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This case study is basically talks about team work, that how the team work and how conflict and the misunderstanding arise when there any task has been given to a group especially when they all are of same level. These case studies basically contain four characters. KAREN SMITH BEN JAMES CHARLES They are basically working as a team and had been formed to design the market introduction of the companys newest product. This was the first time ever the company was doing retailing a product. Their group was handling adverstment, promotion, distribution and rollout and for anything else they though. PROBLEMS Right from the starting the team had not work well together. All four members are of same level in company (reason for being not working properly). Struggling for leadership during early meeting. Ben and other belief that Karen cannot be a good leader because she is a lady and lady cant be a good leader.

They were not divided for the task properly means the work that who has to perform which task was not being guided by any one. Most important that there was communication gap between members that why they were not able to do the task.

Que1) why is Karen group having problems? Ans: - Karen group having problem because of following reasons:They all belong to same level in their organization. They were not properly guided for the task that who is going to do what task. The team leader was not decided. Lack of communication among the group members can be easily seen over there. That is the team was less cohesive, there was lack of team work also they lack in coordination. Que2) can you use the Shea guzzo model to give Karen a better idea of why the group is dysfunctional? Ans: -according to Shea-guzzo Group interaction processes are necessary for the group to transform

individual inputs into group outputs (Guzzo & Shea, 1992; Steiner, 1972) such as innovation. In terms of the group innovation process, they believe that group support for innovation will be instrumental in transforming individual inputs, in the form of creative ideas, into group innovation outputs. As we know that Karen and his group has provided the work which is very new to them is provided marketing of retail products so being innovative work they need to support each other so that they can work good and effectively. Que3) what should Karen do now? Ans: - Karen needs to follow these underlying steps to make team effective working. They need to divide proper work to all so that each can support in their work. They should maintain and strengthen group and norms so they can work properly. They should help members to perform the task. Cohesiveness should be increase within the team so that they can work in coordination Guidelines should be provided for making team work more effectively. As it is a kind of self mange team so they need proper hierarchy in order to perform individual tasks.