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Handout | Personal Water Use Chart

Activity A. Average Number of Times Activity is Done Per Day B. Given Estimates of Water Use C. Total Daily Water Use D. Class Estimates of Daily Water Use E. Ranking of Water Use Activities (from Column C)

Taking a shower (10 minutes) (standard shower head) Taking a shower (10 minutes) (low-flow shower head) Taking a bath Brushing teeth (water running) Flushing the toilet (standard-flow toilet) Flushing the toilet (low-flow toilet) Washing dishes by hand Running a dishwasher Doing a load of laundry Watering the lawn Washing a car TOTAL Daily Water Use by Household Member

50 gallons (19 / minute)

23 gallons (9 / minute) 39 gallons 2 gallons

3 gallons

1.9 gallons 10 gallons 12 gallons 31 gallons 300 gallons 50 gallons = =

Source: Water Partners International Handout: Permission to reproduce is granted. 2008 by World Vision Resources.

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