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FORM B - BS EXPORT CREDIT GUARANTEE CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD Registration No. 124 Date of Registration : 27th Loans Fixed Assets Deferred Tax Assets Current Assets Cash and Bank Balances Advances and Other Assets Sub Total (A) Current Liabilities Provisions S
September,2002 BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31ST MARCH 2012


(N SHANKAR) (ARVIND MEHTA) ( V S DAS ) Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director

(HARSHAL AGRAWAL)(MADHAV NANDGAONKAR) Partner Partner Place : New Delhi Dated : 21st May 2012

(K R KAMATH) ( T C A RANGANATHAN ) Director Director


Company Secretary As per our report of even date

For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. For P. M. DALVI & CO. Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants



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1234 remiums earned (Net) Profit/Loss on Sale/redemption of Investment Others -Fee -Interest on Claims & Premium -Exchange Fluctuation Profit (net) -Miscellaneous Income Interest & FORM B-RA EXPORT CREDIT GUARANTEE CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD Registration No. 124 Date of 1 766,25,24.95 1,45,55.95 87,20.28 1,09,02.62 -3,03,78 Registration : 27th September,2002 REVENUE ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST MARCH 2012 674,86,24.50 3,46,23.05 72,20.503,44,42.19-1,84,28

Significant Accounting Policies and Notes to Accounts form integral part of the Revenue Account As required by section 40C(2) of the Insurance Act 1938, we certify that, to the best of our knowledge and according to the information and explanations given to us, and as far as it appears from 1 our examination of Company's books of account, all expenses of management, wherever incurred, whether directly or indirectly in respect of the Export Credit Insurance Business have been fully debited to the Revenue Account as expenses. 2 2 (N SHANKAR) (ARVIND MEHTA) ( V S DAS ) Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director 3 3 4 (K R KAMATH) ( T C A RANGANATHAN ) Director Director


Operating Expenses related to In

Other - Premium Defic

(HARSHAL AGRAWAL) (MADHAV NANDGAONKAR) Partner Partner Place : New Delhi Dated : 21st May 2012 795,24,73.52

Operating Profit/(Loss) from Miscellaneous Business Transfer to Prof

(NEERAJ K VERMA) Company Secretary As per our report of even date For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. For P. M. DALVI & CO. Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants


year (b) Dividend distribution tax on Interim Dividend (c) Proposed final Dividend (d) Dividend distribution tax on Proposed Dividend (e) Transfer to General Reserve Balance of pr Registration No. 124 Date of Registration : 27th September,2002


nce (b) Marine Insurance (c) Miscellaneous Insurance INCOME FROM INVESTMENTS (a) Interest & Dividends-Gross (b) Profit on Sale of Investments Less: Loss on Sale of Investmen

Chairman cum Managing Director (N SHANKAR) Director (ARVIND MEHTA)

Director ( V S DAS ) ing - Standard Asset - Sub Standard Asset - Doubtful Asset (c) Provision for Doubtful Debts OTHER EXPENSES (a) Expenses other than those related to Insurance Business - Expen (K R KAMATH) Director ( T C A RANGANATHAN ) Director

Company Secretary(NEERAJ K VERMA)

As per our report of even date For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. Chartered Accountants For P. M. DALVI & CO. Chartered Accountants

Place : New Delhi Dated : 21st May 2012 (HARSHAL AGRAWAL) Partner

(MADHAV NANDGAONKAR) Partner Less: (a) Provision for Taxation -Deferred Tax -Current Tax -


Business Written Add : Premium on Reinsurance Accepted Less: Premium on Reinsurance Ceded Net Premium Adjustment for change in Reserve for Unexpired Risks To SCHEDULE -1 PREMIUM EARNED (NET)


Current Year Previous YearParticulars (` '000) (` '000)

Claims Paid Direct 713,03,22.70 620,52,71.60 Add : Reinsurance accepted -Less : Reinsurance ceded 125,90,93.74 160,23 ,79.61 Less : Recovered during the year 168,63,27.28 136,06,65.06 Less : Share of reinsurer 30,88,29.78 11,45,77.48 137,74,97.50 124,60,87.58 Net Claims paid ( A ) 449,37,31.46 335,68,04.41 Add : Claims Outstanding at the end of the year (net of reinsurance) 2082,33,96.36 1860,17,37.72 Minus provision for recovery (net of reinsurance) 17,86,98.32 25,94,28.80 (B) 2064,46,98.04 1834,23,08.92 Less : Claims Outstanding at the beginning (net of reinsurance) 1860,17,37.72 1431,75,68.64 Minus Provision for recovery (net of reinsurance) Particulars 25,94,28.80


Total Claims Incurred ( A + B - C) 679,61,20.58

19,28,42.13 Current Year (` '000) Previous Year (` '000) 1834,23,08.92 1 1412,47,26.51 Employees' Remuneration and Welfare benefits 757,43,86.82 70,71,54.32 99,52,95.93 2 Travel, Conveyance and Vehicle running expenses 6,42,52.68 6,06,38.86 3 Training expenses 94,20.94 79,62.88 4 Rent, Rates & Taxes 7,36,13.97 7,60,68.04 5 Repairs 8,55,18.40 7,79,19.16

1,48,36.82 1,39,93.18 7 Communication expenses 1,56,41.99 1,48,58.40 8 SCHEDULE -3 COMMISSION Legal & Professional charges

79,83.37 78,92.31 SCHEDULE -4 OPERATING EXPENSES RELATED TO INSURANCE BUSINESS SCHEDULE -5 SHARE CAPITAL 9 Commission Paid Direct Add : Reinsurance Accepted Less: Commission on Re-insurance Ceded Net Commission Auditors' fees , expenses etc- Statutory Audit Fee 2,67,28.30 -60,59,29.99 4,07,03.59 -13,60,24.63 38,87.81 34,06.62

Particulars Current Year (` '000) Previous Year (` '000)

SCHEDULE -5 A PATTERN OF SHAREHOLDING (57,92,01.69) (As Certified by the Management) - Tax Audit Fee (9,53,21.04) ity Shares of Rs 100 each (Previous Year 90,000,000 Equity Shares of Rs 100 each) Called up & Paid up Capital 90,000,000 Equity Shares of Rs 100 each (Previous Yea 8,56.49 7,42.25 - Others 13,09.70 22,36.48 10 Advertisement and Publicity 4,52,69.74 5,08,74.49 11 Interest and Bank Charges 8,74.68 7,60.05 12 Concurrent Audit Fee Shareholder Current Year 25,38.21 Previous Year 25,55.17 13 Consultancy Charges 40,47.85 49,86.23 14 % of holding Electricity Charges

No. of Shares % of holding No. of Shares

Promoters Indian President of India & His Nominees Foreign Others Total 2,16,37.02 90,00,00,00 -2,09,92.73 1,00.00 -15 90,00,00,00 -Insurance Premium 1,00.00-37,47.11 34,10.48 16 90,00,00,00 Loss on 1,00.00 Sale of Asset (net ) & Asset written off 90,00,00,00 1,00.00 5,47.37 19,93.40 17 Status Enquiry Expenses 6,39,23.94 5,95,04.51 Less: Status Enquiry Fees 1,54,91.62 1,66,22.01

4,84,32.32 4,28,82.50 18 Exchange Fluctuation Loss (net)

12.35 19 Berne Union Expenses 3,71.44 1,83.06 20 Membership and other fees SCHEDULE -6 RESERVES AND SURPLUS

1,57,83.36 1,56,58.79 21 n Reserve Share Premium General Reserve -Opening Balance Additions during year Deduction during year Catastrophe Reserve Other Reserves (to be specified) Bala Operating expenses towards Investments SCHEDULE -7 BORROWINGS 97,83.65 84,71.41 22 Wealth Tax 89,63.25 89,53.24 23 Business Promotion Expenses 1,34,87.64 1,61,70.88 24 Miscellaneous Expenses 3,81,65.70 3,09,95.46 25 Depreciation 6,88,20.24 4,48,39.82 26 Impairment Loss of Fixed Assets Particulars Current Year (` '000) Previous Year (` '000) 1234 TOTAL Debentures/Bonds Banks (unsecured - repayable in less than 12 months) Financial Institutions Others TOTAL ---126,69,46.07 ---151,47,54.17


Estate Investments in Infrastructure and Social Sector Other Investments Total ( A ) SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS Government securities and Government guaran


ISE CLASSIFICATION (a) Central and State Governments (b) Banks and Financial Institutions (c) Subsidiaries (d) Industrial Undertakings (e) Others TOTAL PERFORMAN

Gross Block Depreciation Impairment of Assets Net Block Sl. No.

SCHEDULE 10 Figures in ` '000 FIXED ASSETS

Adjustment Additions Deductions Closing Upto Last Year Adjustment For the Year On Sale / Adjustments To date Upto Last Year Additional Impairment Reversal To date As at Year End Previous Year 1 Good Will 2 Intangibles 3,81,53.40 2,15.00 3,83,68.40 2,10,86.97 81,55.93 2,92,42.90 91,25.50 1,70,66.43 3 Land - Free Hold 75,21,50.82 75,21,50.82 75,21,50.82 75,21,50.82 4 Leasehold Property 5,87,63.54 5,87,63.54 99,82.30 6,90.11 1,06,72.41 4,80,91.13 4,87,81.24 5 Building 42,25,30.12 42,25,30.12 8,64,95.31 68,87.24 9,33,82.55 32,91,47.57 33,60,34.81 6 Furniture and Fittings 14,13,33.20

8,81.34 14,26,88.00 8,25,75.00 9.91 80,98.22 8,18.98 8,98,64.15 1.25 deposits with ceding companies Application money for investments Prepayments Advances to Directors / Officers Advance Tax paid (Net of provision for taxation) MAT 6,00.00 6,00.00 1.25 5,28,22.60 SCHEDULE -11 CASH AND BANK BALANCES SCHEDULE -12 ADVANCES AND OTHER ASSETS SCHEDULE -13 CURRENT LIABILITIES 5,87,56.95


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Premiums received in advance Unallocated Premium Sundry Creditors Due to subsidiaries/holding company Claims outstanding Due to Employees Due to Others - NEI .91 SCHEDULE -15 MISCELLANEOUS EXPENDITURE

nces Due from other entities carrying on insurance business (including reinsurers) Due from subsidiaries/holding Deposit with Reserve Bank of India (Pursuant to sectio 2287,81,46.87

hin 12 months): With Schedule Banks With Financial Institutions Others With Schedule Banks With Financial Institution (b) Current Accounts (c ) Others - Balance with R


te Social Responsibility For Taxation - Income Tax (Net of Advance Tax) - Wealth Tax - Fringe Benefit Tax (Net of Advance Tax) For Proposed Dividends For Dividend di 3.85 1,10,17.61 22,43,68.00 4441,42,05.00

