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AUGUST, 1918



ANN Ansoa, MICE-Mrs L A Rhoades, 1318 Forest Court BANGOR ME-Dr P E Luce 40 Central Street BOSTVN MASS-The Btrth Control League of Mmsachwelts P 0 Box 1358 Mrs Oakes Ames presldent N L A Young, 522 Spruce St CAMOEN J-Dr Cnrcau, I&-The Crtleers Commtttee on Famdy L~mrtatron Secretary, Mrs B E Page 521 Longwood Ave Glencoe, I11 104 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY CLEVEWND OHIO-The Bwth Control League of Ohco Presldent Alfred F Bosch, 1611 E 73rd St Cleveland LITERARY EDITORS COLUMBUS OHIO-The Bwth Control League of Columbus MARGARET SANGER LILY WIVNER Arthur Gluck 2054 Tuller Street presldent WALTEB ROBERTS LOLA PIDGE ELIZABETH N C-Mr and Mrs W 0 Saunders CITY MAUDE EDGREN JESSIE ASHLEY HABRISBURG* -George A Herrlng 2436 Reel Street P ART EDITORS Los ANGELES CAL-Dr T Perclval Gerson CORNELIA BABNS GERTRUDE BOYLL MINNEAPOLIS MINN -The Mmneapolu Brrih Control LOU ROGER8 League Mrs Helen C Thomsen, 1208 Vlncent Avenue, Vol I1 No 6 N , secretary Published monthly Subscrlptlon pnce $160 a year, f o r e ~ g n NEW OBLUNS LA-H G Shockley, 428 Delaronde Street countr~es and Canada $176, postpald NEW Y o a ~ Bundle rates ten eoples for a dollar, $9 60 per hundred The Commrttee of One Thousand Dr Ira S Wlle, 230 Owaed and Publvlhed by West 97th Street, cbalrman THE NEW YOBK WOMEN S PUSLlSElNG CO Inc The Natwnal Btrth Control League 200 Flfth Avenue 1 0 4 PlIth Avenue New York. N Y Mrs Vlrglnra Heldelberg Entered at the Poat OBise at New York N Y .s mall matter of the The Woman's Commcttee of One Hundred Mrs Amos second clans Pmchot charrman 9 East 81st Street Addresa correspondence and make oheoks and money oldem payable ta PATEBSON J -Wllham D Walker, 1139 Madlson Avenue N MARGARET SANGER NOTICE When rquestmng change of ddres. slwarls nwe the old PIYTSLIU~GHPA-The Bwth Control League of Western addma u well Pennrylvanra Mrs Clarence Renshaw, 117 Llndeo Ave , Edgewood, secretary PORTLAND Om-The Bwth Control Lragur of Portland BIRTH CONTROL ORGANIZATIONS IN FOREIGN H C Dekker, 652 Elhott Avenue, presrdent Mrs J R Oatman, 549 Frfth Street, secretary COUNTRIES R o c ~ e s wN Y -A I Howser, 227 Parsells Avenue The Federatmn of Neo-Yalthuslan Leagues ST LOUIS Mo-Clara Taylor, 5063 Page Boulevard Dr Allce Drysdale Vlekery, Presndent ST PAUL,MINN-The Mtnnesota State Brrth Control League CONSTITUENT BODIES Secretary, Mrs Grace M Keller, 230 Vernon Ave St Paul - --ENGLAND (1877) -The Malthusian League