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Issue 4: Scheduled Maintenance Check List GF152 9/02/2007 Customer: Serial Number: 1 Tick whore Appicabie System Type: 0 Prima ae C1 Sentinel dB 0 Prolab 1 Prima 600 s O Sentinel S 11 ater tease speci) Record the following ~ Mark N/A where not applicable Pre and Post Service Measurements System Pressure (Source) Backing Pressure Turbo Speed/Current Inlet Number Readings Taken Mass 28 Faraday Mass 92 Faraday Mass 82 He Faraday Inlet # Mass 94 Faraday Mass 04 SEM Filament Current File Filament Current Limit Electron Energy Trap Current Source Current Repeller Voltage Jon Energy / Source Voltage Focus / HP1-HP2 RF/DC Balance Offset Pole Bias, SEM Voltage /Gain Calibration YIN 1 Prima 600 1 Sentinel Petra/Comex Pre-Service Post-Service Carrere ee ee) [Se eee eee ce (ES ee Ree eee) Pee Sore Sree reer ee errr eee) IESE EERE eee) (Rr EE [ecreereeeeeeeee) Deer eI ecto ceaeee] [ } [ | a Co Co) (eSeceeeeeeere [cree reece] ] Teer eee eee ee (eee ere eeeee ee (Soe eS eee DEE re ee eae EEE Ee EE Dee reece] Pe eee Deere Peer re Eee creer Tere ee eee cere ThermoFisher | wnsiea.ox ue Paget of2 Issue 4 : 19/02/2007 Scheduled Maintenance Check List GF152 Tick when complete / mark N/A where not applicable NA Vacuum System Rotary Pumps) Oil Changed a Rotary Pump(s) Oil Filtered (Fomblin Pumps Only) o Remove and Clean Oil level Glass Window. Qo Inspect Backing Hose o Rotary Pump(s) Clean Qa Turbo Pump Oil Reservoir Replaced/Purged a Molecular Sieve Replaced/Inspected oa Vacuum Gauge Remove and Clean Vacuum Gauge: a Fans and Filters Clean and Check Operation of instrument Fans a Replace Instrument Filter(s) oO Clean Filter Holder o Clean Turbo Fan a Clean Rotary Pump Fan Guard oO lon Source / Analyser Inspect lon Source - Strip and Clean (i necessary) Qo Fit New Filament(s) Assembly (ype) oO Replace Damaged or Broken Ceramics a Inspect & Clean Analyser / Detector w necesayy o Inspect & Clean Pole Pieces (Necessary) oO Inspect & Clean Z Restrictors (1 Necessary) o Check Source Heater and PRT «i necessayy a Inlet System Check RMS Heater Oo Check Capillary Heater oO Check Inlet Heater o Replace 2u Filter Oo ‘Clean RMS Assembly o Clean RMS Perspex Disk oO Check Inlet Alignment o Check RMS Drive Belt / Replace Oo Thermo Fisher (waste ior] SCIENTIFIC