Particulars Current Year (` ( II ) ( III ) ( I + II + III ) '000) Previous Year (` '000) 12 Discount Allowed in issue of shares/debentures Others TOTAL ---

Provision for recovery o

SCHEDULE - 16 SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES 1. ACCOUNTING CONVENTION 1.1 The financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the Regulatory provisions of section 11(1) of the Insurance Act 1938; regulations framed under Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act 1999, read with the provisions of sub-sections (1) , (2) and (5) of section 211 and sub-section (5) of section 227 of the Companies Act 1956. These financial statements prepared under the historical cost convention and on accrual basis, comply with The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Preparation of Financial Statements and Auditors Report of Insurance Companies) Regulation 2002 and are in conformity with the requirements of Accounting Standards prescribed by Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006 and the provisions of The Companies Act, 1956 to the extent applicable, and conform to practices prevailing in the credit insurance industry unless otherwise stated. 1.2 USE OF ESTIMATES: The preparation of financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosures relating to contingent liabilities as at the date of financial statements and reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the reporting period. Actual results could differ from these estimates. Difference between the actual result and estimates are recognized in periods in which the results are known / materialised. 2. FIXED ASSETS AND DEPRECIATION

2.1 Fixed Assets are stated at cost of acquisition less depreciation. 2.2 Depreciation is provided on straight-line method at the relevant rates as per Schedule XIV to the Companies Act 1956, except for Vehicles and IT hardware for which the depreciation rate has been changed to 20% with effect

April 2011. Assets added/disposed off during the year are depreciated on a pro-rata basis with reference to the date of addition/disposal.
from 01

2.3 Assets costing less than Rs. 5,000.00 and mobile hand sets are fully depreciated in the year of purchase.

2.4 Leased Assets are amortised over the period of lease. 2.5 The computer software forming integral part of hardware which comprises pre-loaded software and the software procured for loading in the newly bought-out hardware is capitalized along with the hardware. 2.6 The Software development and acquisition costs which meet the recognition criteria of AS 26 Intangible Assets issued by Companies Accounting Standard Rules 2006 are capitalised under the head Intangibles and amortised on a straight-line basis over the useful life of the Asset subject to a maximum period of 5 years. 2.7 Projects under commissioning are carried forward at cost as Capital Work in Progress (CWIP) and represents payments made to contractors including advances and directly attributable cost. 3. IMPAIRMENTS The carrying amounts of assets are reviewed at each balance sheet date to determine whether there is any indication of impairment. If any indications exist, the assets recoverable amount is estimated. An impairment loss is recognized wherever the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its recoverable amount. 4. INVESTMENTS 4.1 Short Term Money Market Instruments such as Commercial Papers and Certificate of Deposit, are shown at their discounted value and the difference between the acquisition cost and the redemption value is apportioned on time basis and recognised as accrued income. 4.2 Contracts for purchase and sale of shares, bonds, debentures etc. are accounted for as Investments as on date of Transaction. 4.3 The cost of investments include premium on acquisition, expenses like brokerage, transfer stamps, transfer charges etc. and is net of incentive/fee if any, received thereon. 4.4 Dividend is accounted for as income in the year of declaration. Dividend on shares/interest on debentures under objection/pending delivery is accounted for on realisation. Interim dividend is accounted where the warrants are dated 31

March or earlier.

4.5 Profit/Loss on realisation of investments is computed by taking Weighted Average Book Value as cost of investments except Government Securities which are held to maturity and profit/loss on such investments are worked out on First In First Out Basis (FIFO).

4.6 Investment in Government Securities, debt securities and redeemable preference shares are considered as held till maturity and valued at cost. However, in terms of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Regulations the premium paid at the time of acquisition of securities is amortised over the residual period of maturity. 4.7 a) Investments in Mutual Fund/s are valued at Net Asset Value (NAV) at the year-end and the difference between cost/book value and NAV is accounted in Fair Value Change Account. However, if there is impairment in value, the same is charged to Revenue and the book value of investment is reduced accordingly. Any reversal of impairment loss earlier recognised, shall be taken to revenue to the extent of reduction in impairment recognised earlier. b) In case of non-availability of NAV as at the Balance Sheet date, investment is shown at cost. 4.8 a) Investment Portfolio in respect of Equity/Equity related instruments are segregated into Actively Traded and Thinly Traded as prescribed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Regulations. The shares are treated as Thinly traded by taking into consideration transactions in the month of March on both NSE and BSE. b) Actively Traded Equity/Equity related instruments are valued at lowest of the last quoted closing price at NSE or the BSE in March. If the shares are traded/listed only on either of the stock exchanges then the quotation available on the respective stock exchanges is considered. The difference between weighted average cost and quoted value is accounted in Fair Value Change Account 4.9 Investment in thinly traded Equity shares and unlisted Equity shares are shown at cost. However, difference between cost and break-up value is provided for as diminution in value. Further if the published accounts of an unlisted Company are not available for last three accounting Years ending on or immediately preceding the date of working out provision for thinly/unlisted shares or if the break-up value is negative then the provision is made for the entire cost. 4.10 Investment in Listed Equity/Equity related instruments/Preference shares made in those companies, which are making losses continuously for last three years and where capital is eroded, are considered to have Impairment in value. Further, if the published accounts of a company are not available for last three accounting Years ending on or immediately preceding the date of working out Impairment in value, it is presumed that the value of investments is fully impaired and is written off to a nominal value of Re 1/- per company.

4.11 A) Valuation of investments considered to have impairment in value is done as under: a) In respect of Actively Traded Equity shares: - Least of Cost Price, Market Price or Break-up Value provided Break-up Value is positive. However, if the Breakup Value is negative the nominal value is taken at Rs. 1/- per company. b) In respect of Other Than Actively Traded Equity Shares: - Lower of Cost Price or Break-up Value provided Break-up Value is positive. However, if Break-up Value is negative the nominal value is taken at Rs. 1/per company. c) In respect of preference shares, if the dividend is not received for the last three years: - The preference shares are written down to a value which will bear to its face value, the same proportion as Value taken/which would have been taken for writing down equity shares bears to the face value of the equity shares. However, if the equity shares are written off to Re.1/- per company, Preference shares also will be written off to a nominal value of Re. 1/- per company. B) Once the value of investment in listed equity/equity related instruments/preference shares is impaired in accordance with the above mentioned policy, the reversal of such impairment losses are recognised in revenue/profit & loss account only when the accumulated loses of such investee companies are completely wiped out and capital is fully restored as per the latest available published accounts on or immediately preceding the date of working out the reversal. 4.12 REVERSE REPO Transactions are treated as secured lending transactions and accordingly disclosed in the financial

and 2 leg of the transaction is treated as income.

statements. The difference between total consideration at the 1
st nd

4.13 Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation(CBLO), which is issued at Discount to the Face Value, is treated as Money Market Instrument as per Reserve Bank of India Notification. Discount earned at the time of lending through CBLO is shown as income, which is apportioned on time basis.

4.14 a) Unrealised gain, losses arising due to changes in the fair value of listed equity shares are taken under the head Fair Value Change Account and on realisation reported in profit and loss account. b) Pending realisation, the credit balance in the Fair Value Change Account is not available for distribution. 5. PREMIUM INCOME 5.1 Premium Income in respect of Transfer Guarantees, Export Credit Insurance for Banks (Export Performance), Short Term Policies, Export Credit Insurance for Banks and Domestic Credit insurance policies and Domestic Credit insurance for banks, received upto the end of the year is accounted for after verification of the relevant declaration forms/documents received from exporter/bank and on receipt of premium due for the risk undertaken. 1.Premium Income in respect of Long Term policies/ Export Credit Insurance for Banks relating to Project and Term Exports, Lines of Credit and Overseas Investment Insurance, is apportioned over the period of policy/guarantee on the basis of the schedule of payments/exports as and when drawn up from time to time. 2.RESERVE FOR UNEXPIRED RISKS Reserve for unexpired risks is created at 50% of net premium income for the year. 7. PREMIUM DEFICIENCY Premium deficiency is recognised when the sum of expected claim costs and related expenses exceed the reserve for un-expired risks.

8. LIABILITY ON ACCOUNT OF CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTING OF ESTIMATED RECOVERIES. 8.1 Liability towards outstanding claims comprises of claims preferred and outstanding at the year end. Further the provision for Claims Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR), Provision for Claims Incurred But Not Enough Reported (IBNER) are accounted for as per actuarial valuation as at end of the year.

8.2 The estimated recoveries (other than transfer delay recoveries) in respect of claims paid or provided are accounted for on the basis of assessment of each case. However, the recoveries in respect of claims paid and outstanding for recovery for more than three years as on the Balance Sheet date are estimated at Rs 100 (Rupees one hundred only) even if higher recovery provision is permissible on such assessments. The estimated recoveries on account of transfer delay claim, paid or provided for, is accounted on the basis of the Corporation's current perceptions based on the available information and past experience. 8.3 No provision is made for following Claims which are treated as Contingent Liability: (i) Claims rejected by the Corporation and not acknowledged as debts in respect of which legal action and/or arbitration has been initiated except cases where there have been adverse ruling. Such cases have been provided under claims in the financial statements (ii) Claims preferred by Banks where, as confirmed by them, compromise proposals for recovery of dues are under negotiation.

Interest claimed, if any, in respect of cases referred to (i) & (ii) is not considered either for the purpose of contingent liability or for provision.

9. REINSURANCE 9.1 Insurance premium on ceding of the risk is recognised in the year in which the risk commences. Any subsequent revision to premium ceded is recognised in the year of such revision. Adjustment to reinsurance premium arising on cancellation of policies is recognised in the year in which it is cancelled 9.2 Commission received on reinsurance ceded is recognized as income in the period in which reinsurance premium is ceded. 9.3 Profit commission under re-insurance treaties, wherever applicable, is recognized in the year of final determination of the profits and as intimated by re-insurer. 9.4 Amounts received/receivable from the re-insurers, under the terms of the reinsurance arrangement, are recognized together with the recognition of the claim.

10. EXPENSES OF MANAGEMENT 10.1 Management expenses, other than those directly related to other businesses of the Corporation, incurred by the Corporation are considered as expenses relating to the insurance business and are therefore charged to revenue account. Expenses relating to investment are apportioned between Revenue and Profit & Loss Account in the same proportion as stated in Significant Accounting Policy No.10.2. 10.2 The income from interest and dividends is apportioned between Profit and Loss Account and Revenue Accounts in the ratio of Shareholders Fund and Policyholders Fund respectively at the beginning of the financial year. Shareholders fund consists of Share Capital and Free Reserves including Borrowings. Policyholders Fund consists of provisions for outstanding claims and reserves for unexpired risks. 10.3 Printing and Stationery items are treated as consumed in the year of purchase.

11. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: 11.1 The Corporation provides for gratuity, a defined benefit plan covering all eligible employees. The plan provides a lump sum payment to eligible employees on retirement or on termination of employment based on the salary of the respective employee and the years of employment with the Corporation. The Corporation contributes to a gratuity fund maintained by Insurance Company. The amount of contribution is determined based upon actuarial valuations as at the year end. Such contributions are charged off to the Revenue Account. 11.2 Provision is made for the shortfall between the actuarial valuation as per Projected Unit Credit Method and the funded balance with the Insurance Company as at the Balance Sheet date. 11.3 As per Corporations policy, employees are eligible to encash leave standing to the credit of employees at the time of resignation/retirement subject to terms and conditions. Provision for short-term compensated absences is made on the basis of an estimate of availment of the leave balance to the credit of the employees as at the Balance Sheet date. Long-term compensated absences are provided for based on actuarial valuation as at Balance Sheet date. 11.4. Provident Fund is a Defined Benefit Plan. Corporations contribution towards the fund is charged to the Revenue Account. In case the return of the Provident Fund Trusts corpus is below the Statutory Prescribed Minimum, the Corporation will have to fund the shortfall. 11.5. Employees are eligible to receive Provident Fund benefits through a defined benefit plan in which employees make monthly contributions to the plan, @ 10%, of the covered employees basic salary. The Corporation contributes an equal amount in case of the eligible employees who have joined the Corporation on or after 01/01/2004, and eligible employees who have joined the Corporation on or before 31/12/2003 and have not opted for pension benefit. The Corporation has established a Provident Fund Trust to which contributions towards provident fund are made contributions towards Provident Fund are charged to the Revenue Account on an accrual basis. The Corporation guarantees a specified rate of return on such contributions on a periodical basis. The Corporation will meet the shortfall in the return, if any, which is provided for based on actuarial valuation as on the date of Balance Sheet.

11.6 Employees are eligible to receive Pension benefits through a defined benefit plan to which the Corporation contributes to the plan, @ 10%, of the covered employees basic salary. Employees who have joined the Corporation on or before 31/03/2010, and have opted to receive Pension benefit are covered under the Pension Plan. The Corporation has established a Pension Fund Trust to which contributions towards Pension are made each month. Contributions towards Pension Fund are charged to the Revenue Account on an accrual basis. The Corporation will evaluate the net liability based on an actuarial valuation of the Obligation and the Fair Value of the Assets to meet the obligation and provides for the same as on the date of Balance Sheet. 11.7 All other Long Term Benefits are provided for on Actuarial Basis. 11.8 The actuarial gains/losses on the employee benefits are immediately recognized in the Revenue Account. 12. INCOME TAX

12.1 Provision for Tax is made on the basis of taxable profits computed for the current accounting period in accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1961. MAT paid in accordance with the Tax Laws, which gives raise to future economic benefits in form of tax credit against future Income Tax liability, is recognised as an asset in the balance sheet if there is convincing evidence that the Corporation will pay normal tax in future years and the resulting asset can be measured reliably.

12.2 Deferred Tax is calculated at the tax rates and laws that have been enacted or substantially enacted as of the Balance Sheet date and is recognized on timing difference that originate in one period and are capable of reversal in one or more subsequent periods. Where there is unabsorbed carry forward business losses or depreciation, deferred tax assets are recognized only if there is virtual certainty of realisation of such assets. Other deferred tax assets are recognised only to the extent that there is a reasonable certainty of realisation in future.

13. PROVISIONS, CONTINGENT LIABILITIES & CONTINGENT ASSETS 13.1 A provision is recognised when an enterprise has a present obligation as a result of past event and it is probable that an outflow of resources will be required to settle the obligation, in respect of which a reliable estimate can be made. Provisions are not discounted to its present value and are determined based on management estimate required to settle the obligation at the balance sheet date. These are reviewed at each balance sheet date and adjusted to reflect the current management estimates. 13.2 Contingent Liabilities are disclosed when the Corporation has a possible obligation or a present obligation and it is probable that a cash outflow will not be required to settle the obligation. 13.3 Contingent assets are neither recognised nor disclosed in the financial statements. 14. FACTORING

14.1 Factoring Service Charges including interest are accounted as and when accrued. 14.2 Debts Factored are included under the head Current Assets as Sundry Debtors. Such debtors are classified as performing and non-performing assets, based on the guidelines issued by the IRDA. Performing debtors are classified as Standard assets, Non-Performing debtors are classified into sub-standard, doubtful and loss assets, based on the classification criteria stipulated by IRDA

14.3 The unpaid balances of the price of debts factored and due to the clients on collection are included under Current Liabilities and are reflected in the form of Factoring Margin Account. 14.4 Gain and loss arising on account of differences in foreign exchange rates on settlement/translation of monetary assets and liabilities are charged to clients 14.5 Provision for factoring debts is made as per IRDA norms notified from time to time. Such provision includes provision at the rate of 0.40% on standard assets. Provisions are made for NPAs as per the guidelines prescribed by the regulatory authorities, subject to minimum provisions as prescribed below by the IRDA : Substandard Assets: i. A general provision of 10% ii. Additional provision of 10% for exposures which are unsecured abinitio (where realisable value of security is not more than 10 percent abinitio) Doubtful Assets: -Secured portion: i. Upto one year 20% ii. One to three years 30% iii. More than three years 100% -Unsecured portion 100% Loss Assets: 100% 15. NATIONAL EXPORTS INSURANCE ACCOUNT (NEIA) TRUST ACCOUNT: The administrative charges received from NEIA is being allocated equally throughout the Cover period 16. FOREX TRANSACTIONS: 16.1 Initial Recognition Foreign currency transactions are recorded in the reporting currency, by applying to the foreign currency amount the exchange rate between the reporting currency and the foreign currency approximately at the date of the transaction.

16.2 Conversion Foreign currency monetary items are reported using the closing rate. Non-monetary items, which are carried in terms of historical cost denominated in a foreign currency, are reported using the exchange rate at the date of the transaction. 16.3 Exchange Differences Exchange differences arising on the settlement or conversion of monetary items, are recognized as income or as expenses in the period in which they arise and are charged to revenue account excepted as stated under: Foreign exchange gain or loss on recoveries of claims paid/provided are accounted under the head Claims incurred (net) and are included under the head recovered during the year.

SCHEDULE 17 NOTES ANNEXED TO AND FORMING PART OF ACCOUNTS: 1. PREPARATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The accompanying financial statements have been prepared as per the provisions of The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Preparation of Financial Statements and Auditors Report of Insurance Companies) Regulation, 2002 and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and the Insurance Act, 1938, pursuant to the permission granted to the Corporation by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). 2. REALISABILITY OF STATED AMOUNTS In the opinion of the Management, the items under the Current Assets, Loans and Advances have value on realization in the ordinary course of business, at least equal to the amount at which they are stated in the balance sheet and provision for all known liabilities and doubtful assets have been made. 3. FIXED ASSETS 3.1 Buildings under Fixed Assets include certain properties costing Rs.650.76 thousands (Previous year Rs. 650.76 thousands) where stamp duty has been paid and registration formalities are pending. Further it includes, properties costing Rs.5,75,11.06 thousands (Previous year Rs. 5,75,11.06 thousands), where registered agreements are lost / presently not available with the Corporation. However the Corporation is in the possession of the share certificates of the Cooperative institution in respect of these properties. 3.2 Intangible under Fixed Assets include perpetual licences purchased for use of software. Amount capitalised during the year in relation to acquisition of such licenses is Rs.2,15.00 thousands (previous year Rs. 26,48.56 thousands). As per the terms of agreement with the supplier, the ownership of such licences would pass to the Corporation on payment for such licences. Since the Corporation has put to use such licenses, the total value of such licenses have been capitalised under the head Intangible and would be amortised over a period of 5 years from the date of asset put to use.

3.3 Capital Work in Progress includes : i) On account of Consultancy and related charges for construction of Office building Rs. 10,05,86.06 thousands (Previous Year Rs. 70,31.57) ii) Advance for Capital Expenses Rs. 8,56,35.90 thousands (Previous year Rs. 8,40,75.04 thousands) iii) Assets not put to use Rs. Nil (Previous Year Rs. Nil thousands) 4. IMPAIRMENT During the year the Corporation has provided for impairment loss amounting to Rs. Nil (previous year Rs. Nil thousands) on fixed assets. On sale of the impaired assets, the Corporation has reversed Impairment loss of Rs. Nil thousands (previous year 5,82.55 thousands). The Balance of Impairment loss as on 31/03/2012 is Rs.39.18 thousands (Previous year Rs.39.18 thousands). In the opinion of the management no further provision for impairment loss is considered necessary. 5. ADVANCES AND OTHER ASSETS: 5.1 Advances and other assets includes: a. Rs. 17,86,98.32 thousands (Previous year Rs. 25,94,28.80 thousands) (net of reinsurance) being the estimated amount of recovery expected out of the claims paid/payable by the Corporation, which has been recognized on individual assessment/estimate basis as per the accounting practice followed by the Corporation. b. An amount of Rs.1,16,04.73 thousands (Previous year Rs. 1,45,42.29 thousands) deposited in the Court of Law in pursuance of Court Order for claim suits filed against the Corporation and in respect of which final decisions are awaited. The same is disclosed under Sundry Deposits. 5.2 Interest on Housing loans to employees is accounted for on accrued basis. Adjustments required, if any, are carried out at the time of final settlement. 5.3 Deposit in terms of the provisions of Section 7 of the Insurance Act, 1938 invested in the Government Securities of face value Rs. 10,00,00.00 thousands [Cost & Book value Rs. 9,95,25.00 thousands (previous year Rs. 9,95,25.00 thousands)], are kept in Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger (CSGL) Account with Canara Bank. These deposits are intended to be held till maturity and therefore no provision for diminution in the market value, if any, is considered.

6. CURRENT LIABILITIES: 6.1 Current Liabilities includes Rs.68,94.00 thousands (previous year Rs. 9,993.43 thousands) towards Productivity Linked Lump sum Incentive (PLLI) payable to the employees which has been accounted for based on the provisional rating of the Corporation as on 31-03-2012 under the Annual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Administrative Ministry, pending final rating to be conveyed by the Administrative Ministry. 6.2 Premium received in advance includes amounts of premium remaining to be adjusted on account of incomplete information. As per the accounting policy followed by the Corporation, the said amounts are recognized as income only after completion of necessary formalities. 6.3 As per the Accounting practice followed by the Corporation, liability towards claims preferred and outstanding is provided for based on the assessment of individual claims, liabilities towards such claims has been recognized based on information available up to the year end. In the opinion of management the impact if any, of the above has been considered during the year while assessing the overall provision of unreported and not enough reported (IBNR & IBNER) claims and additional provision for outstanding losses which is arrived at based on actuarial valuation by Appointed Actuary. Accordingly an amount of Rs.1450,00,00.00 thousands (Previous year Rs. 690,00,00.00 thousands) has been recognized as estimated liability towards unreported and not enough reported claims (IBNR & IBNER) and additional provision for outstanding losses.

