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VALUE-BELIEF PATTERN 1.) prohibition of eating pork 3.) prohibition of drinking wine.

Muslims do not drink alcoholic beverages or eat pork. p.1047 COPING STRESS TOLERANCE PATTERN
A stressful event for her would be because of: 1.) lack of rest; 2.) hot weather exposure; 3.) crowded place; and 4.) too many things to do. - Individuals experience stress from multiple sources, primarily their bodies, their thoughts, and the environment. P. 510 DeLaune, Lander Fundamentals of nursing She also shared that she has finally able to control and to prevent some of the stresses that she experienced through mind over body exercise. She just relaxes herself and accepts things the way they are. She also considers criticisms as constructive and an opportunity for her to improve herself. when the physiologic response to stress is adaptive, the individual achieves and is able to maintain homeostasis. If the response is maladaptive, disease results. P. 510 DeLaune, Lander Fundamentals of nursing SEXUALITY REPRODUCTIVE PATTERN Regarding fertility, she said that her family is very conservative and as much as possible she does not want to enter in such situation. The young adult should exhibit appropriate knowledge and attitudes towards sexuality. P.397

She verbalized that Dapat ginagawa lang yun ng mga taong mag-asawa na. Alam ko naman ang mangyayari pag nagkaroon ng mga issue na ganyan The Health Promotion Guidelines for Adolescents: Protective Measures Obtaining and providing accurate information about sexual issues. P. 388

When it comes to her sexuality, the client shared that being a female means that she needs to be more careful in all ways. She verbalizes, Syempre pag babae, dapat mas maingat kumilos at alam mo yung limitasyon. She is comfortable with her gender. - Adolescents explore sexual images, fantasies, ideas, and roles. Experimenting with dress, language, and social interactions help them define who they are. Adult role models can influence greatly the way adolescents think and behave, helping teens to decide with aspects of masculinity or femininity to adopt or reject. P. 385

ROLE RELATIONSHIP PATTERN The other significant persons in her life are the Sapal family, who are her relatives, and her friends and classmates. She does not have any health problems secondary to school activities nor her relationship with others. The Young adult have well-established bonds with significant others, such as marriage partner or close friends. P. 397

She stated that she lives with her family. She has five siblings in which she a good relationship with and theyre happy together. The Young adult interact well with family.

She said that she can no longer fulfill her role in her family due to lack of time. As of now, they have no family problems, she shared. Whenever they have a problem, all of the family contribute to find solutions for it. The young adult demonstrate emotional, social, and economic responsibility for own family. P. 397

SELF-PERCEPTION AND SELF-CONCEPT PATTERN She has very positive outlook in life and with a sunshine personality even if she is so tired most of the time. The only time she feels nervous and unsure of herself whenever Physics is her class schedule. She gets angry though when she doesnt finish her school works, misses some classes and cannot understand some of the lectures. But most of the time she can control her emotions with these situations though. Stressors can strengthen the self-concept as an individual copes successfully with problems. On the other hand, overwhelming stressor can cause maladaptive responses including substance abuse, withdrawal, and anxiety. The ability of a person to handle stressor will largely depend in the personal resources. P. 1007

The characteristics of the person to whom she would like to be with are humorous, responsible, lenient, trustful, non-judgmental, and can be a good influence to her. Self-concept is a complex idea that influence the following: -How one sees and treats another person -Choices one makes P.1003 Her 5-year plan is to become a registered nurse, have a house, and help her family. Self-concept is a complex idea that influence the following:

-Ability to take action and to change things. P.1003 She sees herself as a friendly person. She knows how to mingle with different kind of people she shared. She is comfortable expressing her thoughts and opinions to other people. Though, she delivers it in a good way. Self-concept is a complex idea that influence the following: -How one thinks, talks and acts -How one sees and treats another person. p.1003

She stated that she feels good about herself most of the time but she dislikes having blackheads on her nose which affects her confidence. She already lost some weight and became thinner than she was before, she came to accept it because she already looks like that since high school. The sense of identity provides a person with feeling of continuity and a unity of personality. Furthermore, the individual sees himself or herself as a unique person. P. 1005

ACTIVITY EXERCISE PATTERN She said that she tends to experience fatigue more easily due to the stressful school work, hot, crowded, and polluted environment, sleep deprivation, and sedentary lifestyle. Besides being tired faster, she also cannot rejuvenate easily as well due to her headache at times. - Healthy individuals who obtain less sleep than they will need will experience sleepiness and fatigue during daytime hours. P.1173 She barely have time to watch TV, listening to music, nor surfing the net. She cannot find time to do so at present. Worst case is that sometimes she skips breakfast due to her school. - Factors affecting activity: These include growth and development, nutrition, personal values and attitudes, and external factors, and prescribed limitation. P. 1116 The client stated that she has a sedentary lifestyle ever since she was a child and she usually just stay at home. Currently, she is not satisfied with the exercise she is doing. She only does brisk walking she said especially now that finals are coming. - In general, regular exercise is essential for maintaining mental and physical health. P. 1113 CONITIVE-PERCEPTUAL PATTERN

She is an easy learned student except for mathematics or anything with numbers in it. Either way, she is doing fine with her studies. SLEEP REST PATTERN The client approximately sleeps three hours as of the moment (Ramadan). Though she goes to bed early, she cannot sleep immediately due to her insomnia. She goes to bed at midnight and she needs to wake up at 3AM. But during ordinary days, she can sleep a complete eight hours. She sleeps at midnight still and wakes up at 7AM. When she wakes up early, she feels refreshed but if she overslept she develops a headache. When there is no school, she takes naps for an hour a day. - Adolescents ( 12 to 18 years of age) require 9-10 hours of sleep each night. P. 1168 She feels too tired immediately when the weather is too hot and she couldnt concentrate on her school work especially Physics. - Environment can promote or hinder sleep. P. 1170 ELIMINATION The client stated that she defecates every three days before, but she already trained herself to do it every morning. - The frequency of defecation is highly individual, varying from several times per day to two or three times a week. The amount defecated also varies from person to person. P. 1325 Her feces, she stated , is brown in color, about m1inch in diameter and cylindrically-shaped. She has never had any problems even before in her defecation. - Characteristics of Normal feces: Brown in color, Soft in form, and cylindrical in shape. P. 1325 When it comes to her urination, she said that she does it three times or five times a day if she happens to drink water a lot. -the healthy body maintains a balance between the amount of fluid ingested and the fluid eliminated. When the amount of fluid intake increases, therefore, the output normslly increases. P.1288 Her urine volume is estimatedly about 1500ml-1800ml with yellowish but sometimes it appears to be pale in color, and it is odorous in the morning but not anymore after that throughout the day. -average daily urine output by age 14 through adulthood is 1500. p1290 -characteristics of normal urine: Color and clarity: straw, amber, transparent Odor: faint aromatic Sterility: no microorganism present

pH: 4.5-8 Specific gravity: 1.010-1.025 Glucose: not present Ketone bodies: not present Blood: not present Page:1293