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Gods from Ancient times, the Ctan appear as metallic skinned apparitions floating above the battlefield. Phantom ethereal winds howl around their vestments, wreathing them in ghostly fires that emanate from deep within their bodies. their touch is death and look upon their countenance is to gaze into an abyss of time that has known the span of million of years. Though they choose to appear as humanoids, they are utterly alien, and exist only to serve their own ends. The Ctan wield the primal energies of creation. Their power is such that they can defy natural laws and alter the fabric of reality itself. Even if a Ctan is destroyed in a battle, its essence will reform in a Necron Tomb and return to wreak its vengeance later.

A Necron Apocalypse army may include one Ctan. If selected it will count as an HQ choice if a Force Organization chart is used. All Ctan have several abilities in common. These are defined below and apply to any Ctan used. Supreme Commander: The experience of over 60 millennia has provided the Ctan with knowledge of warfare that only Gods could understand. All friendly units (except Ctan) within 12 of a Ctan gain the following special rules: Fearless, Relentless, Counter Attack, Move Through Cover, Tank Hunters, and Preferred Enemy (Everything!). The Ctan lead the charge of their armies and therefore may never be placed in reserve. Immune to Natural Law: The Ctan are able to warp reality around them to varying degrees. They can walk on air, pass through solid objects and generally show off. Ctan ignore all terrain and enemy units while moving, will tend to float above impassible terrain and cannot claim to be inside objects to avoid being shot at. Ctan never take difficult or dangerous terrain tests and count as having assault grenades. Necrodermis: In their natural state, Ctan are immense energy beings. When they walk among mortals though, they are clad in a Necrodermis which binds their essence. A Ctan has an Invulnerable save of 3+ and the Eternal Warrior special rule. If it loses all its wounds, the Necrodermis is breached and the essence of the Ctan is released. This inflicts a S9 AP1 hit on every model within 3D6 of the Ctan. If the Ctan would ever automatically be removed from play it instead takes a single wound with no saves allowed. If the Ctan would ever take multiple wounds from a weapon/effect (such as double wounds, D3 or D6 wounds), it instead receives 1 wound. Finally, if a Ctan Phase Sword or Warscythe strikes a Ctan it will inflict no wounds and will be absorbed into the Necrodermis, disarming the attacking model. Ctan Phase Weapons: The Ctan can re-shape its Necrodermis at will to form blades, spikes, or blunt weapons capable of slicing and breaking through any object irrespective of its physical properties. Energy shields, armour, even daemonic bodies are of no defense against a Phase Weapon. A Ctans close combat attacks are AP1 and have the Armourbane, Fleshbane, and Instant Death special rules. In addition, all successful invulnerable saving throws must be re-rolled when saving against wounds caused by a Ctan Phase Weapon. Against Gargantuan Creatures and any unit that is immune to, or modifies FleshBane weapons, use the Ctans base Strength instead to wound. Gargantuan Stomp Attack: Ctan may execute a stomp attack in the same way as other Gargantuan units, if they do so they make their Stomp attack at WS2 and I1 and may not use any of their own special abilities including their phase weapons. If a Ctan executes a stomp attack they may not use any other abilities in the Assault Phase. Drain Life: A Ctans close combat attacks drain the life energy from its opponents as it feeds on their souls. For each model reduced to 0 wounds by a Ctan roll a D6, on a 6 the Ctan immediately re-gains a wound previously lost in the battle up to its maximum number of wounds. If the unit type drained was a gargantuan creature, then the roll is passed on a 2+. Daemons and models without a wound characteristic are unaffected. Manifestation: Despite being contained within the Necrodermis, the Ctan is a living god. The sheer power on display is extremely intimidating. Any unit that wishes to assault the Ctan must take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the nerve cracks in the face of ageless evil and it may not make an assault that turn. Above All Others: Being Gods, the Ctan cannot be altered by the mortal creatures that plague the universe, A Ctan can never have its WS, BS, S, T, I, A, LD, or SV reduced or removed by any means and will always use the stats listed in its entry. Living Gods: Ctan are assumed to pass all Morale and Leadership checks, even if failure is normally automatic, and cannot be pinned. NOTE: Rules updated as of 12/31/12 for 6th edition.