7. REINSURANCE: The Corporation has ceded obligatory cession of 10% (Previous year 10%) of the entire business of the Corporation (short term as well as medium and long term business) as required under the IRDA guidelines to General Insurance Corporation of India. Quota share cession is 13% (previous year Nil) with General Insurance Corporation of India, United India Insurance Company Ltd., Oriental Insurance Company Ltd., and New India Assurance Ltd. The Corporation has Excess of Loss

Financial Year Quota Share XOL (ST) Obligatory (XOL) Treaty cession for Short Terms (ST) covers with GIC.(Previous year no top up cover was available) was entered Treaty (ST) into during the year. The re-insurance programme for the 2007-08 (onlyas under: earlier years was ST) 15% 20% No XOL available high value exposures with the The Corporation has also made risk sharing arrangement for some 2008-09 NEIA Trust on quota share basis with the approval of Committee of Directions, NEIA. The total 10% 10% premium paid to NEIA trust is Rs.1,61,63.01 thousands. (Previous year Nil) XOL available 2009-10 10% 8. FACTORING: A Provision of Rs. Nil thousands (Previous year Rs. Nil thousands) is made at the rate of 0.40% of 15% the standard factoring dues outstanding based on IRDA norms. The Corporation has made a provision of Rs. Nil XOL available 2010-11 (Previous year Nil thousands) on account of sub-standard assets and Rs.7,04,26.80 thousands (Previous year 10% 7,04,26.80) on account of doubtful assets factoring dues in line with the IRDA norms. Nil No XOL available 9. NATIONAL EXPORTS INSURANCE ACCOUNT (NEIA) TRUST ACCOUNT: The Income received by the Corporation is Rs.47,89.78 thousands (Previous year Rs. 9,97.02 thousands) is included in Other Income. Administrative charges received in advance are Rs.1,09,66.91 thousands (Previous year Rs. 8,19.05). The same is included in Current Liabilities Others NEIA. 10. PREMIUM INCOME: As per the consistent practice followed by the Corporation, premium income is accounted for at the time of its receipt along with necessary declarations, irrespective of the date of shipment / date of advance/accounting year to which it relates.

11. Sundry Creditors under Schedule 13 - Current Liabilities includes an amount of Rs. 3,45,94.20 thousands (Previous Year Rs. 3,64,27.95 thousands) on account of premium received from various banks, towards extension of cover to be given by Corporation to various banks on account of guarantees provided by the banks to an exporter borrower. The Corporation has not accepted the said amount and has communicated to the banks about its inability to extend the cover. The Corporation has tried to return the amount to the said bankers who have not accepted the Corporations stand. Accordingly the Corporation has reflected the said amount under the head Sundry Creditors. Further in view of the Corporation the said amount is not unclaimed amount in terms of circular no. IRDA/F&A/CIR/CMP/174/11/2010 dated November 4, 2010 issued by IRDA. 12. The Corporation on an ongoing basis recovers claims paid/provided in earlier years/current year. Such recoveries may be in foreign currency. As stated in accounting policy (Schedule 16) 16.3 the Exchange difference on such recoveries are accounted under the head Claims incurred (net) and are included under the head Recovered during the year. In view of the voluminous transactions the Corporation is unable to ascertain the amount of exchange gain/loss on such transactions. 13. Balances under Sundry Debtors, Sundry Creditors and deposits, other liabilities, Loans, Advances and other Assets including amount recoverable, Sundry Deposits including personal ledger balances of insured, minimum premium account, deposit premium accounts, reinsurance accounts are subject to confirmation and consequential adjustments, if any. 14. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 441A of the Companies Act 1956, the Corporation has provided an amount of Rs. 5,02.41 thousands (Previous year Rs. 442.73 thousands) towards cess payable to the Central Government. The actual payment thereof shall be made once the relevant rules for such payment are announced. 15. As per Standard practice followed by the Corporation, claims are settled by the various officials of the Corporation including the Board of Directors by using the discretionary powers to condone various lapses in the claims preferred. All these claims settled are considered to have been settled in the normal course of business of the Corporation. 16. The Corporation is in the process of streamlining the Information Technology System regarding the flow of data so that precise data is available for business applications. 17. The remuneration of Chairman and Managing Director included in Employees


21,68.58 General chg 0.60 94.56 Depreciation 0.00 Particulars34.56 Current Remuneration and other Benefits is as under: (` in 000) Recovery Year Previous Year 0.00 Shri A V Muralidharan (upto 28/02/2011) Particulars 3,86.21 Depreciation * 16.46 Current Year Chairman cum Managing Director. Previous1.01 Year 63,36.83 Sundry Deposit Salaries 32,25.21 0.00 12.95 * Does not include Actuarial Valuations. 3,70.06 12,80.80 Others Contribution to PF (` in 000) Shri N. Shankar (from 19/10/2011 ) 3.12 0.00 Chairman cum Managing Director. 35.29 88.00 Rent Leave Travel Concession 0.00 0.00 * Does not include Actuarial Valuations. 1,96,66.8 41.12 Membership fee Medical Expenses 18. Prior period adjustments include: Debits: 0.00 0.00 4,04.89 (` in 000) 34.73 Commission Total Particulars * Net Debit / (Credit) in prior PeriodYear Adjustments 0.00 Current 0.00 1,44.47 63,04.30 14,44.65 Previous Year Credits: (` in 000) Repair & Maintenance (1,74,29.80) Salaries 0.00 6,13.00 32.5 0.00 Contribution to PF 19. Earnings and Expenditure in Foreign Exchange: 32.53 Earnings 38.80 2,06,55.01 (` in 000) 0.00 Current Year Expenditure Travel Concession Leave Previous Year Current Year 0.00 Claims Recovered Previous Year 8,68,30.72 0.00 Membership Fees Expenses expenses and other Medical8,70,81.11 34,70.16 0.00 37,01.58 0.00 TravellingTotalParticulars expenses 22,80.12 6,51.80 Current Year 17,37.76 0.00 Previous Year Status Enquiry Fees Premium 1,87,50.63 52,55.31 1,38,73.83 3,73.32 Books and periodicals commission Agency 3,10.07 6,29.17 3,47.35 Factoring Service Charges Sundry Deposit 22,15.52 1,34.24 3,63.96 18.93 Re-insurance Rates & Taxes 67,43.67 1,24.56 1,36,38.99 98.90 Others Travel exp 86.880.00 4,55.34 Total Others 3,37,70.17 77.07 3,41,18.81 50.15

20. Segmental Reporting is given in Annexure 1 attached. 21. Related Party Disclosures pursuant to Accounting Standard no 18: a. Key management Personnel: i) Shri Arvind Mehta, IAS Chairman and Managing Director (upto 18/10/2011) ii) Shri N. Shankar Chairman and Managing Director (from 19/10/2011) b. Corporations related parties: i) Associates a) National Export Insurance Account Trust (NEIA) ii) Entities over which Control Exists a) The ECGC Employees Pension Fund c. Remuneration paid to Key Management Personnel: Shri A. V. Muralidharan, Chairman cum Managing Director (upto 28/02/2011) (` in 000) * Does not include Actuarial Valuations. Particulars* Shri N. Shankar (from 19/10/2011 ) 2011-12 in 000) (` 2010-11

* Does not include Actuarial Valuations. Salaries 0.00 12,80.80 Contribution to PF 0.00 88.00 Leave Travel Concession 0.00 41.12 Medical Expenses 0.00 Particulars * 34.73 Current Year Total Previous Year 0.00 Salaries 14,44.65 6,13.00 0.00 Contribution to PF 38.80 0.00 Leave Travel Concession 0.00 0.00 Medical Expenses Assets 0.00 0.00 Total 6,51.80 Provision for leave encashment 0.00 5,79,20.07 50,29.62 6,29,49.69 Provision for doubtful debts

(6,22.24) 2,61,34.18 Provision for gratuity 52,06.99 Sl. No. 34,53.57 Nature of Transactions 86,60.56 National Export InsuranceCSR Account Trust Provision for The ECGC Employees Pension Fund 50,99.38 d. Transactions during the year with related parties: Total (` in 000)(50,99.38) 1 Administrative Charges Received for the Year PLLI 47,89.78 (9,97.02) 33,19.57 Note : Figures in bracket represents previous years amount. 0.00 (0.00) (10,82.81) 47,89.78 (9,97.02) 22,36.76 22. Deferred Tax Accounting: During the year the Corporation has accounted for the Deferred 2 Long Service liability Administrative Charges received has 14,16.18 Tax in accordance with the Accounting Standard 22. Thisin advance a Net Deferred resulted in 1,09,66.91 (8,19.05) (57.74) Tax Credit during the(0.00) 0.00 year amounting to Rs. 16,31,64.25 thousands (Previous year Debit 13,58.44 1,09,66.91 Cess u/s. 441A of at the end of Act (8,19.05) Rs. 16,58,38.14 thousands). The net deferred tax assetCompaniesthe year amounts to 4 2,82.09 Rs.20,36,43.90Recovery(Previouson a/c of claims paid under stimulus package thousands made year deferred tax asset Rs. 4,04,79.65 thousands). The 1,56.45 12,78.87 (13.81) 4,38.54 break up of deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities is as under: 0.00 (0.00) Provision for Premium Deficiency ( ` in 000) 12,78.87 (13.81) 0.00 5 15,20,32.33 Risk Sharing Premium with NEIA 15,20,32.33 1,61,63.01 (0.00) Total 23. Earnings Per Share is calculated as under: 0.00 (0.00 10,00,00.70 Current Year 1,61,63.01 (0.00) 15,38,09.80 Previous Year 6 25,38,10.50 a) The Corporation does Outstanding outstanding dilutive potential equity shares. Consequently the not have any Dues as at year end Debit Balance Numerator1,21,28.21 (3,64.87) : Net Profit as per Profit & Loss A/c (` in 000) basic and diluted earnings per share of the Corporation remain the same. 225,20,98.84 0.00 (0.00) 85,66,45.69 1,21,28.21 (3,64.87) b) 7. Deferred Tax Asset / (Liability) 24. Other additionalDenominator: Weightedof Employers share.Part II of Schedule VI of the Companies Act, information Contributionparas 3, 4A, 4C and 4D of 4,04,79.65 required under Average Number of Shares Outstanding during the year 9,00,00,000 0.00 (0.00) 1956 is not given as the same is not applicable to the Corporation. 16,31,64.25 9,00,00,000 24,32,46.75 (45,14,02.37) 20,36,43.90 c) 24,32,46.75 (45,14,02.37) Earnings per share: Basic (`) 25.02 9.52 d) Nominal Value of Shares (`) Opening at 01.04.2011 100.00 Charge/Credit during the year 100.00 Closing at 31.03.2012 Liability