Secretary Dr Blnnle Dunlop Queen Anne s Chambers Westmmster SAN F a ~ ~ a s cCAL-The Bcrth Control League of Son o London S W Perlodlcal, The Malthururn Francrrco 239 Geary Street Margaret McGovern, preslHOUAND (1885) -De N~euw-Malthuslaansche Bond Secdent retary, Dr J Ilutgers, 9 Verhulststraat Den Haag SEAWASH -The Seattle Bcrth Control League Mrnn~e Perlodlcal, Het Gellukklg Hurrgez~n Parkhurst, 516 Thlrd Ave West Seattle Wash, secretary GERMANY (1889) -Soz~al Harmomsche Verem Secretary, SUMMITN J -Rev Frankhn C Doan Herr M Hausme~stc- Stuttgart Perlodral, Dw So.vle W A ~ H I ND N ~ C-The Bcrth Control League of the DDrrHarmow h c t of Columbw Mrs Anna Weder, 1926 New HampFRANCE(1895) -4 Hardy 29 Rue Plxerecourt Pans shire Ave, presldmt Perlodrcal Genc~atton Conrccente SPAIN (1904) -Llga Espanola de Regeneraclon humana Secretary Senor Lurs BulB Calle Provenza 177, Pral la, Barcelona Perlodeal, Salu y Fuerza BOOKS TO BE HAD AT THIS OFFICE BELGIUM (1906) -Llgue Neo-Malthuslenne. Secretarv, Dr Fernand Mascaux, Echevln Courcelles ~ w 1 n m N o(1908) -Groupe blalthuslen Secretary, ValPopolat~onand Birth Control entln Grandjean 106 Rue des Eaux-Vlves, Geneva A S. w s ~ u m m. Perlodlcal, La Vte Int~me BOHEMIA-AUSIBIA (1901) -Secretary Mlchael Kacha, 1164 Uncontrolled Breedmg, by Adelyne More Small or Large F a m ~ l ~ e s Zuhov, Prague Zadnrhy By Drysdale and Haveloek Ellls 6 Poarvc&-E Sdva Junlor, L da Memorla 4 r/e Lsbon Perlodlcal Paz e Lcberdade Married Love, by Mary C Stopes BRAZIL(1905) -Seccton brasllena de propaganda Secretarles Manuel Moscosa Rua d'Bento Plres 29, San What Every Glrl Should Know By Margaret Sanger paper 25e, cloth Pablo, Antonlo Dommguez, Rua Vrzcande de Moranguapez 25 Rto de Jane~ro What Every Mother Should Know Cues (1907) -Secclon de propaganda Secretary, Jose By Margaret Sanger paper 2Se. cloth Guardlola Empedrado 14 Havana Luu~tatnon Offspring, by Dr Wm J R o b w o n of Sweow (1911) -Sallskapet for Humanlhr Barnalstring Presldent, Mr Hlnke Bergegren, Vanadlsvagen 15 Stock- The Small Famlly System, by Dr C V Drysdale holm Va The Objects of M a n a g e , by Havelock EUls ITALY (1913) - M a Neomalthus~ana Itahana Sscretary M&&, Sonal, E m n o m ~ eand B ~ r t h&ntrol m ~ t s Dr Lulgl Berta Vla Lamarmora 22, Turm Perlodlcal Moral Aspects, by Dr S Adolphua Knopf L'Educazwne Scssuole Jalled for Buth Control, by James Waldo Faweett A m a - L ~ g u e NCo-Malthusrenne, Malson du Peuple, 10 R a m p Magenta, A k r The above pnccs do not include postage




