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2G and 3G MML Commands

New Starters Guide

2G MML Commands
Information BSC BTS TRX Link Base Station Controller Base Transceiver Station Transceiver Connection between two network elements

A-Interface Interface between BSC MSC Abis-Interface Interface between TRX - BSC Air-Interface interface between Mobile Station and TRX 2G BSS MML commands ZEOL:nn; ZEOH:2001-03-01,10-00-00:BCF=nn; ZEEI:BCF=nn; ZEFR:nn Confirm Y ZEFS:nn:L; Locks site Current alarms for particular site. Shows alarms from 10.00 Hrs on 1/3/2001 to present day. Shows state of particular site. Complete site reset, if any calls are current then calls will be dropped. U; Unlocks Locks/Unlocks site if any calls are current then calls will be dropped.

ZEQS:BTS=nn :L; U; ZEQS:BTS=nn :L:FHO,30;

Locks/Unlocks sector if any calls are current then calls will be dropped. Locks sector after 30 seconds, after forcing the calls to handover to another site.

ZERS:BTS=nn,TRX=nn:L; Locks a TRX U; Unlocks Locks/Unlocks an individual TRX on a sector (not if Hopping = ON) ZEFR:nn:OMU; ZERO:BTS=nn; ZYMO:ET,nn; Resets site OMU. Shows T/S usage & I levels for each TRX for the Sector Gives ET stats for site. (BER)

Locking down a site for a Planned work ZEQS:BTS=nn :L:FHO,30; Lock all sectors One at a time. ZEFS:nn:L; ZEQS:BTS=nn :U; Locks site Unlock all sectors One at a time (This saves time at the end of the Planned Work, when Field Op wants site restored to service) Unlocks site


BSC MML Commands ZAHO; ZAHP: : :2001-03-01,10-00-00; ZEEL:BL; ZDSB: : :PCM=nn; ZNEL; List all current alarms on Particular BSC Shows alarms from 10.00 Hrs on 1/3/2001 to present day Shows all Blocked Sites / Sectors / RX / Time Slots List all connections to a PCM (ET) Shows all Signalling links to MSC Please check commands before use.

NO responsibility will be accepted for errors in this document. COMMON COMMANDS ZACC: Enter alarm No. in brackets. (Cancels alarm off MSC/BSC) ZEOR on BTS. Gives alarms present on MSC/BSC. Gives alarm history for MSC/BSC.


ZCEC:CRCT=345-1&&-3:BA; (=BARRED) then SE; (=SEPARATED) then NU; (=NOT USED) then SE; (AGAIN!) then WO; (= WORKING) Use this command to toggle in fault y timeslots ZCEL: CGR= 1024 : Gives state of all channels as a whole. Shows all channels within group that are Shows all channels within Circuit Group that are in the state by System

ZCEL: CGR=1024,FORM=EXT,ST=BA-ALL; Circuit barred. CGR=1024,FORM=EXT,ST=SE-SY; Seperated

ZCRI:SEA=(select your search criteria):CRCT= xxxxx: Gives state of all channels

individually within Circuit Group. ZCRI; ZCRM: ZDDA; ZDRI: ZDTI: ZDTC: ZEDO: BSC. ZEEL: BL; BSC. ZEEI: Cell ID. ZEEI; Nos. ZEFR: Resets BCF and downloads software from BSC. (With parameter OMU, resets omu) To lock/unlock BCF (Change state) e.g. ZEFS : 42 : U ; ET , xx : NORM , CRC4 ; Resets counters on ET xx (can help sort out sync. problems) Gives all BTSs on a BSC. Input BCF No. And date/time (Gives alarm history for a site from the specified date and Time). Then e.g. BCF=52, gives LAC (Location Area Code), Admin state, Without qualifier prints out all BCF info. Including PCM Outputs all blocked TRXs/CHANNELS on a Lists all circuit groups on the switch. Modify State of Circuit group. To adjust time.check again at OMC : ZDCC; Outputs Sync. Info.(esp.on BSC) Checks LAPD (DPNSS) link. (eg. ZDTI: NAM=T1084;) Change state of LAPD (DPNSS) link. To find out BSC info and BTSs that are connected to the



ZEOL: ZEOR: ZEPO: (routing zone also ZEQO: ZEQS:BTS=XX:L:FHO,20; ZEFS:xx:L; ZEFS: xx:U;

(BCF No.) Gives all alarms present on a site. Cancels alarm from BTS. Gives the BSC under which an entered BTS lies given). Cell info. (i.e. If barred etc.). Forces handover of all calls after 20 seconds. Blocks down site. Unblocks site.

