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edition Modern Top Stories Chris Moyles BAE Systems Mitt Romney UBS AG Mini Reckitt Benckiser Kate Middleton Ring of Fire Aung San Suu Kyi HSBC Wolverhampton World U.K. Technology Science Business ntert inment He th Spot ight Top Stories The Guardian Kate photos row shows just how difficult it is to enforce a privacy law The Guardian - 37 minutes ago As Britain's tabloids close ranks in condemning the publication of pictures of a sunbathing Duchess of Cambridge, it is tempting to conclude that a fear of Leve son lies behind the outbreak of criticism. Related Kate Middleton Prince William of Wales Topless Topless pictures of Duchess were invasion of 'intimate moment in married life .. Court to rule on Kate topless picsThe Press Association From France:Royals file legal action in Paris over topless photos - UK - FRANCE - FRANCE 24FRANCE 24 In-depth:French court to rule on Kate topless photographs injunctionThe Independ ent Wikipedia:Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge See all 6,305 sources HollyscoopTV The Associated Press ABC News The Guardian

The Guardian Daily Mail The Guardian Evening Standard Scottish Daily Record Belfast Telegraph Evening Standard The Week UK Evening Standard Evening Standard Evening Standard The Guardian English baccalaureate: another dog's dinner of a plan for exam reform The Guardian - 35 minutes ago Once again a government is making a dog's dinner of examination reform. In 2005, Mike Tomlinson wrote a wide-ranging exam review and achieved an almost impossib le consensus - only to see it blown out of the water by a general election in wh ich neither ... Romney camp retools message, dismisses report of disarray Reuters - 33 minutes ago By John Whitesides | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After a difficult week that sparked a wave of Republican hand-wringing, Mitt Romney's campaign team fought back on M onday against a report of disarray in his inner circle and promised to retool hi s message ... - - - . : N - 20 minutes ago The Independent Sir Ranulph Fiennes to attempt record winter Antarctica expedition The Independent - 2 hours ago It is testimony to Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the scale of his previous triumphs th at in order to achieve his next - and possibly final - exploration first he will have to spend four months skiing in the dark in -70C of cold followed by two 20 -ton ...

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China Smashes Japanese Cars, and Buys Them Wall Street Journal - 41 minutes ago By TOM ORLIK There likely won't be any uick resolution in the dispute between C hina and Japan for control of an obscure group of islands. Iran's newest nuclear facility struck by 'saboteurs' - 1 hour ago This announcement offered a rare glimpse of a long-running campaign to sabotage Iran's critical nuclear installations, believed to be a key priority of Western and Israeli intelligence agencies. The Guardian Hezbollah protests over anti-Islam film - live updates The Guardian - 1 hour ago Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV shows Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon's militant S hia movement, calling for demonstration to denounce an anti-Islamic film that ha s prompted days of violent protests. Haaretz Saudis stay away from Egypt-Iran-Turkey talks on Syria Jerusalem Post - 2 hours ago By REUTERS CAIRO - Saudi Arabia opted to stay away from a meeting of four region al powers on the Syrian crisis on Monday, adding to a sense that the forum is un likely to advance the uest for peace. NDTV YouTube blocked in Pakistan Washington Post 14 minutes ago Written by Hayley Tsukayama The government of Pakistan has reportedly blocked access to Google's YouTube ser vice, The Washington Post reported. According to the report, Pakistani officials ordered suspension of the video service because of a blasphemous Web video excerp t of ... More World stories U.K. BBC News Spence deaths stun NI farming and sporting community BBC News - 33 minutes ago The deaths of three members of one family in a slurry tank accident in County Do wn has had a profound effect on the farming community, the Ulster Farmers' Union has said. Left Foot Forward Ashcroft on Aid: 'We can't afford it' Left Foot Forward - 54 minutes ago During the recent reshuffle the government shifted rightwards in both tone and s ubstance . Cameron has long aimed to stop the Tory party from being known as the 'nasty party', but he is undoubtedly failing. Channel 4 News Family of Ian Tomlinson accuse Met disciplinary panel of 'whitewash' over Pc ... The Independent 2 hours ago Written by

Jerome Taylor The family of Ian Tomlinson have accused the Metropolitan Police of conducting a whitewash after a disciplinary panel ruled there was no need to examine whether o ne of their officers caused the newspaper vendor's death. More U.K. stories Technology CBS News Google buys Snapseed developer Nik Software, raises the eyebrows of Instagram .. . Engadget 39 minutes ago Written by Jon Fingas By Jon Fingas posted Sep 17th 2012 2:38PM Google makes a lot of ac uisitions, so me of them more important than others. Its latest purchase might skew towards th e grander side, as it just bought imaging app developer Nik Software. New iPhone sales beat records Financial Times - 1 hour ago Apple's iPhone 5 has smashed records before hitting the shelves with more than 2 m people pre-ordering the coveted smartphone in its first 24 hours, double last year's figures. Scottish Daily Record 'Faster internet' for seven towns The Press Association - 4 hours ago An 8 million investment aimed at bringing faster broadband speeds to parts of nor thern Scotland has been unveiled by a communications company. Information Age Welsh MP's criticise progress of broadband projects in Wales - 2 hours ago Procurement projects have never been particularly fast, and move at traditional civil service pace, hence the extension of the Broadband Support Scheme in Wales earlier this year. BBC News UK games jam breaks world record BBC News - 8 hours ago A games jam held at Bedfordshire University in Luton at the weekend has broken t he world record for the largest number of people taking part. More Technology stories Science The Guardian Crossrail earth to help create biggest man-made nature reserve in Europe The Guardian - 3 hours ago The first giant scoops of almost 5m tonnes of earth from deep beneath London wer e delivered to the Essex coast on Monday, the first step in creating the biggest man-made nature reserve in Europe. The Guardian Cod pass notes No 3248 The Guardian - 3 hours ago Age: Not old enough. Appearance: Imagine a fish. How can a cod not be old enough ? By being too young. To do what? Drink fish beer? Russian Soyuz space capsule returns to earth - 13 hours ago The capsule, carrying US astronaut Joseph Acaba and Russian cosmonauts Gennady P adalka and Sergei Revin, parachuted through a blue sky and touched down in a clo ud of dust as its soft landing engines ignited at 8.53 local time (2.53 GMT). More Science stories