The Bwth Control Remew


By Margaret Sanger
HIS I S T H E T W E L F T H Issue of The Bwth Con- azme to the end of the twelfth month HIS explanat~on trol R m w , and as such marks the fulfillment of was he had spent on three lssues all the moneys colan oblrgat~on To me a dollar gwen for the sup- lected, a sum w h ~ c h h ~ own calculat~ons by s should have He also cla~med the port of any movement such as ours-IS more than one been suffic~entfor twelve months several hundred dollars In May, hundred cents, ~t IS a pledge for the betterment of the magazlne owed h ~ m world-of the human race Thus ~t IS doubly the a t t ~ t u d e 1917. Frederrck A Blossom res~gned s manager of The a of those chosen to admmster the monles contr~buted Bwth Control R e w and was asked to d~scont~nue hrs for such funds. to see to rt that every cent of every dol- act~vrtres my behalf In leavmg he took wrth hrm on lar IS nghtfully expended and r~ghtfullyaccounted for all the furn~ture and furnrsh~ngs of the office that Governed by t h ~ sconvlctron I have m u e d the twelve had been bought In the name of the Remew, all numbers of The Bwth Control Remew, and have suc- books, vouchers, checks and busmess or financ~alreco s ceeded rn brmgmg the magazine t a pomt where ~ t fu- ords of every sort, leavmg me wrth none of the equlpture usefulness IS assured Before, however, forgettmg ments necessary to carry out the oblrgat~onto the subthe obhgat~onsof the past In the greater promlses of scr~bersof The Bzrth Control Revmu, wrth nme lssues the future, I cons~der~tmy duty to make plam to the out of twelve yet to be publrshed, and not one cent In subscrrbers of thrs magazme certam followrng facts In the bank account of the Renew When Freder~ckBlosCXctober, the year of 1916 the task of st~mulatmgthe som thus abandoned h ~ s e s p o n s ~ b ~ l ~ h e smanager of r as b ~ r t hcontrol movement through a monthly publ~cat~onthe Remew, I asked h ~ m gwe me a complete report to request was undertaken by me wrth the asslstance of Freder~ck A or statement of recapts and expend~tures T h ~ s Blossom former manager of the Assoc~atedChant~es was never compl~edw ~ t hnor have I to t h ~ s day been of Cleveland, Ohlo H e came to me In Cleveland durmg able to obtam the books from h ~ m .although this rethe month of July, 1916, and volunteered h ~ s servxes quest was made at varlous tlmes covermg the per~odof to the movement for a per~odof SIX months Desp~te a year, sometrmes as often as once a week I needed the fact that he had had no prevlous experlence rn any and asked for the follounng modern or progresswe movement nor scarcely any knowl1 The total amount rece~vedfrom subscr~bers edge of the phys~cal, hrstortcal o r economic facts of b ~ r t h 2 The names and amounts recewed from contr~butors s h control, I accepted h ~ offer, for I beheved that w ~ t h ~ s 3 Moneys recelved through cash sales of the Renew experlence and assrstance as manager much of the rouother than through subscrrbers trne work would be taken off my shoulders, and that I 4 Total amount rece~vedfrom sales of the "G~rl"and would be able to devote more of my trme to agttat~on, "Mother" hooks and other I~terature, also to lecture work, to the openmg of cl~nrcs and to organlzfor 1 The dates and amounts p a ~ d prmtrng the vanrng more ~ntensely some of the many deta~lswhrch had 011s Issues to be neglected because of lack of hme I also hoped 2 Amount spent for postage, wrappers and other Into be of more general servtce In brrng~ngtogether In c~dental drvbursemenh closer and more constructwe operat~onthe vanous b ~ r t h for 3 Amount p a ~ d "G~rl"and "Mother" books control centers w h ~ c h had just organrzed In the Unrted I IS ANSWER WAS that I could "count the number States In October o the same year, Freder~ckBlosf som was placed rn full charge of the New York office of subscrrbers on file and send to the prmter for the of all the books, of monres rece~ved and spent, and prlntlng b~lls"for any dormatton I then requested hrm, generally of all finanmal affarrs of The Birth Control as I had not rece~ved statement to send to me by rea a R m e w In fact, he was glven a confidence usually turn mall the book or books 111 wh~ch full account of earned by years of to11 and sacr~fice and accompl~shment rece~ptsand contrrbut~ons had been kept, also the bank book, check book and vouchers of the Remew account, T WAS EXPECTED T H A T the first Issue of the mag- saylng that I would prepare a statement and s u b m ~ t~t azme would be rssued ~ m m e d ~ a t e l y , ~t was not to h ~ m correchon before takmg ~t to the committee but for untd February of the followrng year, five months later of fr~endswho were w ~ l l ~ n g help me He refused to that the first number came from the press The thxd flatly to do thrs and I then placed the matter In the Issue and ~nc~dentally last of hrs erght months of hands of my attorney Fmally, one year after h ~ reslgthe s management of the maganme came In May of that year natron as manager of The Bwth Control R w w , he sent Then to my utter surprise, he proposed to abandon the to my attorney not a financ~alstatement of recerpts and publlc&on, although he had accepted almost two thou- expendrtures nor the books, vouchers, etc,, but what sand pad-rn-advance s h s c n p h o n s and had therefore an- purported to be a statement o bank depos~tsand w ~ t h f curred an obl~gatmn contrnue the Issuance of the mag- drawals by checks whrch amounted to $4.81625 Upon to