Depreciation 5,95,21.05 (93,54.45) 5,01,66.60 Total 5,95,21.05 (93,54.45) 5,01,66.60

Sl. No. Particulars 25. CONTINGENT LIABILITIES ( ` in 000) 1. Partly paid up investments

Current ye Previous Ye

26. Premium Deficiency has been identified as on 31.03.2012 of Rs. 46,86,08.56 thousands (Previous year Rs. Nil) as 2. Claims, other than against policies, not acknowledged as debts by the Corporation th required by IRDA vide circular no. F & A/CIR/017/May-04 dated 18 1,27,78 2,17,59 (` in000) 3. Policies and ECIB claims against the Corporation not acknowledged as debt and not provided 1005,20,30 422,99,61 27. Provision for Corporate Social Responsibility Government of India Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public 4. Enterprises Guarantees given Enterprises)behalf ofCircular No. F.No.15(3)/2007-DPE(GM) dated April 9, 2010 (Department of Public by or on vide their the Corporation have issued the guidelines to the Public Sector Enterprises to expend money on account of Corporate Social

May, 2004.

Responsibility. The Corporation has made a provision of Rs. 2,35,50.00 thousands (Previous Year Rs. 1,53,51.50) on 5. Capital Commitments account of money to be expended on Corporate Social Responsibility as per the terms of the said circular.

207,30,78 207,59,15

Segment Relevant Premium Expected Claim Cost and related expenses(Based on incurred claim ratio of preceding 3 yea Expected Maintenance cost Deficiency 1 2 3 4 = 1-2-3 Miscellaneous 380,77,99.47 383,29,27.94 44,34,80.09 (46,86,08.56)

28. Disclosures as required under The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (preparation of Financial Statements and Auditors Report of Insurance Companies) Regulation, 2002 are enclosed herewith as per Annexure-2A & 2B. 29. Short Term deposits with Scheduled banks (Schedule 11) includes deposits of Rs. 35,14.96 thousand (Previous year deposits of Rs.95,14.96 thousand.) which have been pledged with National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange of India as a cash margin.

Long Term deposits with Scheduled banks (Schedule 11) includes deposits of Rs. 68,93.29 thousand (Previous year Nil thousands) which have been pledged with National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange of India as a cash margin. Short Term Deposits with Scheduled Banks (Schedule 11) includes Rs. 40,00,00.00 thousand (Previous Year Nil Thousands) pledged with Corporation Bank. 30. Investment in Central Government Securities (Schedule 8) includes i. 8.26% 2027 Government of India bonds having book value of Rs. 4,97,51.25 thousands (Previous year Rs. 4,98,60.00 thousands 7.99% 2017 Government of India bonds) charged to Clearing Corporation of India Limited towards margin for secondary market transactions entered into by the Corporation. ii. 8.24% 2027 Government of India bonds having book value of Rs. 93,17.00 thousands (Previous year Rs. 93,17.00 thousands 8.24% 2027 Government of India bonds) charged to Clearing Corporation of India Limited towards margin for collateral borrowing and lending obligations by the Corporation. 31. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: 31.1 Provision for Leave Travel Concession is based on Actuarial Valuation. 31.2 The Defined Benefit Pension Scheme is to be extended to include all employees who joined the Corporation on or before 31/03/2010 as per letter given by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The Employees who had joined the Corporation between 01/01/2004 and 31/03/2010 have an option to continue with the Provident Fund scheme. Employees joining the Corporation on or after 01/04/2010 shall be covered by a Defined Contribution Pension Scheme to be framed by the Corporation. Accordingly the Corporation has made a provision of Rs. 8,93,55.99 thousands (Previous year Rs. 7,62,27.00 thousands) assuming that all 85 employees

who have joined between 01/01/2004 and 31/03/2010 would opt for switching to Defined Benefit Pension Scheme.

year Projected benefit obligations at the end of the year 160,81,97.00 132,39,82.00 2 2 Change in Plan Assets Change in Plan Assets

Plan assets at the beginning of the year at fair value Plan assets at the beginning of the year at fair value 22,47,38.43 90,97,77.00 8,73,09.07 80,29,00.00 Expected return on plan assets Expected return on plan assets 1,79,79.07 7,27,82.00 69,84.73 6,42,32.00

Contributions Contributions

2,14,77.83 43,31,00.00 13,10,68.95 11,37,00.00

(1,07,35.53) 24,29.00 (65,18.42) 76,77.00 31.3 In case of employees who are eligible for pension, the Corporation remits the contribution to the Pension Fund. Actuarial Gain / (Loss) Benefits paid 43,94.67 For the other employees, the Corporation remits the Corporations share to the Provident Fund Trust. (7,22,00.00) 58,94.10 (8,87,00.00) Plan assets at the end of the year, at fair value 31.4 The Guidance note on Actuarial Gain 15 (Revised 2005), issued by ICAI, states that provident funds set-up implementing AS / (Loss) 25,78,54.47 3,79,41.00 22,47,38.43 by employers, which require interest shortfall to be met by the employer, need to be treated as a defined 99,68.00 3 benefit plan. Present Value Of The Defined Benefit Obligation Plan assets at the end of the year, at fair value 26,88,72.09 138,38,29.00 24,04,13.87 31.5 As the corpus of the Provident fund and earnings there on are sufficient to meet90,97,77.00 of the Interest the requirement 3 Plan Assets at the end of the year at disclosure on payable on the provident fund, no provision for the same and specific fair value account of provision is Present Value Of The Defined Benefit Obligation 25,78,54.47 made in the account. 1,60,81,97.00 22,47,38.43 132,39,82.00 Liability recognised in the Balance Sheet 31.6 The details of employee benefits for the periodend of the year at superannuation Plan Assets at the on account of gratuity fair value (1,10,17.63) 138,38,29.00 which are funded defined employee benefit plans are as under. Pension ((1,56,75.44) ` in 000) * Note: 90,97,77.00 4 Liability and Assets transferred in refers to for the year Cost amount of additional obligation on Corporation on account of Liability recognised in the Balance Sheet assumption that 85 employees who joined between 01/01/2004 and 31/03/2010 will opt for Defined Benefit (22,43,68.00) (41,42,05.00) Pension Scheme. Category Current Service Cost 2011-12 4 Cost for 82,63.87 Category the year 2010-11 75,86.84 2011-12 1 2010-11 Change in benefit Obligations Gratuity ( ` in 000) Interest Cost 1 Current Service Cost 1,98,34.14 Change in benefit Obligations 5,18,08.00 1,41,30.75 3,50,81.00 Projected benefit obligations at the beginning of the year Expected return on plan assets 24,04,13.87 Interest Cost obligations at the beginning17,66,34.36 (1,79,79.07) Projected benefit of the year 10,92,29.00 (69,84.73) 132,39,82.00 7,03,52.00 87,94,00.00 Interest Cost Acturial (Gain) / Loss 1,98,34.14 Expected return on plan assets 67,01.07 Interest Cost 1,41,30.75 (7,27,82.00) 4,26,86.25 10,92,29.00 (6,42,32.00) 7,03,52.00 Current Service Cost Past Service Cost Vested Benefit 82,63.87 Acturial (Gain) / Loss 0.00 Current Service Cost 75,86.84 sets. 15,74,37.00 0.00 5,18,08.00 olio of the assets, investment strategy and the Vested Benefit in order to 33,39,77.00 Market scenario, protect capital and optimize re 3,50,81.00 Past Service Cost Expense Recognised in the Revenue account Expense Recognised 1,68,20.01 Liability Transferred in* in the Revenue account 0.00 24,56,92.00 5,74,19.11 0.00 37,51,78.00 8,39,04.00 Benefits paid (1,07,35.53) Benefits paid (65,18.42) (7,22,00.00) (8,87,00.00) Actuarial (Gain) / Loss 1,10,95.74

Benefits paid Assets Transferred in*

19,53,78.00 34,39,45.00 Projected benefit obligations at the end of the 26,88,72.09 24,04,13.87 Sr. No Particulars Expenses in Current Year (` 000) 32. OPERATING LEASES The Corporation has operatingPrevious office premises and residential flats at various Expenses in leases for Year (` 000) i. locations that are renewable on a periodic basis and are cancellable by giving a notice period ranging from one Outsourcing Expenses month to six months. Rent escalation clauses vary from contract to contract. Rent expenses included in Revenue Nil Nil Account towards operating leases is Rs. 6,38,28.93 thousands (Previous year Rs.6,65,06.29 thousands) ii. Business Development 1,34,87.64 33. The Corporation does not have any exposure in derivative contracts and forward contracts. The Corporation has no 1,61,70.88 exposure in foreign currency (un-hedged) a) in the form of loan from IDBI Bank for its full-fledge Factoring iii. Marketing Support Scheme. The details are as under : 7,19,98.04 9,15,78.07 Sr. No. Particulars Note : Figures in bracket represents previous years amount. Foreign Currency ii) Sundry Creditors: Indian Rupees (000) i Particulars IDBI Loan Account Current 34. Information required under Part IV of Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 is given in Annexure 3 attached. year Euro 0.00 Euro - (0.00) Previous year 0.00 (0.00) Total recovery 35. The details to be disclosed as per the provisions of the MSMED Act, 2006 are as under: 176,15,22.24 142,76,36.06 Expenses incurred on such recovery including Recovery Commission, service tax etc As on 31st March 2012 36. Pursuant to the regulatory requirement vide IRDA circular no. 067/IRDA/F&A/CIR/MAR-08 dt. 28/03/2008 7,51,94.96 the As on 31st March 2011 additional disclosure is given as under: 6,69,71.00 Foreign Currency Net recovery shown in the books of accounts. USD 0.00 168,63,27.28 USD 0.00 37. The recoveries of claims paid in earlier years (Schedule 2) are accounted net of expenses such as recovery 136,06,65.06 Indian Rupees commission, bank charges, service tax etc incurred on such recoveries as per the practice consistently followed by the 0.00 the expenses corporation. The details of recoveries made during the year andthousands incurred are as under: 0.00 thousands Premium Statistics for the Period April 2010 to March 2011 Premium Premium (` in 000) Retention As at March 31, 2012 % As at March 31, 2011 RI Ceding 1. RATIOS FOR NON LIFE COMPANIES Information in respect of ratios are as per Annexure 4 attached. Amount outstanding % Nil 2011-12 Nil 2. Extent of risk retained and reinsured is set out below (excluding excess of loss and catastrophe reinsurance) 1004,83,31.67 Delayed Payments made through-out the year 761,55,98.94 Nil 75.79% 3. Statement showing Age-wise Analysis of un-claimed Amount of the Nil policy-holders as per IRDA Circular no. 24,27,32.73 Interest payable where principal dues IRDA/F&I/CIR/CMP/174/11/2010 dated 04/11/2010 is given in Annexure 5.are settled after due date 24.21% Nil 2010-11 Nil 885,46,69.25 770,94,50.96 87.07% 114,52,18.29 12.93% Particulars

