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Captains Report July 2012

July Game Yas Links Golf Club - Friday 13 July 2012
Another very well organised and enjoyable Jiggers game (in spite of the intense heat and humidity) was held at Yas Links on Friday 13 July 2012. Unfortunately, the club would not allow us any tee times in advance of their members bookings which meant (after some confusion on their part) that we only teed off from 08:10. The pace of play was really far to slow by the Yas members up front which meant the round took the better part of 5 hours. I have sent an email to the club noting our concerns and as well as the other issues like running out of drinking water, and have requested that they consider earlier tee times for next year or an early shotgun start even on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately we chose one of the hottest and most humid days in Abu Dhabis climatic history which tested our stamina more than the course. I for one, flushed with the success of being able to play the game again and with a brain that was quietly simmering under my cranium, managed to award myself a prize by misreading the scores of other eminently more successful players on the day fortunately for me the fines meeting had already concluded. Another notable feat on the day was Dave Green bailing out after 9 holes but still managing to come in to the betterball prizes with his partner playing on his Pat Malone burning up the 2nd 9! Dave (probably saving himself for his birthday celebration later that evening), had the good grace to donate his prize money to the Jiggers year end quaffing fund! Yas being rated in the top 100 courses outside of the US is certainly a must play course for us they wont take a group booking in the winter months (and the rates are pretty steep) but hopefully after my complaint to the management we will get a better deal next year in terms of starting times. The course was, as usual, in pretty good condition especially given that they had recently embarked on a maintenance programme. My sense though is that towards the end many of us werent sure whether we were playing in Ajman or Alice! A big thanks to Wally Robinson for all the effort he put in to organising this event. No mean feat to raise 26 players in this weather and get them all there on time. Well done Umgababa! We had 26 players including 20 Jiggers and 6 Guests - another good showing especially considering the time of the year. Welcome to our 6 Guests (including 2 past members the famous Evo father and son combo): Ian Everson James Everson Chris Fraser Simon Elliott Scott Griffiths James Bissett

Great to see such support from our regular guests many of whom have been proposed for future membership. The Fines Master for the day was Mike Berry (cant keep him out of proceedings or the prizes these days) who stood in for Gulliver Collins fast rivalling Big Kev for the Skywards award this year! Mike also re-donated his winnings from the previous Jiggers games to the prizes so the two individual
Committee Rob Edgecombe Ernest Hosking Kelvin Tayfield Brian Schofield David Green Ant Milne Captains Assistant Zia Hosking

Society Chairman Society Captain Vice Captain & Social Organiser Scorer & Society Handicapper Away Game Organiser Sponsorship Organiser

+971 (56) 6034759 +971 (50) 5503160 +971 (56) 6503454 +971 (50) 4659375 +971 (50) 5508746 +971 (50) 5581379

+971 (50) 8753033

winners will be taking the opportunity of fascinating their better halves for a sleep out at one of the Dubais famous hostelries! One point I need to raise concerns the standard of the score cards. I had a lot of difficulty deciphering the scores for prize giving and I am sure Brian Schofield will have an even harder job in trying to plug in the hole by hole scores. As I have said before the handicapping and scoring job is time consuming and it is unreasonable for us to make Brians job that much harder. It really doesnt take much to try and record the scores more neatly and accurately. Also some of you are spending time back in the club house filling in your scores apart from the fact that this delays prize giving it is something that should be done after each hole - the two scorers should confer on the scores for the four players and record them immediately. This will result in much better accuracy and a bit of simple arithmetic at the end. Can we all try and make an effort in this regard please. A gentle reminder, barring injury a Jigger needs to play not less than 6 games (excluding away tour games) in the year to retain his membership of Jiggers for the following year. There are 5 games remaining so those guys who have not played that many so far will need to bear this in mind.

Prize Winners
Individual Stableford (open to Jiggers members only) Kelvin Tayfield Kevin Hudson 36 points 35 points

(An embarrassing attempt by the Captain to get in to the Prizes was summarily overturned!) Betterball Stableford Ernest Hosking and Mike Berry James Everson and Dave McKerchar Scott Griffiths and Dave Green Individual Shotmakers Nearest the Pin 0 14 handicaps Nearest the Pin 15 28 handicaps Longest Drive 0 14 handicaps Longest Drive 15 28 handicaps Kevin Hudson (one over after 9!!) Ant Milne Bryce Allan (again!!) James Everson (playing a lot of golf in Kenya!) 43 points (Mike again!!!) o.c.o. from 43 points 41 points (well played Scott!!)