The Bwth Control R m m

obtainrng a transcrrpt of t h ~ saccount from the bank, ~t was found that t h e ~ raccount showed deposrts and w~thdrawals to the amount of $5,185 50 That discrepancy IS a quesbon between Freder~ckBlossom and the bank Much as the money rnvolved IS needed In s the movement, ~ t loss ~f loss there be, 1s overshadowed by the d~fficult~es, embarrassment and rnjury to the the movement resultrng from hrs farlure to return to The Bwth Control R e m its documents and to give an accountmg of his financ~altransactron of hts stewafishrp All that we have to show coverlng that stewartsh~pof e ~ g h months 1 the report of depostts and w~thdrawals, t s whrch does not agree wrth the banks and three numbers of The Bzrth Control R m e w Thrs meetmg was finally brought to a head by the ~nterlectronof the B C L of New York rn the matter An annual meetmg of the B C L of New York was called In Frederrck Blossom's apartment on May 11th to elect officers The newly elected officers, of whrch Hrram Mqers was presrdent Mrs Eugene Stone, vrce-presrdent, Jonah J Goldstern, treasurer, Elrzabeth Stuyvesant, secretary, requested Freder~ckBlossom, former treasurer of the League, to pass over to ~ t newly elected officers all books, accounts, s etc, of the League T h ~ she refused to do, and the treasurer and pres~dent~ssueda complarn agarnst hrm rn the d~strrctattorney's office N T H E MEANTIME the New York Women's Publrshmg Co, Inc, had been formed to take over the pubhshmg of the R e n e w and asslst me in fulfillmg my obligations to subscr~bers T h ~ statement would have s been made earher, but rt could not be made untd absolute proof had been grven that all oblrgat~ons rncluded In a year's subscnptron had been d~scharged The Bzrth Control Remew has made good rDs oblrgatrons to rts supporters and to the movement-so far as we have been able to ascertam them-even rn the absence of the records wh~chFrederrck Blossom has as yet not surrendered If anyone who has p a ~ dfor a subscrrptron to the R e w has not rrce~vedrt, rnformatron should be sent to thrs office at once tn order that the unavo~dable omrsslon may be made good Whatever the outcome of the drsagreemcnt-personal, petty In the extreme, rt does not confltct wrth the work nor obstruct the goal that 1s t be reached Everywhere throughout the couno try, from the Atlant~rto the Pacrfic, the b ~ r t hcontrol ~ d e a progressrng and the future of the movement IS IS assured At the first annual meetmg I was made ass~stant treasurer of the League, and smce that tlme have found ~t absolutely ~mposs~ble get any adequate statement to concernrng the finances of the League After makrng another attempt to secure accurate rnformat~on, and f a ~ l m g thrs, I rnst~tuteda John Doe rn mqurry through the D~strrctAttorney's office solely wrth the rdea of protectron of those who had contr~buted sums of money to the New York League, and In so dorng have no doubt that my actlon was the only honorable thing to do, havmg been myself officrally connected w~th the League's finances I understand that the mvestlgatron IS stdl pendmg I have recently heard from a major~ty the members of of the Execut~veCommrttee of the League, as constltuted a t the trme rn questron and from many of the orrgrnal members of the League, and have rece~ved therr endorsement of my act~on Smcerely yours, HIRAM MYERS

My dear Mrs Sanger As there has been some comment concernmg my actlon In requestmg the Drstr~ctAttorney to mstttute an mqurry Into the financral affarrs of the New York Brrth Control League I wrsh to state to you br~eflymy reasons for so d o n g Durrng the first year, followrng rts rnceptron, I was treasurer of the League

Judge Returnmg Home After Sentencing a Brrth Lontrol Speaker to SIX Months Is Met by HIS Two Chrldren, Ages Three and SIX