10. Any other Central/State/Local Government / Statutory NIL 41.Pursuant to the regulatory requirement vide Authority IRDA circular no. 005/IRDA/F&A/CIR/MAY-09 dt. 07-05-2009 the additional disclosure is given as under:

*As certified by the management Signatories to Schedule 1 to 17 Sl. No Authority Non-Compliance / Violation Amount in ` 000 (N SHANKAR) ( ARVIND MEHTA ) (V S DAS) Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director

Penalty Awarded Penalty Paid Penalty Waived/ Reduced 1. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (K R KAMATH) ( T C A RANGANATHAN) NIL Director Director 2. Service Tax Authorities NIL 3. Income Tax Authorities NIL (NEERAJ K VERMA) 4. Company Secretary Any other Tax Authorities As per our Report of even date NIL 5. For M. B. Agrawal & Co. For P. M. Dalvi & Co. Enforcement Directorate/ Adjudicating Authority/ Tribunal or any Authority under FEMA Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants NIL 6. Registrar of Companies/ NCLT/CLB/ Department of Corporate Affairs or any Authority under Companies Ac NIL 7. Penalty awarded by any Court/ Tribunal for any matter including claim settlement but excluding compen (HARSHAL AGRAWAL) (MADHAV NIL NANDGAONKAR) 8. Partner Partner Securities and Exchange Board of India Not Applicable as the Corporation is not a Listed Entity 9. st Place: New Delhi Dated: 21 2 Competition Commission of India NIL

May 201


Carrying Amount of Segment Assets Unallocated Assets including Fixed Assets (Not allocable to any specific segment) 69,83.93 17,17,13.19 0.00 0.00 nue Premium Income from external customers (Net of Refund / Reinsurance Premium) Fees & Other receipts Interest & Claims & premium & Other receipts NEIA Adminstrative Income 1.20 Ceding Commission Inte 17,86,98.32 4947,27,34.28 2,98,17.14 22,96,11.36 0.00 0.00 0.00 25,94,28.50 4605,55,25.61 Figures in ` '000

00 0.00 0.00 0.00


Total Assets Annexure - 1 to Schedule 17


97.02 0.00 0.00 0.00


Secondary Segment Not Applicable Types of Products/ Services in each Standard Policy

Busi ness Seg men t

Packing Credit Single Buyer Exposure Policy Specific Policy Export Performance Guarantee DCIE - Multi Buyer Exposure DCIE - Standard Policy Turnover Policy Investment Guarantee Buyerwise Policy DCIB - Individual Packing Credit Transfer Policy National Guarantee Factoring DCIB - Individual Post Shipmentt Factoring Services Buyerwise Exposure Policy Export Insurance Full-fleged factoring scheme Consigment Export Policy Software Project Policy IT - Enabled Services Account Small Policy Exporter's Policy POLICIES ECIB Domestic Credit Insurance NEIA Post-Shipment * As per management Estimates , Provision for IBNR & Premium Deficiency has been taken as 35% for Credit DCIE Policy-ST, 60% for ECIB-ST, 2% for Policy- LT and 3% for ECIB- LT in the ratio of Gross premium

Income during the year. Provision for IBNR & Premium Deficiency has 4965,14,32.60 been taken as 30% for Policy & 70% for ECIB in previous years.

iture Claims (Net of Recoveries)* Factoring expenses Provision for Standard , Sub standard & Doubtful As Provision for Premium Deficiency Commission Paid Direct

00 0.00 4631,49,54.11 Carrying Amount of Segment Liablities Unallocated Liablities (Not allocable to any specific segment) 590,12,34.85 1608,59,49.05 0.00 1,09,38.85 4,06.02 2199,85,28.77 597,54,41.09 370,90,67.12 1645,11,94.70 0.00 8,19.05 9,12.02 2016,19,92.89 553,07,33.45 Total

00 0.00

130,92,70.85)Seg ( 30,9 ,70.85) (Profit before Interest, Tax and Exceptional Items) Add : Unallocable Income net of Unallocable Expenditure Less : Provision for Doubtful Debts Less : Interest & Finance charge


2569,27,26.34 Share Capital Reserve & Surplus Fair Value Change Account

900,00,00.00 1245,15,87.81 22,58,74.93

Less: Prior Period Items & Tax adjustment earlier years Provision for Fringe Benefit Tax Provisio 900,00,00.00 1082,70,90.46 79,51,37.30 Total Liablities




1 The details of encumbrances to the assets of the Corporation are as under a) In India Outside India 2 Commitments Outstanding (as per the data provided by the management) a) Commitments made and outstanding for loans and investments b) Commitments made for Fixed Assets (Net of advances) 3 Claims, less reinsurance, paid to claimants a) In India b) Outside India 4 There are no claim liabilities where claim payment period exceeds four years 5 Claims outstanding for more than six months (Gross - Indian) Number of Claims Amount Claims outstanding for less than six months (Gross - Indian) Number of Claims Amount Total Number of Claims outstanding (Gross - Indian) Amount

6 Premiums, less reinsurance, written from business In India Outside India 7 Premium is recognised as Income as per the declared accounting policy. A reserve for un-expired risks is created at 50% of net premium. 8 Details of contracts in relation to investments for, a) Purchase where deliveries are pending b) Sales where payments are due Current Previous Year Year (` '000) (` '000)

9,95,25.00 9,95,25.00 Nil Nil

Nil Nil 207,30,78.53 207,59,15.71

587,12,28.96 460,28,91.99 Nil Nil Nil Nil

13 91 84,51,49.78 533,99,34.90

313 314 777,91,95.84 1033,20,53.62

penses pertain to credit insurance business. Previous Year (` '000) 10 Investments are valued in accordance with the declared accounting policy. 326 405 862,43,45.62 1567,19,88.52

11 erial Remuneration: The Corporation is exempted vide notification: GSR 235, dated 31st January 1978 u/s 620 of the Companies Act, being a Governmen

12 Basis of amortisation of debt securities Provision for diminution in the value of the investments 380,77,99.47 385,47,25.48 Nil Nil 13 a) Unrealised gains and losses due to changes in fair value of listed equity shares under Fair value change a/c 22,58,74.93 21,05.01 Nil 6,94.07 Nil 4 b) A summry of financial statements for 5 years is enclosed. As per Annexure 2b As per Annexure 2b Pending realisation,credit balance in Fair value change a/c not available for distribution. 22,58,74.93 14 The Corporation does not have investment in 'Real Estate Investment Property.'

761,55,98.94 770,94,50.96 Nil Nil

15 A Claims settled and remaining unpaid for a period more than six months as on balance sheet date are as under

Number of claims Amount Nil Nil

B All Significant accounting policies forming part of the financial statements are disclosed separately.

C1 Deposits made in accordance with statutory requirements are as under

a) In India- under Section 7 of the Insurance Act 1938 ( Face Value 1000.00 lacs) b) Outside India 9,95,25.00 Nil


2 Segregation of Investments into performing and non-performing investments is as under

Performing(Standard) Investments Non Performing Investments Total Book Value(Closing Value) 3390,43,21.13 Nil 3390,43,21.13

3163,56,15.54 Nil 316 3 Percentage of business sectorwise As the corporation caters to exporters only, no such sectors are specifically identifiable.

(` '000) (` '000)

Current Previous Year Year

5 Various Financial Ratios (as compiled by the management) Growth % (in the absence of specific ratios prescribed by the authority, some of the important ratios are given.) (Year-end unless otherwise stated)
Gross Premium 1004,83,31.67 885,46,69.25 13.48% Net Premium 761,55,98.94 770,94,50.96 -1.22% Net Retention Ratio (%) 75.79% 87.07% -12.95%

(Net Premium/Gross Premium) Profit before Tax to Share Capital (%) 36.41 13.07 165.19% Profit before Tax to Networth (%) 15.12 5.70 153.68% Profit after Tax to Networth (%) 10.39 4.15 139.76% Expenses of Management to Gross Premium (%) 13.19 17.90 -26.31% PBDIT to Total Employment 58,20.75 21,24.98 161.03% Technical Reserves to Net Premium Unexpired Risks Reserve Outstanding Claims Total Technical Reserves Net Premium Ratio

380,77,99.47 385,47,25.48 -1.22% 2082,33,96.36 1860,17,37.73 12.79% 2463,11,95.83 2245,64,63.21 10.39% 761,55,98.94 770,94,50.96 -1.22% 3.23 2.91 11.04

2011-1 20010-1 2009-1 2008-0 2007-0

Operating Result

Gross Premium Writte 1004,83,31.6 885,46,69.2 812,99,64.4 744,67,67.8 668,36,62.0 2

Net Premium Incom 761,55,98.9 770,94,50.9 578,77,98.0

477,32,79.1 3




Income from Investments (Ne 353,59,61.9 280,17,45.6 277,41,09.8 287,18,49.3 277,35,61.9 A


E Other Incom M 6,31,09.7 E N 16,68,52.1 T 16,10,74.9 S 55,71,60.6 4,01,37.3

Annexure - 2

Total Incom (` '000) 1121,46,70.6 1067,80,48.7 877,29,82.7 916,11,10.1 758,69,78.4

Commissio (57,92,01.69 (9,53,21.04 (31,56,94.54 (24,76,45.11 (34,07,99.17 7

Brokerag N N N N N 8

Operating Expense 129,88,30.3 154,38,74.0 112,38,41.5 99,41,42.2 104,47,55.5 9

Claims, Increase in Un-expire 721,78,03.1 805,32,32.3 (677,96,08.92 (403,17,37.22 52,45,54.4 Risk Reserve and other outgos


Profit / (Loss) before ta 327,72,38.8 117,62,63.4 65,47,92.0 438,28,75.7 771,74,96.7

