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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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not only other people, but to the environment because a lot of people flush their medication down the toilet, KU Communications Coordinator Mai Hester said. The local police department offered two drug take-back collection sites, located at 4820 Bob Billings Parkway and 1100 Massachusetts Street. Altogether, the sites collected 401.5 pounds of unwanted tablets, capsules and liquid medicinal products. KUs Student Health Services and the School of Pharmacy also teamed up for their second year of participating in the event. Two locations were set up on campus last Wednesday; there was one outside of Wescoe and another in the parking lot of Watkins Memorial Health Center. The amount of collected drugs will be announced later this week. The City of Lawrence Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts unwanted drugs year-round with an appointment. Edited by Taylor Lewis

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BaseBall travels to little roCk, arkansas

TrenDing raCHel salyer said he does a lot of promoting with the Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City and he hopes to use KU Boobs to bring attention to the importance of breast cancer screenings in Lawrence. I want to do something here in Lawrence, Soap said. I have a lot experience promoting different events. Patrick Loftus, a freshman from Oakley, said he first saw a link to the account on, a satirical website that focuses on fraternity culture. I thought it was a joke, Loftus said. Loftus said that if someone wanted to use it for breast cancer awareness they should change the name so people have a better idea of what it is about. Milton Wendland, visiting assistant professor in the Womens Studies department, said he isnt surprised the trend took off. The use of womens bodies to promote team spirit is nothing

sofis: LEss MAKEs LifE EnJoyABLE

do we need material things for happiness?

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officials help KU Boobs losing its support collect unused pharmaceuticals

reBekka sCHliCHtinG The Douglas County Sheriff s Office and the Lawrence Police Department obtained more than 400 pounds of drugs during the fourth annual National Drug Take-Back Day Saturday. Pharmaceutical drugs, that is. The Drug Enforcement Administration coordinates with counties across the United States to ensure that unwanted prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs are safely destroyed. Unwanted drugs are sent to an Environmental Protection Agency-certified facility, where they are incinerated. According to a news release from the City of Lawrence, people do not end up using up to 40 percent of their prescription drugs every year, which equals about 1.5 billion unused doses of medication per year. The release said that participating in Drug Take-Back Day can decrease the number of accidental overdoses, poisonings and abuse. Its a great and worthwhile program because a lot of people dispose of their medications inappropriately, which can be harmful to Theres an expression that sex sells. Well, it also tweets. About a month ago the KU Boobs Twitter account made its way on computer screens and Jayhawk fans shared pictures of their chests in their Kansas t-shirts. The Twitter account took off as #kuboobs became a popular trend during the mens basketball teams tournament run. The Twitter account gained more than 6,200 followers and eventually took its trend to Facebook. In the beginning, proponents of the trend said the focus was on generating school spirit and eventually promoting breast cancer awareness. The trend is beginning to fizzle now that the basketball teams run is over, but those involved seem optimistic for the upcoming year. Ken Soap, a local DJ, runs the KU Boobs Facebook page. He

new, Wendland said. From the unique, but with a trend like KU sexualized outfits of the cheer- Boobs, it is less about the attenleading squads for teams in the tion and more about the risk. NFL to the Women of KU calWhat makes this slightly difendar. ferent from, say, posing nude in Wendland said as social media an adult magazine is that once takes off, its becoming more a photo is shared via twitter or common to see people of all ages Facebook or text message, its evenengaging in public displays. tual ending point is unknown, Soap said hes seen imitators he said. This not knowing and like the Twitter account @roy- the risk involved is what I think alsboobs and drives some of even a kickball this. league using a i registered it to make Soap said he similar hashtag. sure it didnt turn into expected the He said he something bad like spam trend to pick up registered the again in the fall or porn. domain name when the footKen SoAp ball season kicks local radio DJ and uses it as and KU Boobs facebook page moderator off. Soap said a Twitter feed October would and a KU Boobs be a good month news site. to revamp the trend because its I registered it to make sure it also Breast Cancer Awareness didnt turn into something bad month. like spam or porn, Soap said. Wendland said a fascina Edited by Max Lush tion with womens bodies is not

A BriEf hisTory of KU BooBs

marCH 27 kuBooBs twitter followers: more than 2,400 april 30 twitter followers: more than 6,200 facebook likes: 672 facebook photos: 481


University launches new campaign to increase endowment

outstanding faculty members. Almost all scholarships come from private donors through KU KU Endowment hopes to Endowment, Elizalde-McCoy raise 1.2 billion by June 2016. said. Far Above: The Campaign for In a typical year, 6,500 stuKansas, the new University fund- dents a year receive some sort of raising campaign, relies on the financial aid through the endow$612 million already donated to ment office, she said. Weve had KU Endowment since July 2008. donors establish scholarships in The funds will support scholar- every field this year at KU. ships, academic programs, facOf the 1.2 billion dollars hoped ulty recruitment and facilities at to be raised, 400 million will go the Lawrence and Medical Center toward student scholarships, felcampuses. lowships and out of classroom A campaign rallies the activities, the release said. University community and our Bob Page, president and CEO alumni around a central cause, of The University of Kansas said Rosita Elizalde-McCoy, Hospital, said the funds would senior vice president for com- benefit expansion efforts for the munications and KU Medical marketing for KU Center. Endowment. It Weve had donors estabThe hospital presents a coheserves patients lish scholarships in every sive case in front from every counfield this year at KU. of our donors. ty in Kansas, so Elizaldesupporting our roSiTA elizAlDe-Mccoy McCoy pointed needs impacts Senior vice president for communications to studies showand marketing for KU endowment Kansans everying contributions where, Page from donors said. increase by 20 to 30 percent durChancellor Bernadette Graying campaigns. While acknowl- Little praised the initiative and edging that the plan is ambitious, said it would push the University she said that achieving the goal as well as the entire state in the is possible, given that more than right direction. half the funds have already been The success of this campaign raised. for Kansas flagship university will The press release said that benefit people in every corner of students are already benefiting our state and region, Gray-Little from the donations. According to said. the release, 246 new scholarships have been created along with 14 Edited by Jeff Karr new professorships, which retain

marsHall sCHmidt


fundraising will end in June 2012, when an additional $588 million will hopefully be raised for a total of $1.2 billion.

As of April 2012, they have raised $612 million.

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$400 million for students (scholarships, fellowships and opportunities outside the classroom) $325 million for programs (academic, research, clinical and community engagement initiatives) $300 million for faculty (professorships, recruitment of exemplary faculty and staff) $175 million for facilities (construction and renovation of facilities for learning and patient care). These numbers total to the $1.2 billion goal. fundraising began in July 2008.


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The Annual Visual Scholarship Art Show is today in the Art and Design Building from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Decreasing clouds with a 30% chance of thunderstorms early. 10-20 mph winds from the south.

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Leave your toupee at home.

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Whats the
On this date in 1893, at the World`s Fair in Chicago, the Kansas Pavilion featured a panorama of North American Mammals created by KU natural history professor Lewis Lindsay Dyche. That same panorama is now the feature of KU`s Natural History Museum in Dyche Hall.


Breezy, with southwest winds around 15mph and gusts at 25mph. Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms overnight.

Tuesday, May 1
What: Brownbag Discussion: Laird essay Competition Winner WheRe: Noon WheN: room 318, Bailey Hall aBOUt: The Center for russian, east european and eurasian studies hosts a presentation of the competition winner. What: Carillon recital WheRe: Memorial Campanile WheN: Noon aBOUt: Dr. elizabeth Berghout and her students perform on the bells of the Campanile; bring a blanket and lounge on the hill by Potter Lake to listen. What: super Poster session WheRe: Big 12 room, Kansas Union WheN: 4 p.m. aBOUt: The psychology department hosts its annual undergraduate research poster session; call the psychology department for details.

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The UniversiTy Daily Kansan

NeWS maNagemeNt editor-in-chief ian Cummings managing editor Lisa Curran aDVeRtISINg maNagemeNt Business manager Garrett Lent Sales manager Korab eland NeWS SeCtION eDItORS art director Hannah Wise News editor Laura sather associate news editor Vikaas shanker Copy chiefs Marla Daniels Jennifer DiDonato Alexandra esposito Dana Meredith Designers Bailey Atkinson ryan Benedick Megan Boxberger stephanie schulz Nikki Wentling Hannah Wise Opinion editor Jon samp photo editor Jessica Janasz Sports editor Max rothman associate sports editor Matt Galloway Special sections editor Kayla Banzet Web editor Laura Nightengale aDVISeRS
general manager and news adviser

Partly sunny with a slight chance of thunderstorms and winds out of the south.

Mostly sunny.

Forecasters: Brianne Gerber and Jordyn Saulsberry, KU Atmospheric Science

Warm and muggy.

Puddle jumping! Whos with me? I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Wednesday, May 2
What: Lecture: Nutrition: Understanding Portion Distortion WheRe: room 202, Ambler student recreation Fitness Center WheN: Noon aBOUt: Aynsley Anderson from Lawrence Memorial Hospital tells students how to watch their figures this summer as part of the Lunch N Learn series. What: Grad Grill WheRe: Adams Alumni Center WheN: 5:30 p.m. aBOUt: The Alumni Association celebrates seniors upcomming graduation. What: Concert: Jazz ensembles WheRe: Lawrence Arts Center, downtown WheN: 7:30 p.m. aBOUt: The KU school of Music presents its spring concert of jazz ensembles; tickets are free.

Thursday, May 3
What: KU Core University Wide Discussion WheRe: Big 12 room, Kansas Union WheN: 11:30 a.m. aBOUt: The KU Core transition committee hosts a forum to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions about the changes to the University core curriculum. What: Distinguished engineering service Award Banquet WheRe: Ballroom, Kansas Union WheN: 6 p.m. aBOUt: An event honoring individuals associated with the school of engineering who have made an impact on engineering or engineering education. What: KU Opera Gala WheRe: Lied Center WheN: 7:30 p.m. aBOUt: The school of Music presents its annual opera gala; call the Lied Center ticket office for ticket prices and information.

Friday, May 4
What: stop Day FitFest WheRe: Front Lawn, Ambler student recreation Fitness Center WheN: 2:30 p.m. aBOUt: Need a break from studying? Come work out with recreation services for free. What: Tensie Awards and Film Awards spectacular WheRe: Liberty Hall, downtown WheN: 6:30 p.m. aBOUt: The Department of Film and Media studies hosts a night of recognition and awards, as well as a farewell for graduating students. What: Cosmic Bowling WheRe: Jaybowl, Kansas Union WheN: 10 p.m. aBOUt: Join sUA for a way to relax before final week; bowling is free, so bring your glowsticks.


GOP looks to keep supporters stirred during lull

WASHINGTON The long, grueling GOP primary race is over. Now comes a summertime lull the candidates could find just as difficult not because the schedule is crowded but because it isnt. It is four months until the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., in late August. Democrats hold their convention a week later in Charlotte, N.C. Thats a long time to fill, with no votes that matter, no debates to draw national attention. Voters tend to hibernate politically from the end of the primary season to the start of the conventions. That lull should be a bigger problem for Republican challenger Mitt Romney than for Democratic President Barack Obama. A challenger must keep stirring up enthusiasm if he hopes to oust an incumbent president. Romney has to figure out how to make news as he raises money and rallies supporters. Hell also be busy fleshing out a national organization and wooing disaffected conservatives at the same time hes courting independents and other voting blocs where polls show he trails Obama, such as among women, Hispanics and young voters. Hell pick a running mate at some point, and thats sure to ignite a burst of attention. But its not always entirely positive as Republican John McCain found in 2008 with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or as George H.W. Bush learned in 1988 after he picked Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle. So Romney may tread carefully in making his choice. Obama, meanwhile, gets a lot of free coverage just from being president and doing things presidents do both domestically and internationally. The challenge is a tough one, especially for the non-incumbent, says longtime Republican consultant Ed Rogers. Theres a news hole to fill every day thats bigger than ever. So youve got to feed that. And if you dont, then youre vulnerable to being picked apart with gaffes becoming stories, becoming metaphors that become the narrative of your campaign. Furthermore, for Romney this is a vulnerable period where hes coming out of the primaries kind of scuffed up and doesnt have a general-election infrastructure yet, Rogers said. But some worries lurk for Obama, too. The economic recovery remains fragile. If it gets stronger, that would clearly help Obama. But the reverse is also true. If the economy worsens, it could hurt the presidents chances. And with the suspense gone from the GOP race, attention recently has shifted to scandals at the General Services Administration and the Secret Service, both more likely to hurt Obama than Romney. The Obama campaign has shifted into overdrive to try to redefine Romney before he has a chance to better define himself. The White House and Obamas Chicago-based re-election campaign have been moving away from echoing earlier GOP criticism that Romney lacked a core set of beliefs. Now, theyre trying to make sure neither Romney nor the public forgets things he said to win over conservatives, including declaring in a speech that he was severely conservative. Romney is now the all-butcertain Republican nominee after his five-state sweep last Tuesday, and he has stepped up coordination with the Republican National Committee. Newt Gingrich plans to suspend his campaign this week, leaving Texas Rep. Ron Paul the lone remaining Republican challenger to Romney. But Paul has few convention delegates. Twenty-four more primaries and state conventions are scheduled through July 14, including delegate-rich contests in Texas on May 29, and in California and New Jersey on June 5. But theyre basically cleanup exercises for Romney, who is now fewer than 300 delegates from the 1,144 needed to secure the nomination. He could get them by late May. Romney will devote much time in coming weeks to raising money, aiming to pick up roughly $800 million by November. He and Obama are declining federal campaign financing for the general election and avoiding its spending limits. It will be the first time both major-party candidates have done so since the program started in 1976. Obama raised a record $750 million for his 2008 presidential campaign. So far this year, hes running ahead of Romney, but the gap is closing.

