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First of all Jesus did not look like any of the photos you have seen in the church

or the statues or great murals you have seen. Similiar to this photo, notice this
Jesus is NOT white. This photo is also fictional but closer to more true to his
skin color.

I am not trying to make any other point here except to say, Jesus was not a white
man with movie star good looks. In fact he was a DARK SKINNED MAN with coarse hair
and was very common looking.

How do I know this?

This is how everyone else in his part of the country looked and that is a fact! If
you watch the Daily News coverage from Iraq you will see what his heritage is.

My point is, He did not look like Jeffry Hunter with Blonde Hair and blue eyes,
that is for sure!

It does not really make a bit of difference what COLOR he was, it is just my point
to say we have changed many things about the TRUE Jesus. And what we THINK he
looked like is from ARTISTIC representations and Hollywood.

There really is NO description of Jesus in the bible but the reality of his
heritage is very clear and you can find his Family Tree written in black and White
in the bible, Check it out.

Unfortunatly Jesus has been protrayed incorrectly for so many years he is not
really thought of much or at all during the holiday season.

People are really much to busy shopping and trying to beat each other out of the
best sale price since the BLACK friday sales began.

If you can find Jesus under all the wrapping paper, christmas lights, decorations,
candy, excessive consumption of food, parties, etc... you will still find the
JESUS that is mostly a figment of their imagination.

Even the Christmas story of the Three Kings giving the baby Jesus gifts in the
Manger is not the true story.

Now first of all you have to believe the Bible for this story to make much sense
to you. So if you do not believe there is not much purpose for you to read any
further. Either the Bible is fact based or it is not. I believe it is, and I am
always right!

If you would read the Bible you will discover that Jesus was a toddler and living
in a regular household with his parents by the time he was visited by so called
wise men. Read the book and you will see for yourself.

Also you will discover that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th but more likely in
the Spring time. No one can tell for sure as the DATE is not in the BIBLE. The
25th of December is a Pagan Holiday date that has been CHRISTIANIZED and that is a

The whole christmas season is totally man made and I am sure If Jesus was here he
would not be very pleased at all with the obession with spending and gross
overeating. As an excuse to celebrate his birth. Really has NOTHING at all to do
with HIM.

If we were to do anything special this holiday season, it should be to take our

time off from work and the extra money we are going to spend, and give it to a
charity that would help one of HIS children eat better all year long not just a
christmas dinner, drink clean water, provide year round shelter, help the sick,

Do your kids kids really need another TOY? Do you really need another piece of
jewelry or instrument of entertainment? There are people in your own community
that will go to bed hungry tonight due to No fault of their own. Bad luck,
illness, and other circumstances. And remember when you go to church, please do

The christmas season starts with a big bang and is over 5 minutes after all the
presents are open. I wonder what JESUS WOULD SAY ABOUT IT?

If you would like to make a comment on anything I write please feel free to do so.
If you do not agree with me that is fine. Like I always say, it is O.K. to be