Quicker way of locking/unlocking Site/BCF. Instead of going for MML session with BCF go to RADIO NETWORK MANAGEMENT then to RNW PARAMETERS

ZERO: BTS=19,TRX=3; to top bar STATELOCK/UNLOCK. Gives state of the specified TRX. Once session is open go ZERS: BTS=xx,TRX=xx,:L: ; ZERS: BTS=xx,TRX=xx,:U: ; ZERS: BTS=xx,TRX=xx,CH=xx:L: ; ZERS: BTS=xx,TRX=xx,CH=xx:U: ; ZEAO:BTS=xx; Lock TRX. Unlocks TRX. Locks channel. Unlocks channel Shows adjacent cell info. Using the BTSs adjacent CI. Check the LAC and CI of all adjacent cells given (Also on other BSCs) Downloads s/w database into buffer of BTS. (Used if no d/b Flash Memorythen to place in RAM)

ZEVV: already in Reset site twice TCSM COMMANDS ZDDT: ZDDT:TCSM,16;

Accesses TCSM (From BSC end of link) e.g.

USERNAME = EXPERT PASSWORD = SYSTEM A = Alarm handling command menu L = Synchronization command menu E = ET Supervision command menu Examples: AI = Alarms currently active. AC = Wired alarms from other TCSM2 units. LS = Displays Sync. Inputs LP = Changes Priority LF = Changes Sync. Input. LO = Sets operating mode (Hierarchical or Z= X = Exit NSS MML Info / Commands Circuit Groups There are 2 ways of identifying a Circuit Group CGR Circuit Group NCGRName of Circuit Group Examples: NCGR MxxPyyB1 MxxXyyB1 MxxRyyB1 MxxWyy MxxZyyB1 MxxMyyB9 MxxVyyB1 CGR 10yy 12yy 14yy 15yy 16yy 18yy 19yy 3** 1** 2** Route BT Route Orange Link/ OWE Route WAP RAS Route Wildfire Route Cable & Wireless Route Data Route VPS Route Route to a BSC Internal Circuit Group Internal Circuit Group

Plesiochronous) Return to main menu


Inter MSC route the last 2 digits refer to the destination MSC On HLR to find out which VLR IMSI is on. On HLR to output list of VLR Addresses. ON HLR toVLR Detach. Gives all number ranges. Lists all signalling links and their states.

ZNGI:NA0,H(Signalling Point Code No. in Hex). Gives more info. on destination etc. ZNHI: NA0,H(Signalling Point Code No. in Hex). Gives even more information.

ZNLI: = VPS Link

Interrogates Signalling Link States. Bxxx = BSC Link, Vxxx Txxx = TSC Link, Pxxx = PSTN Link Hxxx = HLR Link etc. )


On HLR finds IMSI from MSISDN. MSISDN=xxxxxxxxxxx; On HLR outputs supplementary info for MSISDN. IMSI=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; On HLR outputs supplementary info for IMSI. Outputs MML type sessions open to an Element and last On OMC checks all OMC links. Gives state of Unit(s) which is/are requested in parameter Restarts/Changes state of Unit.

ZQNS: command input. ZQNI: ZUSI: info. ZUSU/C:


Outputs CGR data. Outputs PCM stats. on an ET. (eg. ZYMO:ET,16:SLI; outputs slips on ET 16) Outputs MML information for a site/switch. Allows a certain command to be used , e.g.


3G MML Commands Check all live alarms on RNC- ZAAP:; Check all alarms back to midnight ZAHP:; Check all alarms on a given WBTS ZAAP:WBTS,XXX; or ZAAO:WBTS,XXX Output alarms for a given unit. ZAAP: (return) and select one of following ZAAP: /* IDENTIFY UNIT TYPE: OMU MXU NIS1P NIP1 NIS1 RSMU RRMU ICSU


Output all NIP1s and PETs on RNC(shows which NIP1 PET is on) ZUSI:NIP1,::FULL; Alarm check on a given PET After checking which NIP1 PET is on) ZAAP:NIP1,X,PET,YY; where X =NIP1 number, YY=PET number Output all NIS1s and SETs on RNCs ZUSI:NIS1,::FULL; Alarm check on a given SET After checking which NIS1 SET is on) ZAAP:NIS1,X,SET,YY; where X =NIS1, YY=SET number Shows the relationship between the Interface ID and a PET/SET ZYDI:XX; XX=Interface ID number. (Interface ID obtained from COCO) Route handling commands Show the ANI ZRRI:ROU=XX; number for a route. ANI=WBTS&COCO number

Shows interface ID, VPI, VC and path number for given route. ZLJI:ROU=XX; Output signalling link states ZNEL; Check link stats ZOLP:X,ATM,A,C:D:; X=link number

Output log events for sig link ZOLL:X,ATM:; X=link number Output all DMCUs/DMPGs/DSPs ZUSI:DMCU,::FULL; Check created packages in SOMAFI. ZWQO:CR; Put unit into diagnostics ZUDU:XXX; where XXX = unit.

Output diagnostic report for unit ZUDH:XXX; where XXX=unit Output all DMCUs/DMPGs/DSPs ZUSI:DMCU,::FULL; Check created packages in SOMAFI. ZWQO:CR; Put unit into diagnostics ZUDU:XXX; where XXX = unit. Output diagnostic report for unit ZUDH:XXX; where XXX=unit Change unit state ZUSC:XXX; where XXX= unit Restart unit (with total code load from disk) ZUSU:XXX,Y::C=TOT; where XXX=unit Y=unit number