Malcolm Gibson

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New It degree offered now at edwards Campus

students at the Universitys edwards Campus can now earn a Bachelor of science in information Technology. Although the edwards Campus has offered a Masters degree in information Technology since 2006, the new degree was only approved earlier this month and was the result of a collaboration with Johnson County Community

KaNSaN meDIa paRtNeRS

Check out KUJH-TV on Knology of Kansas Channel 31 in Lawrence for more on what youve read in todays Kansan and other news. Also see KUJHs website at KJHK is the student voice in radio. Whether its rock n roll or reggae, sports or special events, KJHK 90.7 is for you. PoliticalFiber exists to help students understand political news. High quality, in-depth reporting coupled with a superb online interface and the ability to interact make PoliticalFiber. com an essential community tool. Facebook: twitter: politicalFiber

College. According to a 2010 Kansas Department of Labor report, internet technology is one of the fastest growing career fields in the state. Network systems and data communication analysts are expected to be in particularly high demand. in a press release, Bob Clark, vice chancellor of the edwards Campus, said that the program was created as a result of the increased demand for iT

specialists in the workforce. The program was developed to meet the needs of working adults pursuing eduction in the evenings as well as professionals aiming to upgrade their technical knowledge. Courses for the degree emphasize computer networking, technology management and information assurance and security. Class begin in the fall. Kelsey Cipolla

POLiCe rePOrTs
Information based on the Douglas County Sheriffs Office booking recap.

arrested Monday at 2:35 a.m. on the 700 block of 2nd street on suspicion of operating under the influence. Bond was set at $500.

set at $500. He was released.

A 25-year-old Wichita woman was ar-

2000 Dole human Developement Center 1000 Sunnyside avenue Lawrence, Kan.,

A 21-year-old Lawrence man was arrested Monday at 3:10 a.m. on the 2400 block of Cedarwood Avenue on suspicion of identity theft valued at $2,000, felonious obstruction of legal procedure and unlawful use of an iD. Bond was set at $2,000. A
21-year-old Lawrence man was

A 33-year-old Lawrence woman was arrested sunday at 1:50 p.m. on the 2400 block of Ousdahl road on suspicion of identity theft valued at $2,000. Bond was set at $2,000. she was released. A
23-year-old Lawrence man was arrested sunday at 9 a.m. on the 1000 block of east 23rd street on suspicion of operating under the influence. Bond was

rested sunday at 5:15 a.m. on the 500 block of Wisconsin street on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Bond was set at $500. she was released.

A 40-year-old Auburn man was arrested sunday at 4:50 a.m. on the 1000 block of North 3rd street on suspicion of criminal trespassing. Bond was set at $100. He was released.

Laura Sather


thURSDAY, AUGUSt 18, 2011 tUESDAY, mAY 1, 2012


NEwS of thE woRLD

Associated Press




Kony not receiving government backing

KAmPALA, Uganda Ugandan officials are renewing a claim made with some frequency over the years: That rebel leader Joseph Kony and his Lords Resistance Army are receiving backing from the government of Sudan. Ugandan forces commander Gen. Aronda Nyakairima said Monday he found credible a recent report from a captured LRA fighter saying that Kony was recently in the southern region of Sudan. Col. Felix Kulayigye, the militarys spokesman, said some of the LRA rebels captured by the Ugandan military wore new uniforms supplied by Sudan, though Nyakairima said military officials have not found LRA fighters with weapons supplied by Sudan.
President Barack Obama sent 100 U.S. forces into Central Africa last year to help regional militaries track Kony, and an online campaign this year by the advocacy group Invisible Children made Kony a YouTube sensation. Abdulla Ali Masar, Sudans information minister, denied his government has ever supported the LRA. We have no relationship, whatsoever, with this Ugandan rebel and we have not supported and are not supporting him now, Masar said. He said Kony is nearer to South Sudan than to us and, in any case, we have no reason to support him. We rely on our own forces and we do not need anybody to support us in defending our country and ourselves.

Capsized ferry leaves 35 dead, 165 missing

GAUhAtI, India A packed ferry boat capsized in heavy winds and rain in remote northeastern India late Monday, leaving at least 35 people dead and 165 others feared missing, police said. Assam state police chief J.N. Choudhury said the boat was carrying about 350 passengers and broke into two pieces. About 150 people who were traveling on the top level were rescued or swam to safety, he said. Details were sketchy because bad weather and the remoteness of the area hampered communication. Choudhury said the accident occurred on the Brahmaputra river near Fakiragram in west Dhubri district. The area is about 350 kilometers (215 miles) west of the state capital, Gauhati, and close to where the river enters Bangladesh. He said officials in that country had been contacted for help. The area is dotted with riverside settlements and small islands, and boats are the most common mode of transport. Most ferries are overcrowded, with little regard for safety regulations. Strong winds and rain likely caused the accident, Choudhury said. Police and paramilitary soldiers were sent to help local villagers with rescue efforts, he said.

A motorcycle carrying explosives and being driven by a suicidal bomber was meant to hit police commissioner Mamman Sule. Sule was heading to his office in a convoy.


Suicide bomber on motorcycle kills 10

JALINGo, Nigeria A motorcycle-riding suicide bomber drove into a convoy carrying a top police official in northeast Nigeria on Monday, detonating his explosives and killing at least 10 people, rescue officials said. The attack targeted police commissioner Mamman Sule who was being driven in a convoy toward his offices, near the governors office in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba state, said police spokesman Ibiang Mbaseki. The bomber missed injuring Sule, but the explosives caused massive damage at a roadside market and blew out the glass windows of the nearby state Ministry of Finance building, witnesses said. The commissioner was the prime target, Mbaseki said. Rescue officials collected 11 corpses after the attack, which left 26 injured, according to a report by the Nigerian Red Cross. The dead included
the suicide bomber, the Red Cross report said. Speaking to journalists after the attack, Sule said officers would immediately begin an investigation into the attack. He also said only three people died, though police and the military routinely offer lower casualty numbers to make attacks appear less serious than what they are. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. It comes after gunmen attacked Christian worship services Sunday at a university campus and a church in northern Nigeria, killing at least 21 people. Sundays attacks mirrored others carried out by a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram. Representatives of Boko Haram, who typically speak to journalists at times of their choosing in telephone conference calls, could not immediately be reached for comment.


Yacht demolished after collision, three sailors killed and a fourth missing
ENSENADA, mexico A 37foot racing yacht was reduced to debris that looked like it had gone through a blender, a searcher said Sunday after the boat apparently collided with a larger vessel, killing three sailors and leaving a fourth missing. The U.S. Coast Guard, the Mexican navy and civilian vessels scoured the waters off the shore of both countries for the missing sailor before suspending their search Sunday evening. The crew of four sailors was aboard the Aegean, which was reported missing Saturday during a 124-mile race from Newport Beach, Calif., to Ensenada, Mexico. It was Californias second deadly accident this month involving an ocean race.
Race officials said they had few explanations for what may have happened to the Aegean other than it must have collided with a ship like a freighter or tanker that did not see the smaller vessel. If the smaller boat was bobbing around in light wind, the crew might not have been able to get out of the way of a larger ship, said Rich Roberts, a spokesman for the Newport Ocean Sailing Association, the race organizer. The Coast Guard said conditions were fine for sailing, with good visibility and moderate ocean swells of 6-to-8 feet.

U.S. Coast Guard and the Mexican navy are searching for the fourth sailor after a racing yacht collided with a bigger vessel off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico.







Because the stars know things we dont.
aries (March 21-april 19) Today is a 9 Your charm has extra potency today. Make an emotional appeal for a good cause, and raise a bundle. Go ahead and be someones champion. The force is with you. Taurus (april 20-May 20) Today is an 8 Invite a surprise visitor in for tea; theres something interesting brewing. Prospects are excellent. Get out the maps and plot the perfect course. gemini (May 21-June 21) Today is a 7 A discovery brings soughtafter information. Friends have all kinds of great suggestions. Cash flow improves. Maintain a congenial public image. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Today is an 8 Your team is hot. Offer encouragement and avoid hornets nests. Think quickly; move slowly. Theres more money coming if youll do the work. Leo (July 23-aug. 22) Today is a 9 There could be a lucky break today. Reach out to a distant friend (without travel). Send your message far and wide, with love and respect. Stay connected, organized and in action. Virgo (aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 9 Courage and confidence levels are on the rise. Start a revolution and create a new you. Pay close attention to your dreams, and make the best ones come true. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Today is a 7 Thinking it over is a good idea. Once you share your comment, it may be impossible to take it back. Meditation is especially helpful now. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Today is an 8 When you focus too intently on the obstacles, youre likely to crash into them. Look into the distance toward your ultimate goal. Keep your eye on where you want to be. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec.21) Today is an 8 Money looks good today as long as youre willing to do the work. Find a niche and fill it up creatively. Be yourself, no matter what they say. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 9 Its an excellent time to travel. A writing or recording project goes well; document your creative vision in some concrete fashion. Inner harmony rewards your efforts. aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is an 8 Your work attitude gets celebrated. Dig deeper to find the treasure with the assistance of friends. Get all fired up and solve the puzzle. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 9 Working together in your community helps you complete the assignment. Dont be afraid to take a leadership role to create partnerships. Rebel intelligently.



TueSDay, May 1, 2012 SuDOKu FILM

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avengers expected to top box office sales

LOS AnGeLeS The Avengers is set to dominate the domestic box office next weekend with a massive opening of more than $150 million, but overseas, the films ticket sales are already soaring. The superhero action flick debuted in 39 foreign countries last week and has since raked in a phenomenal $178.4 million, according to an estimate from distributor Walt Disney Studios. By comparison, universal Pictures Battleship passed the $170 million mark overseas this weekend after three weeks in international release. The movie, which was produced by Disneys Marvel entertainment for about $220 million, brings together a cavalcade of beloved comic-book heroes played by A-listers such as Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner.
McClatchy Tribune


CheCk OuT The aNSwerS


Group parodies pop culture in America

LOS ANGELES The nine young women of Girls Generation sauntered onto the performance stage of Late Show With David Letterman. Flanked by a DJ and live drummer, the South Korean pop group wore lacy black mini-dresses and thigh-high leather boots, as if they were hosting a goth cocktail party. It was a rare American network television performance from a South Korean music group. The song they performed on the January show, a slinky bit of minor-key dance-pop called The Boys, owed an obvious debt to Kelis catcalling hit Milkshake. The bands gently lascivious choreography underscored the tracks sex-appeal boasts: lead singer Kim Taeyeon made come-hither hand gestures while her bandmates pulled PG-13 versions of Lady Gagas alien body bends. The song was in English, but the message was clear in any language. This was something new yet uncannily familiar on the American pop scene. As soon as I heard that wed be performing there, I ran screaming and crying up and down our house, said Girls Generations Diamond Bar, Calif.-raised, Korean-American singer Tiffany. The other members were just like, Huh? Girls Generation is arguably the biggest name in an effervescent, operatic Korean pop music culture that quietly has won a fervent fan base of young Korean Americans and plenty of non-Koreans as well. K-pop artists pull from techno, hip-hop, R&B and top-40; singles are often focused vehicles for elaborate music videos and rarely less than bonkers good fun. Traditional Korean culture can be patriarchal, but K-pops most famous acts, whose members often have roots in California, are groups of women deploying butt-kicking superhero imagery. Poised at the intersection of two countries fast-moving pop cultures and cutting-edge media technology, the sprawling genre colloquially known as K-pop has operated outside the American pop limelight. But thats changing. A-list producers like, Diplo and Kanye West are lining up to work with South Korean artists like 2NE1, GD&TOP and JYJ. K-pop comes alongside a tide of Korean filmmaking and culinary interest turning heads in L.A. and in the U.S. As K-pop makes its first big moves into America this year with English-language tracks on U.S. major labels, a big question is this does this music, at the vanguard of global pop, even need mainstream America at all? For years, Korean pop lived in the shadow of Japans hyperkinetic music and fashion scene, whose anime culture stormed American television. But in 2009, one single instantly transformed the countrys role in the Asian pop landscape. Girls Generations Gee was the K-pop equivalent of Elvis walking into Sun Studios: It drew the blueprint for a culture to come. The song, written by the South Korean duo E-Tribe, used double-time electronic drums, fluorescent synthesizers and a cutecloying repetition of the songs title. Its so insistent and poppy, its almost avant-garde. Its just really good pop music. Its very hooky and fast and just doesnt sound like Western pop, said James Brooks of electronica band Elite Gymnastics, who wrote an essay on K-pop for the influential music website Pitchfork. The track stormed Asia the official version of the video where the nine girls dance around a clothing store clocking in at just more than 70 million plays on YouTube. The song topped South Korean pop charts for two months and made Girls Generation the first non-Japanese Asian girl group to top Japans singles charts.

