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earth surface and its physical and natural attributes, and its relation to society and development. SS 5 WORLD HISTORY AND CIVILIZATION 1 A study of the importance of the social, political and economic history of the world from ancient times to the present. It also identifies the major contributions of great civilizations, the emergence of nations, geographical and industrial discoveries and other elements/ factors that have shaped contemporary way of life. SS 10 GEOGRAPHY AND NATURAL RESOURCES OF THE PHILIPPINESGeography 3 A study of the basic geographic features and regions of the Philippines to enable students to understand the different physical and cultural processes that were instrumental in shaping the country. Ss 6PLACES AND LANDSCAPES IN A CHANGING WORLD- Geography 2 Overview of the diversity of interconnections of people and places in a globalizing world as mediated by cultures, politics and historical developments. SS 6 WORLD HISTORY AND CIVILIZATION 2 A study of the age of scientific, political, social and economic changes that brought about modern civilization. It also brings about an understanding of modern conflicts and their causes. SS 8 TEACHING APPROACHES IN SECONDARY SOCIAL STUDIES A study of innovative approaches, strategies and techniques in teaching and learning Social Studies. SS 7 MICRO-MACRO ECONOMICS The course explores the basic concepts of micro-economics and the nature and scope of production, basic economic theories and macro-economics such as growth and development, unemployment and inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, international trade and related theories and issues of development.

SS 17 COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS A comparative study of five selected models of political systems as to government structure, organization, function, operation and politics. SS 14 SCIENTIFIC REASONING AND CRITICAL THINKING A study of the methodological components of the Social Sciences as tools in explaining certain phenomena and the understanding of logical reasoning and critical thinking. SS 9 PRODUCTION OF SOCIAL STUDIES INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS This course provides varied opportunities for students to engage in systematic planning of instructional materials in the different social science disciplines utilizing appropriate objectives and teaching strategies for a given content of instruction. SS3 ASIAN STUDIES This course is designed to examine the political, economic and socio-cultural issues in Asian societies today in the light of historical and global forces at work in Asia. SS 13 RESEARCH IN SOCIAL STUDEIS The course on the development of competence and skill in research methodology through exposure to different social research models and techniques. SS 15 ECONOMIC PLANNING AND STRATEGY A general survey of the development strategies of developed economies, (i.e., USA, Japan, China), and developing countries (i.e. Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia) in search for a model economy to solve the problems of poverty. Resource degradation, lack of urban planning, unemployment, deficit fiscal policies, economic dependency and related issues. SS 16 BUILDING BRIDGES ACROSS THE SOCIAL SCIENCE DISCIPLINES (REMAKABAYAN AS A CORE LEARNING AREA IN THE BASIC EDUCATION) This course covers varied presentations of integrative and interactive activities utilizing the thematic approach to instruction of two or more social science disciplines. SS 12 LAW RELATED STUDIES A study of selected laws of the country that have practical applications in the individuals exercise of their functions at home, in the school, community and work place, e.g., family, law, labor law, environmental law, human rights, public

accountability, consumer law and common offenses. All lessons shall be selected, organized, and simplified for instruction in the classroom. SS 1 SOCIO-CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY A study of the origin of people and their communities. Emphasis is placed on the concepts that are interrelated and unified by understanding the development of society and culture. SS 18 ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES This course is designed to assist students to use appropriate formal and informal assessment and evaluation tools in the different social science disciplines. SS 2 TRENDS AND ISSUES IN SOCIAL STUDIES A study of peace, global and environmental issues, human rights, gender, multicultural issues in the national and global context. PHILIPPINE FOREIGN POLICIES References Agno, Lydia N. (2005). Mga Modelong Estratehiya sa Pagtuturo of Makabayan sa Paaralang Sekundarya. Quezon City: Rex Bookstore, Inc. Dynneson, Thomas L. and Richard E. Gress (1995). Designing Effective Instruction for Secondary Social Studies: New Jersey. Prentice Hall _________. (1998). Edukasyong Araling Panlipunan: Prakticum sa Pagtuturo. Quezon City. JMC Press Inc. _________. (2002). Pagpaplano ng Instruksyon sa Arling Panlipunan. Quezon City: JMC Press, Inc. Nelson, Jack and John U. Michaels. (1990). Secondary Social Studies Instruction, Curriculum and Evaluation. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Inc.