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The White House recently admitted to conducting drone attacks on civilians living in countries not at war with the

US such as Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and some other places in Africa but the admission or statement issued by the White House does little to comfort the victims of the very deadly US drone strikes. For example in June 2009, the US CIA took full advantage of the weak position of the White House (Barry ) vis-a-vis the very powerful influence of the warmongers in Washington to carry out a total massacre of innocent civilians in Makeen, Pakistan. On June 23, 2009 a US combat drone aircraft targeted a funeral taking place at a local residential dwelling in Makeen in South Waziristan located near the central border with Afghanistan. The strike killed over 80 people mostly women and children attending the service allegedly held for an associate of the famed Pakistani Taliban (or TTP) leader Baitullah Mehsud. The US CIA carried out the strike in the belief that Baitullah was present but it was established that he was nowhere near the place when the drone launched its attack. Instead women and children were killed. This kind of attack is nothing less than a complete massacre because the raid was carried out against unarmed civilians who were citizens of a country supposedly friendly to the US. Even if the civilians had belonged to a nation not friendly to the US, the merciless action or attack would still have amounted to a total massacre. Why is the US able to carry out such actions or massacres from time to time ? It is because of the weak position of the US president as well as the extreme helplessness of other nations/entities, including even the UNSC. Now the US is using extremists to help open the path for drones to operate in fresh new places like Syria (and Iran) !