Deceiver Mephetran
The Deceivers greatest achievements are wrought from deception and lies, its empire of fear built upon manipulation and mistrust. Subtle and charming, its web of half-truths and outrageous falsehoods have led planets to their doom and great leaders into slavery, all for the mocking amusement of the lord of deception. In ages past even when the Necrontyr were still clothed in flesh, the other Ctan learned to shun the influence of the Deceiver. The Deceiver has spent millennia abroad in the galaxy gathering followers and interfering with attempts to disturb its brethren. The Messenger has living followers once more among the ranks Of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and with them has gathered many Pariahs to become its new slaves.

Points 1750
I wanted to know how the galaxy had fared, who was left after the plague. You cant imagine my surprise on finding your kind and the Krork scattered everywhere. Ive seen you Humans trying to forge an empire in the name of a corpse. I have seen your churches to the machine. Racially, your fear and superstition are most gratifying. You make excellent subjects. And no, I am not a Necron. You mistake the slave for the Master. Youll understand better when I take you back inside. And how wonderful when they bring gifts. You will not be aware of this but the polymorphine drug you metabolize so often gives a humans essence such a delicate flavouring.

Unit: Deceiver Type: Gargantuan Creature

WS 6

BS 4

THE DECEIVER S T W I A 9 9 8 6 4

Ld 10

Sv 3++

Weapons The Deceiver does not carry weapons and uses its own body as Ctan Phase Weapons Special Rules
Strategic General: The Deceiver has mastered both battlefield tactics and enemy defense analysis. The Deceiver knows exactly how to deploy his assets to most effectively destroy enemy fortifications. The Deceiver grants the army the Flank March and Strategic Redeployment Tactical Assets. Deceive. In the shooting phase, the Deceiver can visit enemy units with visions of their destruction realistic enough to shake the bravest. This power has a range of 36, requires line of sight and cannot affect a unit in close combat. Pick D3 enemy units within range; each unit must take either a Morale test or a Pinning test on 3D6 at the whim of the Ctan using the power, even if they would normally pass such checks automatically. If a fearless unit is forced to take a morale test and fails, that unit suffers wounds equal to the amount it lost by with no armour or cover saves allowed. Does not affect Daemons, Vehicles, or Gargantuan Creatures. Grand Illusion. At the beginning of the opponents shooting phase, nominate D3 friendly units within 36 of the Deceiver (not itself) to be the target of the Deceivers Grand Illusion. If any of those units are targeted by a shooting attack roll a D6, on a 4+ the Deceiver has tricked the enemy unit into firing at an illusion somewhere else on the battlefield. If there is another enemy unit within 18 of the unit targeted, that unit instead receives the attack. The Necron player chooses how blast and template weapons are placed. If no enemy unit is within 12 the attack misses. Dread. If it is not in close combat in the Necron assault phase, instead of making an Assault move, the Deceiver can affect the perceptions of D3 enemy units within 36 so that they regard the entire battlefield as being particularly terrifying. Each unit must take a Leadership test on 3D6 and if failed, models in the unit will hit only on a 6 in close combat in assault until the end of the following player turn. This does not extend to Vehicles, Fearless units, or any other model without a Leadership characteristic. Misdirect. If the Deceiver or any friendly units within 18 are in close combat during the enemy Assault phase those units may choose to leave close combat at the beginning of the fight sub-phase before any abilities are used. Each unit that attempts to disengage from combat must take an initiative test, if successful that unit immediately makes a fall back move in any direction completely ignoring the enemy unit(s) it was engaged with while it moves. The enemy units may only consolidate as the Deceiver leaves an illusion for the falling back unit(s) to occupy and frustrate the enemies. Swarm of Spirit Dust. Spirit Dust surrounds the Deceiver and nearby friendly units to confuse and daze enemies from shooting and assaulting. Enemy units treat all terrain within 12 of the Deceiver as difficult terrain. The Deceiver and all friendly units within 12 count as having defensive grenades and gain the Stealth and Shrouding special rules.

Nightbringer Kaelis Ra
The Nightbringer is death incarnate; a sadistic god with the power to unmake the stars. It delights in inflicting pain and suffering not only to feed, but simply because it can. Its gaze is death and its mighty scythe has feasted on the deaths of civilizations. With a starship imbued with a measure of its power, the Nightbringer has destroyed entire star systems on a whim and gorged itself on the death agonies of countless billions of lives. Swathed in blackened, rotted robes, it pushed itself clear of the tomb, the solid stone unraveling atom by atom and reshaping itself in a swirling black shroud. More and more of the stone disintegrated to form the concealing darkness of the creature.

Points 2500
Uriel had barley perceived vision of a gaunt, mouldering face with twin pits of yellow glowing weekly from within. There was insanity and a raging, unquenchable thirst for suffering in those eyes. A cloak of ghostly darkness hid its true form, a pair of rotted, bandageswathed arms, all which penetrated its nebulous outline. One limb ended in long, grave-dirt encrusted talons, the other in what appeared to be a huge blade of unnatural darkness, angled like a vast scythe. As the creature rose to its full height, Uriel saw that it towered above mortals beneath it; swirling eddies of darkness at its base snaking around bodies of those not quick enough to escape its grasp. The cloak of darkness swept two of the alien warriors up. The scythe arm flashed, passing through their armour and bodies with ease, and their withered corpses dropped, no more than shriveled sacks of bone.

Unit: Nightbringer Type: Gargantuan Creature

WS 9

BS 5


Ld 10

Sv 3++

Weapons The Nightbringer uses his legendary Scythe which has the Soul Reaper and Lightning Arc abilities listed below. Special Rules
Eternal Hatred. The Nightbringer hates all life and therefore has the Hatred (Everything!) Special rule. Soul Reaper. Once per Assault phase the Nightbringer may choose to use Soul Reaper by trading 3 of his close combat attacks. Choose one non-vehicle enemy model in base contact, the Nightbringer lifts the model into the air and drains its life force using its Scythe. The enemy model takes 1 wound with no saves allowed and must pass a Leadership check on 3D6 or be removed from play, if the enemy model is destroyed the Nightbringer recovers 1 previously lost wound. Does not affect Daemons, Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, or models with the Soulless special ability. Lightning Arc. The Nightbringer focuses lightning through his Scythe and fires it as a shooting attack. The Lightning Arc may be used once in the shooting phase as one of the two profiles listed below.

Weapon Lightning Arc Lightning Storm

Range 72" 48"

S D 8

AP 1 5

Type Assault 3, Skyfire, Interceptor Heavy D6+1 Apocalyptic Barrage, Rending

Ethereal Tempest. At the end of the enemy Assault phase, after blows are struck but before assault results are calculated, the Nightbringer may harness its power to summon etheric winds which hurl its opponents away from it. Any enemy units with a model within 12 of the Nightbringer must immediately take a strength and toughness test using the model with the lowest value in the unit and if either is failed must immediately move directly away from the Nightbringer as if it was falling back. Move the nearest model away first and then move the rest to maintain coherency with it. All models in the effected unit take a S3 AP- hit. This ability can be used to drive a unit out of close combat. Units in close combat with affected troops will consolidate if all their close combat opponents are swept away. This ability does not affect Gargantuan Creatures or Vehicles. Gaze of Death. The Nightbringer may use Gaze of Death in close combat after all other units have attacked. The Ctans eyes blaze with dark fire draining the life energies of those around it. All enemy models within 6 of the Nightbringer must immediately take a toughness test or be removed from play. Models removed from play count towards rolling for Drain Life. Does not affect Daemons or models without the Toughness characteristic. The End is Nigh. It is due to the Nightbringer that all living things fear death, and through the ages the Nightbringer's effigy has

become synonymous with death in all its forms. Often, the image of death is enough to strike fear into hearts of mortals. The Nightbringer knows this well and often draws upon his foes fear of death to leave them rooted in terror as he shows them their imminent doom through visions taken from the darkest recesses of their mortal minds.

This ability may be used in the controlling players Shooting phase. Choose a single enemy unit within 48 and in line of sight of the Nightbringer; that unit must immediately take a leadership test on 3D6. If the test is failed the unit affected reduces its Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative, and Attacks to 0 until their next movement phase while they writhe in fear from the visions of inescapable demise. The visions of death are so strong however; each affected enemy unit must continue to test during the controlling players movement phases as long as the Nightbringer remains in line of sight. If the test is passed the unit behaves as normal. Does not affect Daemons, Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures or units without a Leadership characteristic.

Outsider Tsaranoga
The most mysterious of the remaining Ctan, little is known about this creature. Like the other Ctan, the Outsider was tricked by the Laughing God into feasting upon its fellow Ctan. However, for reasons unknown that can only be speculated at, a fragment of each consumed deitys consciousness lingered and plagued the mind of the Outsider, slowly but steadily driving it insane and forcing it into exile. The mocking amusement of the Laughing God earned it the eternal enmity of the Outsider, and the Harlequins whisper that one dark night it shall return.

Points 2250
It was as silent as the void, and to look upon it was to know terror. It drifted above us with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze caused madness and despair wherever it fell. Those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence.

Unit: Outsider Type: Gargantuan Creature

WS 7

BS 8

THE OUTSIDER S T W I A 8 9 8 10 6

Ld 10

Sv 3++

Weapons The Outsider uses Ctan Phase Claws that extend out from its fingers None of the Outsiders abilities affect Daemons, Vehicles or Gargantuan Creatures Special Rules Come Closer My Children. The Outsiders call to any within range to hear it can entice even the most tenacious of mortals to come closer to the Ctan no matter how insane the logic. This ability may be used at the start of the enemy Movement phase after reserve rolls are completed but before any normal movement begins. All enemy units within 36 must pass a leadership test on 3D6 or move directly towards the Outsider as fast as possible during their turn using their full movement value. Units influenced by this ability ignore difficult terrain while moving but still must take dangerous terrain checks if applicable. Whispers of Madness. The Outsiders whispers can convince any that even their own brother is in fact their worst enemy. During the opponents Shooting phase, every enemy unit within 30 of the Outsider, must take a Leadership test on 3D6 and if failed that unit must immediately fire all of their weapons into any friendly unit within range, Ctans choice. Howling Blast. The Outsider lets out a shriek that could drive anyone caught in its blast to cower in fear and even take their own lives rather than endure the terror any longer. This ability counts as a shooting attack and can target any enemy unit within 24. The weapon uses the 7 blast template and counts as a S8 AP2 weapon that uses the enemy units leadership when rolling to wound instead of its toughness. No cover saves may be taken against this attack. Delusional Thoughts. All enemy units with at least one model within 18 of the Outsider reduce their Leadership by -2 and lose the Fearless, And They Shall Know No Fear, and Stubborn special rules if they have them. Aura of Insanity. Those who dare to venture near enough to gaze upon the Outsider will know what true insanity is. No longer will they be able to tell friend from foe and even their own comrades may be the target of their new found madness. During the enemy Assault phase, all enemy units not in assault within 12 of the Outsider must pass a leadership test on 3D6 or immediately resolve attacks against their own unit as if they were in assault. All models within the unit must use their full attack profiles without holding back. Welcome their Deaths. Any creature that survives long enough to come face to face with the Outsider openly welcomes whatever fate it has chosen for them. Only the foolish or truly ignorant dare think otherwise. During either Assault phase, this ability can be used against a single enemy unit in base contact. That unit must pass a leadership test on 3D6 and if failed, the unit may do nothing in the assault phase and all attacks directed towards that unit by the Outsider automatically hit and wound with no roll required. Each affected unit gains the Fearless special rule and will not run from combat no matter how many casualties are inflicted.

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