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Secrets of Magnets

& Hidden Sciences

Jason Verbelli

2012 ECETI Conference Trout Lake, Washington July, 2012

Harmonics is the Geometry of Sound.


Some Info About Myself

Jason Verbelli 30 years old Independent Thinker / Researcher from San Francisco, CA
Focus: The work of Walter Russell (aka Russellian Science) Professor John Searls Technology Unacknowledged Inventors and Experiments Science OF Spirituality Some know me from my YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

Much of what I look into isnt taught in schools or found in many libraries. Met with many respected professionals who agree that there are problems with scientific models and the school system at large. Some people contradict each each other and not everyone agrees, yet most are aiming towards a common goal to understand the Universe. To truly qualify the title of University, I feel an establishment must be all inclusive when teaching subjects and not dismiss perspectives that might contradict current models or known facts. When you follow the money, you begin to see conflicts of interest, and plain stubbornness to acknowledge revolutionary studies. Would like to help reopen Walter Russells University of Science and Philosophy where he and his wife Lao taught equally intensive subjects as mainstream Universities, but didnt exclude alternative perspectives to Science. They emphasized the differences between perspectives.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Purpose & Goals

Prevent Proliferation of This

Restore This

Educate people to more options and expose information that isnt promoted in mainstream. Create enough reasonable doubt that the current methods we use arent working, and create enough reasonable assumption that the new methods are better, with examples as to why. To give context for how some of those alternatives are possible. And encourage others to free themselves by building whatever it takes to get off the grid or fund the people who can build something for all of us.

Were going to go over a flier which is a compilation of topics Ive looked into over the past 6 years. I addressed the front side in my last presentation called:

Order from Chaos - The Geometry of Implosion

Id like to go over the back-side of this flier so people have some background of each persons achievements.

Invented the ECAT Cold Fusion Generator. Uses Nickel and Hydrogen with an additional catalyst to transmute the metal to copper. The resulting energy comes out as excess heat which can be used to power devices. Pollution free and independent from gasoline. Cold Fusion is also called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) I consider it a form of Alchemy or a form of Atomic Cavitation. There has been a wide-spread media black-out regarding Cold Fusion research and advancements. The most famous case of ignoring information comes from the University M.I.T. In 1989, when Cold Fusion was first becoming popularized, the Psyentists at M.I.T. actually held a party for the death of cold fusion when they were supposed to be conducting experiments and going over the data. Dr. Eugene Mallove resigned from M.I.T. because he encountered pseudo-skepticsm within the establishment, blatant refusal to acknowledge data, and even saw evidence of falsified reports in attempts to purposely dismiss results. Coincidentally, Dr. Mallove was murdered in 2004 under questionable circumstances.


Marcel Vogel helped IBM become the company it is today. Developed the LCD screen, magnetic coating for the 24 hard disc drive systems still in use, and was a very well respected man. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics. Vogel Cut Crystals focus specific energies like a prism or can even help direct thoughts, emotions who knows what else! Marcel Vogel had scientific documentation for his claims and developed many devices while at IBM. He also had fantastic information regarding Water Structurizing using Quartz crystals and explained the relation to the Egyptian pyramids, Human communication with plants and duplicated the work of Cleave Backster. The results of restructuring water can be measured a number of ways, from surface tension and rate of plant growth to the most technical methods such as a UV spectra photometer. Water is diamagnetic like copper. Water flowing in a coil induces a charge. Never want to drink from a stagnant pond and the more times water is alternated CW to CCW, the better the quality it seems. Marcel Vogel also developed methods for the therapeutic use of crystals and found consistent results.



A Russian Naturalist & Etymologist studying microscopic arrays in insects & Bio Gravitics Discovered what he called The Cavernous Structure Effect which I take as being a form of Atomic Cavitation. The resulting energies come from geometric alignments on small scales. Grebbenikov said the CSE was the cause of many unexplainable phenomenon. More order, more flow which promotes spin. Created healing methods based on bee therapy and his CSE theories and the Casimir Effect. Also claims to have made a levitating platform and wrote a book detailing his experiments called My World.