The Bottleneck

Tuesday May 1st Not a Planet w/ Dead Sevens Wednesday May 2nd Skyline Aurora
/ My Marionette

Thursday May 3rd Team Bear Club Friday May 4th

Deadman Flats w/ Tragic Prelude

Saturday May 5th The Bonas Brothers
w/ Smile High Club

Tuesday May 22nd Street Dogs

w/The Aggrolites / Old Man Markley

Monday June 4th Balkan Beat Box

Friday June 8th
Find Pipeline Productions on Facebook for concert announcements,giveaways, and more!
417 E 18th St KCMO














2 9












Fan videos help pop song top the charts

neW YORK Carly Rae Jepsens adorable pop song Call Me Maybe (Schoolboy/Interscope) would probably have found an audience the oldfashioned way. Its catchy and upbeat and has a chorus thats instantly memorable. Its one of those songs that sticks with you long after you first hear it. And it certainly doesnt hurt that Justin Bieber got behind it early and introduced it to millions of his Beliebers. Whats unusual, though, about the songs rocket ride up the charts currently no. 8 and already certified platinum after only two months of

availability in America is the role fan-generated videos have played in its success. Her official video for the song just passed the goofy version from Bieber, girlfriend Selena Gomez and famous pals Ashley Tisdale and Big Time Rushs Carlos Pena, who posted it on his YouTube channel with both videos netting more than 35 million views. The Bieber video, which gets the song in front of his core audience by showing a slice of his life, established it as something fun and, more important, cool to like.
McClatchy Tribune












Point B Dance
presents the 4th annual

Dance Carnival
Thursday May 3rd 7:00 pm Friday May 4 7:00 pm

hip hop jazz contemporary musical Theater

Saturday May 5th 2:00 pm

Lawrence arts center 9th and New Hampshire Lawrence, ks

Tickets: $8.00 (through lawrence arts center @ 785.843.2787) OR $10.00 at the door w w w . point b da nc e. c o m


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Compromise is key to restoring Us

America is on the decline. You hear that a lot these days. Were being compared to the British Empire or Rome just prior to its collapse. Some argue that we cannot compete with Chinas centrally controlled economic machine. Others contend that weve become complacent since our rise to super power status after WWII and let our game deteriorate. Some even say that the very core of our system, the notion that any person can achieve success here regardless of the circumstances of their birth, has itself rotted away. I reject these views and am here instead to argue that America can still be great in the 21st Century. First, I want to talk about what is wrong with the current state of our country and what must change going forward. Our current political climate is toxic and counterproductive. Despite what theyll tell you, neither party is without blame here. The most salient example of the complete dysfunction going on in Washington was the debt ceiling debate last fall. Neither side was willing to put political maneuvering aside and do what was right for the country. The result? The first debt downgrade in the history of our country and a blow to the worlds confidence in our economy. Even worse, the debacle raised questions about the very validity of a democratic system of governance. No political party won that showdown. When we cant look to our leaders with confidence, we become divided and disengaged. People dont want to talk about politics anymore, not because theyre too dumb to get it or too apathetic, but because the political climate has become so poisonous that such conversations inevitably end up offending somebody. The system has been taken over by radicals on each side who preach that compromise is not an option. Compounding this, cable news networks have replaced their journalistic integrity with a quest for ratings that has them catering to viewers with specific political beliefs. If youre a Republican, you can watch Fox News and hear what you want to hear. If youre a Democrat, MSNBC will reaffirm your beliefs. This type of environment prevents the open and honest conversations needed to address the problems we face, problems that must be addressed as US citizens, not along party lines. As a result,

By Greg Loving

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I just got caught in the middle of a frat pack. It was exactly how you wouldnt want your night at the Roxbury to go. I was going to go to my 12 oclock class, but then I found out we were having grilled cheese for lunch. As if breaking up wasnt rough enough already, Somebody That I Used to Know had to reach the height of its popularity at the same time. I was typing the Burge Union in an email and noticed I accidentally typed the Urge Union. That moment of sheer bliss when your roommate finishes getting ready in the morning and leaves. Whats the point of posting the lecture slides after class? I needed them to help take notes DURIng class. I am wearing a green t-shirt and a purple hoodie, and Im in the mood for pizza. I feel like Donatello. You know youve been skipping class too much when its the last Monday of the semester and you dont remember what class you have first. The UDK needs a separate missed connections section so those creepy FFAs can be seen where people actually care. My car runs on gas, not friendship. So pay up! Im not giving up my fake relationship with someone I dont know for you. Why is there a ninja (or a guy attempting to be) in Wescoe? Calculus: reminding students they should have stayed in bed for centuries. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Doesnt smell like it. KU Campus: where squirrels are pumas. great, now the heat is on in Anschutz. Time to broil. If you are actually 21, it is not socially acceptable to be seen at The Hawk. My kids no longer play rock, paper, scissors. They now play rock chalk, paper, scissors. It never ends because rock chalk beats everything. I want to ask the girl in front of me if shes aware that her butt cheeks are hanging out of her shorts.

a great many people have lost faith in their government and have understandably removed themselves from the discussion in order to focus on other, more constructive aspects of their lives. There are many issues beyond the dysfunctional state of our political system that need to be addressed in order to return the country to a productive path. Changes must be made to entitlements, the tax code, spending etc.; the list is all too long. But the fact of the matter is, we already know how to fix those things. The fixes arent being implemented because of juvenile infighting going on in Washington DC. Fix that and everything can be fixed. We deserve better than this and as voting citizens, we have the right and means to get something better. This brings me to what is right

with our country and how we can use it to restore Washington to something we can be proud of. You are right with America. You chose to attend KU to educate yourself, to learn about the world and form your own opinions. And There are many, many others like you across the country and while they may not all be attending college, they all share your fundamental desire to continually make themselves better through their unique pursuits. You all feel that deep down, regardless of where you come from, you can do anything in this country. You all understand that this belief is what made the American system work so well its not like that everywhere in the world. So now its time for you to demand that politics dont impede that system. Its time to reject the team nature of politics, the notion that youre either red or blue and have to adopt all of that sides ideas and candidates in order to be on their team. Change the channel or radio dial when you arent hearing both sides of an issue. If media companies want to play the ratings game thats fine, but theyll be forced to

This is how we fix iT:

change what they broadcast if you refuse to listen to bias and misinformation. Engage others in conversation about the issues you think matter and most importantly, listen to what they have to say and never insult them for their beliefs. Youll quickly find that compromise is usually the best answer and should be what democracy is all about. The end of the year is a busy time, but a break is coming quickly. Hopefully that time can be used to think about these ideas. Dont get me wrong, I know that not everybody is interested in politics, and they dont have to be. Thats why our system allows us to choose people who will be interested for us. But I do know that the majority I spoke of earlier, whats right with our country, expects to continue to live in a place where anything is possible. Elections are how we send messages to our leaders, lets use 2012 prove that our system works and that America can still be great in the 21st Century. Loving is a senior in chemical engineering and economics from McPherson, Ks.

AdVICE Are Americans overlooking foreign contributions? Living minimally: A why less is more
s Americans, we pride ourselves on quite a bit. Were the greatest, the strongest, the most free, a superpower, a world leader, what have you. And when it comes to technology, at least, the United States has a proud tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship. Look no further than big names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg, whose products enrich our lives and set high standards for our competition. But if you look a little closer than All-Americans like Steve, Bill, and Mark, youll notice something. Do Pierre Omidyar, Sergey Brin, and Jerry Yang sound familiar? Maybe not. How about eBay, Google, or Yahoo, the companies each of these immigrants helped found? Those who are fervently anti-immigrant are likely blissfully ignorant of the contributions foreign-born researchers, developers, and scientists have made in the United States. After all, it is hard to argue with facts, especially those that reveal that immigrant-founded companies based in the U.S. employ over 400,000 Americans and generate billions in revenue each year. And I dont hear anti-immigrant protestors complaining about the pharmaceuticals, computer systems, and hundreds of other products


By Danielle Onions

created through the work of immigrants who are listed as contributors on over 25% of U.S. global patent applications. People should worry about immigration, but the concern shouldnt be over who we let into this country; it should be over who we are keeping out. It may surprise you that in the U.S., over half of the doctorates awarded in mathematics, computer sciences, physics, and economics are earned by students from another country. That number increases to over 60% in engineering. The United States doesnt have a problem with attracting students to American universities. But after we educate them, our abysmal visa system sends the vast majority of them home to their countries of origin where they create products and services that compete with those in America. Where is the sense in that? When 64% of Indian students and 68% of Chinese

students educated in the U.S. hope to start a business within the next decade, we should be capitalizing on the chance to jumpstart the economy and put Americans to work. We should be finding ways to increase visas for entrepreneurs and innovators, removing barriers to access, and creating environments that welcome the best talent in the world, regardless of origin. And we better do it soon. While Congress drags its feet through another election year and the public continues to think of immigration as a fourletter word, our competition in the international race for talent is rolling out the welcome mat for the highly-skilled immigrants we are chasing away. While the UK, Canada, Russia, Chile, Brazil, and Singapore reform their systems in order to attract the next Zuckerburg or Omidyar, the U.S. should remember that pride is a dangerous thing. With an immigrant tradition as strong as Americas, we would do well to return to our roots in order to defend our status as the land of opportunity. Danielle onions is a junior in political science and women, gender, and sexuality studies from shawnee.

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Its hard for me to find motivation to keep studying, and its not even finals week. To the dude in The Flash costume: youre too slow. Did anyone else treat the spring game like a real game day? Yes, I am the girl sleeping under the UDK. Dont judge, Im under a lot of pressure. Its a rarity seeing gingers on campus, but I just saw a really attractive one walking. Double score! All boobs are beautiful.

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Its often said that our country is materialistic and is always looking for more whether its technology or clothing or food. Is there an objective way of determining if this is valid? This past weekend I sat down to watch the second half of the Matrix Revolutions to get my dose of Keanu Reeves. I have Direct TV and a DVR that I use to record movies and shows but unfortunately this movie in particular was on live and I had no choice but to sit through the commercials. At first I was impatient and annoyed at the commercials, but eventually I started to enjoy the commercials as a part of the movie experience. It built anticipation and whenever I saw Keanu doing Ju-Jitsu, it was all the sweeter. There is almost nothing we enjoy that isnt temporary, fleeting, or not always available. A good example is the commercials that made it exciting for me when the movie came back on. In Behavioral Analysis, this is referred to as deprivation. Deprivation is one of the main principles of reinforcement and the level of deprivation influences how hard we will work to get the reinforcer. A simple example is if you havent eaten all day and it is 3 p.m., you are probably more likely to put forth more effort to get food than if you were stuffed and didnt want anything to eat. Similarly, because I was deprived of watching Keanu give cheesy one-liners during commercials, I was reinforced more when the movie came back on. Psychology can also support the notion that less is more. Shawn Anchor is the CEO of a company called Good Think Inc. and he teaches about an upcoming trend called Positive Psychology. In his TED talk, Anchor discusses how, as individuals, we constantly heighten our goals when achieved and we focus on the next hurdle instead

By Michael Sofis

of staying in the present. He says that this approach bleeds through management styles, parenting styles, and our general culture in America. His research seems to support our countries notion that we want more, more, and more. Entrepreneur Graham Hill, the founder of and also gave a TED talk about how we waste space, money, and hurt the environment with our attachment to material goods. According to Hill we have three times more space for our stuff than we did fifty years ago but have significantly less room as illustrated by the rise in the 22 billion dollar storage industry. Why is this a problem? He cites credit card debt, environmental impact, and a whole lot of stress that goes with owning so much. is his website where he gives advice, help, and links to create an apartment where one multi-purpose room can become 24 different rooms. Over time it saves money, stress, space, and helps the environment. So how do we know that less is more isnt just grandma telling us to save our pennies? Id argue that we know because people from different social science fields, entrepreneurs, and other individuals are creating independent, yet valid arguments for why less is more. Various proponents focus on quantifiable evidence, experimental evidence, observational evidence, etc. At some point though we just have to look around at all the extraneous stuff we have and ask as Graham Hill does, Is that really going to make me happier? Truly? sofis is a senior in applied behavioral science from Pittsburgh, Penn.

