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There are Two ways of modeling bolts in LS-DYNA, that I read in some paper. 1.

Bolted joint modeling with beam elements Bolt shank is modeled as beam element, and its connections to surrounding plate is made through discrete spring elements which act only in local compression. Bolts head and nut is modeled with rigid shells Pre-stress is applied to bolts beam using * initial axial force..failure can also be modeled. 2.Bolted joint modeling with solid elements Bolt shank is modeled with solid elements . Interactions between bolt shank and clamping plates will be through contacts and not through fixed springs Initial stress is through *initial stress section.. failure can also be included santosh devkar bolted joints with beam elements spiders also works in LS-DYNA. and if you want use *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD, then extract face of solid elements and give negligible thickness and same material property for shell elements.then give spot weld for shell elements,