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Onboard Versus Off-board Navigation

Moderator: Egil Juliussen, Ph.D., Principal Analyst, Telematics Research Group, Inc.
Jeff McGannon, VP, OEM Business Development, iBiquity Steve Myers, Entertainment & Information Portfolio ManagerNavigation & Consumer, Sprint Hassan Wahla, Senior Director, Business Development, TeleNav Lisa Peterson, Principal Consultant, LBS Consulting

Onboard/Off-board Navigation Definition

Service Providers (SPs)
- Telematics SPs & Cellular SPs - Navigation Portals

Navi DB update

Cellular, Satellite, Wi-Fi

Navi route download

Onboard Navigation
- In-vehicle or mobile device - Onboard route calculation Traffic Information

Off-board Navigation
- Mobile device or in-vehicle - Off-board route calculation

Navigation DB Storage
- Permanent DB storage - DVD, HDD, Memory card Navi DB media update

Navigation Route Storage

- Temporary route storage - RAM, Flash, Memory card

Onboard & Off-board Navigation Features

Primary Devices Mass Storage Key Services Business Model Device Potential
In-vehicle navi systems Portable navi & PDAs

Cell phones with GPS Smartphones with GPS

Mapping database Temporary route storage DVD, HDD, memory card RAM, Flash, memory card Traffic information Predictive traffic LBS (parking, POI, etc) HW device sales Traffic/LBS fee/services USA: 1.8M -> 8.4M WE: 6.0M -> 15.1M WW: 15.8M -> 40M Navigation routing Traffic information LBS (parking, POI, etc) Per-use fee (routes, traffic, LBS) Subscription (routes, traffic, LBS) USA: 0.6M WE: 2.0M WW: 3.1M -> 14.1M* -> 20.1M -> 90M

*2005 and 2011 sales

Onboard/Off-board Questions
Will mobile navigation devices displace or co-exist with in-vehicle navigation systems? 2010? 2015? Will off-board navigation displace or co-exist with onboard navigation? 2010? 2015? Will off-board primarily be for mobile devices? What will be the pricing for off-board services? What will be the off-board usage pattern/month? How important will Smartphones become? How important will cell phones become? Will dedicated portable navigation devices be surpassed by mobile phones? Will OEMs embrace mobile navigation devices? Will ad-based off-board services become viable?

2011 Onboard/Off-board Market Scenario

Subscription: 20%, 30%, 30%

WW Device Sales:
In-vehicle navi AUP: $950 In-vehicle navi units: 20M PND/PDA AUP: $500 PND/PDA units: 20M In-use is 2.5-3X sales 120M onboard in-use 225M off-board in-use Subscription price: $10/mo Per-use fee: $1 3 scenarios (top right)
$B 35
30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Devices
Mobile In-vehicle

Pay-per-use: 20%, 30%, 30% Pay-per-use: 1/week, 2/wk, 3/wk

Pay/Use Subscript

WW Off-board Service:

Off- Board Service