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tUESDAY, mAY 1, 2012


Judge blocks funds to Texas Planned Parenthood

AUSTIN, Texas A federal judge on Monday stopped Texas from preventing Planned Parenthood from getting funds through the states Womens Health Program a decision the state immediately appealed. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in Austin ruled there is sufficient evidence that a law banning Planned Parenthood from the program is unconstitutional. He imposed an injunction against enforcing it until he can hear full arguments. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott appealed Yeakels decision to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, asking that it remove the injunction. The law passed last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature forbids state agencies from providing funds to an organization affiliated with abortion providers. Texas law already required that groups receiving federal or state funding be legally and financially separate from clinics that perform abortions. Eight Planned Parenthood clinics that do not provide abortions sued over the new law. The clinics say it unconstitutionally restricts their freedom of speech and association to qualify to take part in state health programs. The judge accepted Planned Parenthoods argument that banning the organization from the program would leave women without access to clinics for basic health services and check-ups. The court is particularly influenced by the potential for immediate loss of access to necessary medical services by several thousand Texas women, Yeakel wrote in his ruling. The record before the court at this juncture reflects uncertainty as to the continued viability of the Texas Womens Health Program. Texas officials have said that if the state is forced to include Planned Parenthood, they will likely shut down the program that serves basic health care and contraception to 130,000 poor women. Yeakel acknowledged that was a risk. The court observes that if the federal funds are phased out, Texas does not provide another source of funds, and the Womens Health Program terminates, the controversy now before the court may be of no consequence, he wrote. The Womens Health Program was established to provide care for poor women who would not otherwise qualify for Medicaid. It supplies cancer screenings, annual exams, and access to birth control. Xelena Gonzalez of San Antonio said she received abnormal test results and needed a follow-up appointment just before the state law took effect in March, and her area Planned Parenthood clinic lost funding. She said she couldnt afford the lab fees and other costs of going to another provider. She said she is thrilled she can return to Planned Parenthood to follow up. Its a tremendous relief that someone is looking out for women, Gonzalez said Monday, referring to the judges decision. It makes me upset that these are men, for the most part, who are making decisions affecting our reproductive health and that they would try to shame us. Catherine Frazier, spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry, said the state will pursue all legal options to keep the law. Texas has a long history of protecting life, and we are confident in Attorney General Abbotts appeal to defend the will of Texans and our state law, which prohibits tax-

Mary Green, Peg Armstrong and Jan Perrault hold up signs during Womens Health Express, a bus event held in San Antonio, Texas on March 6, 2012, to protest the attempt to cut Planned Parenthood out of the states Womens Health Plan. Federal Judge Lee yeakel ruled Monday there is sufficient evidence a law barring Planned Parenthood from participating in the Texas Womens Health Program in unconstitutional and stopped the state from banning the organization from receiving state funds. payer funds from supporting abortion providers and affiliates in the Womens Health Program, Frazier said. Patricio Gonzales, CEO of Planned Parenthood Association of Hidalgo County, called on the Republican governor to stop trying to shut down Planned Parenthood in Texas. No woman should ever have to fear being cut off from her doctors care because of shortsighted political games, Gonzales said. The courts decision comes after the federal government cut off funding to Texas because of the state regulation excluding affiliates of abortion providers. Federal officials said the rule violates federal law by restricting women from choosing the qualified medical provider of their choice. Perry promised to make up for the lost federal funds. State health officials say maintaining the program was cheaper than allowing it to expire, because ending the program would result in a spike in unplanned pregnancies among poor women who rely on Medicaid, which is also funded by the state. Planned Parenthood won a similar injunction earlier this year against the states new requirement that doctors perform a sonogram


before conducting an abortion. That injunction was overturned by the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit and the law allowed to stand. No matter what the appeal court decides, Yeakels decision is temporary. A final decision will come after he presides over a full trial. Whatever decision he reaches will likely be appealed.



Expansion of Air Force training area wont damage environment

DENVER The Air Force says the proposed expansion of a flight training area in eastern Colorado and western Kansas would have no significant environmental impacts. A draft environmental assessment was released Monday. A 30day period for public comment on starts Tuesday. The current training area is about 2,500 square miles. It includes Cheyenne, Kiowa and Kit Carson counties in Colorado and Greeley, Logan, Scott, Wallace and Wichita counties in Kansas. The size of the proposed expansion wasnt immediately available. The draft environmental statement lists requirements from about 3,900 to 5,600 square miles for different types of training. The training area is used by F-16s from the Colorado Air National Guard at Buckley Air Force Base and by refueling tankers from the Kansas Air National Guard at Forbes Field in Topeka. Associated Press

Alarming increase in babies born addicted to painkillers

CHICAGO Less than a month old, Savannah Dannelley scrunches her tiny face into a scowl as a nurse gently squirts a dose of methadone into her mouth. The infant is going through drug withdrawal and is being treated with the same narcotic prescribed for her mother to fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers. Disturbing new research says the number of U.S. babies born with signs of opiate drug withdrawal has tripled in a decade because of a surge in pregnant womens use of legal and illegal narcotics, including Vicodin, OxyContin and heroin, researchers say. It is the first national study of the problem. The number of newborns with withdrawal symptoms increased from a little more than one per 1,000 babies sent home from the hospital in 2000 to more than three per 1,000 in 2009, the study found. More than 13,000 U.S. infants were affected in 2009, the researchers estimated. The newborns include babies like Savannah, whose mother stopped abusing painkillers and switched to prescription methadone early in pregnancy, and those whose mothers are still abusing legal or illegal drugs. Weaning infants from these drugs can take weeks or months and often requires a lengthy stay in intensive care units. Hospital charges for treating these newborns soared from $190 million to $720 million between 2000 and 2009, the study found. The study was released online Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Savannah is hooked up to heart and oxygen monitors in an Oak Lawn, Ill., newborn intensive care unit. In a pink crib, she sleeps fitfully, sometimes cries all night, and has had diarrhea and trouble feeding typical signs of withdrawal. Some affected babies also have breathing problems, low birth weights and seizures. Its really hard, every day, emotionally and physically, said Aileen Dannelley, 25. Its really hard when your daughter is born addicted. Doctors say newborns arent really addicted, but their bodies are dependent on methadone or other opiates because of their mothers use during pregnancy. Small methadone doses to wean them off these drugs is safer than cutting them off altogether, which can cause dangerous seizures and even death, said Dr. Mark Brown, chief of pediatrics at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. Newborn drug withdrawal is rampant in Maine, Florida, West Virginia, parts of the Midwest and other sections of the country. Dr. Stephen Patrick, the lead author of the study and a newborn specialist at the University of Michigan health system in Ann Arbor, called the problem a public health epidemic that demands attention from policymakers, as well as from researchers to clarify what long-term problems these infants may face. University of Maine scientist Marie Hayes said her research suggests some affected infants suffer developmental delays in early childhood, but whether those problems persist is uncertain. Its the 21st century version of what was known as the crack baby ASSocIAtED PRESS epidemic of the 1980s. Some Aileen Dannelley holds her baby, Savannah, at Advocate Christ Medical Center in oak experts say that epidemic was Lawn, Ill. The one-month-old baby is being treated with methadone for withdrawal overblown and that infants born while she and her mother both fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers. to mothers using crack cocaine face no serious long-term health fight their addiction. started abusing drugs after an problems. Doctors pushing powerful pain- adult neighbor introduced her to Some think the current problem is being overblown, too. Carl killers like candy contribute to the crack when she was 14. She said Hart, an assistant psychiatry pro- problem, said Arturo Valdez, who she would never have touched it fessor at Columbia University runs the Chicago substance abuse if she had known how addictive and a substance abuse research- program that Aileen Dannelley drugs can be. She said she has abused Vicodin, er at the New York Psychiatric attends. Patients at his West Side clinic include men and women who which a doctor gave her to treat Institute, noted that only a tiny portion of the estimated four are prescribed opiate painkillers back pain from sitting all day at an million U.S. infants born each for legitimate reasons, such as car office job, as well as other prescripaccident injuries, and find them- tion painkillers and heroin. year are affected. selves addicted Dannelley was still abusing drugs Hart also when the pre- early in her pregnancy but decided said the Its really hard, every day, scriptions runs in December to quit, vowing: Im study probemotionally and physically. out. Some turn not going to go back to that lifeably includes to street drugs, style. Theres a baby inside me. Its really hard when your women who which can be Now she is trying to get her werent abus- daughter is born addicted. cheaper and life back on track. Estranged from ing drugs dureasier to obtain, her husband, she is living with AILEEN DANNELLEy ing pregnancy, her parents and just signed up for Mother to a baby born with addiction Valdez said. but were takIn some nursing classes at a local junior coling prescribed states, mothers lege. She visits Savannah every day. painkillers for of newborns The baby has been in the hospital legitimate reawith drug with- since she was born in early April, sons. He said drawal are arrested and jailed, but and her mother hopes to take her he worries that the study will unfairly stigmatize pregnant Valdez said addiction is a brain home soon. I am doing so good for the first women who are doing the right disease that should be treated like time in my life, Dannelley said. thing by taking methadone to other illnesses, not stigmatized. Aileen Dannelley said she

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moVIN to thE mUSIc

The KU concert choir and chambers choir held a recital last night at 7:30 in the Swarthout Recital Hall located in Murphy Hall.


The Chambers choir performs their song Chili Con Carne at the end of their recital last night held in Swarthout recital hall in Murphy Hall.


The Chambers choir performs their song Chili Con Carne at the end of their recital last night held in Swarthout recital hall in Murphy Hall.



Crowded ferry boat in India occupy activists might slow capsizes and kills 41 people May Day commutes with protests
GAUHATI, India An overcrowded ferry boat capsized in heavy winds and rain in remote northeastern India late Monday, killing at least 41 people and leaving at least 150 others missing, police said. Divers and rescue workers with rubber rafts scoured the Brahmaputra River early Tuesday in the search for survivors amid the floating debris, which was all that remained of the ferry. The boat was packed with around 350 people. A passenger, Hasnat Ali, told local television that about 200 people were packed inside the boat along with cargo, and that he and around 150 others were riding on the roof when a storm hit as the ferry was heading to the shore to dock. The boat was tossed about and many of those on the roof were thrown off and managed to swim to shore before the ferry was dashed to pieces, he said. He managed to cling to a log and was later rescued by local villagers, he said. Assam state police chief J.N. Choudhury said the people traveling on the top level were saved. But 41 bodies have been found and rescuers are searching for at least 150 people who are missing, police said. Choudhury said the accident occurred near Fakiragram in west Dhubri district, about 350 kilometers (215 miles) west of the state capital, Gauhati, and close to where the river enters Bangladesh. He said officials in that country had been contacted for help. The area is dotted with riverside settlements and small islands, and boats are the most common mode of transport. Most ferries are overcrowded, with little regard for safety regulations. Strong winds and rain likely caused the accident, Choudhury said. Police and paramilitary soldiers were sent to help local villagers with rescue efforts, he said. Mohan Lal, a senior officer with the Border Security Force, said 35 troops were at the accident site on boats and were using hand-held searchlights. He said a team of federal rescue workers was also on its way. Lal said troops had located the upturned and broken pieces of the boat but were unable to lift them without a crane.


SAN FRANCISCO May Day protests may disrupt the morning commute in major U.S. cities Tuesday as labor, immigration and Occupy activists rally support on the international workers holiday. Demonstrations, strikes and acts of civil disobedience are being planned around the country, including the most visible organizing effort by anti-Wall Street groups since Occupy encampments came down in the fall. While protesters are backing away from a call to block San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge, bridge district ferry workers said theyll strike Tuesday morning to shut down ferry service, which brings commuters from Marin County to the city. Ferry workers have been in contract negotiations for a year and have been working without a contract since July 2011 in a dispute over health care coverage, the Inlandboatmens Union said. A coalition of bridge and bus workers said they will honor the picket line, which may target an area near the bridges toll plaza. Occupy activists from San Francisco and Oakland are expected to join the rally. We ask supporters to stand with us at strike picket lines on May Day and to keep the bridge open, said Alex Tonisson, an organizer and co-chair of the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition. Police say they are working with other area law enforcement agencies and have a plan in place for

potential disruptions. They would not discuss specifics. Across the bay in Oakland, where police and Occupy protesters have often clashed, officers are preparing for a long day as hundreds of General Strike signs have sprouted across town. In New York City, where the first Occupy camp was set up and where large protests brought some of the earliest attention and mass arrests to the movement, leaders plan a variety of events, including picketing, a march through Manhattan and other creative disruptions against the corporations who rule our city. Organizers have called for protesters to block one or more bridges or tunnels connecting Manhattan, the citys economic engine, to New Jersey and other parts of the city. The Occupy movement began in September with a small camp in a

lower Manhattan plaza that quickly grew to include hundreds of protesters using the tent city as their home base. More than 700 people were arrested Oct. 1 as they tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The city broke the camp up in November, citing sanitary and other concerns, but the movement has held smaller events and protests periodically since then. Elsewhere on the West Coast, Occupy Seattle has called for people to rally at a park near downtown Tuesday. Mayor Mike McGinn has warned residents there could be traffic delays and has said city officials have evidence including graffiti and posters that some groups plan to commit violence, damage property and disrupt peaceful free speech activity. In Los Angeles, demonstrators are planning to take to the streets to champion immigrant rights.


