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SCHEME I 1. Issuance of new Approved Survey Plan in Pre-patent 2. Issuance of Pre-patent Original Certificate of Title at a good price per square meter and better price, the LRCRegister of Deeds people mutilate Pre-patent OCT for the immediate issuance of Transfer Certificate of Title in the name of the conspirators fraudulent land owners. SCHEME II 1. Issuance of ante-dated Approval Survey Plan with microfilm. 2. Issuance of ante-dated Decree over the subject land with some Spanish Character and Language. 3. Issuance of ante-dated OCT to TCT in exchange of lucrative sum per square meter depending on the location of the land with Spanish character and language. SCHEME III 1. Issuance of ante-dated Approval Survey Plan with microfilm. 2. Issuance of ante-dated Decree. 3. Issuance of ante-dated Title from OCT to TCT in exchange for 30.00 to 40.00 per square meter For those who cannot pay in spot cash, the applicant will be required to pay fifty (50) percent down payment and the Letter of Guarantee of Payment by the financing private bank or, most of the time, by the recommendation of those influential persons from Malacaang Palace, then.

SCHEME IV 1. Issuance of ante-dated Approval Survey Plan in the name of LRC-BUREAU OF LANDS employees cohorts and relatives. 2. Issuance of ante-dated OCT and then TCT in the name of their cohorts and relatives. 3. Then sell the land to the developers or buyers 4. Beforehand, the developers-claimants would be engaged in the hiring of professional squatters to occupy the area before the document of ownership is processed to guarantee the occupancy of the land. SCHEME V 1. Issuance of government infrastructure permit to the applicant to occupy the land. 2. Fencing and installing paid security personnel. 3. Through recommendation of Malacaang authority, application procure development loan from government financing institutions and eventually for approval by mere presentation of the following: a.)TCT form fake origin to procure 1. Building permit with Project Plan. 2. Authority to Develop and permit to sell issued by the Department of Public Works Building Permit Division and the Human Settlement Regulatory Commission (HSRC). 3. Most of the developers absconded the funds that had released under bank loans to diversify into another project but some pursue the development as regular business like those thriving real estate developers who became millionaires under the blessing of these schemes to the predicament of the legitimate land owners, the Noble BLPD FOUNDATION, INC., and finally to the damage of the General Public. (DWCA, Pg. 58, Pg. 59, Pg. 60 and Pg. 61)