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Channel analysis Frame Work

Channel deign
Amin industries design the channel of the organization with the different type of criteria and different type of methodology usage for it, according the climates organization customer. Amin Industry basically the vendor of other organization. The Amin Industries provide the semifinished product to manufacturer organization.

The divided the market into the several type of customers of semi-finished product, the maximum difference within each group according to the size and according to the quality of the product, there are number of differences in it. Thats why the Amin industry used the maximum different b/w groups; this difference based on the different type of principles criteria of the requirement of the contracts company and orders.

Channel Structure
We can be identifying the most channel structure of the Amin industries (PVT Ltd) that they decided when the structured the channel. There is no member involved in it. Thats why the Amin industries dont needs the decided identitiess problem and exact channel partner etc. and intensity also dont be needed. And no people involves in it.

Splitting the Worked

Amin industry cannot be using the channel members; they performed to satisfy the specific target segments. Amin Industries PVT Ltd handling the product and also include the negotiation, financing, ordering payment by own self. As supplier to the manufacturer, no intermediating include in it. Levels of channel Amin industries PVT ltd use the zero level channel of marketing, because they cannot be use the intermediating, and other channel member in it, they directly deal with their customer as a supplier Industrial channel used.



Backward flow carried by organization. First they place order then manufacturing process is going to be start.

Function of the Marketing Channel

Backward flow carried by organization all flows which can be move manufacturer to supplier reaching the agreement and price and other term after that the condition and situation First they place order then manufacturing process is going to be start. Financing accruing the using in Amin Industry funds to cover cost of channel work and ordering and payment system like

Supplier Degree to commitment


Amin industries Pvt ltd such as the relationship to the supplier to the manufacturer the Amin industry which can be registered to the SGS organization, they fulfill the requirement of the multinational organization due the QM and other audit system. Thats why they fulfill the proper commitment to the customer, and they meets and completed the project during the deadline and meets it. Channel member cannot be exists in it, and Amin Industry control and handle the flows of the cannels efficiency, they cannot be use the different channel member because the channels member cannot be the sufficient commitment to the other. Amin Industry can meet the standard goals with own self and take pleasure in the long term benefits.

Gap Analysis
Find out the problems and how its can be exists in the channel of the organization and understand the how flows and function worked during the channels. Supply side gap means that the one flows of channel of distribution is carried out too high cost. The management of the Amin industry selected that is reducing the cost through didnt use the members of the channel.

Amin industry cannot be faced the any type of area gap and cant be faced the commitment gap within the organization. And little bit about the communication gap between the parties etc.

Channel Implementation Process

Channel power
Amin Industries PVT Ltd have ability to control the over all channel because it can be using the direct channel thats why the ability to control the decision making and decision variables in the through out the market and target selective manufactures. Amin Industry have the suppliers channel power.

Channel Captain Amin Industry selective the direct channel thats why the Amin industry is channel captain and often the one that decides specifications about the situation.

Channel Conflict
Some time faced out the difference perceptions conflict in the marketing place but conflict arises during the communication problems employees and the administrative management. They facing the conflict of leakage problem Amin industry and unilever according to the quality of the product leakages Manages/ Diffuse Conflict After the some meeting the Amin industry resolved and mange the problem. Other side there is no distribution and the route problem of the channel.

Channel Coordination
In the Amin Industry have the channel power applied appropriately to enure the smooth implementation of the best coordination between the parties. Due to the best coordination Amin

Industry have good achievement to contractor and ability to fulfill the requirement of the manufacturer. Team work Due to the minimum level of flows, channels level and especially due to the minimum department within the organization, Amin Industry has a good team work and achieve the organization goals.


There is strong framework on which Amin industries are working they said to be channel captain because they are the permanent suppliers of different multinational organizations. In case of working on one level flow they are strong in market which leads to growth through marketing channel.