The Bwth Control Remew


By Ida Wnght Mudgett
PART I1 H E R E comes a t ~ m ewhen an utterly exhausted man, fleetng from a n enemy, ceases to care whether he hves or d ~ e s He wants just to rest The strong mstmct of self-preservation can no longer spur h ~ m on In srm~larcrrcumstances the strong rnstlnct of mother-love becomes mpalred tn qual~tyand langu~shes lack of an adequate nervous system to susfor tam ~t The overburdened mother 1s hke a cow, and cow-lrke she hooks the yearhng away to make room for the sucklrng Thrs thought bnngs to mrnd the reference to prenatal rnfluence What chance has the pauperrzed mother of a too large fam~lyto gwe her offsprmg the r ~ g h t of bemg born w ~ t h well-organ~zed a body and healthy nervous system? What kmd of prenatal nour~shment can she furn~shfor her child? What poss~ble good ~nfluence can she have upon the nervous system (upon wh~ch morahty so much depends In mature I~fe)of her offspring? A breeder of good horses does not overwork hrs brood mares untd they drop In t h e ~ rtracks, nor over-breed them untd they foal mfer~orstock But the lord of socrety may treat hts wrfe In that way The most hornble blrght on clvil~zed soc~ety, most the unanswerable arraignment of the system, the canker In the eye wh~chprevents c~vrlrzatronfrom lookrng savagery squarely In the face, IS prcrst~tutlon Savagery does not ~on have to blush for thut C ~ v ~ l ~ z a tdoes1 The more c~vrl~zed becomes, the less humane, the more utterly ~t destructwe to the surplus female ~t becomes (Note A surplus female One that can not he absorbed Into the soc~al body by the rules and regulations of organwed soclety As wrtness the arb~traryand feroc~ousmethod? of pol~cemachmery-the male dealwzg wrth hzs femalethe organwed vrce trusts ram~fymg through every avenue of Itfe, systemabcally ropmg, captur~ng and bmdrng thousands of g ~ r l s for the shameless traffic of crv~lrzatron ) Yet men have the mfluence to affirm that pmstrt u t ~ o n an absolutely necessary and mev~tablcfunct~on 1s of soclety poss~bleoffsprrng for every two years for twenty years He wrll not venture to assume such a respons~b~l~ty-not In t h ~ s age when he 1s begnnmg to real~zeIn hrs own lack of opportun~ty mean person what lack of educat~on, among women whom he feels to So he seeks sat~sfact~on be "safe" In so far a s poss~bleprogeny 1s concerned To meet this demand, a large number of women 1s needed, women forever cut off from home and fam~ly hfe women who would mostly have made good wrves and budt up good homes and had them share of ch~ldren The great cosmlc urge 1 upon the young female as s well She many t m e s meets her male half way The usual result for her 1s abuse, soc~ald~sasterand somet m e s a nameless grave Now, ~f a young man was reasonably sure that a too numerous brood would not follow at once upon the heels of the marrlage ceremony, he would marry For what normal young man would prefer the chance consortmg w ~ t h a mere female-under such crrcumstances she means nothmg more than that to hm-to hfe w ~ t h one g r l the a home and everythmg that d means W ~ t h h ~ s t assurance he would marry, save h~mselffrom demorahzat~on perhaps phys~calruln

N'CHECKED FAMILIES have a d ~ r e c t bearmg on war Overpopulat~on means pressmg upon the means of subs~stence,pressmg upon means of subs~stence means need of terrttorral expansron, need of terntorral expansion means wars The actlon of Germany In launchmg the present conflrct proves the pomt There are only two senous arguments agamst brrth control The first IS, that the Ignorant stratas of soclety and the lower races would mult~plybeyond and soon swamp the better products T h ~ would lower the status s of human~ty T h ~ argument 1s based upon the assumps tlon that the women In the lower walks of lrfe cannot be reached w ~ t h knowledge of personal sanitation the as related to t h ~ s subject, e ~ t h e rbecause they are too stupid to learn or too superstltlous to heed I have not come mto personal contact w ~ t h h ~ s t aspect of the subject, so I cannot be certarn about tt, but I have been asNE O F T H E C H I E F causes of prostltutlon 1s late sured by several who, years ago In London worked In marnages All durrng the years when a man's passron t h ~ matter, that such women were mtellrgent enough to s 1s strongest and most uncontrollable he 1s trymg to get learn and w~llrngt o practlce As for the lower races, Inmself rn a posd~onwhere he can afford to marry In b ~ o l o g s t sassure us that such races are mostly dymg the majorlty of cases t h ~ s des~red m c d d be attamed out from natural causes mherent In thew organisms a qu~te early In hfe, tf he could be assured that he would The second argument IS,that the more des~rable classes have only the support of h ~ w ~ f eand a fam~lykeepmg would refuse to have offspnng Undoubtedly t h ~ sIS, s pace w t h h ~ s growmg Income He could look wrth to a l~mlted extent, true Some of these women who now some degree of equanlmlty upon the Idea of supportmg have chrldren would refuse to have them at. all ~f they a w~fe and a ch~ldcommg every four or five years for had the requlslte knowledge t prevent ~t But they are o twenty years, but he shrmks aghast from the ~ d e aof the kmd who push t h e ~ r b a b ~ e i away refuse to nurse

