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(Estd. u/s 3 of UGC Act 1956)

Entrepreneurship Development (MBA 702) MBA - Trimester IV, 2012 Course Assignment Date of Assignment: July 26, 2012 (Batch 2) and July 27, 2012 (Batch 4) Submission Deadline of hardcopies: August 16, 2012, Thursday; For Batch 2 (10.40 11.50) and Batch 4 (18.00-19.10)
The Assignment The students from each batch have to form a group of maximum six members. The group has to research on a specific customer pain point from the list of the industry given below, in VIT campus and outside (i.e. In Vellore town), ideate to find solutions to the problem (unique or refinement on the existing solutions), evaluate the business opportunity in commercializing the solution using any one of the opportunity evaluation models (Ed Rubeshs 5Q, Mullins seven domains, Five sieves, etc.), develop the marketing, finance, human resources and operation plans, finally culminating in preparation of Business Plan preparation along with one minute elevator pitch. The industries to chose from are the following Food, Textilegarments-hosiery, Fashion & Fashion accessories, Educational products/services, Ecotourism/Medical/Health tourism, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Optical care, Pet/Child care, Handicrafts, Recycling of waste, Green Technology, Sports, Communication technology, Logistics, Home Appliances, Beauty care/Aerobics/SPAs, Paper & Stationeries, Packaging, Social Entrepreneurship. Though the list is not exhaustive, but indicative, students are welcome to do their assignment in any other sector provided they inform the faculty concerned about their choice. Students will explore how entrepreneurs identify and analyze the commercial feasibility of creative ideas, turn them into products and services, and take these products and services to market. Students will consider some of the most fundamental issues and questions facing creative entrepreneurs, such as the basics of value creation and how they apply to creative businesses. How to cope with demand uncertainty and substantial upfront fixed costs inherent in creative businesses? To what extent is the creative process affected by technological change? Why and how does the culture of creativity matter? How to protect intellectual property? How to finance new creative ventures? How to build capabilities? What marketing pitfalls to avoid? How to expand internationally? In exploring these issues, students will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the management issues in creative ventures and gain an insight into career opportunities in the design, film and television, fashion, advertising, music, computer games, publishing and performing arts sectors.

The assignment submissions will be in the form of channel bound hardcopies of computer print-outs in groups. The class presentations of the 4 minutes plus 1 min. Q&A will follow the submissions. Late submissions wont be entertained.