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Materials: PAKUCHO Organic and Fair-Trade Certified Cotton 5 skeins each of Sage, Forest and Dark Green 50g/81m.

(Less yarn required if a shorter scarf is made) 5.50mm hook Extra long fringes. Tension: Working in two trebles grouping, to form a 'V', in which each alternating row is worked in a different shade. Scarf is worked on the length, and at the beginning and end of each row the yarn is cut long enough to make the fringe. Set up row: Using Sage, make up to 200 chains. (Less if a shorter scarf is desired) Step 1: Skip 2 ch (as 1tr), work 1tr into same space. [Skip 1ch, 2tr into the next ch]. Repeat [ ] to the end. Turn. Cut yarn long enough for fringe. Step 2: Change to Forest, and tie two colors to make the beginning of a fringe. Into first grouping of 2tr, make 2ch (as 1tr), 1tr into same space. {Into next space between 2tr work 2tr}. Repeat { } to the end. Cut yarn long enough for fringe. Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with Dark Green.


By Yazmina-Michele de Gaye Intermediate crochet

Cont Step 2 in different colours until you are satisfied with the width of your scarf, cut yarn long enough for fringe. Add more fringes to make them more lush. Copyright Reserved.