"We can demonstrate the technology. We can say its here but in actuality it will not be Stan Meyers to bring it in. It will be either you or I, the guy down the street, who will come together to bring it in. Otherwise, I do not believe an alternate energy source, whether water fuel cell or other, would ever come in. Its going to have to be mandated by the people to try to reverse the environmental problems, the environmental damage, thats actually occurring. - Stan Meyers, 1997

Websites: 15

Fundamental difference in the model of the Solar System. Mainstream 2D Clockwork Model where the Sun is stationary verses 3D Vortex model where the Sun is traveling on a Z Axis. Heretical and bold claims like saying the Planets dont orbit the Sun, but rather follow in a helical or spiral wake behind the Sun. Wrote a book called Helical Helix. Proof of Dr. Bhats assertions is that the outer planets can be seen throughout the year. My explanations are not intended to do the totality of this information justice. To further address these claims and Dr. Bhats data, we have to look at the model of the atom and acknowledge the work of Dewey B Larson. Just because people have dissenting views from mainstream models, doesnt make it pseudo-science, invalid or any less important than what is commonly regurgitated and blindly accepted from the masses. Websites:





Known as the Tesla or Wilhelm Reich of Italy. Worked closely with Guglielmo Marconi who invented the Radio. His focus was Cosmic Energy Inventions, Magnetism, patterns of Nature, Coils, Antennae, the importance of Harmonics and Color combinations for therapeutic uses. Developed his theory of matter called the Magnetic Atom. Invented a Microscope with an angled lens that spun to create stroboscopic illusions. Could see atoms in real color and real time. 1.6 Billion times magnification. (John Keely also) He was also known for Cloud Busting debatably more effective than Reichs methods on large scales. Earthquake Valve, Radiation Neutralizer, a device to melt metals from a distance and many more. Described the illusions of observations that fool the scientists of the world he calls Rhythm of the Sun.



I noticed that all these dynamics and studies were based on Vortex Shapes, crystalline structures, Rings, and repeating patterns. All of them consist of beautiful Geometry. We can create magnetic art also. Wouldnt be able to see it unless you had certain tools, but the results would be beyond what the average science teacher might acknowledge. Many people get enthusiastic when they hear new information. And there is new information about magnets that needs to be investigated and experimented with by the layman. Or those who are just interested in being on the leading edge of science. Involve yourself in things that billionaires and nuclear physicists probably dont even know exist. Its hard to keep up with all the new information and technologies becoming so rapidly available.




Phase Conjugate Magnetization Combined with Cymatics Halbach Array Misconception of Monopoles (1 lb. feathers /gold)




Invented the Neurophone which bypasses deafness. Sound transfer through bone conduction. (Bio-Cybernetics) Seized by the Defense Intelligence Agency but was declassified through winning triumphant court cases. Can neutralize parasites and help the blood. Can alter proteins and prevent HIV Viruses from attaching to cells. Known as the Telepathy Machine. Developed Dolphin Speak and Many other patents and devices. What if you combine this with a real-time language translator? Websites:


Developed the Resonant Nuclear Battery Strontium-90 and Copper Alloy. Converts nuclear radiation to continuous AC electrical current. (Alpha/Beta Voltaic Effect) Methods for Radioactive Waste treatment. (Japan.. Hint hint..) Absolutely railroaded, suppressed then died under mysterious circumstances.




We get what we pay for, and we pay for what we want. As of now, the people of the world pay for gas, oil, nukes, war, bailouts, etc. If they are too big to fail, then we must be too small to succeed in their eyes. Its been so difficult to get these ideas and technologies to fruition because of lack of context to understand how theyre possible, and legal issues which prevented the funding of New Energy Tech. Sterling Allan of has helped establish the first public charity where people can finally help bring these these to fruition. I would encourage people to visit Its just like any legitimate charity where people and companies can write it off on the taxes, fully complaint with SEC and IRS mandates, and so on. Now there is no excuse for companies to sit back and watch from a distance. Its time to actively help. Its just a matter of exposing the information to ourselves so we have new options. Please look more into each point Ive presented here today and contact me for questions. I hope I raised more question than I answered here today. As a team, we can solve ANY issue. With these technologies, we can ELIMINATE Radiation from Japan, Rid the atmosphere of Chemtrails and pollutants, feed the world and travel the stars. Nothing is impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so. -- Professor John Searl Everything is possible, if you allow for it to be so.