Prior Period Adjustments and Prior Period Adjustments and Deffred tax Adjustmen (15,68,59.96 12,65,17.7 1 (34,25,55.11 0 1,04,35.4 9 21,05,06.5 1N 12 8I Profit / (Loss) after above adjustmen BALANCE SHEET ABSTRACT AND COMPANY'S GENERAL L 343,40,98.8 BUSINESS PROFILE AS PER SCHEDULE VI, PART (IV) OF THE ffd8ffe000104a4649460001020100c8 104,97,45.6 00c80000ffe20c584943435f50524f4649 COMPANIES ACT,1956 99,73,47.1 4c4500010100000c484c696e6f0210000 437,24,40.3 06d6e74725247422058595a2007ce000 N 750,69,90.1 I. Registration Details 20009000600310000616373704d53465 I 13 40000000049454320735247420000000 L Provision for ta 000000000000000000000f6d600010000 Registration Number State Code Balance Sheet Date 118,20,00.0 0000d32d485020200000000000000000 19,31,00.0 00000000000000000000000000000000 46,00,00.0 II. Capital Raised During the Year 00000000000000000000000000000000 153,85,51.1 N 00000000000000116370727400000150 271,26,84.9 I 140000003364657363000001840000006c L Public Issue Rights Issue Bonus Issue Private Placement (Govt. of Net Profit / (Loss) after ta 77747074000001f000000014626b70740 225,20,98.8 0000204000000147258595a000002180 India) 85,66,45.7 00000146758595a0000022c000000146 53,73,47.1 258595a0000024000000014646d6e640 N ffd8ffe000104a4649460001020100c8 283,38,89.1 III. Position of Mobilisation and Deployment of funds 000025400000070646d6464000002c40 I 00c80000ffe20c584943435f50524f464 479,43,05.2 0000088767565640000034c000000867 L 94c4500010100000c484c696e6f02100 6696577000003d4000000246c756d690 Total Liabilities Total Assets 0006d6e74725247422058595a2007ce0

00003f8000000146d6561730000040c00 0020009000600310000616373704d534 00002474656368000004300000000c72 ffd8ffe000104a4649460001020100c80 Paid up Capital Reserves & Surplus* Secured Loans Unsecured Loans 65400000000494543207352474200000 5452430000043c0000080c6754524300 0c80000ffe20c584943435f50524f46494 00000000000000000000000f6d600010 00043c0000080c625452430000043c00 c4500010100000c484c696e6f02100000 0000000d32d485020200000000000000 00080c7465787400000000436f7079726 Application of Funds 6d6e74725247422058595a2007ce00020 00000000000000000000000000000000 96768742028632920313939382048657 009000600310000616373704d53465400 00000000000000000000000000000000 76c6574742d5061636b61726420436f6 Net Fixed Assets 000000494543207352474200000000000 00000000000000000116370727400000 d70616e7900006465736300000000000 00000000000000000f6d6000100000000 15000000033646573630000018400000 00012735247422049454336313936362 d32d48502020000000000000000000000 Investments Net Current Assets Deferred Tax Asset Loans 06c77747074000001f000000014626b7 d322e310000000000000000000000127 000000000000000000000000000000000 07400000204000000147258595a00000 35247422049454336313936362d322e3 000000000000000000000000000000000 218000000146758595a0000022c00000 10000000000000000000000000000000 IV. Performance of the Company 000000011637072740000015000000033 0146258595a0000024000000014646d6 00000000000000000000000 64657363000001840000006c777470740 e640000025400000070646d646400000 00001f000000014626b70740000020400 2c400000088767565640000034c00000 Total Income Total Expenditure Profit Before Tax 0000147258595a0000021800000014675 08676696577000003d4000000246c756 Annexure 3 to Schedule 17 ( ` in 000 ) 8595a0000022c000000146258595a0000 d69000003f8000000146d65617300000 024000000014646d6e640000025400000 40c00000024746563680000043000000 N 070646d6464000002c400000088767565 00c725452430000043c0000080c67545 I 640000034c0000008676696577000003d 2430000043c0000080c6254524300000 L 4000000246c756d69000003f800000014 43c0000080c7465787400000000436f7 6d6561730000040c00000024746563680 07972696768742028632920313939382 00004300000000c725452430000043c00 04865776c6574742d5061636b6172642 00080c675452430000043c0000080c625 0436f6d70616e7900006465736300000 452430000043c0000080c746578740000 00000000012735247422049454336313 0000436f7079726967687420286329203 936362d322e310000000000000000000 1393938204865776c6574742d5061636b 00012735247422049454336313936362 61726420436f6d70616e7900006465736 d322e310000000000000000000000000 300000000000000127352474220494543 00000000000000000000000000000 36313936362d322e31000000000000000 000000012735247422049454336313936 362d322e3100000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000

2 5 ffd8ffe000104a4649460001020100c80 0c80000ffe20c584943435f50524f46494 6. c4500010100000c484c696e6f02100000 .0 Profit After Tax 2 6d6e74725247422058595a2007ce0002 0 0009000600310000616373704d534654 0 00000000494543207352474200000000 00000000000000000000f6d600010000 Earning Per Share (Rs.) Dividend Rate (%) ffd8ffe000104a4649460 0000d32d485020200000000000000000 001020100c800c80000ff 00000000000000000000000000000000 V. Generic Names of Principal Products/ Services of the Company e20c584943435f50524f4 00000000000000000000000000000000 6494c4500010100000c4 00000000000000116370727400000150 84c696e6f021000006d6e 0000003364657363000001840000006c 74725247422058595a20 77747074000001f000000014626b7074 07ce0002000900060031 00000204000000147258595a00000218 0000616373704d534654 000000146758595a0000022c00000014 Item Code No. 00000000494543207352 6258595a0000024000000014646d6e64 47420000000000000000 0000025400000070646d6464000002c4 Product Description 000000000000f6d60001 00000088767565640000034c00000086 00000000d32d48502020 76696577000003d4000000246c756d69 * Includes balance in Fair Value Change Account. 00000000000000000000 000003f8000000146d6561730000040c 00000000000000000000 0000002474656368000004300000000c 00000000000000000000 725452430000043c0000080c67545243 00000000000000000000 0000043c0000080c625452430000043c 00000000000000116370 0000080c7465787400000000436f7079 (N SHANKAR) (ARVIND MEHTA) (V S DAS) 72740000015000000033 ffd8ffe000104a4649460001020100c8 72696768742028632920313939382048 Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director 64657363000001840000 00c80000ffe20c584943435f50524f464 65776c6574742d5061636b6172642043 006c77747074000001f0 6f6d70616e7900006465736300000000 94c4500010100000c484c696e6f02100 00000014626b70740000 00000012735247422049454336313936 0006d6e74725247422058595a2007ce0 0204000000147258595a 362d322e310000000000000000000000 0020009000600310000616373704d534 00000218000000146758 12735247422049454336313936362d32 65400000000494543207352474200000 595a0000022c00000014 2e310000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000f6d600010 (K R KAMATH) (T C A 6258595a000002400000 00000000000000000000000000 0000000d32d485020200000000000000 RANGANATHAN) 0014646d6e6400000254 00000000000000000000000000000000 Director Director 00000070646d64640000 00000000000000000000000000000000 02c40000008876756564 00000000000000000116370727400000 0000034c000000867669 Sl. No 15000000033646573630000018400000 6577000003d400000024 Particular 06c77747074000001f000000014626b7 6c756d69000003f80000 31st March 2012 (NEERAJ K VERMA) 31st March 2011 00146d6561730000040c 07400000204000000147258595a00000 Company 1 00000024746563680000 218000000146758595a0000022c00000 Gross premium Secretary Total Gross Premium Growth growth Rate 04300000000c72545243 1004,83,31.67 13.48% 0146258595a0000024000000014646d6 As per our report of even date 885,46,69.25 8.91% 0000043c0000080c6754 e640000025400000070646d646400000 2 52430000043c0000080c Gross Premium to shareholders fund ratio: For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. For P. M. DALVI 2c400000088767565640000034c00000 625452430000043c0000 08676696577000003d4000000246c756 (HARSHAL AGRAWAL) & CO. 080c7465787400000000 (MADHAV Accountants d69000003f8000000146d65617300000 Chartered Accountants CharteredNANDGAONKAR)436f7079726967687420 40c00000024746563680000043000000 28632920313939382048 Gross Premium Partner 00c725452430000043c0000080c67545 1004,83,31.67 65776c6574742d506163 885,46,69.25 Partner 2430000043c0000080c6254524300000 6b61726420436f6d7061 Place : 43c0000080c7465787400000000436f7 6e790000646573630000 Share Holders Fund (Opening) New Delhi 07972696768742028632920313939382 2062,22,27.77 00000000001273524742 1958,94,26.88 04865776c6574742d5061636b6172642 2049454336313936362d 0436f6d70616e7900006465736300000 322e3100000000000000 Ratio Dated : 21st May 2012 00000000012735247422049454336313 00000000127352474220 48.73% 45.20% 936362d322e310000000000000000000 49454336313936362d32 3 00012735247422049454336313936362 2e310000000000000000 Growth rate of shareholders funds: Share Holder Fund at the beginning of the d322e310000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000

Year 2062,22,27.77 1958,94,26.88

Share Holder Fund at the end of the Year 11 2167,74,62.74 Liquid assets to liabilities ratio (Liquid assets of the insurer divided by the policy holders liabilities) Liquid Assets* Policy Holder Liabilitie 2062,22,27.77 1061,44,96.43 2509,98,04.39 996,85,20.58 2245,64,63.20 INFORMATION IN RESPECT OF RATIOS FORRatio LIFE COMPANIES NON 12 5.12% Net Earnings Ratio: Profit After Tax Net Premium Ratio 5.27% Annexure 4 to Schedule 17 225,20,98.84 761,55,98.94 4 85,66,45.70 770,94,50.96 Net retention ratio (Net premium divided 'by gross premium) (Amount in 13 000) ` Return on net worth Profit After Tax Net Worth Ratio 225,20,98.84 2167,74,62.74 85,66,45.70 2062,22,27.7 14 * Actual Solvency to Required Solvency margin Ratio Actual Solency Margin Required Solvency Margin Ratio (Times) Net term loans Cash & Bank Balances, Short Premium & ST Investments and advances and deposits except RBI deposits 761,55,98.94 2058,36,20.00 203,88,36 770,94,50.96 2056,55,81.40 227,23,16 15 ** Reserve for un-expired risks, Provision for claims on hand, Liability towards re-insurance & Premium received in advance NPA ratio Investment: Factoring Gross Premium 0 1004,83,31.67 0% 1 885,46,69.25 Retention Ratio 5 (N SHANKAR) (ARVIND MEHTA) ( V S DAS ) Net commission ratio Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director

75.79% 87.07%

Net Commission (K R KAMATH) ( T C A RANGANATHAN ) Director Director Net Premium (57,92,01.69) (9,53,21.04)

