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SCENE 1 Narrator Our story begins with the war between the Scots and a rebel army.

Macbeth fought bravely and for this reason his cousin Duncan the king of Scotland named him Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth knew nothing about it. Macbeth At last the war ended, my friend Banco. Banco And we are alive. Macbeth look at these strange women. Who are they? witch 1 Lord Macbeth you are a Thane. Thane of Glamis. witch 2 Lord Macbeth Thane of Kodor. witch 3 Lord Macbeth you will become a king. Macbeth What are you talking about? Okay I am Thane of Glamis but I am not Thane of Kodor. And how can I become a king? Banco My friend is right. Since you can tell future, what will I be? All the witches together You will have a bad end. And for this bad end blame Lord Macbeth. Banco Wait!

SCENE 2 Malcolm Uncle Macbeth, the King has heard how bravely you have fight. Donablain He named you Thane of Kodor. He is waiting for you and Banco at the palace. 1

Macbeth The witches told me that I am Thane of Kodor. I might become a king. I must do something to fulfill the prophecy. Banco Macbeth, hurry. The King awaits us. Duncan Welcome. Macbeth as I have said I name you Thane of Kodor because you fought like a lion in the battle. You will be the king after I die. Macbeth I will be king as the witches told me . The only problem now is Duncan. Dunkan Macbeth dear cousin let's go together to your castle at Inverness. Macbeth Your highness I will travel there first to prepare a royal welcome for you. SCENE 3 Macbeth My love, on my way back home from the battle I met three witches Narrator Macbeth described in detail to his wife Lady Macbeth, what the three witches told him. Lady Macbeth It is obvious; you will be a king one day, exactly as they have said. But I am afraid that you will not be able to do the right thing. Macbeth What do you mean? Lady Macbeth Duncan will spend the night here. This night must be his last. Macbeth You ask me to kill him. This is impossible. He is my cousin. Lady Macbeth Its the only way to become a king. You have to do it. 2

Guard The king arrived. Macbeth & Lady Macbeth Welcome your highness, we were waiting for you to have dinner.

SCENE 4. Narrator After the dinner Duncan goes to bed and Macbeth goes after him. He kills the guard and enters the room. After a while, he comes out. His hands are bloody. Macbeth Duncan is dead. Oh my god, what I have done? Narrator Everybody in the country learn that the king is dead. Duncans sons escape the country fearing that someone will kill them too. After a while, Macbeth crowned king. The same night the three witches come to his dream. Witch 1 acbeth, do you remember my words? You became a king. Witch 2 You killed you cousin, this will hunt you for ever. Witch 3 One day you will be punished for this action. Witch 1 Macbeth, beware of Mucdaf. Witch 2 Macbeth my Lord, Duncans sons are a great threat. Witch 3 Macbeth, you are in danger, only if those two knows the truth. All Witches Your destiny is already written Macbeth king of Scotland. 3

SCENE 5 Macbeth My friend Banko I want to make a confession. Me and Lady Macbeth have killed Duncan. I dont know how we did this, but.. Banko What are you talking about. How could you do it to your own cousin? Macbeth I dont know, but this is the truth. Help me Banko please Banko Tell me everything that has happened. Narrator Macbeth tells Banko everything. Macbeth I saw the three witches in my dream and they said: beware of Macduff Witch 1 What are you thinking of Your Highness, Kill him Macduff and his family and there is nothing to be afraid of. Witch 2 He is a big threat. If you dont kill him, he might kill you instead. Witch 3 Kill them all, because if one of them stays alive he might take revenge. Narrator The same night Macbeth ordered Banko to burn Macduffs home. Macduff and his family, who were sleeping, are all dead.

SCENE 6 Macbeth Now that Macduff and his family are dead, we are safe. Lady Macbeth Yes, now we are safe at last. 4

Banko Now we can enjoy a luxurious life, without any fear. Witch 1 People, dont be so naive. Witch 2 There is still something that can threat you. Witch 3 Dont forget Duncans sons. Macbeth Come on now, Duncans sons cannot learn the truth. Our secret is safe. (everybody are laughing).

SCENE 7 Narrator Yesterday Duncans sons returned to Scotland. They know the truth, god only knows how. Malcolm Uncle Macbeth has killed our father. Donalbein We must take revenge. Since he killed our beloved father, we shall kill all his family. Malcolm First Lady Macbeth will dye, then Banko and at last Macbeth. Narrator And so it happened. The next morning, Lady Macbeth and Banko were found dead. When Macbeth saw them, he killed himself.