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15,200 cases of cyber crimes last year Wednesday, 11 January 2012 08:34am The New Straits Times (Used

by permission) by KOI KYE LEE New Internet security plan to solve problem PUTRAJAYA: The country saw a surge in cyber crimes last year with over 15,000 reports lodged. However, the government has a plan in place to combat the threat. Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said a total of 15,218 incidents were reported via the Cyber999 Help Centre, which was an 88 per cent increase compared with 2010 when only 8,095 incidents were reported. He said a technologically empowered world meant national security could no longer be viewed as an isolated issue. "Cyber crime is a global phenomenon that affects all net citizens, corporations and governments, which can also cripple the social wellbeing and economic development of our country. "The threat of cyber attacks and the increasing number of cyber crimes can potentially cripple the key components of the National Critical Information Infrastructure," said Ongkili in a speech read by CyberSecurity Malaysia chairman General Tan Sri Mohd Azumi Mohammed during the launch of the PERISAI Premier Edition Internet security solution, here yesterday. The Internet solution security is a newly developed business Internet security solution by 1Machine Technology Group. In realising the danger that cyber crimes posed to the country, Ongkili said the government had put in place a National Cyber Security Policy, which was implemented in 2006. However, he said recent developments of industry players proactively initiating research and development and introducing new products and services had been positive. "Moving forward, in today's world where boundaries are being replaced by Internet gateways and information is placed online for safekeeping -- the proper Internet security solution will also protect important information," Ongkili said. 1Machine Technology Group chief executive officer Abbyamir Sapie said the key defining factor of PERISAI was that it was syariah compliant. Digital syariah, he explained, was about emphasising the trust aspect in usability, total privacy rights, excellent delivery and social responsibility by protecting the young generation's moral qualities.

PERISAI is produced by 1Machine with their partners PBBM Global Corporation Berhad, MagnaQuest, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Universiti Teknology Mara.