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Jun 08 12 06:40p = 400 ASSOC i Pe CONFIDENTIAL SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER Index No. 12944/10 R. Francis Kennedy 1 AFFIDAVIT STATE OF NEW YORK ) COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER ROBERT F. KENNEDY, IR., being duly swom, deposes and says: 1. 1, the Plaintiffin this action, reside at 236 Byram Lake Road, Mount Kisco, New York and am writing this affidavit in support of a motion requiring Mary Richardson Kennedy (“Defendant”) against whom [ filed this divorce action on May of 2010, to sign a temporary child custody agreement guaranteeing my fair access to our four children, John Conor born on July 24, 1994, Kyra LeMoyne born on August 22, 1995, William Finbar born on November 8, 1997, and Aidan Caohman Vieques born on July 13, 2001, until such time as a Permanent custody agreement and divoree decree is so ordered by this court, and in support of a motion for a protective order: a. To require Defendant to stop her physical attacks against me; b. To require Defendant to remain sober in the presence of our children; Jun 08 12 06:40p = 400 _ ASSOC a p.2 CONFIDEN’ To require Defendant to stop efforts to physically restrict my movements including preventing me from driving my car or moving freely from room to room or acting to remove myself from her presence; To require Defendant to stop verbal abuse directed toward me including refraining from all telephone calls and conversations with me that are not directly pertinent to scheduling for our children, ‘To require Defendant to stop stealing my personal property including suitcases, cell phones, toiletry kits, prescription drugs, wallets, passports, computers, papers, briefcases and other items, To forbid Defendant from making uninvited visits to my home at 236 Byram Lake Road, Mount Kisco, New York 10549 and my summer home at 131 Irving Avenue, Hyannisport, Massachusetts 02647. ‘To forbid Defendant from entering my car uninvited. To prohibit Defendant from following me on vacation trips or business travel where I have asked Defendant not to come. To prohibit Defendant from making disparaging remarks about me to our children, To stop Defendant from engaging in discussion about our marriage in the presence of our children, To prohibit Defendant from threatening suicide in front of the children To restrict communication between Defendant and myself to written communication by fax, email, text or by a special website which empowers families to help themselves, track parenting time, reduce divorce conflict and remove the "he said/she said" that keeps families returning to family law Jun 08 12 O6:41p = 400 _ASSOC el ped 2 CONFIDENTIAL, court over joint custody and co-parenting issues. The mandatory use of this website has been court ordered in contested custody cases throughout the USA and Canada, We were married on April 15, 1994 three weeks after my divorce from my previous wife Emily Black was finished. At the time of the marriage, Mary was 6 months pregnant with our son Conor. Thave known Mary since 1975 when she was 14 and I was 21. Mary was and is best friends to my sister Kerry Kennedy. The two were roommates for 13 years including four years at Putney School, a boarding school in Vermont, four years at Brown University and five years in New York City. Mary was a kind, generous person, open and considerate to and curious about ell people from royalty to cab drivers. She was stunningly beautiful, with pitch-perfect taste, electric charm, and a genius for friendship that had won her an army of loyal and loving friends. Mary had subtle humor, a photographic memory, and an enthusiasm for life. She was blessed with a profound spirituality that had emerged from her struggles with the eating disorders that had, in her youth, caused her hospitalizations and nearly killed her. I loved the way she blossomed in crowds, the thirst for adventure that brought her alive during our frequent white water and wilderness camping trips. [adored her grand gestures and her careful attention to tiny details and the elegance and enthusiasm with which she undertook every enterprise. 1 fell deeply in love with Mary in 1993, At the time I was in the process of finalizing a separation agreement with my first wife (of 11 years), Emily Black, with whom I had been estranged for over a year.