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My name is Ernest Paul. I live in Atlantic City, N.J.

I am standing before you, as a life witness, a life witness as to Raul Wallanberg's heroic action during the tragic Nazi period of World War 2. In particular, as related to 800,000 fellow Jews living in Hungary. living in Hungary at that time. According to historians, Raul is credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest. Including my own as well as a number of my friends, active members of the Jewish resistant movement in Budapest. Raul became aware of plan to kill all the 12 million Jews living in Europe, within the shortest possible time, using the cheapest methods the German scientists invented namely: the gas chamber, crematoriums, and mass methods of starvation. By watching a movie on this subject Raul came to the conclusion that he cannot be an innocent bystander, he must get involved personally in saving as many Jews as possible. He targeted the Jews in Hungary, being that the Hungarian

Jews at that time were not yet in ghettos nor were they deported yet. Raul made contact with the Swedish government leaders expressing his anger and outrage against the Nazi atrocity's. He presented a plan whereby he wishes to volunteer, he requested from the government to be appointed as a the Swedish highest ranking representative in the Hungarian capital - Budapest with special authorties. Raul's request was seriously discussed by the Swedish government being that he was well educated, born into a highly respected wealthy family in Sweden. A number of Raul's family members were known to serve as ambassadors of Sweden in various countries before the war. After lengthy negotiations and political pressure, his plan was accepted. However it required King Edward's approval. The king was happy to sign off, as he knew the Wallenberg family personally.

Once he received the nomination he submitted a series of unusual requests.

His position should be first secretary at the embassy (there was no Swedish ambassadors at that time in Budapest) He should be authorized making decisions as he sees fit. He should have the authority to use any method including bribery. Should his financial resources be a insufficient, a propaganda campaign would be launched in Sweden to raise more money to finance his activity. He should be authorized to give asylum in buildings belonging to the Swedish embassy and issue protective passes. Raul arrived to Budapest by train on July 9th, 1944. He was 32 years old. As we see Raul had enough confidence in himself and determination to succeed in his mission. Within days of his arrival, he issued 4000 Swedish official passports which meant saving 4000 Jews that were destined to be deported to Auchwitz. Raul met with the Swiss ambassador in Budapest, Karol Lutz,

(he also became known for his heroic eforts to save Jews) as well as the Jewish organizations council and the leaders of the Zionist movements to discuss, and decide on a coordinated effort, how to deal with the Nazis and the Hungarians fascist government. Raul took the initiative, immersed himself as head of the committe, knowing that by doing so he'll be in a daily life-threatening position by the Nazis. Raul and his committee had their first meeting with the president of Hungary, Horty Miklosh and his cabinet, demanding from them to resist the Nazi and fascist movement orders as to deportation, by every possible means. Raul did not stop there, he actually threatened the Hungarian government with grave consequences after the war. The next step was, Raul requested a meeting with the highest Nazi authorities in Budapest, including Eichman, and Himmler. Raul's committee included the Swiss ambassador Mr. Lutz and the Jewish committee. Raul expressed to the Nazis their outrage in the strongest terms, as to the Nazis barbaric actions against the Jews, in particular

the mass deportation. The Nazi leaders reacted with determination to continue Hitler's plan and direct orders to deport and kill all the Jews as soon as possible. Eichman did hint that there might be a way to "sell" or "trade" some Jews for trucks that they desparately needed. Raul's reply was: we have no trucks, however, we have money. A number of meetings were held on this subject. The Nazis continued with their schedule. The Nazis threatened Raul and the committee with being charged as "traitors" unless they come back within some concrete results (acceptable to the Nazis). As the negotiations yielded no results, the Nazis accelerated the daily deportation. Raul became known to us for his bravery and determination. Raul took immediate action. In addition to the 4000 original passports, he responded

favorably to the request of the Zionist movement allowing them to print additional Swedish passports in their seven printing shops they had in Budapest. Raul closed his eyes and opened his heart and office making available all original seals and signatures. The false passports were as beautiful as the original 4000. Many thousands were printed successfully and distributed by the Zionists movements, the printing shops did a great job. "Each passport saved a life." By not being taken to the concentration camps or the gas chambers. These passports became known as a "life saver" a ticket to life, a ticket to freedom. This was another risky decision that Raul made due to the possible consequences to be reprehended by his government, with severe punishment. (obviously his defence would have been that this was done without his knowledge)

As to myself I was born in Chekoslovakia in 1928. When I was 13, after my Bar-Mitzva I moved to Budapest moving in with my uncle's family. Soon after I joined a Zionist youth movement by the name of Habonim. Joining the movement, I heard for the first time a lecture, an in depth report given by a leader of Habonim that escaped from Auchwitz (Poland) by the name of Zvi Goldfarv (a hero by his own actions) He told us in depth of the Nazi's atrocities in full action to implement Hitler's plans to kill over 12 million European Jews. This was in 1941. The concentration camps, the gas chambers and crematoriums are working around the clock. One and a half million Jews were already killed-this was 1941, Auchwitz-Bircano camps are receiving thousands of Jews every day mostly from Germany, Poland, and Litvania. Including Rabbis, doctors, professors, scientist, children, and

their parents. The Zionist movement began an intensive educational program to prepare us as much as possible for the day when the Nazi will reach us in Budapest. The active members of the Zionist movement like myself, were being trained physically and mentally to be ready to resist, slow down the Nazi military might by blowing up their advancing armory and by all means possible We were trained in handling small weapons like pistols, rifles, hand grenades (only these were available to us) for self defense. The actual deportation from Budapest started in may 1944. Details about my personal involvement in the resistance movement you can read in my book "Ernest Triumphant" published in 2010, following the publication of my first wife's book. (Sarah's Triumphant) "Many of you have already read both books" In October 1944 I was arrested in Nazi uniform together with 39 other members of the resistance movement.

We all ended up in the best known prison in Hungary, where Chana Senesh was executed. (Margit Kor Ut) We were interrogated and tortured by the Germany and Hungarian police. Six weeks later, we were liberated from prison by our own members of the resistance movement. Once we were out of the prison gates, we became aware of the fact that our liberators are taking us to the Swiss embassy and some of us including myself and 20 others to the Swedish embassy. Raul personally approved moving us to the Swedish embassy in spite of being over capacity. At the entrance to the basement of the embassy we were greeted by Raul, personally, with warm hugs and kisses. He spoke to each of us indivudally and collectively, he assured us that he will guard us and protect us personally with his own body if it becomes necessary. From here you'll be free! This episode remained in my memory my entire life.

Raul was a shinning example of the slogan "One person could make a difference" His spirit of bravery will be passed on to future generations. May his memory be blessed and never forgotten. Raul, my savior, my hero. "Am Yisral Cha; May the Jewish people and the land of Israel live on forever.