Crocodile Dundee star resolves battle with australian tax authorities

SYDNEY Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan has resolved his seven-year battle with Australian tax authorities over alleged unpaid taxes dating back to his first international hit movie in the 1980s. Hogan and his friend and producer John Cornell said through their lawyer, Andrew Robinson, on Monday that the pair had reached a settlement with tax authorities to resolve more than 150 million Australian dollars ($156 million) in alleged unpaid taxes and penalties. Tax officials barred the Australian actor from returning to his Los Angeles home for two weeks over the matter in 2010 when he returned to Sydney for his mothers funeral. Hogans lawyers eventually secured a deal that allowed him to leave Australia. The 72-year-old comedic actor became an international star with the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee.


tUESDAY, mAY 1, 2012


Volume 124 Issue 146


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

page 8B

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Perfecting the Pitch


Football talent showcased

Leaving the KU family


With Taylor on the mound, the team hopes to improve its away record
andrew joseph

stopping the trend

By Andrew Joseph

remember the first time I stepped foot in Lawrence: Feb. 16, 2008. Man, it was cold, but it was the visit that changed my life. For a kid coming from Atlanta, the notion of attending the University of Kansas isnt just rare, it is absolutely unheard of. With almost all my friends going to schools in the Southeast like Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn, I was the one who ventured over to the Midwest. Im sure most out-of-state students share this experience, but when someone asks us where we go to school, and we proudly tell them Kansas, some variation of the same response always ensues: Oh. really. Whyd you choose Kansas? I want to roll my eyes every time I hear that question, and I cringe as a Wizard of Oz reference often serves as a complement to the inquiry. But at the same time, I love to answer that question: Why did I choose Kansas? Most college students across the country love their school, but they dont know what theyre missing here. For me, it only took a few minutes on campus to know that Kansas was where I wanted to be. Despite an enrollment of around 27,000 students, the University of Kansas is as much of a family as it is a university. When Thomas Robinson tragically lost his mother and grandparents in a four-week span, the entire KU community rallied around Robinson and his sister, Jayla. Even with the loss and heartbreak Kansas let Robinson know that he was not alone. The phrase Family Over Everything embodies the basketball program, but there are no three better words to describe this University. It only takes watching one game at Allen Fieldhouse to see how much the students and alumni care about their school. When Robinsons eardrumrattling block against Missouri sent Allen Fieldhouse into a frenzy, it didnt matter whether we knew the people around us or not. Everyone hugged as if theyd known each other their whole lives. Kansas extends beyond athletics and winning and losing. It is a home. As I walk on Jayhawk Boulevard each day and gaze at the Memorial Campanile, I know I made the right choice. Being a Jayhawk is much more than a school mascot. Its a part of every students identity here at Kansas and something that I will always cherish.. As I finish my last column for The University Daily Kansan, I grow excited for the next stage in my life. But, at the same time, Im grateful for the last four years. Oh, really. Whyd you choose Kansas? I know Ill get the question again, and when I do, I will simply respond: Its the only place Id ever want to go to school. Rock Chalk. Edited by Bre Roach

I actually think hes been throwing the ball really well and thats one of the reasons why we are going to start him, Price The Kansas baseball team said. We want to keep him with (17-27, 4-13 Big 12), begins a the same routine and have that week with no conference games, same rhythm, so we dont have starting with a one-game visit to him go a whole week without Arkansas-Little Rock this afterthrowing. noon. The Kansas offense took a The Jayhawks lost two weekblow amid the news that senior end games against Oklahoma, third baseman Zac Elgie will but Sundays series finale was miss two weeks with a broken cancelled due to rain. finger on his catching hand. ElThe normal Sunday starter, gie injured his finger sliding into junior pitcher Thomas Taylor third base Friday night. (4-5, 4.08 ERA), will start today Despite losing a senior player, against the Trojans. Despite not Price said he is optimistic Elgie pitching in mid-week games, will be back before the regular Taylors approach will stay the season ends. same. If he could My mindset play through doesnt change the pain, and at all, Tay- i actually think hes been if the swelllor said. Its throwing the ball really ing is gone, he still a baseball well and thats one of the could possibly game, and just reasons why we are going be back in time because it isnt to start him. for the Misnecessarily a ritch Price coach souri series, Big 12 game, Price said. We you still have lost Zac at the to go out there worst possible time in the seaand compete to put the team in son, so its devastating timing a position to win. for him to be out as hot as hes The Jayhawks have struggled been. in road games throughout the season and will need a strong Edited by Gabrielle Schock performance from Taylor to stop the trend. Coach Ritch Price said he gave Taylor the starting position because of Taylors recent improvement.

thomas taylor, the Jayhawks junior pitcher from Overland Park, attempts to pick off a texas tech base runner at first base during their game at hoglund Ballpark on Sunday afternoon. thomas gave up only one run against the Aggies at the top of the first inning.

claire howard/Kansan


After surgery Davis rehabilitates knee

ryan mccarthy On Feb. 12, junior forward Carolyn Davis went up for what appeared to be a routine jumper just outside the lane at Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan. Its a play Davis has shot a thousand times in practice and in games. As she planted her left side, her knee buckled causing her to collapse onto the court. Junior guard Angel Goodrich whipped her face around and put both hands on her head. Its something that happened to her twice before. Davis lay motionless for more than 10 minutes; team doctors and coaches surrounded her as she sat on the hardwood floor. When you hear the scream you know what it is, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. In Henricksons time at Kansas, there have been six anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, but the team is also doing everything in their power to prevent these injuries, whether its the training staff, orthopedic surgeons or the players themselves. With surgery now passed, Davis is focused on recovery so she can have as strong of a senior season as possible. Davis has begun the process by participating in exercises with the team while also attempting to get as much movement possible back in her knee. Having so multiple ACL tears on the womens basketball team allows Davis to rely on the expertise of not only the trainers and physicians on hand in the Kansas athletic department, but also her teammates. Her roommate and close friend Goodrich tore the ligament twice while at Kansas. Sophomore forward Tania Jackson tore hers in high school and missed time as a Jayhawk. It kind of helped that Ive been around a few of them, Davis said. So I kind of knew what to expect in a way. I think what helped me was there were so many people around me that werent going to allow me to isolate myself. Theres plenty of evidence that shows why women are more susceptible to ACL injuries than men. According to an article published in American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) by Dr. Timothy E. Hewett in November 2010, women are two to 10 times more likely to sustain a knee ligament injury, such as an ACL injury, than male athletes participating in the same sports. Dr. Hewett went onto say that most ACL injurieswhether in male or female athletesoccur by noncontact mechanisms, often during landing from a jump or making a lateral pivot while running. There are several factors to go into why women are more susceptible to these injuries. Dr. Larry McGee, the Kansas head team physician, and Dr. Douglass Stull and Dr. Jeff Randall, orthopedic surgeons at OrthoKansas on 1112 West 6th St, have all worked with ACL patients for the Jayhawks and provide similar theories on the issue. Some of the factors include the following: General muscle strength of males over females, in particular in their quadriceps and hamstrings. The females anatomy is different from males, wider pelvises, creating different position for the knee, which results in valgus Knee. Women also tend to have a narrower notch in the knee where the ACL is placed. Another theory that Dr. McGee, Stull and Randall talked about, but has not been proven, hormonal differences with women and if the menstrual cycle has any factor. According to the doctors there are estrogen receptors on the ACL, which makes for increased laxatives during the menstrual cycle. They all concluded that theres not an exact answer for

Articular cartilage Posterior cruciate Ligament (PcL)

WhAt thE DoctoRS SAy



Anterior cruciate Ligament (AcL)

see acl page 5B

PaGe 2B

tuesday, may 1, 2012

the uNIVeRsIty daILy KaNsaN

Quote of the day

We should have known we would be dancing. Coach Bonnie Henrickson on their propensity for excitement this season.

Womens basketball like Sleeping Beauty

six games, and its tournament hopes seemed dormant. But junior guard Angel Goodrich gave them the kiss that revived their post-season dreams. Their final conference game was at Oklahoma, and it appeared to be a must-win for the Jayhawks. Goodrich valiantly led her troops, and they all returned to Lawrence victorious. Things seemed to be looking up yet again when Kansas received a firstround bye and a sixth seed in the Big 12 Tournament. But, when the draw came out, they were matched against the defending national champion, the Texas A&M Aggies. They lost the game and faced four long days before the selection show. That night, they gathered in the castle - also known as Allen Fieldhouse - for a meal with family and friends as they awaited their post-season, NCAA fate. After it was announced that Kansas would be making a tournament appearance, the room erupted in cheers. Finally, the Jayhawks had vanquished the foe that kept them out of the tournament for more than a decade. At the banquet, Henrickson said that they should have known they would be dancing. They started the

the moRNING BReW


fact of the day

Kansas defeated Selezione Lombardia 110-25 for its second victory on the Italian tour.

tRIVIa of the day

Q: When was the last time Kansas made it to the Sweet 16?

jobs housing


hen the Kansas womens basketball team returned home from the NCAA tournament, I sat down with Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger to talk about the progress of the program and the success of the team under the guidance of coach Bonnie Henrickson. After all, this was the teams first conference appearance since 2000. He compared the season to a fairy tale, and as the Kansans lead womens basketball reporter for two years, I felt like that was appropriate. In retrospect, I would compare this season to Sleeping Beauty with a dash of Aishah Sutherlands California cool added in. The team started the year with high expectations, but was surrounded with the pressure of previous seasons in which they did not live up to the hype. But despite the critics, the team breezed through non-conference play, finishing 13-1. Still, the shadow of inconsistent conference play and season-ending injuries lingered overhead. Henrickson guided them past these challenges, working to protect her team and lead it to the tournament. In the start of conference play, the Jayhawks were victorious across the

By Kathleen Gier Big 12 kingdom with three-straight road wins and a 4-1 record. Suddenly, they were ranked second in the conference and their season looked bright. But Kansas hit a snag when it lost three consecutive games to the ranked trio: Baylor, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. However, they then returned home and picked up a win against Texas to complete their first season sweep. After their victory, though, they traveled to Manhattan where the dark shadows were looming. This is where the team pricked its finger on the spindle and fell under the spell. Darkness fell over the Jayhawks season as their captain and veteran forward Carolyn Davis suffered a season-ending knee injury. The Jayhawks seemed lost. Kansas dropped five of the next

season with summer training in Italy where they danced while waiting for boats and buses. They did The Wobble at Late Night with a hesitant coach. The season started smoothly and kept getting more exciting. When Davis was injured, the team wobbled, but they never fell. One long month later, they were dancing again. The season was not perfect by any means, but it ended happily. Davis is recovering, and Goodrich will return. Henrickson will safely rule in her throne as queen with the team surrounding her. Their storybook may have closed on this season, but the Jayhawks are praticing, preparing for even greater adventures to come. Edited by Taylor Lewis

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tUeSDaY, maY 1, 2012

page 3b

Baylor holds lead, Aggies barely ahead of UT

max LUSh

1. baYLoR beaRS (38-8, 18-0)

The Bears are good. Theyre super good. Theyve played 18 Big 12 games and won them all. Theyve already clinched at least a share of the conference crown. Theyve simply out hit, out pitched and out classed all of their opponents.

4. oKLahoma State CowboYS (26-17, 11-7)

The Cowboys have rattled off six straight conference victories and eight overall. They sit tied with the Aggies for third in the conference. Their next series is with in-state rivals Oklahoma. This series could decide who earns fourth place in the conference. Oklahoma sits just 1.5 games behind the Cowboys.

7. texaS teCh ReD RaIDeRS (25-22, 5-13)

The Red Raiders have possibly disappointed the most of any team in the Big 12 this season. They are loaded on offense, hitting .299 as a team, but the pitching allows 4.08 runs a game. They will face off with Texas A&M and Kansas State to end their season. They need to finish strong to insure that they finish eighth or better to qualify for the Big 12 Tournament.

2. texaS a&m aggIeS (31-13, 11-7)

The Aggies sit third in the conference standings, one game behind the Texas Longhorns. Why are tin the two spot then? Because they just took their weekend series from the Longhorns, winning two of three. Unfortunately, with only six conference games left, there is no way they can win the Big 12 regular season title.

5. oKLahoma SooNeRS (28-16, 9-8)

The Sooners have won five straight in conference play. They swept the Missouri Tigers two weekends ago. The Sooners came to Lawrence over the weekend, and won both games. Sundays was cancelled due to rain. They close their season with Oklahoma State and Baylor.

8. KaNSaS (17-27, 4-13)

The Jayhawks had an opportunity to pad their lead for eighth place over Kansas State against Oklahoma this weekend. Instead, the offense struggled all weekend and lost both games. Kansas only scored three runs in two games. Their series with Kansas State in two weekends will likely decide which team from Kansas will make the conference tournament and which will miss out.

3. texaS LoNghoRNS (25-16, 12-6)

One who dominates the Big 12, but here they are any way, sitting second in the conference standings in a down year. There is still a faint glimmer of hope for the Longhorns in the conference race. They must win their last six conference games, and Baylor must lose its last six. The two teams face off the last weekend of the season.

6. mISSoURI tIgeRS (23-19, 7-11)

The Tigers have dropped two in a row in conference play. They have the Border Showdown and a series with Texas left in their season. Barring a major collapse, the Tigers will qualify for the conference tournament easily.

9. KaNSaS State wILDCatS (19-26, 3-15)

The Wildcats have dropped their last 10 conference games. The pitching has constantly let the Wildcats down this season. They allow a conference-worst 5.55 runs per game and its not even close. They allow 1.16 more runs every game than the Kansas Jayhawks, the next highest ERA in the conference.


Guillen criticizes players, says adjustments are imminent

aSSoCIateD pReSS
MIAMI Ozzie Guillen headed to the airport Monday evening for a six-hour flight plenty of time to decide how to shake up his slumping team. The Miami Marlins fell deeper into last place in the NL East with a 9-5 loss Monday afternoon to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Guillen said something needs to change. It might be the lineup. Guillen criticized his players failure to change their approach at the plate or on the mound. If you cannot make an adjustment, I will make it for you, he said. Im going to make a very drastic change. I dont know which one yet, but Im going to make an adjustment. Im pretty good at that. Thats my job. The Marlins have lost eight of their past nine games, and the latest defeat was galling because it came against Arizonas Patrick Corbin, making his major-league debut. One day after falling behind 8-0, the Marlins trailed 7-0 by the fifth inning. Fans booed for the second game in a row. Can you blame them? Guillen said. I was booing, too. Its a shame, because weve got a better ballclub than weve showed. The last couple of games, things got out of hand very lousy baseball, period. The Marlins, expected to contend for a division title after an offseason spending spree, are 8-14 as they begin a nine-game trip Tuesday in San Francisco. We are too good to continue to play the way were playing right now, shortstop Jose Reyes said. We need to turn it around quickly. The 22-year-old Corbin, a lefthander called up from Double-A Mobile, struck out six and allowed three runs in 5 2-3 innings. Cody Ransom and Justin Upton hit tworun homers for Arizona, and Willie Bloomquist had a two-run double. Miami tapped into a 1-2-3 basesloaded double play and committed three errors, including one on a misplayed bunt that led to a fiverun inning. Mark Buehrle (1-4) endured his worst outing this season. Facing Arizona for the first time in his 370th career start, the left-hander lasted only five innings and allowed seven runs four earned and eight hits. I guess it could get worse, Buehrle said. We won eight games this month. We could have won none. Weve got to keep going at it. Struggling closer Heath Bell gave up two runs in a non-save situation in the ninth. His ERA rose to 10.80. Everybody knows he has struggled, Guillen said. Everybody knows he has a lot of problems. Make an adjustment, and hopefully it can work. After the Marlins threatened in the first inning, they didnt manage another hit off Corbin until the

fifth, when John Buck singled and pinch-hitter Donnie Murphy homered. Miamis Austin Kearns hit a tworun homer in the seventh. At least we fought back, Reyes said. We put some runs on the scoreboard. Thats good. But still we lost the game. Its kind of disappointing for us, because were better than this. The Marlins fell to 2-6 against left-handers with a batting average of .188. Thanks to the retractable roof on the Marlins new ballpark, a rainout may have been averted for a second day in a row. Announced attendance was 31,008, and the afternoon crowd included 12,000 schoolchildren who generated a high-pitched din throughout the game. There were jeers from the adults in the crowd during Arizonas fiverun fourth inning. Id be booing us too, the way were playing, Buehrle said.

Arizona Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin throws against the Miami Marlins in the fourth inning of a baseball game in Miami.

aSSoCIateD pReSS




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page 4b AwArds

tUeSDaY, maY 1, 2012


Senior athletes honored at K ring ceremony

SaRa KRUgeR Seniors from all University sports attended the Jayhawk Senior Ring presentation at Allen Fieldhouse on Sunday, a ceremony to honor student athletes. Each athlete received a special K ring, a gold ring with a red face and marked with a blue K. All of our student athletes strive to represent KU with integrity and honor and always striving to do their best. said David Johnston, director of the K Club and a former University student athlete. To me, those characteristics are embodied in the K ring. Athletic director Sheahon Zenger said the current class of senior student athletes is similar to those before them. Each class has their own class of champions and All-Americans, Zenger said. This night is really about all of them. Allison Mayfield, a volleyball player and track and field athlete, and Tim Biere, a football player, were both awarded the Robert E. Frederick Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year. I cant explain what it has meant to me to be here, Mayfield said. It isnt just about the volleyball or the track; you meet people here. Tonight was a huge honor. Mayfield left her mark at the University as an outside hitter for the Kansas volleyball team and a high jumper and javelin thrower on the track and field team. She ended her volleyball career with more season kills, 462, and career attempts, 3,858, than any other player in Kansas volleyball history. Mayfield is also No. 3 on the alltime high jump list and among the top 10 javelin throwers in the Big 12. Biere was a team captain for the Kansas football team and played in all but one game in the 2011 season. He made the All-Big 12 Honorable Mention list, averaging 29.3 receiving yards per game. Biere was also an Academic All-Big 12 First team in 2009 and made both the Big 12 Commissioners and KU Athletic Directors honor roll every year he was eligible. To be a student athlete at KU carries with it a lot of pressure, a lot of responsibility and of course a lot of pride, Johnston, director of the K Club, said. Tonight was a chance to present them with a symbol of everything they have experienced. The Del Shankel Teaching Excellence Award was awarded to Mehrangiz Najafizadeh, an associate professor in the sociology department. Najafizadeh said she was speechless after hearing seniors Steven Johnson and Jake Marasco announce she had won. I have had wonderful athletes in my classes, Najafizadeh said. They do so much, but they excel really in both academics and athletics. I am truly honored to be nominated by them and winning it is just really great. Edited by Gabrielle Schock

senior outside hitter Allison Mayfield gives her senior address after receiving her K ring at the 2012 Jayhawk senior Celebration sunday evening at Allen Fieldhouse. Mayfield also won the robert Frederick senior scholar Athlete of the Year along with senior tight end Tim Biere.

aShLeIgh Lee/KaNSaN



Pacers tie series against Orlando

aSSocIateD pReSS
INDIANAPOLIS David West had 18 points and 11 rebounds to help the Indiana Pacers beat the Orlando Magic 93-78 on Monday night and even the Eastern Conference firstround series at one game apiece. Danny Granger and George Hill each added 18 points and Paul George had 17 points and eight rebounds for Indiana. Glen Davis led the Magic with 18 points and 10 rebounds, but he shot 5 for 16 from the field. J.J. Redick scored 13 points and Jameer Nelson added 12 for Orlando. The Pacers were heavy favorites in the series because Dwight Howard, Orlandos All-Star center, is out with a back injury. Indiana lost Game 1 81-77 on Saturday, and the frustrated Pacers fought hard to avoid taking a two-game deficit to Orlando on Wednesday. Indiana outrebounded Orlando 26-13 in the second half and held the Magic to 36 percent shooting overall. Indiana has held the Magic below 40 percent shooting in both games. The Pacers won despite making just 2 of 20 3-point attempts and Granger, the teams leading scorer this season, shooting just 7 for 21 from the field. Orlando led 44-42 at halftime despite shooting just 32 percent from the field. The Magic stayed in the game with 12 offensive rebounds. Davis had 14 points and eight rebounds in the first half. Granger hit a 3-pointer to tie the game early in the third quarter, then Hill made a layup to give the Pacers a 54-52 lead with 7:17 left and bring an uneasy crowd back into the game. Grangers three-point play extended Indianas lead midway through the quarter, and a 3-pointer by Hill made it 64-55 and forced Orlando to call a timeout. The Pacers outrebounded the Magic 12-1 during their 22-11 run to start the second half. The Pacers poured it on the rest of the quarter and led 72-57 heading into the fourth. Indiana outscored Orlando 16-2 over the final 6:40 of the quarter and held the Magic to 1-for-8 shooting. Georges stepback jumper on the baseline as the shot clock expired gave Indiana a 78-64 lead with nine minutes to play, and his three-point play two minutes later pushed the lead to 15.

Last minute goal moves semifinals into a tie

NEw YOrK Alex Ovechkins powerplay goal with 7:27 remaining snapped a tie and gave the washington Capitals a 3-2 victory over the New York rangers that squared the Eastern Conference semifinal series 1-1 on Monday night. Just under six minutes after ryan Callahan got the rangers even with a power-play goal, Ovechkin put the Capitals ahead for good after they squandered a 2-0 lead. Mike Knuble and Jason Chimera scored first-period goals for the Capitals, who will host the next two games of the series. washington is trying to repeat its first-round feat when it lost the series opener but rallied to beat Boston in seven games. The Capitals have earned four of their five wins in this postseason on the road. Brad richards had a goal and assist, and defenseman Michael del Zotto had two assists for the top-seeded rangers, who got forward Brian Boyle back from a three-game injury absence but couldnt turn it into a commanding lead in the series.
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washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby makes a save in the second period of Game 2 of the NHL Eastern Conference semifinals at Madison square Garden in New York, Monday, April 30.

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Knicks reach embarrassing post season milestone, may lose Stoudemire to injury
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MIAMI The New York Knicks lost a game, then might have lost their center right after. Dwyane Wade scored 25 points, Chris Bosh added 21 and the Miami Heat beat New York 10494 on Monday night, sending the Knicks to an NBA-record-tying 12th straight postseason loss. Making matters worse for the Knicks: Amare Stoudemire cut his left hand in a postgame incident. The Knicks did not immediately release any details on how it happened, and coach Mike Woodson who saw the cut declined to offer specifics. Lets talk about the game, Woodson said. Thank you. Miami-Dade paramedics, who staff every game at the arena, were seen leaving the Knicks locker room after the game. The Knicks said doctors and paramedics were working on Stoudemire, who was expected to need stitches. LeBron James finished with 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds for the Heat, who lead the Eastern Conference first-round series 2-0. Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points on 12-for-26 shooting for New York, which got 18 points from Stoudemire and 13 apiece from Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith. The only other team to lose 12 straight playoff games is the Memphis Grizzlies, who dropped their first dozen postseason contests from 2004 through 2006. New Yorks last postseason win came April 29, 2001. The Knicks get another chance to snap the drought Thursday when they host Game 3. Mario Chalmers scored 13 points and Mike Miller and Shane Battier each shot 3 for 5 from 3-point range on their way to 11-point games for the defending East champion Heat, who shot 52 percent. Every game we try to find our shooters, get them comfortable in the offense and once they catch them, they can let it fly, James said. It was concerted effort tonight to get them the ball and move the ball from one side to the other. Baron Davis, who sat most of the first half and has been battling back issues, finished with 12 points for the Knicks. Along with the Grizzlies, the Knicks were one of four teams in NBA history with 11-game postseason losing streaks, according to STATS LLC, joining Denver (198894) and the Baltimore Bullets (1965-70). The Heat came into the game saying they expected Anthony to be much more aggressive. They were right. Anthony opened with an 11-shot quarter the last time someone took more in the first 12 minutes of a playoff game was May 15, 2006, when Richard Hamilton got 12 shots off for Detroit against Cleveland. Anthony missed all seven of the jumpers he took in Game 1 when guarded by James, then got his first one to fall on the games first possession Monday. By halftime, Anthony was up to 21 points on 9-for-18 shooting, the Knicks needing all that and more. Wade, James and Bosh combined for 41 points in the first two quarters, helping Miami take a 53-47 lead. Unlike Game 1, it wasnt over by halftime. And play was heated, just not overheated. Chandler, who set a back pick that sent James tumbling late in Saturdays first half, picked up a technical for taunting early in the second quarter when he went over Miller for a putback dunk and then glared at him for a few moments. A few minutes later, James did a fistpump toward the seats after a layup late in the half. But whenever Miami was on the cusp of pulling away, New York had answers. Consecutive baskets by James midway through the third quarter, the second of those good enough for him to merit it worthy of a chest-bump and long look at the Knicks bench, put Miami up 67-56 then its biggest lead. Four minutes later, the Knicks were within four, a dunk by Chandler making it 72-68 with 1:37 left in the period. Miamis margin was back to nine after a flurry ended the quarter. James drove right and got just about every Knick to shift with him, leaving Battier all alone for a 3-pointer, and James three-point play as the shot clock was running down had him laughing and the Heat up 78-69 going into the fourth. The Knicks never got any closer.


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the UNIVeRSItY DaILY KaNSaN FRom aCL page 1b

why women are more susceptible to men in ACL injuries. All of these could play a role into ACL injuries, but at the moment theres no clear answer. Dr. Jeff Randall at OrthoKansas has performed dozens of knee surgeries over his 16 seasons working for Kansas Athletics. Dealing mainly with knee injuries in the Kansas program, Randall been on hand for many of the surgeries the womens basketball team suffered including Davis on March 27. Randall is meticulous in his preparation, making sure all the necessary precautions are taken before going into surgery. Typically before the surgery I plan the day before, Randall said. I always see what people are doing. What people need to think about in the operating in that. Randall usually relies on an autograph technique during surgery where he takes muscle from the hamstring and then creates a new ACL in the players knee. Randall said that the mark is only 2.5 to 3 centimeters wide so most of the time the mark can barely be seen on a players skin. The less invasion youre doing going in, the easier it is on the athlete coming out, Randall said. There have been huge strides in the Sports Medicine field, but Randall believes the more awareness and training available, the less prevalent of a problem ACL injuries will become in the near future. I think you can always do more, Randall said. Theres new things every year and there are more people studying it and figuring it out and fine tuning it. I think as much as weve done more can be done.

tUeSDaY, maY 1, 2012

toll. Davis has worked hand-inhand with Turner and they both understand the physical and mental tolls these injuries take on the players. Turner works with each individual player on what they need to do to come back as close as possible to full strength after an injury. Shes so positive, Davis said. Even when Im having a bad day, shes still positive. She lets me be mad and she just keeps working with me. She wants me to get back from this. The main thing Turner works on with the players, when they have ACL injuries, is how to jump correctly because of the difference in anatomy between men women. Turner said herself and strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hudy work together to teach the girls how to jump properly. Turner realizes she can better help these players through this trying process with a calming personality. Everybody has a different range of how they handle it. Some are better than others, some can find the silver lining in the situation better than others can, Turner said. Theres definitely days and I tell them all that there will be moments this is horrible, but its OK to be angry, its OK to vent with me and Im here with you to get you through it. 12 weeks have passed since Davis knee injury, which puts her at about the halfway point to when she can see the court again. On that February day, Davis left the game carted off on a gurney, with tears streaming down her face. Since then shes been active with the team. Throughout their NCAA tournament run she was right there with the group. She could be seen often standing underneath the basket, talking talking to every forward about what they needed to do to improve. At some points she even cracked a smile, even though she was missing some of the fun. Davis still has a long way to go in the process of recovering, she knows the help and people around her will help her make full recovery for the start of the season in November. If you tear an ACL and get through it, Davis said. You can be so much stronger and I think thats what Im looking forward to being able to be a stronger person afterwards and knowing Ill be a totally different player and a totally different love for the game. edited by Max Lush

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The Surgeon

VaLguS Knee
Valgus Knee or knock kneed is a term used to describe what happens to a woman when they suffer a non-contact ACL injury. In Dr. Hewetts findings of his Nov. 10 piece named, Why women have an increased risk of ACL injury, His results indicated that valgus torque is controlled primarily by hip torque during a two-footed landing, but more by the change in the ground reaction force during single-leg tasks. Altering and enhanced training may increase leg control and decrease hip and knee valgus torques in females.

One of the people thats been with Davis and many of the Jayhawks is Ann Turner the fulltime athletic trainer for the womens basketball team. Throughout the year, Turner can be spotted testing out players on the bench as they wince at the end of the bench making sure that nothing major has happened during a game while they are injured. . Turner came to Kansas as a graduate student after finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of WisconsinMadison. After two years training the swimming and diving team, she moved over to the Jayhawks womens basketball team five years ago. Turner worked with many of the injured players on the Kansas roster including Davis, Goodrich and Jackson on not only their ACL problems, but also any other ailments. Every time I have an injury I go back and re-look at what we do, Turner said. Theres always something to be learned from it. Turner realizes after helping through all of these ACL injuries that theres more to the womens basketball mindset than just getting them through the physical

The perSon on hand

recoVery proceSS
1. After the surgery Dr. Randal instructs patients to be in the immobilizer for two weeks. 2. Then Turner works with the players and switch to a functional brace until the six-week mark, all day, every day. Turner does this so their range of motion gets better and swelling will be removed from the knee. At this time Turner is working on basic strength. 3. At the 12-week mark more Turner tries to get as much strength back into their knee as possible. She also wants to get more strength around the knee, especially with hamstrings and quadriceps. During this period, Turner works on basic running, landing mechanics, real easy jogging, cutting and jumping. 4. The goal for Turner is to have the player ready to go at the 6-month mark so they can participate in full contact drills and be back with the team. Turner also continues to work on landing mechanics and doing some different rotational drills to adapt to the rotational force once again.
Kansas athletic Trainerann Turner

MoVIng ForWard



Missiles to be fired from roofs for opening ceremony

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Some London residents are getting troops and surface-to-air missiles on their rooftops for the Summer Olympics. British security officials identified potential sites for the missiles on Monday and announced plans for security tests during the week. The potential sites include Lexington Building in Tower Hamlets, the Fred Wigg Tower in Waltham Forest, Blackheath Common, Oxleas Wood, the William Girling Reservoir and Barn Hill in Epping Forest. News of one of the sites leaked out over the weekend when a journalist who lives in one of the buildings found a flyer notifying residents of the plan. From the few people Ive spoken to, and the security we have here, theyre not happy about it, said Brian Whelan. I dont think it needs to be here at all. Around 700 people living at Whelans building in Bow about 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) aSSoCIateD pReSS from Londons Olympic Stadi- The Ministry of Defence warned residents that surface-to-air missiles could be um have been contacted and stationed on their rooftops during the London olympics, Sunday, April 29. warned that the weapons and if the high velocity surface-to-air Games, said Defense Secretary about 10 troops are likely to be based at the site for around two missiles will be stationed on a Philip Hammond. Britain has previously conmonths. London is hosting the water tower attached to the sites firmed that up to 13,500 troops Summer Olympics from July 27- roof. The majority of this exercise are being deployed on land, at sea Aug.12. In the leaflet, the defense min- will be played out in full view of and in the air to help protect the istry said the venue offered an un- the public and I hope that it will Olympics alongside police and cluttered view of the surround- have a secondary effect of reas- security guards. Typhoon fighter ing areas and the entire sky above suring the British people that jets, helicopters, two warships everything possible is being done and bomb disposal experts will be the Olympic Park. Troops plan to conduct tests this to ensure this will be a safe and a part of the security operation. week at the building to determine secure Olympic and Paralympic

Former Major League baseball pitcher Roger Clemens leaves federal court in Washington, Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Clemens lawyer opened his defense of the former pitching star by telling jurors that evidence purportedly showing Clemens used steroids was manipulated by his former strength coach, brian McNamee.

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audio and video clips heard in clemens trial

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Prosecutors played audio and video clips Monday of Roger Clemens making a host of statements in his congressional deposition that the government will try to establish were lies. I havent done steroids or growth hormone, Clemens deep, booming voice said on the audiotape of his 2008 congressional deposition. Let me be clear: I have never used steroids or HGH, he said in the videotape of the congressional hearing a few days later, referring to human growth hormone. Clemens, a former pitcher who won seven Cy Young Awards, is accused of lying when he made those denials to Congress. The snippets of the hearing included the now-famous line from Clemens that his friend and former teammate, Andy Pettitte, misremembers a conversation in which, according to Pettitte, Clemens acknowledged using HGH. There was also an embarrassing exchange from that hearing, when Clemens reiterated his claim that he never had detailed discussions with strength coach Brian McNamee about HGH. A congressman then asks whether Clemens had called McNamee on the phone after his wife told Clemens she had taken HGH. That very much is detailed conversation, Clemens replied in the clip, appearing to say that they had such a discussion. The former pitchers perjury trial resumed Monday with the testimony of Phil Barnett, who, as majority staff director for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was the lead questioner at the 2008 deposition. Barnett said the committee invited Clemens to appear because it wanted to determine whether the Mitchell Report on performanceenhancing drugs in baseball could be relied upon as accurate. That report said that Clemens has used steroids and HGH, which the pitcher vehemently denied. Barnett also testified Monday that the committee had considered skipping the hearing and just issuing a report based on the depositions of Clemens and others. Barnett said that he asked Clemens lawyers if it would be fair to conclude the investigation without a hearing. Later, Barnett said, the lawyers responded that Clemens thought it would be unfair to do so. That could be an issue in the trial, because Clemens lawyer Rusty Hardin has questioned whether his client was really testifying voluntarily. Hardin has argued that Clemens knew hed be subpoenaed if he had refused the committees invitation. The prosecution also played other audio clips of Clemens from the deposition. The jury heard Clemens say that he was injected with vitamin B12 and the local anesthetic lidocaine by former strength coach McNamee, that he had no idea that Sen. George Mitchell wanted to speak with him for a report on performanceenhancing drugs in baseball, and that he never attended a party at former player Jose Cansecos house. All of those claims are listed as false statements in the indictment against Clemens. Clemens arrived in court wearing a blue short-sleeve dress shirt, red tie, and dark pinstripe suit. He was approached by a man, pulling one of the wheeled suitcases common among lawyers at the courthouse, who said Good luck, and shook his hand. Thank you buddy, Clemens replied. Go Yankees, the man said as he walked away.


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Detroit player suspended after hate crime charge

DETROIT Delmon Young was suspended by Major League Baseball on Monday for seven days without pay following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge last week in New York. The commissioners office said the suspension is retroactive to Friday, when Young was arrested after a late-night tussle at his hotel during which police say he yelled anti-Semitic epithets. Those associated with our game should meet the responsibilities and standards that stem from our games stature as a social institution, Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement. An incident like this cannot and will not be tolerated. I understand that Mr. Young is regretful, and it is my expectation that he will learn from this unfortunate episode. The statement from the commissioners office also said that Young would be required to participate in a treatment program. Young is eligible for reinstatement from the restricted list May 4. The suspension will cost Young approximately $257,240 of his $6,725,000 salary. Speaking before the Tigers game against the Kansas City Royals was postponed by rain, Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski said Young will not appeal the ruling and that he will not face additional discipline by the team when he comes off the restricted list Friday. Under the (collective bargaining agreement), theres no dual discipline, he said. Hell be activated and ready to play on Friday. If hes not in the lineup, that will be the managers decision. Hes been working out over the weekend, and took batting practice today, so hell be physically ready on Friday. Around 2:30 a.m. Friday, Young was standing outside the team hotel in New York. Nearby, a group of about four Chicago tourists staying at the hotel were approached by a panhandler wearing a yarmulke and a Star of David around his arrest. his neck, according to police. Dombrowski did not know any Afterward, as the group walked of the details of the treatment proup to the hotel doors, Young start- gram. It is not known if Young ed yelling anti-Semitic epithets, would undergo sensitivity training, police said. treatment for alcohol and anger It was not clear whom Young issues or some combination. was yelling at, We have not but he got into Those associated with been told those a scuffle with the our game should meet the details, and we Chicago group, might never and a 32-year-old responsibilities and stanknow all of them, man was tackled dards that stem from our he said. When and sustained games stature as a social Miguel (Cabrera) scratches to his institution was in a simielbows, accordBuD SeLig lar program last ing to police MLB Commissioner spring, I never and the criminal saw the entire complaint. treatment proBoth Young and the group went gram. The team is just told what inside the hotel, and at some point, they need to know to facilitate the police were called, and Young was players work in the program. arrested, police said. Young was Young is hitting .242 in 18 first taken to a hospital because games, batting fifth in the order he was believed to be intoxicated, behind Miguel Cabrera and Prince police said. Fielder. He has one homer and Young apologized to his team- five RBIs. mates and fans in a statement before being arraigned hours after

Detroit Tigers left fielder Delmon Young being arraigned in Manhattan criminal court in New York. Major League Baseball has suspended Young for seven days following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge last week in New York.



Kayaker trains for gold, Kentucky Derby lacks a works to overcome Crohns clear prediction for winner
The 28-year-old kayaker can handle endless days of training on the water. She can remain calm in a race the flatwater sprint that requires two minutes of explosive strength and steely nerves. But as Johnson prepares for her third consecutive Olympic Games this summer, something else could squash her medal hopes before she so much as reaches the starting line. Its frustrating, she said. And I have no control over it. Crohns disease is an autoimmune disorder that afflicts the digestive tract. The symptoms can include pain, fatigue and weight loss, and they can flare up at any time. With no known cure, Crohns has forced Johnson to miss competitions and skip training for long stretches of time. As the 2012 London Olympics approach, she must keep it at bay for the next three months. Youre continually trying to manage it and watch for the warning signs, she said. Thats all you can do. Not much slowed the San Diego native as a teenager. She competed in gymnastics for more than a decade before discovering kayaking at a junior lifeguard program. National coaches soon took note of this new paddler, built light and strong, and brought her into developmental camps at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. By 17, she was competing internationally. But then, in 2003, Johnson began to suffer unexplained fatigue and anemia. The symptoms grew serious enough that she had to turn down a spot on the U.S. team headed for the world championships. After months of medical examinations, a doctor finally diagnosed the problem. I had never heard of Crohns, so that was scary, Johnson said. It took awhile to really learn about it and get over freaking out. The Internet offered tales of the disease in its worst forms, but many of the estimated 700,000 Americans affected by this malady experience lesser symptoms. Diet and medication can go a long way toward managing Crohns. Barely a year after her initial diagnosis, Johnson was racing in the 500-meter sprint at the 2004 Athens Games, finishing one spot out of the finals. She has a really good strengthto-weight ratio, said Stein Jorgensen, a former Olympian who coaches her. She gets out really well and can usually put some distance between herself and her opponents.


This years running of the Kentucky Derby has more than its share of story lines with no horse clearly head and hooves above the others. Theres the first horse in more than 100 years trying to win the Derby without racing as a 2-yearold, or the horse trying to become only the eighth in history to be undefeated and win the celebrated race, or how about the early favorite who was a lock until finishing third in a recent race. All this means for Saturdays self-proclaimed greatest two minutes in sports is a lot of guessing and the hope for a lot of racing luck. They all have questions, which is why its so wide open, said Mike Battaglia, who will set the morning line for the Derby after

Wednesdays post-position draw. The horse that more people seem to love than hate is Union Rags, who was considered the easy favorite before finishing third in the Florida Derby. It was a tough race where he was caught behind horses and ran out of room. But, a truly great horse, finds a way to win. Union Rags didnt. All I want for the Kentucky Derby is to have Union Rags in a position to win and see if he can win, said jockey Julien Leparoux. Hes a great horse. We definitely have a great chance. Union Rags was second in the Breeders Cup Juvenile and won by four lengths in the Fountain of Youth Stakes at Gulfstream Park. He has won four of six races. Gemologist, winner of the Wood Memorial, hasnt lost in five starts and appeared to have

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plenty left in the tank when he held off a hard-charging Alpha. But the Wood was his only major race. He has won a maiden sprint, an optional claimer, the Kentucky Jockey Club (as a 2-year-old), an allowance race and then the Wood. Two of those wins have come over the Churchill Downs surface. Two of the more talked-about horses have primarily run on the West Coast. Creative Cause won the San Felipe and then finished second to Ill Have Another by a nose in the Santa Anita Derby. And Bodemeister, trained by Bob Baffert, finished second in the San Felipe and then ran away with the Arkansas Derby. Creative Cause has won four of his eight races and finished second and third twice. Bodemeister wasnt even considered the best horse in Bafferts barn when the 3-year-old campaign started. And, not many people were paying attention when he went to Arkansas. But his win by 9{ lengths got people talking about this lightly raced colt. If he wins he will be the first horse in the history of the Derby to win without running as a 2-year-old. Hes naturally quick, said his jockey, Mike Smith. Get him out (of the gate) quick and then try and get him relaxed and go from there. ... He impressed me a whole lot more than I already was with him. That last eighth of a mile (in Arkansas) was pretty impressive. The other horse expected to get some betting action is Dullahan, who won the Blue Grass Stakes at Keeneland. However, he is 0 for 3 running at Churchill Downs, including a fourth-place finish in the Breeders Cup Juvenile. And who can leave out Hansen (winner of the BC Juvenile) or Take Charge Indy (winner of the Florida Derby) or Went the Day Well (whose connections won the Derby last year with Animal Kingdom) or ... A competitive race to say the least.


tUESDAY, mAY 1, 2012


Rain delay allows teams more time to improve

DETROIT Rain is following the Kansas City Royals. Their scheduled game against the Detroit Tigers was postponed because of bad weather Monday night, Kansas Citys second rainout in three days. This one will be made up at 7:05 p.m. on Sept. 24, which had been a mutual off day for both teams before playing each other the following day at Comerica Park. You dont want to wait until September, but thats a better option than sitting here for hours trying to wait out this rain, Royals manager Ned Yost said. You dont want to sit here all night and still not be able to play. Luke Hochevar had been slated to pitch for the Royals against Tigers left-hander Duane Below. Hochevar was pushed back a day, but Detroit will skip Below and start Rick Porcello as scheduled on Tuesday night. Play never started and the game was called after a delay of about 40 minutes. If you looked at the forecast and the radar, you pretty much knew there wasnt going to be a chance of getting this one in, Yost said. There was just way too much rain. The Royals had won three in a row before Saturdays game in Minnesota was postponed, but Yost doesnt think the lack of action has hurt his teams momentum. Kansas City lost to the Twins 7-4 on Sunday. These guys are in here ready and raring to go, he said. Obviously, they want to play baseball, but when you get to this level, you are used to things like this happening. The rainout could help both teams on the mound. The Royals will pitch Hochevar and Jonathan Sanchez in Detroit, then have Danny Duffy and Bruce Chen ready to start the first two games of a home series against the New York Yankees this week. That would allow Kansas City to skip struggling Luis Mendoza. It will help us a little, Yost said. We go Hoch, Sanchez and Duffy, and then we can still use Bruce on his regular day if we want to do that. The Tigers, already facing a shortage in the bullpen, were going to start Below against the Royals. The rainout not only gives Detroits overworked relievers an fairly gloomy place for much of extra day off, it lets manager Jim Monday afternoon, with the team Leyland return Below to his pre- having lost eight of 10 and Delmon ferred role of long relief. Young waiting for news on his Doug Fister (strained ribcage) punishment for Fridays trouble in is scheduled for New York. a rehab start The outfielder Wednesday with You dont want to wait was suspendTriple-A Toledo, until September, but thats ed by Major and the Tigers a better option than sitting League Baseball hope hell be for seven days ready to pitch here for hours trying to without pay folthe next time his wait out this rain, lowing his arrest spot in the rotaon a hate crime Ned YOSt h a r a s s m e n t tion comes up. Royals manager charge last week. If everything goes well on The commisWednesday, and sioners office I obviously dont know if it will, said the suspension is retroacFister would start next Monday in tive to Friday, when Young was Seattle, Leyland said. Thats what arrested after a late-night tussle at we are hoping will happen. his hotel during which police say The Tigers clubhouse was a he yelled anti-Semitic epithets.

But things immediately brightened up when injured designated hitter Victor Martinez limped into the Detroit clubhouse. Martinez, expected to miss most of the season after injuring his knee during offseason workouts, hadnt been to Comerica Park yet this year. It is really great to be back here, he said. I cant tell you how much I miss this. Martinezs arrival seemed to energize his smiling teammates. It feels good to be able to walk back in here and be with these guys. No one else understands how special this is, Martinez said. Now that I got rid of my crutches well, I still have them, but Im going to make a fire with them Ill be here more often.


One weekend winning the PGA, marrying his wife the next
AVONDALE, La. A first-time PGA Tour winner one weekend, a married man the next. The spring of 2012 will go down as a memorable time in Jason Dufners life. Although it took pair of playoff holes, Dufner finally proved he could hold it together and make a mid-tournament lead stand up, making a birdie on his second extra trip down the par-5 18th hole at the TPC Louisiana to win the Zurich Classic in a playoff with Ernie Els. Its always really tough playing on Sundays whether youre in the lead or middle of the pack, and today I was fighting, trying to win an event, and I think I showed myself a good bit out there, said the 35-year-old Dufner, whose wedding is next weekend. Ernie made a great run at me and it felt like with five or six holes (to go) we were probably going to be battling for the win. Dufner, whose average score at the cut this season ranks second on the Tour, finished atop the leader board for the first time in 164 career PGA Tour starts. Now if he can only figure out his honeymoon plans. The honeymoon is going to be at The Players Championship, Dufner joked about the event in two weeks at TPC Sawgrass. They got an island green. Dufners fiance, Amanda Boyd, wasnt about to complain. Watching from behind the 18th green, she was tearful as Dufner finally made the clutch shots he needed to finish on top. Its awesome. Hes been so close so many times. I dont feel like its real, Boyd said. It will be a good wedding. Dufner said he was more nervous about his final putt of less than 2 feet than about his impending marriage. Theres a been a good bit of pressure, Dufner said. People talking about, Why arent you winning? Why cant you close the deal? ... Friends, family, media, even people in my inner circle. And not in a negative way, but when youre leading tournaments going into weekends and youre finishing 24th, theres going to be some questions. The win should also stamp out some of the bad memories haunting Dufner since the Masters, when he shared the lead after two rounds but faded to 24th. Dufner lost playoffs last year to Mark Wilson in the Phoenix Open and Keegan Bradley in the PGA Championship for two of his three career runner-up finishes. He had held five previous leads through two rounds, including twice this year. Entering the fourth round with a two-shot lead in New Orleans, Dufner shot a 2-under 70, while Els had a 67 to match Dufner for a course-record 19-under 269 total. Both missed birdie putts within 8 feet in the first playoff, so they went back to the 18th tee for the second extra hole, which Dufner won by hitting the green in two strokes and tapping home a short birdie putt after Els birdie attempt from the fringe narrowly missed. The 6-foot-3 Els, who goes by the nickname The Big Easy, hasnt won on the PGA Tour since the 2010 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, a little more than two wedding, obviously, added Dufner, years ago. He did not have a bogey in the who earned $1,152,000. Theyre a final round or the playoff, and little more expensive than I thought could have celebrated his 19th or had imagined. ... Itll be a big celcareer PGA Tour title in the Big ebration not only for our marriage but also for my Easy if he could first victory out have made a birdon the Tour. ie putt of a little Its always really tough Luke Donald less than 6 feet on playing on Sundays shot a 67 to the first playoff whether youre in the lead finish third at hole. 17 under, and It was a nice or middle of the pack, move past Rory little charge I and today I was fighting, McIlroy for the made and, you trying to win an event, and No. 1 ranking in know, nice to I think I showed myself a the world. catch the leader, Defending Els said. I had a good bit out there, Zurich Classic chance to win the jASON dufNeR champ Bubba tournament with pro golfer Watson, playa 6-footer and ing for the first missed it, but I made quite a few putts on the back time since a life-changing win at nine to keep myself in it. ... Hit the the Masters over Easter weekend, ball pretty well today no bogeys on the final round so theres a lot of positives. On the second playoff hole, Els tee shot went into a fairway bunker, and his second shot landed 137 yards from the pin. His third shot landed on the fringe, nearly 19 feet from the pin, but he nearly saved birdie from there, his putt missing by 2 inches. Dufner then made his birdie putt, and in his typically low-key way, briefly raised both arms to acknowledge the cheering crowd before casually walking off the green to accept some congratulatory hugs. After becoming the seventh player to take his first career PGA Tour triumph in New Orleans since 2002, Dufner called it a great wedding present for himself and his bride to be. It helps with paying for the

entered the final round eight shots off the lead. He was unable to mount a charge after bogeys on his first two holes. He wound up tied for 18th at 11 under, a solid outing by most standards, but one of his worst finishes of the year. All in all, pretty good week being tired, coming back for the first time after winning the Masters, all this different media attention, Watson said. Its something you got to get used to. (It) wears on you, tires you out. Somehow I finished Im in the top 20. A lot of guys wished they did that. Els and Dufner were tied at 19 under after 11 holes. Els made par on each of his final seven holes of regulation. Dufner made par on his final eight, none more difficult than on 16, when he hit into water, but salvaged par with a 44-foot

putt. Els 17-foot birdie putt on 18 missed by about an inch, opening the door for Dufner to win in regulation if he could birdie the 585-yard hole to cap his fourth round. While Els was on the practice green preparing for a possible playoff, Dufner chipped on to set up a potential winning putt from 10 1/2 feet. Although he could not convert, pushing the ball about a foot past the right edge of the hole, he made up for it in the playoff. Obviously, I havent had a great history in playoffs last year, Dufner said. It kind of enters your mind: Im in another playoff. Am I going to be able to get this done? He wont have to ask himself that question any more.

Bubba Watson watches his tee shot into the mulch on the second hole during the final round of the Zurich Classic golf tournament at tPC Louisiana in Avondale, La.


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tUeSDaY, maY 1, 2012


Standout players at the Kansas Spring Game

mIKe VeRNoN The Jayhawks spring practice regimen is done. The teams time listening to coach Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Dave Campo has ended until practice starts again in August. The spring game marked the end of the spring practice period, and it was the teams first chance to show off its new components and improvements. Here are the players who stood out in their first opportunity to show off their talents to the Kansas fanbase, along with quarterback Dayne Crist who had an impressive showing against a mostly second string defense. My whole coaching point to him is that hes going to be one of the guys to really help us and hopefully today is just another step in him turning the corner, Weis said.

The KanSaS receivinG corpS:

Last season without Daymond Patterson, the Kansas recievers struggled. Saturday was a different story. The Jayhawks caught 21 passes for 281 yards (13.3 yards per catch), as many receivers, including Patterson, made plays that turned heads. Senior receiver Kale Pick had a big day, including an impressive catch on a 44-yard pass from junior quarterback Jake Heaps. Going into the offseason, Im not going to lose any sleep about having enough contenders at wide receiver, Weis said. We will have enough guys to catch the ball. But it wasnt all positive for the Jayhawks. Here are some players that left more to be desired on Saturday:

Sophomore runninG bacK Tony pierSon:

Pierson, voted the games most valuable offensive player, stole some of the hype surrounding quarterback Dayne Crist. And Pierson took that hype when he blazed down the field for a 88-yard touchdown run that made most at Memorial Stadium gasp. Weis said the running back should get carries in the mid-teens this year, and Pierson showed why hell be such an important part to the Kansas offense on Saturday. Tony is dangerous in space, Weis said. Its pretty obvious, when hes in space, its a problem.

FreShman quarTerbacK miKe cumminGS:

Cummings had an opportunity to shine, as he was the starting quarterback of the white team. Instead of shining, he had a dull afternoon throwing for 18 yards off of two of seven passing. Cummings did have the elements against him, as his white team didnt have as many key players as the blue team did. And the mobile quarterback could be tackled by touch, as the position is protected in the spring game. Him throwing the ball is not the issue, Weis said. His experience is the issue right now, but hes a freshman. Hes been here one year, so thats part of your process.

Sophomore linebacKer michael reynoldS:

Welcome to the show, Mr. Reynolds. The defensive MVP of Satudays game showed off his potential in his first game with extended playing time. He finished with five tackles, four of which were four a loss and three sacks. Reynolds will be a key player in improving a Kansas defense that desperately needs back up. He should be a big player for the Jayhawks this season.

Sophomore running back tony Pierson celebrates senior wide receiver D.J. beshearss touchdown in the spring game at Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon.

taRa bRYaNt/KaNSaN

Wide receiver JuSTin mccay:

McCay saw limited playing time on Saturday, so his performance was not the issue. It was disappointing that McCay was left off the field, as Kansas fans will

have to wait to be able to see what he can do. Coach Weis said he expects to hear about McCays eligibility by May 2.

Senior deFenSive lineman Toben opurum:

Opurum was a part of the blue team defense that shut out the white team offense. Still, Opurums production of one solo tackle and two assists Saturday was underwhelming, as there were multiple opportunities to increase his statistics.

While Opurums one tackle was for a loss, he still left more to be desired following the game. Hell have to be a leader if the defense is going to improve this season. edited by max lush