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The New World Order, the CABAL!

TRThompsoon NWO=131 13 the tarot for death, for "change" for renewal! 31=the 31 key paths of the tree, the kabbalah. 131 the pillars of impregnation either side of the triad and the half-formed worlds of inner-space. 1+3+1=5 the geburah (mars) strength. One is also the "magician", he whom controls the four elements and equates with transmutation. Three is also the "Empress", She whom conceals the "child yet to come"! the Cabal short for secret knowledge, 54 its number, 5+4=9 Yesod, the moon, the currents of unseen Magical-workings! 5 geburah (strength) over 4 chesed (mercy) and 4 its dimensional-planes. Full of occult-doctrines this NWO plays its part in the GREAT PLAN! A deceptive administration outlawed by the german Bavarian-occultists "Illuminati", the soldiers of the NWO! The black-flame initiators and hosts to dark malevolent forces! That "they" some VERY-OLD! Illuminati-priests have power beyond earths threshold should not be dismissed with feint heart. The Majestic 12, now "7" herald a NEW type of "command", indeed StarPlanetary"! Do NOT be decieved by Reptilian masters, nor the minions whom are Servitors to them! Yes the Astral-light of Earth is becoming dimmer, Darkness is prevailing and destroying the light of spirituality ( or spirit in duality) for spirit has two-forms. there is a progression of sinister portent, a field unseen crossing slowly like two-loops in conjuntion across your Earthly world. plans to eradicate the oxygenatedair and its ionisation-fields are well under way! plans to pollute your seas and depleate your wildlife your mammals 50% confirmed! why WARS? A blind alley to confuse to stir hatred, to put man against man? To shed blood, YES to shed blood. what "fumes" there are in Blood how it "attracts" Daemonic-attention! Are there HYBRIDS amongst us? Well of course, and also a type of "changeling", a form which can interact with "other-forms", look like them and have their personality. something like removing ones Soul into another form! Well vooDoo is extanct in such matters! And its development along with other sinister practices "allows for "jumpers" or "Leapers"! anyway back to basics! Lets not get to carried away! Are the MIBs hybrid or Humanoid? Well one old-lady whom was visited by a man in black said he "kind-of" jumped along the pavement outside, after immediately leaving her house, as though she was observing still-images of a camera in slow motion? Obviously here at least what was really happening was TIME itself had been "manipulated"! remember the "Philadelphia-Experiment?", well there has been infinite "jumps" in knowledge since then! Im not a "Whistleblower" just a psychic, a individual whom has come across lemurians/anubis and others, whom has encountered Aliencraft and experienced abduction! And many,many other Paranormal/supernatural incidents which would put a normally Sane man into a institution! My webpage is and Im available to investigate any REAL supernatural/paranormal phenomena. i have had REAL daemonicencounter therefore NOT fearful of Unknown things! The Progressive state of the Cabal (NWO) is worrying, although not "decisive" in its enactment. i have "Seen2 an explosion on the Dark side of the moon, a huge explosion which will Herald the forthcoming outer-space invasion by aliens! however, these races whom shall be here for our benefit will be Benevolent NOT malevolent. Do not be fooled by the american hype which by dis-information trys to portray UFOs as Malevolent! A game plan is being prepared, we are inevitably being "watched" by numerous ET sources, and the american Black-covert-ops are well aware of this! As i have said i aint no ordinary chap, and my life has been full of darkmishaps, Im a catalyst to paranormal phenomena, in other words I Manifest any "Agencie" Any unseen-forms" that might be lurking nearby! On a final note i truly believe the Cabal/NWO and their occult-illuminati are indeed manipulating many world-leaders, either by Fear or unknown forces. The world im afraid is really an illusion!