to answer the following


Insulin Dose No coverage 2 units 4 units 6 units 8 units

Glucose Reading* Glucose less than 160 160220 221280 281340 341400

Readings greater than 400: Hold Insulin; Call MD STAT

Order: Humulin R Regular U-100 insulin subcut a.c. per sliding scale. a. At what range of blood glucose will you administer insulin?

b. The patients blood glucose level before breakfast is 297mg/dl. What should

you do?

c. The patients blood sugar is 410 mg/dl prior to dinner. What should you do?

Calculate IV rates to one decimal place. Round gtt/min to the nearest whole number. 21. The physician order reads: 15 mL of erythromycin over 30 minutes. The IV tubing drop factor is 20 gtt/mL. How many drops per minute will you need?

22. The order is for 200 mL over 3 hours IV. The drop factor is 20 gtt/mL. How will you

set a manual pump?

23. The order is D5W 1,500 mL IV to be infused over 15 hours.

a. If you are using an IV pump what setting will you set on the pump?

b. If the drop factor is 12gtt/mL, what will the infusion rate be?

24. A 1,350 mL bag of D5W is ordered to infuse at 150cc/hr. What is the infusion time?

25. 500 mg of Erythromycin over 30 minutes has been ordered. Pharmacy dilutes the

medication in 15mL. a. What is the infusion pump setting?

b. If the drip factor is 20 gtt/mL, what would be the flow rate on a manual pump?

26. The order is 250 mL of normal saline solution over 2 hours by infusion pump. What is

the flow rate?

27. The order is D5W 1,400 mL IV for 12 hours. The drop factor is 10gtt/mL. a. Original flow rate on a manual pump.

After 5 hours, 900mL remain. b. Time remaining

c. Recalculate flow rate.

28. Lactated Ringers 1,050mL IV for 7h. Drop factor is 10gtt/mL. a. Original flow rate for an electronic infusion pump.

After 5 hours there are 360 mL remaining b. Recalculate flow rate on an electronic infusion pump.
c. Recalculate flow rate if you were to be using a manual pump.

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