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wirmor Application for Employment HOTELS & RESORTS ‘THIS FORM IS FOR CANADA Tainan on Ravine OH PAT NEE Nae rr sora Foal ale Teageam °° niet at eer *Nvang line iowa Som | "B¥5e0 ome leone ‘Oiher Tepone Engel Adress: Yb) BS = btt- my | C4Ub ey - 629- optte__| Chitipatmanonehotmail. co th, Poston Applied For Date Arable to Begin Work “Housekeeping stoFF 2feod (Beverage state i Sa Sough Toestion Appi To Full-Time DPan-Time Di Casual ‘Would you acepework anywhere in Cag? [Are you sake Tor shit wod] applying or positon serving alcoals beverages have you Gites ONO YES NO | oblied ele age rumen rte Tre you Tgly ed vo work in Cama? weekend Work yoo are applying? isan ives ONO Bves_ONo ive you worked or any Furmnont Hotel Canadian Pace Tf yes please give lotion and dass employed, Hotel Princess Hote Deka Hotel o Fairmont Hotel Resor before? yes No “Are you relied to anyone working x Fairmont Hots 8 | Hye pleae sate who and where hey wor Resor? (Yorn ile dogs you rom Erg ih Famane ne Res) DYES NO. ‘Were you fered to Fairmont Houle & Resor by ong of | Try, plese wate who and where Whey works] Ina plese nate How you ware rad ‘our employees? O yes [NO [Chiang Nai Ragaohat University ‘De you consent i fom Being provided to any hotel wikia the airmontorpaizaton? DYES ONO. Employment History Present/Last Job nee oot a re font Rep wo. Fresent [tive Martin Lowrence- wes Ono [Ty 53-u0-13b rela Lakeview Con Uta |" fereita dation eee eee eneen Cleaning roots, Making up beds , taking reservation from customers ancl Providing Hfermation “fo Teorists. Reson for Leving - Previous Job Sing Potion Fao Saring Va [Enlig Customer care_ officer Custemer care officer soho |S Bao Daw ar Tyee ca — | ephone Poe Bers wt Augen | - wee orn | ts 94 im Fig Bains ladda 74 woe 7 eer 2900 | [fereeoia Coz, La flyarovlics equipment retviler|Lampoieqact ,ThanyA burl fathom Than} “ob Due, Comtoct key customers , report complaints to tne mavagers , typing Ferhase order, Guotation letter , e-mailing to Singaporean dealers ea Relocation Previous Job ao Taro pe a ae a om, Tipfoeonaat | Wao fom PAD 03 west tug 03 |For “Axel _Nerdlander oes oxo [Cn Tien rox eh Tw a SO entany Segtck [GARE tenes, [ERGEEED 7 Otc Te Poe ibe Gardening, cleaning rooms getting and serving at te table Reeilerlaving “Continue _tudly Education and Training Ceri Dplona/Degie awarded Tighes Lev Conplaed _[ Langihaf Progam | Wajoror Program High ehol High School certificate Grode 2 3 Years | Science Univency Colle | Bachelor Degree 3 Year 4 Years | Teorism ‘ddona Education Tienes &-Cofcnrbell| Teor Guide Licence Beginner | Typing WPM. Comper Sills dicate your proficiency by number [] Advanced (2) _lnermediate Delphi Excel ‘Other, Word porlerpeint =! fz 2 38 Tangnage Skills (plae indicate your proficiency by aumber) [1] Speak, Understand, Read and Wee [2] Speak, Understand [3] Understand [4] None egg [Oar French 5 Fee pcre any of yoo ol ili oe wp gg = ie deaiaiva "by toot horny” FALTLEO_ trainin, = Gecckessig Speitig oe The Taper Te Wi TSH titres see The Tapers “Tara Bel Tae eg Sen Reference and Background Information Please list persons we may contact Tae Conplas hala phone Taso Massena Manon Re naoricnconit TH Coralia [Cuyee-767- 8002 | Mother Asse. fret. Chosit Chocnart | Hee "eta, Se" wT wong Som __[Crebdeu-Aei-2aay | Adviser Chive banrence at, Vase toorsictine. Steet @bL)67-127-LbIL_[Corrent Emreyee| Torte De Bvag-on Chartroagroang | eerie Me at Olcrtty Chiagnni| HIEa-sH0-7725 |becturer Heepoooes | eyo Hevroveeten com ofs cin oftefer | Hoe yo spd nitro irom? terete iio | UALvprlons orbrengrnels 18S NO |OYES NO ves XO | ves ONO | reerumeneitarmenrptychesmtintgend_| If ys plese specify Please read the following before signing your name below Thereby apply for employment. I confirm that the information on this Application for Employment form and any attached information is accurate and complete. T understand that any deliberate falsification on this form or omission of relevant information will result in the rejection of my application or, ifI have already been hired, will result in the termination of my employment for just cause. If hired, I agree to submit to a company medical examination if requested in order to determine my ability to perform the functions of the job for which I am applying, and I understand that any job offer is conditional upon my ‘passing said medical examination. In the event that a conditional offer of employment is made to me, I also consent to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts obtaining a criminal records check on me, and I understand that any offer of employment will be conditional upon the results ofthe criminal records check being satisfactory to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. I authorize Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to verify all information on this form. 1 understand that all new employees are on probation in the early stages of their service. If hired, my supervisor will advise me of the details of probation. I also understand that all candidates will be required to attend a personal interview and may be requested to take related qualification tests. I acknowledge that my application is not to be considered as a guarantee of employment. Signature: Date: ‘Thank you for your interest in employment with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Office Use Only Tob Tile 1D Full Tine Salary Par Time ere 0 Other Rae: Pee Tse Dae Hluman Resources