761,55,98.94 770,94,50.96 (NEERAJ K VERMA) -7.61% -1.24%

Company Secretary


6 Expenses of Management to gross direct premium ratio

(HARSHAL AGRAWAL) (MADHAV NANDGAONKAR) Expenses of Management Partner Partner Place : New Delhi Dated : 21st May 2012 Gross Direct Premium

132,55,58.60 158,45,77.64

1004,83,31.67 885,46,69.25 As per our report of even date For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. For P. M. DALVI & CO. Chartered Accountants 7 Chartered Accountants Combined ratio: Ratio

13.19% 17.90%

Gross Incurred Claims 713,03,22.70 620,52,71.60 Expenses of Management

132,55,58.60 158,45,77.64

Total 845,58,81.30 778,98,49.24

1004,83,31.67 885,46,69.25 Ratio 84.15% 87.97% 8 Technical reserves to net premium ratio Due to Insured Unclaimed as on 31 03 2012 Amount in ` ' 000

Annexure 5 to Schedule 17 Sl. No

Reserve for Outstanding Claims 2082,33,96.36 1860,17,37.72

Reserve for Un-expired Risks Note : Cheques issued 380,77,99.47 but not encashed 385,47,25.48 under point no 4 1-6 months above includes only the amount on Reserve for Premium Deficiency account of cheques 46,86,08.56 issued whose validity has expired. In respect of other cheques issued but not cleared, 1 the not paid to the policyholders / insureds due to any reasons except under litigation from the insured / policyholders manag ement is of the opinion that the policyh older is 2 legally ured / policyholders on maturity or otherwise entiltle d to encash the cheque anytim e till the validity of 3 cheque on of the premium / tax or any other charges which is refundable to the policyholders either as terms of conditions of the policy or as per law or as . Accordi ngly the amount of such cheque s need not be classified as 4 unclaimed. t not encashed by the policyholder/ insured

Particulars Current Year Previous Year A. CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITY Premium received from Policyholder including Advance receipts 1016,74,54.79 910,91,77.17 Loan repaid during the year

2,12,49.71 (35,65.50) 4,32,18.03 Dividend Paid Payments to Reinsurers net of commission and claims (53,10,00.00) (58,57,18.06) (10,74,69.42) 83,61,69.44 Dividend Tax Income from Factoring Activity (Net) (8,61,41.48) Cash and Cash equivalent (1,82,64.43) Net Cash Flow from Financing Current Year 21.85 Activities(C) Export Credit Receipts & given to Factoring debtors registration: 27th year ended 31st Amount Previous Year (61,71,41.48) -- At the beginning of the year (12,84,52.68) Guarantee Payments Account / March 2012 September 2002 (8,52.10) Net Cash Flow(A+B+C) Amount received Registration No debtors from Factoring (Amount in ` 000) Corporation of (Cash Flow 25,58,49.04 84,76,41.50 As per Balance Sheet India Limited Statement) for the 124 Date of 35,73.67 876,86,18.46 (N SHANKAR) Payments of Claims (V S DAS) (ARVIND MEHTA) 792,09,76.95 Chairman cum Managing Director Director Director (713,03,22.70) Total (A) (620,52,71.60) 876,86,18.46 Payments of Commission & Brokerage 792,09,76.95 (2,67,28.30) -- At the end of the year (4,07,03.59) (K R KAMATH) (T C A RANGANATHAN) Payments of Other Operatingexpenses Director Director (133,01,91.03) As per Balance Sheet (117,01,74.12) 902,44,67.50 Deposits, Advances & Staff Loan 876,86,18.46 1,05,80.12 Total (B) (NEERAJ K VERMA) 2,17,22.68 902,44,67.50 Company Secretary Service Tax Paid 876,86,18.46 As per our report of even date (94,75.66) Change in Cash and Cash equivalent (A-B) (93,65.10) (25,58,49.04) Income Tax Paid (84,76,41.50) (240,13,97.04) For M. B. AGRAWAL & CO. For P. M. DALVI & CO. (50,01,32.93) Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Refund of Income Tax Other Payments/Collection (net) (1,65,33.04) (86,26.05) Recoveries 169,63,59.46 137,05,17.04 Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities (A) 39,52,78.25 344,92,74.39 B. CASH FLOW FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES Addition to Fixed Assets (including Advance payment) (10,82,90.49) (12,28,06.62) (HARSHAL AGRAWAL) Income from Investment (MADHAV NANDGAONKAR) 341,37,84.79 Partner 254,47,99.49 Partner Sale of Investment Place: New Delhi 1933,98,80.60 1971,10,76.14 Sale of Assets Dated: 21st May 2012 4,48.02 13,88.01 Purchase of Investments (2216,81,10.66)

Net Cash Flow from Investing Activities (B) 47,77,12.27 (247,31,80.21) C. CASH FLOW FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES Receipt on issue of Share capital MANAGEMENT REPORT AS REQUIRED IN PART IV OF SCHEDULE 'B OF INSURANCE REGULATORY & DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (PREPARATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND AUDITORS REPORTaccepted during the year REGULATION 2002. Loan INSURANCE COMPANIES) 8,46.68 1We confirm that the registration granted by the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority is valid during the year. The same was renewed for the year 2011-12, vide their certificate no: 355 dated 28/02/2011. 2We confirm that all dues payable to the statutory authorities have been duly paid / provided for. 3We confirm that the shareholding pattern and transfer of shares are in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements. 4We confirm that the funds of the holders of policies issued in India have not been directly or indirectly invested outside India. 5We confirm that required solvency margins have been maintained. 6We certify that the value of all the assets have been reviewed on the date of the Balance Sheet and in the best of our belief the assets set forth in Balance Sheet are shown in the aggregate amounts not exceeding their realisable or market value under several headings Loans, Investments, Sundry Debtors, Cash, and the several items specified under Current Assets. 7The overall exposure of the Corporation is Rs. 78296,87,00.00 thousands against the enhanced Maximum Liability of Rs 100000,00,00.00 thousands by Ministry of Commerce vide letter dated 20.04.2009. Risk exposure of the Corporation is well within the relevant limits stipulated by IRDA in this regard for general insurance companies. 8We have no overseas operations. 9Ageing of claims indicating the trend in average claims settlement time during the preceding five years is as per details below :

Year Number of Days 2011-2012 91 2010-2011 70 2009-2010 50 2008-2009 Period 47 2007-2008 ECIB 42 Policy Total NO Amount Involved No Amount Involved No

30 Days 110 Period 388,73,88.25 76 34,71,20.02 ECIB 186 423,45,08.27 Policy Ageing of claims outstanding during the preceding Monthsis as per details below: 30 Days to 6 5 years 62 Total Claims Pending As on 31/03/2012, FY 11 270,40,92.04 12 65 NO (Rs in 84,05,95.53 Amount Involved 000) 127 No 354,46,87.57 Amount Involved 6 Months to 1 Year Claims Pending As on 31/03/2011, FY 10 11 No Amount 6 Involved (Rs in 80,19,37.09 30 Days 000) 7 52 212,06,55.05 Period 4,32,12.69 Claims Pending As on 31/03/2010, FY 09 10 13 125 84,51,49.78 50,23,32.76 (Rs in 000) ECIB 1 year to 5 years 177 262,29,87.81 Policy 30 Days to 6 Months 106 Total 743,80,37.51 31 NO 27,10,28.30 Amount Involved 5 years 137 & above No 770,90,65.81 Amount Involved 6 Months to 1 Year No 65 Amount Involved 394,56,69.16 30 Days 070 -144,93,59.43 Total 65 122 178 394,56,69.16 59,20,43.04 739,34,17.38 1 year to 5 years 192 148 26 204,14,02.47 123,09,28.24 139,42,65.73 30 Days to 6 Months 326 0 96 862,43,45.62 457,39,34.69 26 70 139,42,65.73 29,46,87.52 5 years & 166 above 486,86,22.21 6 Months to 1 Year Period -ECIB22 89,81,33.51 Policy Total 22 249 89,81,33.51 Total 1489,86,27.45 1 year to 5 years 156 NO 77,33,61.06 Amount Involved 405 9 No 1567,19,88.51 48,48,27.18 Amount Involved 9 No 48,48,27.18 Amount Involved

41 73,91,56.53 135 Period 159,50,92.11176 ECIB 233,42,48.63 Total 30 Days to 6 Months 166 Claims Pending As on 31/03/2009, FY 08 09 standards, principles and Policy 78 602,32,94.12 (Rs in 000) policies has been 221,79,36.33 223 followed. Total 49 226,99,91.25 49,73,08.94 389 b. That the management has 127 NO Claims Pending As on 31/03/2008 , FY 07 08 829,29,85.37 adopted accounting 271,52,45.28 Amount Involved (Rs in 000) policies and applied them 6 Months to 1 Year No consistently, apart from 1 Amount Involved changes made as per IRDA 10. We certify that the Investments have been valued according to the 12,68,10.00 No Regulations, and made guidelines issued by Insurance Regulatory & Development Involved 2 Amount Authority. judgments and estimates 30 Days 1,60,14.88 that are reasonable and 11. All Investment assets are reviewed periodically and we 100 confirm that 3 prudent so as to give a there are no non-performing assets as per Reserve bank of India 14,28,24.88 186,31,45.94 true and fair view of the Prudential Norms. 1 year to 88 5 years 33,60,63.62 12. We hereby confirm: 188 a. That in preparation of financial statements, the applicable accounting 219,92,09.56 30 Days to 6 Months 45 126,71,11.01 5 years &26 above 9,46,76.97 71 1 136,17,87.98 6 Months 1,72,82.95 to 1 Year 1 11 1,72,82.95 21,10,27.77 Total 7 120 1,97,63.65 308,39,02.86 18 187 23,07,91.41 1 year 212,56,98.88 to 5 years 307 1 520,96,01.73 10,33.14 1 1,57.27 2 11,90.41 5 years & above ? ? ? Total 157 334,23,17.86 122 45,06,61.50 279 379,29,79.37

state of affairs of the company at the end of the financial year and of the operating profit and net profit of the company for the year. c. That the management has taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Insurance Act 1938(4 of 1938) and Companies Act 1956( 1 of 1956) for safeguarding the assets of the company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities. d. That the management has prepared the financial statements on a going concern basis. e. That the management has ensured that the internal audit system commensurate with the size and nature of business exists and is operating effectively.

13. There are no payments made to individual firms, companies and organizations in which directors of the company are interested except the transactions carried out in the ordinary course of business. For Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited

(N SHANKAR) (ARVIND MEHTA) (V S DAS) Chairman cum Managing Director

Director Director

(K R KAMATH) (T C A RANGANATHAN) Director Director Place : New Delhi Dated : 21st May 2012