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4 PRIMER OF GREEK GRAMMAR ACCIDENCE SYNTAX 4 PRIMER OF GREEK GRAMMAR ACCIDENCE EVELYN ABBOTT, MA, LLD. ano) E. D. MANSFIELD, M.A. SYNTAX by E, D. MANSFIELD, MA. ‘With 2 Preface by THE RIGHT REV. JOHN PERCIVAL, D.D & DUCKWORTH ‘Gena Ducrwonr & Co, Lt. ‘Yas Ote Puno Faeroe, 43 Guoveesten Chesces, Lowoon NWI. ISBN 0 7156 1257 3 (Cased ISBN 0 7156 1258 | (Papen First Duckworth edition 1977 ‘Reprinted 1978, 1980, 1982 Wheaton & Co, Lid, Exeter. PREFACE, ‘Wun the Primer of Grosk Avcidence was published there was no intention of extending the work s0 a8 to inclade © Syntax. It was, however, soon found that Schools which had adopted the Acsidence were anzious to have a Syntax in conection with it, and that other Schools were only deterred from adopting st by the absence of such a Syntax Accordingly, Me Manson hes drawn up the brief outline which now forms the second pert of the whole Primer. Special care has been taken to secure cleamess and efiniteneas in the statement of rules, and the arrange- ‘ment adopted will be found to harmonise with that to ‘which most boys must have been previously accustomed in learning their Latin Syntax. ‘Thus it is hoped that the book may be of service in cfieoting a considerable economy of time on the part ef learners, and that it may furnish an additional help towards acquiving ot the outset a firm hold on the prin- ciples that regulate the usage of the Jenguage