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CHONA R. DOMINGO Bonifacio St.

, Camiling, Tarlac CP# 09126331815 GOAL: To be able to employ myself in order to help my parents produce a good and legal income for the betterment of our family. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Libueg Elementary School Libueg, Camiling, Tarlac 2003 Camiling Colleges Camiling, Tarlac 2007 WORK EXPERIENCED: Sales Lady Grande Store 2008-2010 PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Chona Domingo Age: 20 years old Civil Status: single Date of Birth: March 10, 1991 Height: 52 Weight: 110 lbs. Citizenship: Filipino Name of Father: Vergelio Domingo Occupation: Farmer Name of Mother: Grace Domingo Occupation: vendor CHARACTER REFERENCES: Aurora Bautista Kagawad Pob. J Bonifacio Camiling, Tarlac

Reyna Corpus Vendor Pob. J Bonifacio Camiling, Tarlac