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Conversation with Sharon Doyle, Manager at Mobility Plus august 14th at 2:55 p.m.

. said that my letter was full of untruths said that when I put in my initial letter that they advised I can go to weldrick stop this was untrue. To clarify: they were going to pick me up from my home initially, take me to the Richmond Hill Bus Terminal, make me get on another bus to Newmarket Terminal, and then meet Mobility Plus to take me to 581 Davis Dr. When I initially booked August 7th, I said that I would go to the stop at Weldrick to avoid a third, and albeit unnecessary bus ride Sharon Doyle said that in light of what my initial letter suggested (i.e. I was spreading untruths), that she couldnt have it said that I was a bitter, angry and sarcastic person said that it was her job to protect the staff said that we (as in mobility Plus) have the right to decide how the services are used isnt that what you people are lobbying for more independence (why the low floor buses are in fact better) I felt attacked and gained up on and threatened She invited me in to speak with her, but it was done so in a perfunctory manner without any warmth in her tone. I am simply upset because I didnt get what I wanted That I can take the regular bus, and I have taken Viva on my own before, so why couldnt I here? I had called in saying that it was raining, and asking for help I reiterated this to Sharon Doyle. Her response to me: Was it raining when you left? Showed absolutely no compassion at all Asked her if she had a disability to determine if she could understand where I was coming from. Her response: Be careful what you say about people with Disabilities (and later upon me repeating the question): You will never know The Accessibility Committee and the Council determined what door to door means, not me. Her entire tone was adversarial me, against them and I had no

leg to stand on. Her tone suggested that she was unequivocally right and she continued to suggest throughout the call that I didnt understand how the service worked. She said -- Maybe Mobility Plus is not for me, and all I wanted was a taxi service She is okay with the fact that when crossing zones, riders of Mobility Plus may be in the same vehicle awaiting to get to their destination for up to 1 hr 45 minutes people do it everyday (again, implying her skewered sense of equality failing to factor in my needs/the needs of other riders) I advised that in a car, the trip to newmarket is no more than 20 mins, she advised that it would be 20 minutes if it were 2 AM (very sarcastic tone). Left me in tears and upset!