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Tree Tops Counselling Salford 162 Station Road Swinton Manchester M26 6BT 0161 7945061

uk Registered Charity 1143388 Tree Tops Community Support Hub providing Salford residents with The Choice To Ch ange August 2012 Dear Colleagues, Please find a summary of Tree Tops new project which will be facilitated from a large building in central Salford. The project will be aimed at the community a s a whole but with continued specialist areas. We are currently working on the project and are aiming for it to be launched soon. We have been operating since 2009 and are a registered charity soon to also become a Limited Company. Tree Tops intend to provide Salford with The Choice to Change offering a multi str and tiered service to support people with Mental Health difficulties. The tiered approach will consist of many strands of support that will include; One to one generic integrative counselling with a maximum of twelve sessions to be cost effective. Integrative counselling incorporates several talking therapy theories, which we have identified as providing quicker levels of effectiveness . Bespoke professional facilitated support groups aimed at specific difficulties as an example; anger management. This will be widely varied and reviewed and pr evalent to local need. Peer led monitored support groups for specific identified criterias. Mentoring and befriending schemes. Drop ins for members of the community in crisis. Art therapy facilitated by a multi qualified art and therapy professional. Holistic therapies offered by a highly experienced and qualified licensed master ; who also plans to teach and train creating employment opportunities for mental health sufferers. Volunteer led advocacy services for mental health sufferers. Evening and weekend appointments. Continued Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Tree Tops works collaboratively with three local high schools and we intend to e xpand this service into other schools and the community. Early therapeutic interventions can change outcomes for young peoples lives. We have a highly motivated team of multi disciplined therapist who offer this servi ce. We intend to offer variations of the above tiers both within schools and th e community. Offenders and ex offenders We are in discussions later this month with HMP Manchester to provide a speciali st team to work with offenders in custody to aid rehabilitation and to reduce th

e emotional and financial costs of offending. We will also offer floating supp ort within the community. Again variations of tiered support will be designed a nd delivered. Polish Service We have a Polish counsellor and aim to build a team to offer support to the Poli sh speaking community. This lady is a member of a group that intend to offer on e to one counselling and support groups to their community from within our facil ity. They are keen to encourage inclusion into wider society as part of that su pport. This is an early project that is likely to expand to advocacy and a host of other supports. Bilingual Services We have at present a French speaking counsellor who has worked with victims of t orture where language barriers have been prevalent to accessing therapies. We are keen to recruit other linguist counsellors in the future to ensure our se rvice is as accessible as possible. Partners and Costs Tree Tops will provide a low cost service as a charity supported by volunteers w ithout effecting proficiency. We aim to seek funds from commissioning, tenders and grant makers. We are keen to work as part of larger collaborative projects/ We are creating partnerships and links and are in discussions with many organisa tions schools and institutions. Any interested parties please contact us. Continued Facts and Stats Salford was recorded second highest in the country for prescriptions for antidep ressants uticals-industry - May 5th 2011 Tree Tops have previously offered and completed counselling interventions with t housands of the wider community in Salford with little financial support. As fa r as we are aware there are no free counselling services in Salford. One in four people will suffer a mental health problem at some point. Which equates to 58,059 people (based on residents registered with a Salford GP. ) Information from census 2011 10% of children have a mental health problem at any one time. 20% of children have a mental health problem in any given year. The Mental Health debate at the houses of parliament on the 14th June 2012 inden tified a lack of services in the whole of the country. General enquires and media enquires; General Manger Sam Hough sam@treetopscounse Director and Founder Julie Blower Please note our website is currently being rebuilt