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A & Panatomy and physiology ababortion abdabdominal ABGarterial blood gas a.c.

before meals ac & clacetest and clinitest ACLSadvanced cardiac life support ADright ear ADLactivities of daily living ad libas desired admadmission afebafebrile, no fever AFBacid-fast bacillus AKAabove the knee albalbumin alt dieb alternate days (every other day) ammorning AMAagainst medical advice amalamalgam ambambulate, walk AMIacute myocardial infarction amtamount ANSautomatic nervous system antanterior AOx3alert and oriented to person, time, and place Apapical APapical pulse approx approximately aqaqueous ARDSacute respiratory distress syndrome ASleft ear ASAaspirin asap (ASAP)as soon as possible as tolas tolerated ATDadmission, transfer, discharge AUboth ears Axaxillary

BEbarium enema bidtwice a day bil, bilateral both sides BKbelow knee BKAbelow the knee amputation blblood bl wkblood work BLSbasic life support BMbowel movement BOWbag of waters B/Pblood pressure bpmbeats per minute BRbed rest 34 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONSB RPbathroom privileges BSbreath sounds BSIbody substance isolation BSObilateral salpingooophorectomy BUNblood, urea, nitrogen levels BVMbag-valvemask bxbiopsy cwith C & Sculture and sensitivity c-spinecervical spine CAcancer CADcoronary artery disease calcalorie CAT computerized axial tomography cathcatheter CBCcomplete blood count cccubic centimeters CCchief complaint CCUcoronary care unit, critical care unit CHDcoronary heart disease

CHFcongestive heart failure CHO carbohydrate cholcholesterol circcircumcision cl liqclear liquid CNScentral nervous sysyem c/ocomplains of COPDchronic obstructive pulmonary disease CPKcreatine phosphokinase CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPTchest physical therapy CScentral supply CSF cerebrospinal fluid CTcomputer tomography CVA cerebrovascular accident (stroke) CVU cardiovascular unit cxcervix or complaint of CXRchest X ray cysto cystography d/cdiscontinue D & Cdilation and curettage DATdiet as tolerated DCdiscontinue or discharge deldelivery Del. Rm. delivery room diffdifferential DNA deoxyribonucleic acid DNRdo not resuscitate DOAdead on arrival DOBdate of birth DPTdiphtheria, pertussis, tetanus DRGdiagnosisrelated grouping

D/Sdextrose in saline DTsdelirium tremens DWdistilled water D5W 5% dextrose in water Dxdiagnosis MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONS 35EBLestimated blood loss ECG electrocardiogram EDemergency department EEG electroencephalo gram EENTeyes, ears, nose, throat EKG electrocardiogram EMG electromyogram EOAesophageal obturator airway ESRerythrocyte sedimentation rate estestimated ERemergency room ETendotracheal ETAestimated time of arrival etioletiology ETOHethyl alcohol, intoxicated exam examination expexploratory extexternal, extract, extraction FBOAforeign body obstructed airway FBSfasting blood sugar FBWfasting blood work FF (F. Fl)force fluids FHfamily history FHSfetal heart sounds FHTfetal heart tone FIFOfirst in, first out

FSHfolliclestimulating hormone ftfoot FUOfever of undetermined origin Fxfracture GBgallbladder GI gastrointestinal GU genitourinary GTTglucose tolerance test (pancreas test) gtt(s)drop(s) gyngynecology H & H hemoglobin and hematocrit HCGhuman chorionic gonadotrophin hcthematocrit HDLhighdensity lipoprotein hgbhemoglobin HOBhead of bed hr (h)hour HIVhuman immunodeficienc y virus H&Phistory and physical HRheart rate hshour of sleep, bedtime htheight Hxhistory hypo hypodermic injection hyst hysterectomy IBSirritable bowel syndrome I & Dincision and drainage I & Ointake and output 36 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONSIC Pintracranial pressure ICUintensive care unit IM intramuscular inginguinal injinjection

IPPB intermittent positive pressure breathing irrigirrigation ISintercostal space isolisolation ITinhalation therapy IUDintrauterine device IVintravenous IVFin vitro fertilization IVPintravenous pyelogram K+potassium KClpotassuim chloride KUBkidney, ureter, bladder Llumbar L & Dlabor and delivery laclaceration lablaboratory laplaparotomy latlateral LDlethal dose LDHlactic dehydrogenase LDLlow-density lipoprotein liqliquid LLQ, LLLleft lower quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung) LMPlast menstrual period LOClevel of consciousness LPlumbar puncture ltleft LUQ, LULleft upper quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung) MAmental age MASTmedical antishock trousers MCImass casualty incident meds medications MImyocardial infarction MICUmobile intensive care unit minminute MNmidnight