The Bwth Control R m e w

them, largely neglect them, and eventually comm~t abmtlon Therr progeny IS none too des~rable, because of the mother's heartlessness and careless mmd pleasure Dr Stopes' book 1s a conv~ncmganswer to We~nmger'speevlsh compla~ntthat women are so httle interested In the wonder and laws of t h e ~ rbang, that It has been my experience that both men and women, the only known descr~pttonof the emotlons of a pregsu~tably s~tuated,want a reasonable number of chddren. nant woman was w r ~ t t e nby a man There IS also a fine chapter on the crampmg effect on that they love them and know that t h e ~ rlwes are not mrr~ed people of the perpetual proplnqulty o each other f complete w~thout them These are the mothers who e v e every cons~derat~on, prenatal and after h r t h , to the It IS not only that ~t takes courage of the h~ghestorder both t well bemg of t h e ~ roffsprmg They bear them cheer- to leave one'5 mate free, but k IS the rarest thmg In the world to find marr~ed people who real~zethat the truest fully because they want them, nurse them a t thew breasts t and glve them every personal attentlon After all IS s a ~ d happmess hes that way I t 1s a truth we m ~ g h all take and done, these are the mothers who keep the race ad- to heart w ~ t hadvantage to ourselves that "even In a vannng phys~cally, menta'lly and morally The b ~ r t h supremely happy marriage, whlch touches, as does the s of rate among these would not be lowered, but perhaps mystlc In h ~ raptures, a reallzat~on the whole unwerse, there cannot 11e m the whole of hfe's experiences " mcreased Dr Stopes' handl~ng the subject matter of her book of Some agree that to h m ~ t populat~on1s des~ralble,but 1s above reproach, but In form k could have been Improved t do not agree that the use of artlfic~almeans IS permls- by gwing the ed~tor's comments In the form of foots ~ b l e Only moral means, self-control abstinence are to notes, or as numbered notes a t the end of the book be cons~dered If ~t were poss~ble yes1 But I take ~t Nothmg could well be more confusmg to the reader than that pract~calpeople use pract~calmeans to attam de- to have them as they are In the body of the text I t 1 s s~red ends not only d~sconcert~ng find the author's vlews In one to There are two fundamental funct~ons mseparable from sentence contradwted by the e d ~ t o r the next, but ~tIS tn organw hfe, they are food des~reand sex des~re,the hard to follow her thought when r t IS mterrupted so former for the preservatton of the ~ n d ~ v ~ d uthe, latter frequently al for the preservation o the specles I t IS as profitable to f BIANCA VAN BEUREN ask the race to refuse expresslon to the former as to ask ~t to refuse expresslon to t h e ~ rlatter deslre The experlence of morahsts, a s far back as we have any h~story, shows that ~t can not be done The b~olog~cal forces planted In the organisms of ~ t s unlts are too urgent, and to mod~fythese forces to any extent the race a s a whole must have tlme and opportun~tyto thmk, to medltate, to develop the artlstlc and deal sense, and thus have somethmg In ~ t consciousness t exhaust ~ t nerve s o s hmtforce upon bes~depasslon If we expect IQS an~mal tat~ons be outgrown, a letsure tncompatable w ~ t h to overgrown f a m ~ l ~ e s must be secured



w ~ t h love the A MlONG BOOKS DEALING"Marr~edLove,"relat~ons between men and women by Dr Mane C Stopes. IS un~queIn a t least two respects I t exactly whgt ~t purports to b+a book for al marr~ed l people To the author's fa~thful adherence to her purpose to make ~t a book for normal, average people we owe the fact that her knowledge rs glven to us w ~ t h clanty and d~reotness, and that there is not a superfluous word In the book One IS not confused and wayla~dby excursions mto the realms of the abnormal and the morb~d Another thmg wh~chd ~ s h n g u ~ s h e s hook from all the s In others of ~ t kmd 1s Dr Stopes' d~scover~es connection w~th the sex-hfe of women T h ~ s real b e g ~ n n ~ nof a g sc~enhficstudy of woman IS an encouragmg s ~ g n that women wdl no longer acquiesce tn the old, man-made dogma that woman IS the passrve mstrument of man's

