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It is sometimes difficult for students to decide the appropriate level of formality which a verb might have. So-called phrasal (or multi-part) verbs are generally not acceptable. However, stand for, for example, may be acceptable as a synonym of represent but unacceptable as a synonym for tolerate. The Bank of England stands for the stability and integrity of financial systems in Britain. cf. The Metropolitan Police announced they would not stand for racism in the force. Try to think of more formal verbs to take the place of (replace) these phrasal verbs. You may need to change the grammar or other parts of the sentence.

1. The company has finally got round to expanding its activities. 2. Workers in developing countries have missed out on many of the advantages of globalisation. 3. These results need to be looked through carefully. 4. It is considered an unsuitable time to take away these social benefits. 5. This problem needs to be sorted out very promptly. 6. The supermarket has been forced to get rid of some assistants. 7. Scientists have picked up the idea that intelligent animals such as chimpanzees can learn to count. 8. There is little chance that this practice will be brought back in modern society. 9. The company was forced to take back its most recent model because of a design fault. 10. Most of the members of the committee seemed reluctant to bring up the topic of immigration controls. 11. It is hard to find out what has brought about this change. 12. A further problem has come up.

13. There seems a need to make up for the lack of decisionmaking by the previous management. 14. There seems to be no way such factors can be left out. 15. The government intends to put back in place the legislation that it threw out last year. 16. In such situations, it seems that both parties cannot get to grips with the real issues and put forward a reasonable solution. 17. There seems little likelihood that the government will get round to putting new regulations in place. 18. Under these circumstances, it is unlikely that planners will come up with any radically different designs 19. It is necessary to think over the consequences of such an action. 20. This issue can be taken up again at a more appropriate time. 21. This decision cannot be put off any longer. 22. This paper should be handed in at the end of the second week. 23. The government cannot reckon with any economic growth this year. 24. It is important for politicians to keep in touch with the electorate.