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GTA-100 Switzerland, Bicycle parking, Basel

Series 1 - Global Transport Notes

Switzerland, Cycling, parking

Introduction Basel is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. It has a population of around 190,000 whilst perhaps a million people live in its catchment area. This area of influence extends into parts of nearby France and Germany, numbers of whose citizens commute daily into the city. The Basel region is also the most successful in economic terms in all of Switzerland. The main industries are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and finance. The underground bicycle park is at the main SBB railway station, the site of which also hosts the smaller French railway station (Basel SNCF). The station and the adjoining square form a major transportation interchange which includes the following facilities: international rail, local rail, tram and bus interchange, underground car park and an underground bicycle park.

This is a re-issue of a 2008 document.

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August 2012

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GTA-100 - Switzerland, bicycle parking Basel


Global Transport Atlas Series 1 - Global Transport Notes

The main railway station in Basel has about 120,000 visitors a day (travellers, visitors, shoppers etc.). Since its reconstruction a couple of years ago there is now an upperlevel shopping bridge over the railway tracks. More than 40 shops are open there from early till late, 7 days a week. The bike park is divided into 2 parts, a pay parking area and an open, free parking area. About a year ago the capacity of the pay area was increased through the introduction of two-level bike parking (cover photo).
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There is also a limited amount of bike parking spaces at ground level in and near the main station square. Some areas close to the station building were formely used for informal bike parking but parking there has now been banned. The local pro-bike organisation says that they are happy with the SBB bike park, its main problem is that it is too small and cannot meet demand. They advise that another overspill bike park has been built nearby, which is partly covered. Apparently the planners of the station area did not provide parking for 2-wheel motor vehicles, and much of the space in this second park is taken by such vehicles

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Notes on the photos 01 02 03 04 05 One of the cycle park approach ramps from the station square Cyclist leaving one of the entry ramps from the main station square Underground link between pay area and free area parking. Row of cycle lockers on the right. There are a few spaces for oversize bikes such as bike+trailer combinations and tandems Former informal parking near the station square, December 2008

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August 2012

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GTA-100 - Switzerland, bicycle parking Basel

Technical details
Element Bike parking Overall capacity Free spaces Charged spaces Cycle boxes

Global Transport Atlas Series 1 - Global Transport Notes


1620 ~ 800 ~ 800 25

Other Image 06 Population of Basel SBB visitors Car parking Tram routes Bus routes Train services 190,000 est 120,000 per day, passengers, visitors etc 160 spaces * 6 2 SBB Swiss rail SNCF French rail

Notes * other car parks are also located close to the SBB railway station Other facilities available include:
Image 07

lockers charge points for electric bicycles bicycle hire bicycle service and repair adjoining showers, wc air supply point for cycle tyres The operators website is

Image 08

Notes on the photos 05 06 07 08 Floor parking, pay area Floor parking, free area Wall-mounted parking racks, pay area Wall-mounted parking racks, free area

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GTA-100 - Switzerland, bicycle parking Basel

Global Transport Atlas Series 1 - Global Transport Notes

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