Makmg Mmce Meat

The Brrth Control Revtew


wlll suggest someth~ng to do to make your You Interest In birth In b~rth control, of course, and very lrkely you have already whatever lnformatton you personally need, but that will not help the thousands of suffer~ng mortals who need mformatton and are depr~vedof ~t by our cruel laws,-people hke the woman who wrote thls letter to us recently
DEARFRIENDS I am enclosrng the blanks you asked us to slgn I do not know r f they wll do any good as we lust came here from Canada four months ago Though my husband and I were both born In the

VERY MONTH ON thls page the Natwnal League


WHAT IS TO be done about ~ t ?Why, work a never before to make every one you know unders

stand what the b~rth control movement IS, so they ulll loan wlth us to get the laws changed at the next wlnter sesslons ""gress and the state lepslatures One of the best ways to get them to understand 1s to read "The Small Fam~lySystem," by Dr Charles V Drysdale It 1s a remarkable llttle encycloped~aof birth control data The publ~sherhas brought out a specla1 ed1tlon exclusively for the Nat~onalLeague, but the new postal zone regulations prevent g ~ v t n g the price T h ~ s artlcle would be classed as an advertlsement ~f we d ~ d , ~nvolvlng extra postage, the calculatron of whlch by zones 1s ~mposslblejust as the Revlew goes to press work Thls book convtnces Help us make ~t do a b ~ g People belleve as soon as they understand When they understand they demand that the laws be changed When enough people demand the change, tt w~llhappen Then we shdl be free to enlrghten all the Mrs K A B's And the world wdl be a more "decent place to lrve m "

But I want to help all I can for my o m benefit and also for the benefit of other poor mothers who need yes sadly need the knowledge of b~rthcontrol I am desperately m need of somethmg sure and harmless as my health 1s about rumed and I lrve In dread and fear of another confinement as each month goes by I am only twenty-SIX years old' and have had SIX chrldren and one m m r n a g e My first baby a dead

We h e on a farm and I had a lot of hard work outslde to do, and wrth a baby ever) year, no wonder I am what I am Two dmtors I have already asked for some knowledge as they knew my circumstances but all they told me was to be careful so many days before and after mensuration and srngle beds That I knew and I told them yon know that rt takes two to make a hargam even lrke that
Tell me how 1s rt the wealthier class of people get tnformatlon lrke that and those that really need rt can't' I don't want to sav that I don't want anv more ch~ldren because I love bab~es but f want a chance to get my health and get those I have a start In the rrght way My husband only gets an average of $16 a week, a d there are seven of us Oh, rsn't there some one who Sincerely, MRS K A B can help me?

Execuhve Secretary

A s a voter of ths state, I hereby w g e you to secure the amendment of the penal law, so that gwmg mformatlon concernmg methods of b u t h control by the avodance of coneeptlon may no longer be classed as a cnme m the laws of thu, state Name Address S ~ g n return to and The Nabonal Bmth Control League

TO THE CONGRESS O F THE UNITED STATES As a voter, I hereby nrge you to secure the amendment of the Federal Penal Code so t h a t the transportation of mformatlon concern~ngmethodn of blrth control by the avo~danceof concepbon may no longer be classed as a cnme m t h e laws of thm country Name