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Metro Tammy Cartwright uits The X Factor to look after 'drug-addict' brother Metro - 1 hour ago X Factor hopeful Tammy Cartwright has sensationally uit The X Factor to look af ter her 'drug-addict' brother Gareth - as well as to focus on writing music. More Entertainment stories Health 'Three-parent babies' a life-saver The Daily Telegraph - 1 hour ago THE UK government may legalise 'three parent babies' - IVF children created from a mix of three people's DNA. A public consultation on the fertility techni ue a nd its ethical implications was launched on Monday. Put life first and learn basic skills Swindon Advertiser - 1 hour ago THE number of people who die each year in situations where first aid might have saved them is the same as the number who die from cancer. Channel 4 News

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- 2 hours ago , , - Online - 2 hours ago , , More stories Entertainment Intolerance spreading in India: Salman Rushdie Hindustan Times - 23 minutes ago Writer Salman Rushdie, whose new book charts his years in hiding, admits that hi s famous battle for free speech notched up only a partial victory because intole rance has spread - particularly in the country of his birth, India.

Campaign launched to show the skill and compassion needed to be a nurse - 2 hours ago A campaign has been launched to show the public how much skill is needed to be a nurse. The Royal College of Nursing says nurses do not receive the respect they deserve. More Health stories Wolverhampton - Change location Former model Samantha now behind the lens - 9 hours ago Wolverhampton fire control centre in 450k a year rent offer - Sep 15, 2012 Busy Wolverhampton route hit by more roadworks - 3 hours ago Recommended Sections Mobile and Wireless iPhone 5 Smashes Apple's Own...Huffington... Computing Intel: No Linux support for tablet processorThe H Mexico hackers hit official websites...BBC News Xbox 360 Review - F1 2012 (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC)Daily Mail PES 2013 Review (PS3, Xbox 360)TheSixthAxis Show more suggestionsLearn more Editors' Picks Duchess of Cambridge topless photos: Royals to make criminal complaint Matthew Champion Pope calls for calm as Islam film protests continue to spread Fred Attewill Manchester is UK's biggest music piracy city, says report Jimmy Nsubuga Builder converts nursing home lounge into pub for residents Tari Tahir Electrician is Tasered by police... for carrying a screwdriver in his... Fred Attewill Personalize this news source Metro Learn more Spotlight Your pictures: Rivers BBC News Infinite uest Financial Times 10 ways to make your day healthier Yahoo! Lifestyle UK Work stress 'raises heart risk' BBC News Cast of thousands Financial Times uiz of the week's news BBC News Atomic bond types discernible in single-molecule images BBC News ANTM: Former Contestant Jael Strauss Addicted To Crystal Meth (WATCH) Huffington Post UK Wreck-It Ralph trailer crashes online Yahoo! Movies UK (blog) Obama not to blame for Middle East anger Financial Times UK still has the energy to power recovery

Financial Times Thousands Flee As Guatemalan Volcano Erupts Yahoo! News UK Most popular Court will decide Tuesday if it will block further publication of topless Kate . .. National Post - 17 minutes ago Will English Baccalaureate Certificate push up standards? BBC News - 28 minutes ago Tammy Cartwright uits X Factor ITN - 3 hours ago Work begins on Europe's largest man-made nature reserve BBC News - 2 hours ago Samsung Galaxy S III Ad Mocks iPhone 5 PC Magazine - 21 minutes ago First iPhone 5s have begun shipping from China, emails say Los Angeles Times - 36 minutes ago Police officer guilty of gross misconduct over death of man during London G20 .. . Toronto Star - 20 minutes ago Website reports US embassy in Lebanon fears attack Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - 23 minutes ago Death prompts slurry tank warning The Press Association - 20 minutes ago IAEA 'infiltrated by terrorists': Iran nuclear chief Times of India - 34 minutes ago Standard U.K. Edition - Personalised U.K. Edition (learn more) The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automaticall y by a computer programme. The time or date displayed (including those in the Timeline of Articles feature) reflect when an article was added to or updated in Google News. RSS - Other News Editions - About Google News - About Feeds - Blog - Help - Send Feedback 2012 Google - Google Home - Advertising Programmes - Business Solutions - Privac y & Terms - About Google