Two games were played: Player 1 Erik Dekker Corey Spring beat beat Player 2 Brian McKerchar Dave McKerchar Score 2 up 2 up

Next Game
Friday 10th August at Al Badia Golf Club Confirmed tee times for 28 players Green Fee: AED395 Organizer: Brian McKerchar Fines Master: Jean van Loggerenberg

Games Roster
No change

Movers and Shakers

Jiggers have had a busy month: 1. One of our intrepid Avatars (Allan Stanton) turned his undoubted skills to becoming a Supersport Anchorman. Click on the link below.


2. Big Kev, after enduring many weeks of being sidelined in the organisation (other than when his cheque book was needed) and being drilled on what constituted appropriate behaviour, proudly gave up his daughters hand Caroline in marriage. Hearty congratulations to Kevin and Lyn as well as Caroline and Andy. A sneak preview at the wedding pics on Facebook our boy brushed up pretty good on the day even though he was well out done by the bride and her mother! 3. Corey and Eva Spring were delighted to announce the arrival of the next generation Jiggers golfer! Already very attentive on the bottle!

4. A recent email received from ex Jigger Ant Hodges. If any of you have an interest please contact Ant on We have a friend (ex Zimbo) who owns a small boutique hotel outside Kandy in Sri Lanka, called Ellerton. Weve stayed there and its a real gem of a place.

For personal reasons they want to sell it. They have built up a good clientele and doubled the turnover in the 5 years or so since they bought it. It occurred to me it might suit a couple who were used to the expat life and looking for something different to do and who could make a reasonable living out of it, while living in a beautiful place. Its really a semi retirement project as there is a manager in place and only 6-8 bedrooms to look after. The owners actually live in England but are out there for 3-4 months of the year. Would you know of anyone like that in your meanderings around the SA expat world in the UAE? It might suit a SAffer who doesnt want to go back to SA, but wants a more permanent solution than Dubai as an alternative. At your discretion to put it out to the Jiggers lot.

No changes.

Updated matchplay sheet attached.

Golfing Quotes and Trivia

1. The older you get the stronger the wind gets and its always in your face. Jack Nicklaus (Spoken like a true Wrinkly.) 2. Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps. Tiger Woods (Must have been before his driver got smashed through his windscreen!) 3. Arnie would go for the flag from the middle of an alligators back. Lee Trevino 4. If a ball comes to rest in dangerous proximity to a hippopotamus or crocodile, another ball may be dropped at a safe distance, no nearer the hole, without penalty. Local rule at a golf course in Uganda 5. Being left-handed is a big advantage. No one knows enough about your swing to mess you up with advice. Bob Charles, 1973

Race to December
The race results after 7 games are as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Hudson Green Berry Hedley Dekker Hosking Tayfield van Loggerenberg Milne Bayly Drury Strydom Edgecombe Robinson French Penn Schofield Arnestad Webb-Jones Allan Stanton van der Bijl McKerchar Taylor McKerchar Jones Geldenhuys Naude Spring Collins Clements Smyth Kevin David Mike Peter Erik Ernest Kelvin Jean Ant Martin Sean Craig Rob Wally Wayne Bruce Brian Charles Paul Bryce Allan Vince Brian Dalton Dave Dave Tony Andre Corey Bill Declan Kevin

73.38 64.00 62.88 58.75 55.75 55.75 55.25 55.25 54.13 53.88 53.88 53.63 51.63 51.50 51.13 51.00 50.38 49.50 48.75 46.63 46.25 45.75 45.63 45.13 44.13 43.38 42.75 42.50 41.88 41.75 40.38 31.38

The leading jockey to date is still Kevin Hudson. Looking at the calculations one can see the importance of having your horses running so jockeys make sure your nags get out there and participate in each game going forward. I am not sure if this little scheme is Haraam but there is a lot of loot riding here so keep the pressure on! See you next game. Happy golfing Captain Nest