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Construction is one of the fundamental sectors in Turkey, being one of the chief drivers of private and national investments. As a result of the economic improvements Turkey has established a big, powerful and well-supported construction industry in a short time. The development of the construction industry has resulted in an immense and varied production of building materials, a dynamic contracting and engineering services sector and a young but well-established construction machinery sector. Nineteen fifteens were the years when construction machinery had entered the national market. At the beginning, all kinds of construction machinery was imported in to Turkey. Starting from early 1950s is understood the importance of construction machinery .The rate of construction machinery utilization increased after 1960 as a result of development in the economy and in parallel to construction sector. Most of the construction machinery and many of the techniques developed during the last fifty-sixty years since the first machinery production was made in Turkey. During this period many new construction machinery have been developed and taken place at the job sites.These various kinds of construction machinery including; pulley tackles, hoists other than skip hoists, winches, capstans, jacks, derricks ,cranes, straddle carriers, work trucks fitted with a crane, forklift trucks, other work trucks fitted with lifting and handling equipment, lifting, handling, loading and unloading machinery, self- propelled bulldozers, graders and excavators, moving, grading, scraping and boring machinery for earth, stone and mineral elements, spare parts for construction machinery, special purpose motor vehicles for persons and goods, work trucks and lifting equipment for factories and airports. Today Turkish construction and engineering companies are able to design ,erect,build and operate almost all kinds of civil and industrial projects such as: industrial plants,dams,hydroelectric and thermal power plants,large scale petroleum and natural gas pipelines,airports and seaports,fertiliser plants,petrochemical complexes and refineries ,tunnels,bridges,large housing projects,hotels and all kinds of buildings.

EXPORTS Turkey is one of the outstanding markets in Europe for construction machinery and equipment in terms of activities in native and foreign markets. The portion of the construction machinery sector accounts for %6.5 of the production and 10% of the exportations of the Turkish machinery industry.When viewed from this aspect the construction machinery is one of the most promising subsectors of the Turkish machinery industry. Total exports of the sector rose to $170 million in 2001.This proportion reached US $928 million in 2009, with a %30 decrease compared to the previous year.Main export products are namely, concrete works; earth moving; cranes & lifters; compressed air, hydraulics, piling & demolition; machinery for processing of aggregates, quarries & mining; machinery for concrete blocks, floor tiles & other precast products; other products, components ,accessories & working parts; boring & sinking machinery and special purpose motor vehicles for persons and goods. Among product groups, construction machinery spare parts are the most traded items. Turkish-made construction machinery is exported to almost 130 countries in the world. Major exports markets are Italy, the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, France, the Netherlands, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan.