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Brij Mohan Institute of Management & Technology MBA (2011-13) Sem.


MBA 104: Quantitative Analysis

Instructor: Prof. Kaushik Paul

INTRODUCTION: Business managers in the present scenario have access to large amounts of information. A major issue is how to use the available information to make better decisions. It is from this perspective of informed decision making that this course is designed. The course is intended as a sound introduction to the field of business statistics covering the foundations of statistical reasoning and statistical applications in business. The students will acquire an understanding of both descriptive and inferential statistics. The course mainly deals with the use of statistical concepts in the resolution of managerial decision problems, offers hands-on experience in problem solving and decision support using statistical techniques. COURSE OBJECTIVE: The objective of this paper is to acquaint the students with various statistical tools and techniques used for business decision making.


Sl .No. 1 2 3 4

Component Seminar Presentation & Class Participation Surprise Class Tests Case Analysis & Presentation External examination conducted by M.D.U TOTAL

Weight age (%) 5 5 10 80 100

SYLLABUS AS PER M.D.U ORDINANCE Unit-I Construction of frequency distributions and their analysis Types of measures of central tendency and variations, their relative merits, limitations and characteristics Skewness: meaning and co-efficient of skewness. Unit-II Concept of Correlation analysis & different types of correlation coefficients, namely Pearsons correlation coefficient and spearmans rank correlation coefficient. Concept of Regression analysis and pair of two lines of regression Relationship between correlation and regression coefficients. Time series analysis - measurement of trend and seasonal variations, forecasting. Unit-III Probability: basic concepts and approaches, addition, multiplication and Bayes theorem. Probability distributions - concept, types and applications, Binomial, Poisson and Normal distributions. Unit-IV Hypothesis testing/ Tests of significance for Large & Small samples Chi-square test Analysis of variance.

. Text Book: Gupta S.P. & Gupta M.P., Business Statistics, Sultan Chand & Sons, Delhi. Reference Book: Levin, R. and Rubin, D.S, Statistics for Management, 7th edition, Pearson Education

Note: The examiner will set 8 questions (2 questions from each unit). The students will be required to attempt any five questions (selecting at least one question from each unit). All questions will carry equal marks.

Session Plan:
Session # 1 Topic Introduction to statistics Chapter Reference Chapter 1 & 2


Construction of frequency distributions and their analysis Types of measures of central tendency and variations Skewness: meaning and co-efficient of skewness

Chapter 3


Chapter 4 & 5

Chapter 6


Correlation analysis

Chapter 7


Regression analysis

Chapter 8


Case Analysis & Presentation ( Case material to be provided later on )

Time series analysis Chapter 10




Chapter 11


Probability distributions

Chapter 12


Sampling & sampling distributions

Chapter 13


Estimation of parameters

Chapter 14


Hypothesis testing/ Tests of significance for Large & Small samples

Chapter 15 & 16


Chi-square test

Chapter 17


Analysis of Variance

Chapter 18