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be assured of but a trial IS a legal battle and the prosecutlon does not concern Itself w ~ t hbrlngmg out facts that N E HUNDRED A N D O N E of the men and own s ~ d eof the case, that 1s left for the women who have worked hardest, longest and m ~ g h thurt ~ t s accused t o do For every apparently sound fact brought most fearlessly for the wlpmg out of soclal and industr~alevlls, as those ev~lsare defined and dealt w ~ t h out by the prosecutlon, there must, ~f the truth 1s to he by the I W W , are on t r ~ a lIn Chlcago The charge IS known, be brought out another fact by the accused I t costs great sums of money to get at those f a c t s ~ means t conspiracy to obstruct the conduct of the war and 10,000 c r ~ m e sare alleged agamst those now under prosecutlon the employment of tnvestlgators and the brmglng of The charges, however, are bemg overshadowed by the wtnesses from great distances, ~t means months of worl. great outstanding fact that the I W W , as an organlza- for lawyers even before the case comes to trial t ~ o n ,IS on trlal for ~ t s hfe Amer~camay be satd to he The cost of the I W W t r ~ a l ~ l l at least $100,003 w be d m d e d Into two camps-those who belleve that such 01 - T h ~ s sum wdl not meet all the needs of the case, but ~t ganlzatlons as the I W W have a rtght to exlst and wdl assure the publ~cof gettlng at most of the truth those who belleve that the members of such organlzatlons Whether you agree w ~ t h the I W W or not, you cannot should be hunted down, jaded or lynched as menaces to escape the convrctlon, ~f you know even so much of the soclety truth as has thus far seeped through, that these men have Th~s fact alone makes ~t tmperattve for the welfare of glven up home, comfort and n e c e s s r t ~ e s h a v e r~sked soclety that the full truth about the I W W be known lherty and hfe Itself to bring an end to those evlls wh~ch 4ny Issue suffic~ently keen and clear-cut as to d m d e soclety Itself 1s constantly strugglmg to erad~cate The the country Into two sharply defined camps brmgs w ~ t h it memhersh~pof the organlzatlon has ra~sed$50,000for the a demand that, for the benefit of soclety, the fullest pos- defense, the other $50,000 must come from soc~allycons~bleLght be shed upon the facts ~n the case Soc~ety, sc~ous persons who have a passmnate devot~onto truth jealous of ~ t s own well bemg, must see that the facts Realmng t h ~ ssltuatlon and tts vast importance to soare known, In order that ~t may determme ~ t sfuture clety at large, a group of w~dely known hberals have course Bes~dest h ~ scons~deratmn, the fate of the persons on formed a comm~tteew h ~ c h1s ralslng the second $50,000 Albert De Sllver, 2 West Thnteenth Street, New York t r ~ a l1s of l~ttles~gnlficance The t r ~ a lof the I W W , however, takes on even a C~ty,1s treasurer, and checks should be sent to hlm The more compellmg slgmficance, when ~t IS remembered committee IS that the evlls wtth wh~chthat body deals ~n ~ t own pars Robert W Bruere, John Dewey, John A F ~ t c h ,Percy tlcular way are the same ones of wh~chnewspapers are St~ckney Grant, Carlton J H Hayes, Walter E Weyl, constantly compla~nmg, the same ones rhrrt occupy the Inez Haynes Irwln, Helen Keller, Jas Harvey Robmson, greater part of the tlme of the courts, of congress, of Thorstem Veblen, George P W e s t legislatures and federal commlssIons, the same ones that M H S clam ch~efattent~onof reformers, revolut~on~sts, churches, economists, soc~al settlements, and the great army of u p l ~ f t POST OFFICE CENSORSHIP agencies, to say nothmg of labor organlzatlons of every Word has come to t h ~ soffice that the book "Marr~ed kmd and descrlptton T h e t r ~ a lgoes to the very heart Love" wrltten by D r Mane C Stopes of London has been of the thmgs n h ~ c hare occupyrng the soc~alconsclous- suppressed by the postal a u t h o r ~ t ~ e sI n other words t h ~ s ness-the thmgs of wh~chsoc~etyat large talks and thinks book cannot pass through the U S mads all the tlme s On another page of t h ~ s magazme 1 prmted a revlew Morever, the I W W IS a drstlnctly Amencan Instttutlon It grew out of Amencan soil, is the product of the book, and ~t 1s our mtenhon to have ~t rev~ewed of Amencan cond~t~ons, deals w ~ t hAmer~can problems by several women who are acknowledged leaders of It IS not an ~mportatton-~t grew here The problems femlntst thought In Amer~ca w ~ t hwh~ch~t deals, ~ t Ideals and ~ t methods are Amens s Needless to say the postal a u t h o r ~ t ~ e s gone far out have can U n t ~ lthe problems are settled or cond~ttonschange, of t h e ~ rway to find thts book "obscene" for rt m ~ g h tbe there w ~ l always be an I W W or ~ t equwaknt l s character So far as society 1s concerned-and soclety 1s the ch~ef safely satd that there IS not another book of t h ~ s In the Engl~shlanguage whose approach to the subject 1s party to the I W W tnal-the demand rises clear, so deltcate, fine and beautiful The book was brought out strong and unavo~dable "Let s have the truth " In London a few months ago and received the most enH E CASE I T S E L F e v e s the best ava~lable oppor- t h u s ~ a s t ~comment from same of the most comervatwe c tunlty to get at the truth The government's prosources secutors and ~ t army of detect~ves, s backed by that great I t has not heen suppressed tn England-why In mass of employers, who hate the I W W , w ~ l l present one s ~ d e the c a z T h a t much soclety a t large can Amerhca? of