MOMmilk of magnesia MRImagnetic resonance imagery MSmorphine sulfate, multiple sclerosis MVAmotor vehicle accident NVDnausea, vomiting, diarrhea Na+sodium NaClsodium chloride N/Cnasal cannula nocomplaints negnegative neuroneurology NGnasogastric NGTnasogastric tube nitro nitroglycerine NKAno known allergies noc (t)night NPOnothing by mouth MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONS 37NSnormal saline nsgnursing NSRnormal sinus rhythm NVS neurological vital signs Ooxygen OBobstetrics ODright eye, overdose ointointment OOBout of bed OPDoutpatient department ORoperating room ordorderly ORTH orthopedics orthocorrect, right (bones) osmouth OSleft eye OToccupational therapy OUboth eyes ozounce pafter Ppulse

P & A percussion and auscultation PACpremature atrial contraction palppalpation PARpostanesthesia room PATparoxysmal atrial tachycardia pcafter meals pCO2partial pressure of carbon dioxide PDRphysicians desk reference PEphysical exam, pulmonary embolism PEDSpediatrics perby or through PERL(A)pupils equal and reactive to light (and accommodation) PETpositron emission tomography PHpast history pHhydrogen ion concentration PIDpelvic inflammatory disease PKU phenylketonuria pmbetween noon and midnight PNSperipheral nervous system poby mouth post (pos) posterior postop, PostOp postoperative pp (p.p.) postprandial (after eating) pO2partial pressure of oxygen PPDpurified protein derivative (TB test) preop, PreOp before surgery prnas needed, whenever necessary pro time prothrombin time

ptpatient, pint PTphysical therapy PTTpartial prothrombaplasti n time PVCpremature ventricular contraction Pxphysical exam, prognosis qevery qdevery day qhevery hour q2h, q3h, ... every two hours, every three hours, ... 38 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONSq hsevery night at bedtime qidfour times a day qnsquantity not sufficient qodevery other day qsquantity sufficient r (R)rectal R (resp) respirations, rectal RAIUradioactive iodine uptake study RBCred blood cell/count regregular Rhrhesus RKradial keratomy RLringers lactate RLQ, RLLright lower quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung) RMLright middle lobe (lung) ROreality orientation R/Orule out ROMrange of motion R.R.recovery room RUQ, RLLright upper quadrant, lobe rtright

RVresidual volume Rxtake (prescription) swithout S & Ssigns and symptoms ss1/2 Sats oxygen/blood saturation level SAsinoatrial SBsmall bowel scsubcutaneous SGOTserum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase SGPTserum glutamic pyruvic transaminase SIDSsudden infant death syndrome Sig:label/write SLsublingual SMAC sequential multiple analysis computer SOBshortness of breath specspecimen sp. gr.specific gravity SQ, sub q subcutaneous SSEsoap suds enema stat immediately STDsexually transmitted disease STH somatotropic hormone SVD spontaneous vaginal delivery SVNsmall volume nebulizer SVT supraventricular tachycardia Sxsymptoms Ttemperature, thoracic T & A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy tabtablet tachy tachycardic

TAHtotal abdominal hysterectomy TBtuberculosis TCDBturn, cough, deep breath temp (T) temperature THthyroid hormone TIAtransient ischemic attack MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONS 39tidthree times a day TMJ temporomandibul ar joint toltolerated TPNtotal parenteral nutrition TPR temperature, pulse, respirations trtincture trach tracheotomy, tracheostomy TSHthyroidstimulating hormone TTtetanus toxiod TUR transurethral resection TVtidal volume TVHtotal vaginal hysterectomy TXtraction UAurinalysis umbumbilicus unc. unconscious ungointment unkunknown ururine URCusual, reasonable, customary URIupper respiratory infection USultrasonic UTIurinary tract infection V fibventricular fibrillation

V tach ventricular tachycardia vagvaginal VCvital capacity VDvenereal disease vitvitamin voverbal order volvolume V/Svital signs WAwhile awake WBCwhite blood cell/count w/cwheelchair WNLwithin normal limits wtweight y/oyear(s) old